Dead Already

Houses of the Holy

Gloria Sidnick never considered herself a religious person. The church didn't exactly approve of her lifestyle. But when the world ended, she was forced to change her mind.

She was alone, and had nowhere to go. The church down the street was excepting people just like her, so that's where she went.

While she was there, she didn't exactly "find God," but she did befriend one of the priests who ran the church: Father Gregory. He was a good man; young and vibrant. He kept the church together, even as things outside got worse.

At first, people lived in their houses as usual, and would come to the church for food and supplies. But as the police and other officials began to disperse, and life as they knew it crumbled, people stayed at the church instead. The streets were no longer safe, but Father Gregory was always welcoming.

They started out with about 30 members staying at the church, but those with family elsewhere left shortly after. Soon, there were a mere 8 of them, including Father Gregory.

Life in the church went on, and it went well. That is- until Father Gregory died. One unfortunate night, 7 armed men broke in and held guns to their heads. They demanded the supplies and food that the church had collected. Most members readily agreed, scared out of their minds. But Father Gregory would not stand for it. He stood up to them, and welcomed them to stay.

"Society may have fallen, but there are still good men out there. Stay here, with us. We can work together!"

The leader of the group was a tall muscular man with a strange tattoo on his arm. It was a triangle with a line cutting through it, and four more lines sprouting from the intersections. He listened to Father Gregory's plea as if it was amusing, and then he raised his gun and shot him down. They left with all the supplies.

The 7 remaining members had given up all hope. Then, one night, as Gloria sat in one of the pews, she saw something that would change her mind. The whole room began to shake, as if the Earth itself was ripping open beneath her. Statues still standing in the sanctuary shattered on the ground. Beside her, a pot of long-dead flowers fell off the pedestal and crashed onto the floor. She stood, trying to make sense of what was happening. Suddenly, she heard a strange whistling sound come from behind her. She turned frantically to see what it was. At first, it seemed to just be light: pure, white, radiant light. But as she looked harder, she realized what she was seeing. An angel.

This angel spoke God's word. She had been chosen for redemption. He wanted her to help God smite the evil, and rid the Earth of their influence.

As she later found out, the angel would give her signs when someone with evil in the hearts was near. It was her job to take care of them.

She explained her gift and her mission to the other members. Four readily agreed to help her with this heavenly task, but two others left that night.

Over the months that followed, they put up signs, welcoming survivors to their church. When they arrived, Gloria waited for the sign. If they were good people, they stayed with them in the church. If they were bad- they were killed.

So when three new survivors showed up at their doorstep, Gloria welcomed them with open arms, and waited for the sign.


Dean didn't like it. He was skeptical about this church the moment they walked in. There was something off about it, and he was determined to figure out what it was.

Sam and Megan were obviously oblivious to it. Dean could forgive Megan for not having a hunter's instinct, but Sam should've known better.

The blonde woman who had greeted them, Gloria, gave them a tour of the church. It was quite large, and even though there must have been over a dozen people living in it, there was plenty of room. Hallways shot off from the nave leading to several rooms that used to be offices and RE classrooms. What used to be in them was cleared out and replaced with mattresses, bags, and boxes. Dean was actually impressed with their inventory of supplies. They must have ransacked all that was left of the town.

Megan had started to get used to life on the road, but looking around at the church, she realized a car could never compare to a real home, and this church was as close as they were going to get.

"This is where you boys will be sleeping." Gloria led them into one of the hallways. "There are plenty of rooms, so you won't have to share." She turned and smiled down at Megan. "You'll be staying in the other hallway with us girls." She motioned for Megan to follow.

Megan turned to look at Dean and Sam before following. Dean winked and smiled, although he wasn't so sure he wanted to be split up yet. But with Megan distracting Gloria, he had a better shot at casing the place, without an escort.

As soon as they left, Dean threw his bag into one of the empty rooms and patted Sam's shoulder. "Come on, let's take a look around."

Sam nodded, taking a moment to look at the rooms available. He chose one that used to be a classroom, which he knew because of the whiteboard on the wall. It still had half-erased bible verses written on it.

"Are those your brothers?" Gloria asked as they walked.

Megan shook her head. "No, just some friends, I guess. We met after the outbreak."

Gloria frowned. "So you don't know anything about them before all this happened?"

Just that they hunted monsters for a living... Megan thought to herself. "No, not really," she lied.

Gloria smiled again as they made it to Megan's room. "There's already an extra mattress in here. You can put your stuff in here and get comfortable."

Megan dropped her bag and sat on the mattress. "Thank you," was all she said.

Gloria left quickly. She had seen the sign- the angel had seen inside the newcomers and given her his decision. The two men were dangerous; they were guilty to their deepest foundations. They were not to be trusted. Megan, on the other hand, was innocent. She would stay.

That left Gloria with the unfortunate task of having to kill those boys without scaring the girl away.

It's for the best, she knew.


"What are you talking about, Dean?" Sam whispered.

"I don't know, Sammy. I just have a bad feeling about this." They were wandering through the back hallways of the church. They were mostly going in circles or walking into closets, but Dean was determined to find something suspicious.

Sam tried not to roll his eyes. His brother could be so damn stubborn sometimes. "That's not good enough, Dean. I'm gonna need more than a hunch."

"Look, Sam. I just wanna check out the back, and see what they got. It's not like I'm gonna take anything. They'll never even know!" While they had boxes upon boxes of supplies, Dean had yet to see a single weapon that wasn't theirs. When he asked one member, Zach Smith, about it, he replied that they didn't need any weapons here. God would protect them. "I know they're hiding something. Call it a hunter's instinct."

Sam stopped suddenly, grabbing Dean's shoulder. "What the hell, Sam?" Dean turned to his brother.

"You're not gonna screw this up, Dean." Sam let go of him. "If they catch us back here, they're going to throw us out- and I won't blame them! We finally have a place to stay..."

Dean sighed. Sam was right; Dean was just going to get them kicked out of the one group of living people they'd managed to find. "Fine. But that doesn't mean this is over. I still don't trust them."

"I'm not asking you to, I'm asking you to trust me. If something's up... I'll be right there beside you to check it out." Sam waited for Dean to reply, but his brother just sighed again and nodded.


As Megan sat on her mattress in the middle of the room, she felt strangely at home. While she hadn't been religious, she had been curious and open-minded to the possibility of a god. It was strange, but even just stepping into the churches front door gave her a sense of peace.

She could tell that the brothers didn't share that same feeling, but they were, after all, monster hunters. It would seem that those who have seen and fought demons with their own eyes and hands would also believe in their opposite, but obviously not. Megan didn't think she'd ever truly understand anything about these boys.

Over the last few months, she had certainly gotten closer to them, yet she felt like she knew nothing about them. When they talked about their past, they mostly talked about hunting. Occasionally Dean would tell a story about baby Sammy, or Sam would tell her about the loving, yet ever abrasive big brother Dean. But she never heard them talk about any other family or friends or anything like that.

As if on cue, Dean knocked on her door, coming in without waiting for a response. "It's not past curfew yet, is it?"

Megan smiled. "Nope, I don't think so. Where's Sam.

Dean shrugged. "Talking to that crazy chick, I think." He sat down on the mattress beside her.

"She's not crazy. I thought she was nice."

"I don't know. I didn't like the way she looked at me." Like she couldn't trust me...Well, right back at you, bitch.

"She reminds me of my mom, a little bit." Her and her mother hadn't always gotten along, but Megan loved her anyway. She was a kind woman, and her laugh was contagious. Now more than ever, she missed her. "You've never told me about your mother,"

Dean shifted uncomfortably beside her. "She, uh, she passed away when I was little."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Megan immediately felt guilty about bringing it up. Obviously he didn't talk about things for a reason.

"It's fine." The last thing Dean wanted was for her to feel bad for him. After a moment of silence, he explained, "It was a demon." It felt weird actually talking about it with someone other than Dad or Sam. "That's how we got into hunting. We've been trying to track down the demon that killed her ever since."

Megan didn't know what to say. She was shocked that he was even telling her any of this. It took a lot of trust to let that out, and she was flattered that he trusted her that much.

She cleared her throat to say something when Sam walked in. She was secretly grateful that he interrupted them. "Dean, I think you're right." He said, seriously.

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