Dead Already


After he was sure that his brother was on his way to see Megan, and not sneak around the church, Sam decided to speak with some of the other survivors. Like Dean, he had his suspicions about this place, but unlike him, he was willing to be patient instead of jeopardizing their chances of staying.

When they had first arrived, everyone was sitting in the pews. Now, they seemed to be scattered around the church, doing whatever jobs they were in charge of.

Sam thought it was best to start with Gloria, who seemed to be the leader of the group. Where did she go? He spotted a man carrying some boxes across the hall. "Whoa, here, let me help you," Sam rushed over to him, grabbing a few of the boxes that were stacked on top before they fell.

"Thanks," The man said flatly. "Don't worry about it, though. I got it." He rearranged the ones in his hands, and waited expectantly for Sam to return the ones he took.

"No problem," Sam was hesitant, but he obviously didn't want any help. At first he thought he was just being stubborn, but as he handed back the last box, he got a glimpse of what was inside. Guns?

They had made their stance on guns obvious before- they were to be outlawed completely. They didn't believe in them. Apparently, one of the priests who had started this camp was shot not too long ago. They didn't want them to bring their guns in, but Dean flashed his cunning smile and convinced them that the guns themselves had sentimental value, but agreed to get rid of the ammo.Well, Dean gave them all the ammo that they knew of.

"Welcome to the camp, man." The man nodded quickly and scurried away.

Sam smiled politely and clenched his jaw as he turned around. Dean was right, something's up.


"I knew it," Dean stood, shaking off his previous conversation. He didn't look at Megan when she stood up as well, but managed a sideways glance at her when she was staring at Sam.

"Right about what?" Sam's whole body was tense, and Megan knew something was wrong.

"You know their whole 'no-gun policy'? Well I just saw some guy carrying boxes of guns, and who knows what else, off into the back." Sam explained. "And he certainly did his best to keep me from seeing them."

Dean was about to reply when he was interrupted by a high-pitched voice. "Hello, boys." Gloria stood in the doorway behind Sam. She was dwarfed by his 6'4" frame, but suddenly her smile seemed a lot more like an evil grin as her gaze quickly found Megan. "Hello, Megan. I need these two for a moment. I hope you don't mind."

"Um," Megan stuttered, not sure what to say. If Dean and Sam were that worried about these people, she didn't want to be alone.

Dean glanced at Megan. "Sure, no problem." Sam looked hesitant, but followed his brothers' lead, and followed Gloria out the room. Dean followed behind, but as he left he brushed by Megan, seeming to run his hand along her lower back. When he left, she reached back and felt the small pistol he had stuck in her jeans. She held it out in front of her and checked for ammo. It was full.

Thanks, Dean.


Dean hated not having a weapon on him, but it was more important that Megan had one right now. She had given up any ammo she had on her when they came in, so she was completely defenseless by herself. Dean at least had Sam in case things got bad.

While Dean was already prepared to fight, Sam was more cautious. While he didn't trust them, he also knew there were a lot of reasons for those boxes of guns. He didn't want to be too trigger-happy.

"Thanks for helping me," Gloria said as she led them through the halls. "I just need help moving stuff, and you guys looked like you could handle it."

They entered a dark room, and Sam felt Dean tense up beside him. The door slammed shut behind them, and before they had any time to react, Gloria rammed into Sam, sending him to the ground.

Another figure grabbed at Dean, although in the dark he couldn't tell who it was. Dean swung his fist at the guy, and knocked him off balance. He lurched at him, grabbing for some kind of weapon. He felt a gun, but he didn't have a chance to wrestle it out of the man's hand, the butt of the gun went right into his face.

Meanwhile, Sam was struggling with Gloria. He had successfully knocked the gun out if her hand, but was too busy holding her down to reach for it.

"Why are you doing this?" Sam yelled through clenched teeth.

"It's God's will," Gloria hissed back. "The angel spoke to me, and told me of your true nature. You don't deserve to live."

Sam ignored the pain that came with that outburst. What if it's true? What if she really did speak to angels? It wouldn't be the weirdest thing they had seen. And it certainly wouldn't be the first time they encountered something they thought didn't exist.

Dean fell backwards, holding his nose. The man, who he could now see was Zach, held the pistol to his face. "I'm sorry, but the angels want it this way."

Dean groaned. "I don't care what the angels want, buddy." He snatched the gun, and kicked Zach in the crotch, hard. He went down in pain and confusion.

Dean stood, not even taking a breath before running over to Sam. "Hey, hey, get off her," he panted. He aimed the gun at Gloria as Sam released her. "What the hell do you want from us?"

"God has chosen me. It is his will that you should die." Gloria spat.

"She angel came to her," Sam explained quietly. He didn't want to believe what Gloria was saying, but he couldn't shake the feeling that she was right.


Megan clasped her fingers around the gun that Dean had given her. It wasn't the one she was used to-, that one was lying abandoned in her bag. Why did I give my ammo away? Megan groaned. Stupid, stupid!

Luckily, Dean had been smarter than that. Her hands were shaking as she creaked open her door and peaked out. The hallway was empty. So where did she take them?

Not wanting to draw attention to herself, she tip-toed her way to the door leading to the nave. She peered through the small glass panels but to her surprise, it was empty as well.

As soon as she entered the room, everything started to shake like an earthquake. "What the-" She lost her balance and fell back on the floor, dropping the gun in the process. She quickly grabbed it, pulling herself back up into a sitting position.

Behind her, she could hear a slight buzzing sound, and she turned to it. A blinding white light appeared before her. She shielded her eyes, but when she looked again, it began to take the shape of a man.

"Who are you?"

The light slowly faded, leaving a tall, red-haired man. He wore the dark clothing of a priest. "I have been sent by God, Megan." His eyes narrowed as he studied her. "But it seems so have you."


With Gloria and Zach tied up, Dean and Sam left to find Megan. The rest of the congregation was still out there, and that had no idea how much they knew about "God's plan".

As Sam followed behind Dean, his mind raced. " you think she was right?"

"About what?" Dean huffed.

"About the angel. Maybe she wasn't crazy- maybe she actually saw-'"

"Come on, Sam," Dean cut him off. "That's crazy. There is no such thing as angels, and if there were, do you really think they'd be killing people?" His voice was rough and dismissive. End of story.

"But, Dean. Think about it-"

"I did, Sam. For a good two seconds, which is as long as it takes to see that its bullshit."

They were about to reach the door out of the hall when they were stopped by a wave of people. It seemed the rest of the congregation suddenly came out or nowhere, and stood guard at the door. "Oh, come on," Dean groaned.

"We were chosen," a small woman with hazel eyes spoke. She stepped forward, and held out her hands, palms up. "Chosen for redemption. And so can you two, if you join us."

"Where's Megan?" Dean pointed his gun into the group.

Sam immediately grabbed his brother's arm. "Dean...these people are human," he reminded him quietly. He didn't think that he would actually shoot any of them, but he wasn't ready to take that risk.

Dean's face didn't change, nor did he put down the gun. "Did you hear me? Where is-"

"Dean!" Megan's voice rang out from behind the group. "Sam! I... I'm okay."

Dean immediately let his hand fall to his side. "Jesus. Come on, Megan. We're outta here."

"We can't just leave, Dean," Sam protested. "Angel or not, something is going on here."

"I think I know," Megan pushed forward through the members until she was standing beside Sam. "I mean, I'm not very good at this...hunting thing, or whatever...but I think it's a ghost."

"What are you talking about?" One member asked. "This isn't a ghost story- this is a miracle! They're talking to angels!"

Megan shook her head. "No, it- or he- came to me. He told me about what he told the others," She had this odd look on her face that Sam couldn't quite place. "But, he looked just like a man, and I felt really cold,"

Megan was worried that she wasn't making any sense, but for some reason she was sure that this thing was not an angel. She was sure it was a ghost.

Dean, however seemed to jump on the idea. "That would make sense. This thing has vengeful spirit all over it!" He looked to Sam for support.

Sam thought it over. He wanted to believe that this was an angel, but clues began to click into place the more he thought about it.Damn, "The 'angel', Megan, what was he wearing?"

Megan tilted her head. "A priest's outfit, I think."

Sam sighed, closing his eyes, "I think it's the ghost of the priest who died here. The times all match up."

"Do you mean Father Gregory?" One man in the group asked. "You think he's talking to them?" The congregation all looked up to Sam for an answer.

"He was shot here a few months ago, right? And shortly after is when the angel began appearing?" Everyone shared a look, nodding slowly as they connected the dots.

Dean shook his head. "Alright. Where's he buried?"

"Behind the church," A tall brunette woman answered quietly. The room was silent now.

"You gonna let us through?" Dean evened his tone.

Everyone looked at each other and then hesitantly made a path to the door. "Thank you," he motioned for Sam and Megan to follow, and then rushed out to the back.


Father Gregory had been buried only a few months ago, which meant he wasn't hard to dig up, but he also wasn't fully decomposed yet. "I can't believe we have to waste gas for this," Dean groaned as he conscientiously poured gasoline over the body.

"What are you doing?" An accusatory voice came from behind them. They all turned to see Father Gregory standing there. His face was pale and shocked. "Why are you burning me?"

"Because your killing people, dude," Dean stood, his hand sliding into his pocket where he kept a lighter.

"I am not killing anyone," he protested. "I am helping these people to help God. I was chosen- and I'm just trying to do what is right."

"You're not an angel, Father," Sam said gently. "You're a spirit. I'm sorry- but you weren't chosen for anything, you just need to move on."

Father Gregory's face twisted with confusion and disbelief. "You don't know what you're talking about. I- I'm just trying to do good!"

"I know, I know you are. But you did a lot of good when you were alive. Now it's time to let go."

Dean gripped on the lighter as he watched the priests face for any sign of acceptance. Luckily, he seemed to be calm, even if upset. "I understand..." Father Gregory said at last. He glanced up, squinting. "I...I think I can see it. I can see the light." He held out his hand and walked forward, and the three of them watched as he faded once again into a bright white light.

They were silent.

"Let's get the hell outta here,"

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