Dead Already

I Gotta Feeling

Fuck... Was all that went through Sam's head. Fuck, fuck, fuck! He was pulling at the ropes binding his arms, but he was no longer thinking clearly. Two of the zombies were getting up, now, and the third one was crawling towards Sam.

Come on, Sam, think. Sam knew he was running out of time. He had to get free, and figure out a plan. He had little time to kill three zombies with nothing but a chair and some rope before they bit him or the other guy. Jake...

"Jake!" Sam called out, keeping his eyes on the zombies. "Jake, right? You awake? I could really use your help."

At first he thought the guy was still unconscious, but then he replied, "What's the point. Only one of us is makin' it out of this hellhole, anyway. If you get outta that chair, you're gonna have to kill me."

The rope was almost off his wrists, which was good, because the crawling zombie was almost at his feet. The other two were making their way to Jake. "It doesn't have to be like that," Sam argued. "We can kill these zombies an-and we can get out of here. My- my brother will have realized I was gone, and he'll find us..." He wasn't sure how far these demons had taken him, but he prayed that Dean would find him soon.

Jake laughed. Actually laughed. He's about to die, and he's laughing at me? "Your brother ain't coming, man."

Just as the crawling zombie was reaching out for his leg, he managed to pull the rope off. He swatted the zombie's hand, and then quickly untied his right leg. He kicked it back while untying his other leg. "Come on, Jake. You can do this! Get yourself untied."

Once he was free, he ran past the zombie on the floor, and grabbed the one attacking Jake. It was...used to be... a woman, but her skin was greying and her left eye was removed. Just the smell alone made Sam want to vomit, and feeling her dead flesh against his fingertips as he threw her back did not help.

The third zombie turned its attention to Sam, now. It grabbed his shoulder with surprising strength, digging its overgrown nails through his jacket and into his skin.

"Argh!" Sam cried out in pain. He tried to throw it off of him, but the crawling zombie had now reached him, and threatened to knock him off balance by grabbing at his ankles.

Please, God... where is Dean?


God, damn it! Where is Sam?

Dean and Megan were in the car, with Dean behind the wheel. They left in a hurry, not even packing everything up. Dean only had one thing on his mind: find Sam.

They stopped at every building they came across, every single one, and frantically searched for any sign of Sam or the demon bastard who took him. So far, they had come up empty handed.

Megan knew that this search was a vain attempt. The demons could have taken him anywhere- who knows how much of a head start they had? Megan knew this- but she didn't know if Dean did. He probably didn't care. He didn't care how stupid his plan was, as long as he had one.

Megan closed her eyes and focused. Where could Sam be? She thought about all the buildings they'd passed on the drive to the hotel. She couldn't help but feel that it didn't matter. There were no people- no humans out there. Not very many, anyway. The demon wouldn't have to be strategic about where they brought him. They could bring him into a town square, and it wouldn't matter. They could literally be anywhere.

Oh, Sam, Megan imagined him tied up somewhere, being tortured or God knows what else. She could imagine him, waiting for her and his brother to come for him, not knowing that was basically impossible.

Suddenly, Megan heard a faint ringing noise. It was like a dog whistle or a high-pitched scream, and it kept getting progressively louder. She brought her hands to her ears. "Ah! What is that noise?"

Dean looked back and forth between Megan and the road. "What noise? Megan? Are you okay?"

Megan bent forward, bringing her head down to her knees. Her eyes were still closed, but she could see. Not what was in front of her, though; she could see Sam. But what's more- she could feel him.

He was being attacked by two zombies, but he was holding them off for now. There was another man there, struggling to untie the ropes holding him to his chair. She could feel the grip of the zombies on his body' she could smell the dead flesh and taste the blood.

The vision changed, and she could now see a house. It was old and abandoned, but she knew it was where Sam was being held. The house was a light blue colored one story building with boarded up windows. It was on the corner- and from the sign, she could read one street name.

"Hillside. Hillside Avenue- that's where he is," Megan opened her eyes at looked at Dean, who was staring at her, bewilderingly.

"What? What are you talking about-? Megan, how could you possibly kn-"

"I don't know. I just... I know he's there," Megan admitted. "I can feel him. He's there. I-in a blue house on the corner." She didn't know how else to explain it.

Dean thought about Sam's powers, and wondered for a moment if they had stumbled upon one of the other "special children" of the yellow-eyed demon. But if Megan was like Sam, then why hadn't he taken her, too? "Megan, are you okay? Does it hurt? Your head, I mean, does it hurt?"

Megan shook her head. "No, no. I mean, I heard a really high-pitched ringing... but it didn't hurt. Dean, I know where your brother is. We have to find him."

Dean slammed his hands onto the steering wheel in frustration. He wanted to find Sam, too, but he wasn't ready to just accept what Megan was telling him. "I don't know where that street is, Megan! And quite frankly, you're scaring me! I mean, how could you possibly know-"

"Dean! It's right here! Stop the car!"

As suspicious as he was, Dean slammed on the brakes, and the car came to an abrupt stop. His eyes followed Megan's finger to the street sign. "Hillside Avenue."

"Well, shit," Dean gripped the steering wheel. He'd worry about Megan later- right now they were going to get his brother back.

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