Dead Already


Megan could hear the zombies outside. She could smell the rotten flesh. She clasped her hands tightly around her shotgun, closed her eyes, and prayed for them to go away. She was hiding in a deserted liquor store. She had boarded up the windows the best she could, and taken shelter underneath the counter. She had been living off of candy bars and Captain Morgan for two days now.

Megan had no one left. She had lived alone, with no close friends or family, in solitude. When the apocalypse came, she had no one to turn to. She hid out in her tiny apartment for a few weeks until she ran out of food. There was no living people in sight-just the dead.

And the dead were everywhere.

She could feel a sob rising in her throat. Keep yourself together, Megan, she scolded herself silently. They'll hear you.

She stayed that way for hours. The sun was setting against the horizon, and it would be night soon. At least it would be harder for them to see her…but it would also be harder for them to see her.

For the first time in her life, Megan wished she wasn't alone. Alone had always been better for her. She didn't get along with people well, and they didn't get along with her. They thought she was rude, she thought they were arrogant. But now, she truly wished that there was somebody, anybody, by her side. Someone to rely on so that she didn't have to sleep with one eye open all the time. Someone to talk to in hushed voices to pass the time while they waited for the horde to pass. Someone to cry to, to comfort, to laugh with. For the first time, she wasn't just alone. She was lonely.

Lost in her thoughts, she barely heard the sound of a gunshot firing nearby.

"SON OF A BITCH!" A man's voice rang out from down the street. "There are so many of them!"

"Dean, shut up and shoot!"

Megan froze. Should she risk looking out into the street? Would the zombies see her, or were they distracted with those two idiots who were causing a commotion out there. And what about the two men-were they friendly? Were they to be trusted?

Probably not, but she didn't have a lot of options these days. Slowly, Megan crawled out from behind the counter, and peeked out. She couldn't see much from behind the wooden planks on the windows, and shelves pushed up against the door. Hesitantly, she snuck over as quietly as possible, and moved the shelf over just enough so that she could get a good look at the street.

Two men, not much older than her, were at the other end of the street, trying to get this way. They were haphazardly shooting at the zombies who were now completely focused on them. For a moment, Megan considered offering her help, but ultimately decided against it.

They obviously don't know what they're doing, making all of that noise. It would only put me in danger. She convinced herself they weren't worth the trouble, but she couldn't stop watching.

They were making progress through the crowd. They were closer now; almost close enough to catch her staring at them. She could get a closer look now. The taller one had long, shaggy brown hair that was messy and uncut. He wore a plaid shirt and jeans. He was shooting with a handgun, but Megan could see another larger gun on his back, and she figured he had more. They're dangerous.

The shorter one had dark blond hair and wore at least three layers of clothing. He had a gun in each hand, and was shooting down the zombies with surprising accuracy. Are they military or something? Maybe the military sent them to save people like her, stranded and alone. Maybe not.

She was once again shook from her thoughts by a scream. One of the zombies had come from behind, and grabbed at the shorter man. He collapsed, a gun went off, and the taller one rushed to his side. Shocked and scared, Megan stumbled backward towards the counter. She wanted to help, but she was frozen in place.


A few moments passed, but she didn't hear anything but the snarling of the undead. She was sure they were both dead until she saw the tall one appear at the door, holding on to the other one (apparently named Dean) behind him. He didn't notice her standing there; he just smashed the glass and pushed his way through, bringing Dean in as well. As soon as they were in, Dean collapsed onto the ground, and the other one shoved the shelf back into place.

"Dean, are you alri-" He turned around, and his eyes met hers. This is it, Megan thought. They're going to kill me.

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