Dead Already

SOLD! (to thee highest bidder)

"Megan, if I was dead... how on Earth am I alive now?" Although it was weird to say it out loud... Sam believed her instantly. He knew something was off the moment he woke up. He knew something had happened- something big. So when Megan told him that he had died, and miraculously woke up again, he believed her.

Megan pulled herself out of Sam's arms. She looked him over again and again... but he was definitely alive. "I don't know, man. But you... you were turned and everything. There was no way that you could..."

Sam nodded, understanding. "But" They both sat there on the floor, unsure of what to do, until a thought popped into Sam's head. A very, very bad thought. "Megan... where's my brother? Where is Dean?"

Dean had always drove unnervingly fast; usually well over the speed limit and cut a lot of corners. But he was never a reckless driver. Today, however, was different. Today he was driving at such speed with so little thought involved, that even driving down an empty road was exceedingly dangerous with him behind the wheel.

The car came to an abrupt halt just inches from the side of the hotel building. Deans mind was racing as he parked the car and ran out without even bothering to close the door behind him.

He found the room he had left his brother in, and suddenly he was frozen in place. What if it hadn't worked? What if the demon was lying to him, or just couldn't bring Sam back? Dean might have stayed there forever, frozen in place, if he hadn't heard noises coming from the room.

Cautiously, he walked towards the room, peering through the open door. "Sam?"

Sam and Megan spun their heads towards the door, where Dean now stood. Megan's face was blank, as she struggled to understand what Sam thought he did. How could he bring Sam back? That doesn't make any sense.

Sam's eyes widened. "Dean."

Dean smiled even though he felt like crying. Sam was alive. He was living and breathing once more, and that was enough for Dean. "I'm glad you're awake..."

Sam stood up to face Dean. He could feel tears forming, but he ignored them. "Yeah, Dean, I am. But how?" When Dean didn't respond, Sam asked again. "Dean, how am I alive?"

Dean clenched his jaw. He didn't think Sam would remember dying. He had hoped his little brother would just block out all that pain, and wake up confused- believing whatever story Dean told him. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that you're okay-"

Sam shook his head. "No, Dean, it does matter. A lot." He paused, not wanting to say it aloud. "Dean... you didn't... did you... make a deal?"

Dean opened his mouth to respond, but no words came out. Yes! He wanted to say. Of course I did! And I would again, little brother. I always would.

"Dean. Did you sell your soul for me?"

It was a very straightforward question, with an easy enough answer, and yet Dean couldn't answer it. But it didn't matter, because Sam could tell by the sorry, self-reckless look on Deans face what the answer was. He had seen that look before. He saw it every time Dean got into a fight with some boys picking on Sam, or whenever Dean took the punishment for something Sam most certainly did. Except this time it was much, much worse. "No... no, Dean... how could you-"

"Don't... don't you do that. Don't you be mad at me. I had to, Sammy. I couldn't just let you die. It's my job."

Megan stood, now, although neither boy saw her. Sell his soul? How...?

Sam shook his head. It wasn't Deans job to clean up his messes. It was his job to watch Sam's back- but not to sacrifice everything for him. Sam knew this, but he didn't think Dean ever would. "How long did you get?"

"A year," Dean replied in a quiet voice. For the first time he looked over at Megan, who had been obviously crying. Her eyes were red and swollen, and her cheeks had dried tear stains running down them. She was looking at him with something Dean could only describe as disappointment.

"A ye-" Sam could not believe what he was hearing. His brother gave up his soul, his life, and his whole future for Sam to live... and he only got a year? "No. No, Dean... we... we can fix this. We can-"

Dean shook his head. "We can't, Sammy. If I try and find some loophole in my deal... you die. I won't let that happen." Silence filled the room, and Dean knew he had nothing to say. He had doomed himself, and he was okay with that. But he knew that by doing so he was also hurting the only two people he had left, and there was nothing he could do about that. In fact, there was only one thing he could do at this point. "We have to find that demon, Sammy. We need to end this before anyone else gets hurt."

Sam just stared at Dean for a moment. He had no words, and he had way too many thoughts to think straight. He needed a moment... away from Dean just for a second. He needed to think. "Okay... Okay, Dean. We'll find this damn thing. But don't you think this is over. Don't you think I'm not gonna try my hardest to-"

"Yeah, I know, Sammy." Dean felt his muscles relaxing as Sam agreed. "I know."

Sam bit his tongue as he left the room. His plan was to get Dad's journal, and try and find anything he could on the demon. Anything at all that they may have overlooked. He knew there was nothing. He knew that he and Dean had read that thing backwards and forwards. But either way, he needed this. "I'll get Dad's journal..."

When Sam left, Dean was left alone with Megan. He hadn't really payed much attention to her. Ever since Sam went missing, he forgot all about their own problems, and so had she. When he glanced at her, he thought maybe she was about to rehash old arguments, but he was wrong.

Instead, she walked over to where he stood, and hugged him. She wrapped her hands around his waist, and lied her head on his chest. It wasn't quite what he expected. He expected a slap in the face at the least. He held her, and ran his fingers through her hair. It was surprisingly comforting. "I'm sorry," He whispered, thinking that was what she wanted to hear.

"I know why you did it," Megan spoke quietly. "But Dean... you signed away your whole life. You..." You're a dead man. She didn't say, but they both knew it.

"I know, Megan." Dean felt his body shudder as he held back tears. "But without Sam... I was dead already."

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