Dead Already

New Plan

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Sam sighed. "I don't know, Dean. She was so worried about it and... I was trying to make her forget about it."

Megan was currently asleep in the backseat. They had already calmed her down, and continued driving to nowhere. After a while she had fallen asleep.

Dean hit the steering wheel. Megan had told them about her little outburst, and how she had broken down the door. She was certainly not human. Or at least there was something inside of her... just like Sam.

Her remembered Megan's "vision" early, when she had found Sam. All she had done was help them... so maybe she wasn't human, but she wasn't a monster, that was for sure. He and Sam would figure this out and help her, no matter what.

They drove in silence for miles. Dean wished Sam would fall asleep so he could have some time to think, but the stubborn kid never did. In fact, a few miles later, he started talking again. And it wasn't what Dean wanted to talk about.

"Dean, what are we going to do about your deal?"

"Sam. Do you really think that is the most important thing right now? What about Megan? We have to help her first." Dean tried to dismiss him, but Sam would not quit.

"Megan's fine... probably. But you are definitely not." Sam turned to see Dean clearly. The light outside was starting to dim, and shadows fell over his brothers face. His jaw was clenched and he wouldn't look at Sam. "Look, man. You've spent your whole life looking out for me. It's about time I return the favor. I own you that much at least."

"You don't owe me anything, Sam. I did this to myself, okay? It's not your job to look after me. I can take care of myself." Dean heard Sam scoff. "What?"

"You can't take care of yourself, Dean. You've never had the occasion. If you had, we wouldn't be in this mess." Sam regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. He knew he was being hard on Dean, and whatever his big brother said, he did owe Dean. But maybe this is what Dean needed to hear to finally realize how stupid he was being.

Dean didn't say anything.

"Oh, come on, Dean. Don't do this. Let me help you." Sam begged.

"What's the point?" Dean questioned, finally. "What's the point of me even being here. The world sucks. The dead are cramming the streets. What good am I even doing anymore?" There was no one left to save. Sure, he had killed the demon, but did it even matter? They didn't know how many people were still out there. Probably not very many. And if he couldn't save people... what good was he?

What's the point? Did Sam just hear his brother correctly? "The point, Dean? How could you even say something like that?" Dean glanced at Sam with an expression of confusion that broke Sam's heart into a million pieces. "The point is, we need you. Megan and I can't do this without you. You're important to us, Dean. You're my big brother, and no matter what I'm going to need you around. Got that?"

Dean opened his mouth to reply, but for the life of him he couldn't find the words to answer that. He could sense Sam's equal worry and agitation radiating from the passenger seat. "Yeah, okay." was all he said.

Sam nodded, turning his body to the other side to get comfortable. "Good. I'm going to sleep. Wake me up if you need me to drive."

Megan's first thought was of Dean. Of his comfortable embrace when she was having a meltdown. Of his soft voice reserved for just Sam and her.

When she opened her eyes, she recognized the sticky leather seats of a car beneath her. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. It was darker than she remembered it being outside. It had to be late. Or early.

Sam was fast asleep on the passenger side. He was crumpled up in a seemingly uncomfortable position, but his breathing was even. Dean was driving; he was humming some rock song and tapping his fingers in rhythm on the car door.

After a few moments, Dean seemed to notice she was awake. "Mornin', Sleepin' Beauty. At least, I think it's morning. "

Megan smiled and mumbled "Morning." He had barely looked at her, and she knew why. "I'm... I'm sorry about last night, Dean. I kinda freaked out there..."

Dean waved it off. "Don't sweat it. Everybody's due a meltdown every once in a while. You feelin' better, now?"

She nodded. "Yeah, thanks. I just... I just wished I knew what was wrong with me, you know? At least then I could deal with it."

"Who said something was wrong with you?" Dean asked. "Obviously you're... something weird. But that doesn't make you wrong." He recognized the same look from Sam's face when he talked about his visions. He didn't want Sammy feeling like what he waswas his fault, and he didn't want Megan feeling that way either.

Megan couldn't help but smile. "That's sweet, really. But... I'm not... I'm not human. Or at least part of me isn't. You know more about this stuff. Have you ever run into something like me?"

"Well, let's see. You're 'soul' is bright. You found Sam, God-knows-how, and you blasted down a door. I guess I've seen some stuff like that before. But I've never seen a monster who didn't know it was a monster." He instantly wished he could take back the monster analogy. "I've also never seen a monster that helped*people, not hurt people."

"I don't know how I found Sam. It... it was like I was connected to him somehow. I could feel him, ya know?" Megan shook her head, laying back in the seat. "No, I guess you don't. I just sound crazy."

"You're not crazy. You're just..." He couldn't think of what to say, and he wasn't sure he was helping. He figured it was best to change the topic now. "I don't know. Don't worry about it. Sam and I are gonna figure it out." He cleared his throat. "So, how'd you sleep?" He added, lamely.

They had awkward conversation for half an hour before Sam finally awoke, saving the day.

Megan took over driving, and Dean took the passenger side, while Sam got the back. "Where are we even going? What are we doing?" Sam asked, mostly to Dean. Dean had to have a plan, right? If not for fixing him, than for Megan.

"If we want to find out about Megan- we have to treat this like any other case." Dean explained. "And what's the first thing we do for a case?"

Sam shrugged. "Research. Interview witnesses. Check out the scene."

Dean nodded. "Right. We've already talk to the witness- " He motioned to Megan. "And we've tried to do research. So now. The only thing left is the scene." Megan and Sam both looked at him expectantly. "It's not obvious? We're going back to Megan's house."

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