Dead Already

Never Gonna Give You Up

"My house? Why would we go back to my house?" Megan gripped the steering wheel, but kept the car in place. "That's all the way back where you met me! It's been months..."

Dean really wanted to lay down and rest for awhile, but obviously that would have to wait. He sat up to face both Megan and his brother. "Look, you didn't just wake up one morning with... whatever abilities you have. Something must have happened. Either you were born with it, or you got it somehow. Either way, your house is the best place to look for clues."

Megan pursed her lips. "Okay, fine. But in that case we shouldn't just go to my apartment. We should go to my parents house, too. I had only moved out a couple years before."

Dean nodded. "Sounds good to me. Now, if you excuse me, I've been driving for hours, and I need to sleep."

While Dean slept, Megan drove and Sam kept her company. They maintained pleasant conversation, mostly focusing on their lives pre-apocolypse. Megan talked about her family. Her emotionally-distant mother, her lovable but irresponsible father, and her brother, Sean.

"Sean was older than me. He would always tease me and mess with me- anyway he could." Megan couldn't help but smile as she thought of him. "He was a great big brother. Just like Dean."

Sam nodded, but didn't add anything about Dean. Of course Dean was a great big brother. He was more than that, really, but Sam couldn't really explain that. But it was his brothers devotion to him that got them where they were now. It was that sense of duty and responsibility to Sam that was going to kill his brother in just a years time. It had Sam starting to wonder just how healthy his and Dean's relationship really was. "He sounds like a nice guy. How much older was he?"

"Just two years. It helped, being close in age. It kept us closer." Megan couldn't help but put her self in Sam's shoes. She was a younger sibling, too, and she would be absolutely devastated if she knew he died for her to live. It wasn't something she could even imagine. She also had to wonder if Sean would have made the same deal as Dean did. He was a great brother, but he never had to be her protector. He never had to feel responsible for her life and well-being. Not in the way that Dean obviously did. "Even so, Iwish we could have been as close as you and Dean." She hadn't meant to add that part out loud, but she was certainly thinking it.

Sam bit his tongue, not wanting to say anything bad about his brother. Because she was right, they were close. Closer than Sam was with anyone else he'd ever known, and probably ever will. But at what cost? "Well, we had to be, growing up like we did. All we had were each other."

Megan glanced over at Sam. She could see the sadness in his eyes. She knew what he was thinking... Dean, his brother, was going to die. Because of him. She wanted desperately to cheer him up, to make him feel better. She wanted to be able to help him. She wished that whatever she was, that she was powerful enough to help Dean get out of his deal. But she didn't even know what shew was. She was useless. "We're gonna help your brother, Sam." She spoke quietly, knowing Dean was asleep right behind them. "Whatever happens... Dean's not going to Hell."

Sam closed his eyes. He could feel tears building up in his eyes, and he struggled to contain them. He was not going to cry. Not now. Not in front of Megan. "Thank you. I know... we'll figure this out. Together." He only hoped that they were right.

They ran out of gas two hours later.

Up until this point, they had been pretty good about keeping extra gas in the car, but they hadn't found any in quite awhile. Megan drove until the car literally stopped moving anywhere. "God, dammit!" Dean slammed his fist onto the hood. "What the hell do we do now?"

It was rhetorical, of course, since nobody knew what to do. They had a hell of a long journey back to Megan's house, and no car. And they didn't exactly have time to waste, given Dean's expiration date. They had to figure something out, and fast.

Dean closed his eyes and sighed. "Get your bags. We have to keep moving."

Megan popped open the trunk and collected her belongings. Sam took the opportunity to talk to Dean, privately. "Dean, I know you don't want to talk about this right now. But do we really have time for this little road trip? I mean, especially on foot, it's going to take a long time to get back to Megan's house. And you're running out of time..."

"So is Megan, Sam. We're dealing with one problem at a time." Dean retorted.

"She is not! She's fine. Scared, maybe, but she's okay. You, on the other hand, are dying."

"I know I am, Sam!" Dean yelled, suddenly. Megan froze with her bags, and Sam just stood there. "I know I'm dying, Sam. We're all gonna die sooner or later. I made my choice. I dug my own grave. We all have choices, Sammy. And sometimes we pick the wrong one. But I'd do it again in a second. So yes, I'm going to die. Sooner than later. I know that. I signed the deal myself. You can't do anything about it, so you might as well give it up, already!"

Megan tightened her grip on her bag and stared at her feet. It was obvious she could hear them now, but she still didn't want to budge into their conversation.

Sam clenched his jaw. After a moment, he shook his head. "I can't."

"You can't what?"

"I can't give up on you, Dean. I just can't. And I'm sorry that you can, so easily. But I will not." without waiting for a response, he marched over to the trunk, grabbed his one duffel bag as well as Dean's, and slammed it shut. He threw Dean's bag to him, and started down the road. It was his cue to go.

Dean glanced over at Megan, who was now staring at him, sadly. He motioned for her to come, and then followed Sam. They walked in silence.

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