Dead Already

Bad Ideas

It took hours for them to find even a building. They eventually came across an old house in the middle of nowhere. "This doesn't scream bad idea at all..." Dean muttered as the wandered up to the house.

The house was two stories, but it was pretty large. There were several rooms and they had to clear them all before they could sleep.

They were still awkwardly silent as they searched through the house.

Megan wandered into one of the bedrooms. Her hands were both clasped around her gun, holding onto it for dear life. She thought she could hear something coming from the bathroom. She gulped, checking behind her. She was upstairs, and both the boys were downstairs. She wasn't about to call them up here because she was scared.

She tip-toed quietly to the bathroom door, which was firmly shut. She could hear someone, or rather something, moving around on the other side.

Megan realized she was holding her breath, and she had to make herself breath out. "Hello?" No one answered. She raised her voice a little. "Hello? Are... are you alive in there?"

There was no answer, but the noise inside stopped. Megan swallowed hard, knowing ahead of time that she would regret this decision. She grasped the handle with one hand, her knuckles going white in the process.

"One... two...three!"

She swung open the door, gun up and ready to shoot, and immediately froze. It was a zombie alright. A gross, decaying body growling in the corner. But by her size and appearance beneath the rotting flesh, Megan recognized it to be a little girl. One who had not made it.

Megan stared at it, and it stared back. For a moment, she thought it wasn't going to attack her. Like somehow, that little, innocent girl was still in there, and wasn't going to hurt her. But then it leapt forward.

Megan shot three times just to be sure. The zombie girl fell backwards, dead (again). It hadn't even gotten close enough to grab at Megan.

It wasn't a little girl anymore. And neither was Megan.

Sam went to bed as soon as it got dark outside. He didn't want it to be awkward with Dean, and he wanted to think things through some more before he talked to him again.

That left Megan and Dean alone. They were sitting beside each other on the couch downstairs, thinking.

"I could really use a beer right now," Dean sighed. They had found old, warm beer around sometimes, but for the moat part they'd only been drinking water. And not a lot of it.

Megan smiled. "Is that what you miss most? Beer?"

"No. But it's close. I miss living people. I miss TV. I miss women." Dean smirked.

Megan rolled her eyes. "I miss not knowing how to shoot a gun. And not knowing about monsters." Megan let her gaze fall to the floor. "I didn't have a very exciting life like you two. But it was good. It was quiet. I miss that."

"I miss that too. I miss life being quiet." Dean said, softly.

Megan looked back up to him. "I thought you've always been hunting. Since you were four."

Dean shrugged. "Well, yeah. I don't really remember much before then. But... somehow I still miss it."

It was like Dean had a gravitational pull. Megan felt herself being drawn to him, both literally and metaphorically. She couldn't put her feelings for him into words, but maybe she could with this.

She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. His lips were chapped, but she figured hers were, too. She loved it anyway. Dean wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her onto his lap. She swung her leg over his waist.

Dean didn't think, he just did. He ran his fingers down her back, playing with the hem of her shirt. He could feel his heart racing as he sank into the warmth of her body.

"Dean," Megan breathed, pulling away slightly. "Dean, wait."

Dean stopped, leaving his hands resting on her hips. "What's wrong?"

"I... I can't do this."

Dean sighed, nodding.

"No, Dean. It's not like that. I want to, I do." She climbed off of his lap and sat on her knees. She intertwined her fingers in his. "But if your time is up, and you're just gonna... accept it... I can't."

"Megan, you don't understand-"

"Understand what? I've heard you and Sam. Do you actually think figuring out me is more important than saving you?"

"It's not that simple, Megan." Dean argued. "This... deal affects Sammy, too. You know that."

Megan sighed, letting go of Dean. "Yeah, I know that. It's not that I blame you, Dean. I admire your loyalty to Sam, and I'd never ask you to go against that. But you're going to be dead in a year because of it. And I can't do this knowing that..."

Dean understood. She didn't want to get anymore attached to someone with an expiration date like that. "It's okay, Megan. I understand."

"I'm sorry... I'm gonna... I'm gonna go to sleep, I think. Good night, Dean." Megan got up quickly and went upstairs.


There were two bedrooms upstairs. One Sam was in, and the other where Megan had found the girl. She opened the door to the later, and realized she'd never be able to sleep in there. Besides, Dean would have to sleep somewhere, too.

So instead, she knocked on Sam's door. "Yes?"

She opened it, and found Sam sitting on the bed with his father's journal open in his lap. "You're still awake?"

"Yeah, I was just... reading. What's up?"

"Oh, I, uh, I'm going to sleep, but... the other room..."

Sam nodded. He knew about the girl in the room. They had cleared out the body but... still. She was really young. "You want me to leave?"

"No, no it's okay. I don't mind sharing. If you don't, anyway."

"No problem. It's a queen." Sam smiled, putting the journal down.

Megan smiled. "Thanks."

Sam moved over onto one side of the bed, and Megan curled up on the other. "Night, Sam."

"Good night, Megan."

Megan woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. As soon as she shot up, sweating and breathing heavily, she couldn't remember what it was about. Either way, she had a bad feeling.

Sam had finally fallen asleep. He had slept on top of the covers, on his back. He was fine.

Megan crawled out as quietly as she could, and snuck out the room. She went to the other bedroom, but the door was still open. "Dean?" She whispered. No reply.

She went downstairs, but she didn't see him in the living room, either. "Dean? You here?" She called a little louder, but was still met with silence.

When she was sure he wasn't inside, she began to get worried. What had happened to him? Where could he have gone?

She went outside and searched around. There was a woodsy area behind the house, but the rest was open fields. "Dammit, Dean..." She cursed when she still didn't see him. That meant they'd have to go into the woods. But she had to find him. He could be in trouble.

"Dean? Dean!" She called.

She wasn't very far, and had gotten no closer to finding him, when she heard some shuffling behind her. She froze, her heart seemed to stop beating. She hadn't brought her gun. Idiot! She hadn't brought anything.

"Dean?" She turned around and came face to face with a zombie.

She screamed.

Sam heard the scream from inside the house. He recognized it to be Megan. She wasn't in the bed anymore, and the voice seemed to be far away.

He jumped out of the bed and sprinted downstairs. She wasn't there either. She was outside.

"Megan!" He heard a scream again, and he followed it to her. He saw her a ways into the woods, with a 300 pound zombie on top of her.

He ran, crashing into the zombie with all his weight and sending them both flying. He realized as he did that that he hadn't brought a gun or knife, or anything.

"Sam! Watch out!"

He heard Dean's voice, and he immediately ducked, rolling over towards Megan.

Dean shot several times at the zombie, who fell back into a lump.

As soon as the zombie was dead, they both turned their attention to Megan.

Sam was already beside her. He crawled the few inches toward her and couldn't help his gasp.

There was a distinct bite mark on her shoulder and gashes going down her arms and chest. There was so much blood he could barely make out the injuries.

"Oh my God..." Dean knelt down beside her. "Megan..."

Megan's eyes were closed, and she was barely breathing. "We need to get her inside, Dean. Now."

Dean didn't move. He just stared at her. "Sammy, she's..." He pointed to the bite mark. They both knew what that meant. It didn't matter if she survived the blood loss or the injuries themselves. She only had a few days before...

"I know. Come on, Dean."

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