Dead Already

Death Becomes Her

Megan got sick.

She felt like something was inside her, ripping her apart from the inside. She had a fever, and was constantly throwing up.

It was hard for everyone involved. But the boys powered through, knowing the end was near for her. Any moment could be her last. Every time she fell asleep, they were worried she wasn't going to wake up.

And then, one day, she got better.

They didn't know how to explain it, but she started to feel better. Her fever went down, she felt comfortable. She slept soundly. Sam and Dean were ecstatic, of course, that she was okay. But it came with the realization far more ominous.

Megan was immune.

"What does that mean?" Megan was thankful, of course, at the sudden turn of events. But she was also worried out of her mind. Whatever she was, she was powerful. How could such a powerful being not know what they were? How could she have thought she was human this whole time?

"It means you're one hell of a... whatever it is you are." Dean stood by as Sam checked her up.

Sam stood and nodded to them. "You seem to have recovered completely. I can't explain it, but you're fine."

They didn't waste anytime getting the hell out of there. No one wanted to stay any longer once Megan was okay.

They still didn't have a car, so they just had to keep walking, never looking back.

"God damn it!" Dean yelled, kicking the van with his foot, which was a mistake because it hurt like hell. This van was the third car they had come across that was completely unusable. At this rate, they were going to end up walking the journey back.

"It's okay, Dean, we'll find one that works. We just have to keep walking." Sam was just as frustrated at Dean was, but this wasn't the time to throw a fit over it.

"I know, but..." Dean sighed, giving in. "Fine. Let's just... go."

Megan was trailing behind the boys. She was still uneasy about her recovery. She could feel the dull sting in her shoulder still, but it was much weaker. It was like something was healing her, albeit slowly.

She slid her hand beneath her shirt, feeling the gashes. They had all but disappeared. It had only been two days. But they were practically gone.

She was also thinking about Dean. She thought about what she said to him, about him dying. She couldn't help but see the irony inher almost dying the next morning. Maybe she was wrong... maybe she should've given him a chance.

Megan wished she could talk to someone about this. But there just weren't any options. The only people they had come across lately were lunatics with a ghost problem. She wasn't sure she'd ever find anyone other than the boys.

They could see some buildings in the distance. It looked like a suburban area, which was good for them. That meant a lot of houses, but also a lot of zombies.

Dean was leading the group, but he no longer felt in charge. He felt like everything was spinning out of his control. He had barely saved Sam from his demonic fate, and he never would have been able to without Megan. And Megan... she was a whole nother story.

Ignoring their own personal problems, (which he was absolutely doing, by the way,) she seemed to be just as messed up as Sam was. She was immune, which was good for them, but still. She was powerful. She was special. But she also had no clue what she was, and that was scary.

They were pleasantly surprised by the small amount of zombies they ran into once going in to the neighborhood. It was fortunate, but it still made Dean nervous. That might mean someone else was here, clearing them out.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Megan asked. "That there is someone else here? Living?"

"You'd think so," Sam muttered, agreeing with Dean's hesitance. "But just cause they're living, doesn't mean they're friendly."

There was one big house secluded from the rest. It rested on a cul-de-sac, and had a large, intact fence surrounding it. There were some zombies outside, clawing at the fence, but they easily took them out.

"This would be a nice place to crash for awhile." Dean hooped the fence, helping Megan over as Sam did the same.

"What if it's already... occupied?" Megan wondered, cautiously. If they were right and someone was living in the neighborhood, there was a good chance they were here.

"We'll just have to keep our eyes open." Sam smiled to her. It didn't make her feel any better.

They split up to search the house, which Megan figured was their first mistake. She was downstairs, and was confident no one else was there.

And then she heard the front door open. It opened so slowly, that she figured she was lucky to have heard it at all. Whoever was walking in, didn't want to be heard. She quickly hid behind the wall of the hallway which led to the bedrooms. She could hear her heart beating, and she felt like it was beating a million miles a minute.

She heard muffled footsteps getting closer to her, and she had to hold her breath to quiet herself.

"I know you're behind the wall, so you might as well show yourself." A gruff voice came from behind her. She heard his gun click. "I ain't askin' twice."

Megan put her hands up and came out from behind the wall. She saw the man, now. He was older, with short brown hair and a beard. He wore gray with a plaid over-shirt, dirty jeans, and an old baseball cap. But all Megan could see was the shotgun aimed at her chest. "See, that wasn't so hard." His voice was barely above a whisper. He knew she wasn't alone.

"Please don't shoot me," Megan whispered. "I had no intention of hurting you..."

"I ain't gonna shoot you 'till you give me a reason. Now, who are your friends? I know there's someone else here." The man lowered his gun a little but, and Megan relaxed slightly.

"Just some guys. We're, uh, we're trying to get to my old place. We just needed a place to stay." Megan explained. "But we can leave, let me just go get them-" She took a step toward the stairs, and he trained the gun back at her.

"Why don't you call them down."

Megan gulped, nodding. "Uh... Dean! Sam! There's someone here!" She yelled as loud as she could.

The man's face twisted into confusion. "Wait, wait- did you say-?"

Dean and Sam came running down the stairs, guns ready. But as soon as they were down, they both stopped where they were.

"Dean? Sam?" The man stared at them in awe, lowering his weapon. Megan stared at the three of them, confused.


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