Dead Already

Three is Company

For a few moments, it seemed that everyone in the room was completely frozen in place. Neither of the boys moved, nor did Megan. They just stood in place, staring at each other and trying to figure out if the other was a threat. Suddenly scared, Megan threw up her gun and pointed it at the one who was standing.

He put both his hands up in surrender. "Don't shoot! I'm not- we're not going to hurt you, I promise." As if to make his point, he slowly laid his pistol on the ground near his feet, and kicked it aside, away from them both. Megan let her gaze follow the gun, knowing she should probably pick it up just in case. Unfortunately, she couldn't find it in herself to move. "My name is Sam, and this is my brother Dean," Dean grunted in agreement from the floor below. "My brother… he's hurt. I need to help him."

Megan though she heard Dean mutter something under his breath, but she couldn't be sure if he was just groaning in pain or not. She had no idea what had happened to him, but she gave a silent prayer that he hadn't been bit. Hesitantly, she lowered her gun as well, but kept it gripped in her sweaty palms. "Yeah…yeah go ahead." That was all she could manage at the moment.

As Sam knelt beside his brother, Megan tried to decide what to do. They obviously couldn't stay here, not while she was hiding out. They could still be dangerous or just plain stupid. She couldn't take that risk. Either she'd have to kick them out, or leave the one safe place she had found in a long time.

Sam was assessing the damage to his brother, who seemed to be regaining his senses. "God dammit, Sam! Be careful." He moaned as Sam was trying to patch him up. "Just- just lemme do it,"

"No way, man! You've been bleeding badly, you need to rest. Let me take care of you for once," Sam argued back. Megan decided it was best to let them stay for now-the older one seemed to have taken a lot of damage, and it would be suicide for him to go back out there now.

Suddenly aware that she was hovering over the bickering brothers, awkwardly, Megan went to make herself useful by re-barricading the door. There was no such thing as too careful anymore. She had to be sure she was safe…and for the time being, that those two were safe, as well.

Once she was satisfied with the status of the door, she turned back to see Sam standing. "I think he'll be okay," he pointed at Dean, who was sitting, now, with a pained expression on his face. When he saw that she was staring at him, however, his face immediately brightened into a smile. "Thanks for letting us in. It wouldn't have been pretty if we had stayed out there for too much longer."

Megan glanced between the two. "Well, it's not like I had much choice with you two barging in and everything." She stated flatly, but smiled slightly at the look of embarrassment that crossed their faces momentarily.

"Yeah, sorry about that…" Sam apologized, pausing at the end, expectantly.

Oh, right! My name… "Megan."

Sam nodded. "Sorry about that, Megan. Do you mind if we stay awhile, just for a night or two so that my idiot brother over here can heal up?"

"Idiot brother who saved your ass," Dean retorted.

"Uh…" Megan swallowed, wondering what to tell the two strangers. "I guess for now…but I have some…others with me. A few people, actually…when they get back you'll have to ask them." She knew she was lying, but she hoped it wasn't that obvious to them. Her plan was that they wouldn't kill her or anything if they knew there were others on their way back, and that they'd be long gone before her friends were "overdue."

"Not a problem, sweetheart. We're lovable," Dean smirked, earning a half glare from Sam.

"When are they due back?" Sam asked, and Megan was glad he didn't ask where they had gone.

"I'm not sure…hopefully tonight… maybe tomorrow sometime?"

Sam looked at her with an odd expression on his face, and he shared a look with Dean before smiling and nodding. "Okay, then. I guess you've got us until then. Need anything?" She didn't like the look he had before, but for a moment she forgot about her suspicions. It sure would be nice to have a couple of people around to help out, huh? She thought to herself. Someone to keep you company and keep you safe. But Megan shook the thought away, quickly. She was better off on her own, with the only person she could really trust.

"Not really. Just someone to keep watch, I suppose." As she spoke, a clap of thunder rang out from outside, making her practically jump out of her shoes. Both boys noticed the terrified expression on her face, and she tried desperately to regain her composure.

"Are you sure this place is safe?"

Megan nodded. "Yeah I-We've been staying here for a while now. Those guys haven't been able to get in yet, and it should stay like that." Another roar of thunder.

No one spoke for a few incredibly awkward moments until Dean broke the silence at last. "Does this place have any food, cause I'm starving. I could really use some pie right about now."

Megan couldn't help the grin that made its way to her face. "Yeah… Let me check if there's any."

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