Dead Already


"I'm sorry?" Megan didn't even try to hold back her shock. It was the answer she had been searching for for quite a long time now... could it really be true?

"You're an angel. Or at least, you used to be. You seem to have... fallen." Castiel spoke the final word with a look of disgust that had Dean on the defensive immediately.

"What the hell does that mean? How can you stop being an angel?"

Castiel frowned. (Dean noted that he seemed to do that a lot.) "You can't. Not truly. But the closest you can get is falling, which is what Megan did. She gave up her grace and fell to the Earth as a human. She... she wouldn't have been the first. Since the disappearance of my father, the angels have gone mad. That's why they started the apocalypse in the first place."

He ignored the shocked expressions on Megan's and Bobby's faces. "Other angels, however, took a different route. They fell- they gave up their angelic grace and became human. Of course, they will never fully be human, but enough to pass by unnoticed." Cas motioned to Megan. "Megan, as you now call yourself, is one of them. That is why you cannot remember who you are. You chose to forget."

Megan shook her head. "How can that be true? How could I just loose all those memories?"

"Your angelic memories reside with your grace. Unless you were reunited with it, you will only recall your human-memories."

Megan put her head in her hands, and Bobby put his hand on Megan's shoulder, reassuringly. She allowed herself to sink into it. "It's okay, Megan. I'm sure this is all explainable. Right, Castiel?"

"I believe I just explained it."

"Can we... can she get her grace back?" Dean asked. They were in the middle of two apocalypses at the moment, and it would certainly give them a leg up on the bad-guys to have a super-charged Megan on their side. Assuming she was willing...

Castiel seemed hesitant. "It's possible. We'd have to find it."

"Well, how hard could that be?"

"With the war in Heaven, and the apocalypse underway, a lot of angels have been disappearing recently." Cas explained. Some of the angels in Heaven have been collecting the fallen graces. If we are lucky, and I sincerely doubt we are, Megan's grace will be there."

Bobby sighed. "Let me guess. They're heavily guarded by a bunch of winged-idgits still loyal to Heaven?"

Cas squinted. "I wouldn't put it those words, but... yes. It would be, difficult, to say the least."

Megan finally spoke up. "I want to do it. I want to find my grace."

Dena eyed her, wondering if she had the same idea he had. He didn't want her to feel obligated to do anything. Especially something that put her in danger. "You don't have to, Megan..."

"Yes, I do. I have to know." Megan insisted. "Besides, once I get my grace back, I assume I'll get full use of my angelic powers, right, Castiel?"

Cas nodded.

"You guys don't have to go with me. I don't want anyone getting hurt..."

Dean shook his head. "No. If you want to do this, we'll be right there with you."

"Damn straight," Bobby tipped his cap.

"I will assist you, if you want." Cas offered. He had a feeling Megan would be essential to stopping his brothers foul plans. If nothing else, he doubted Dean would be as willing to help him if his friend went and got herself killed. Human's were irrational like that.

"We're gonna need it, Cas." Dean patted him on the shoulder. "So, when are we going?"

"I don't even know what supplies to bring for fighting angels..." Bobby shrugged.

"I can secure the supplies." Castiel promised. "I have some stashed away... I can retrieve them and bring them back here. "

Castiel straightened his back as if he was about to poof away, and Dean reached out to stop him. "Wait! Uh, I'll go with you..."

Castiel stared at him suspiciously for a moment before nodding. He grabbed onto Deans arm. "We'll return shortly," His addressed Bobby and Megan.

Megan blinked as the two men suddenly disappeared. "What do we do, now?"

Bobby shrugged. "I have no idea."

Dean felt sick when they landed. He was curled over, dry heaving because there was nothing in his system to puke up. He probably should have planned this better, and stayed back with Bobby and Megan, but he had to talk to Cas alone.

Castiel was standing over him, his hand extended. "I take it you don't feel well."

Dean laughed dryly. "I guess you could say I feel like Hell." He accepted the angels help back up to his feet. He glanced around at the broken down building they were standing in. The shattered window looked out into complete darkness. Wherever they were, it was late. "Where are we?"

"Iran. Come on, it's over here." Castiel opened the door to a smaller room and went inside. Dean hastily followed.

Cas knelt down beside a chest on the ground. What seemed to be hundreds of markings Dean didn't recognize were etched into the wood with a steady hand. "You keep your angel-killing supplies in a chest in Iraq?"

"Iran. I move the chest around often, to keep it from being found. It's warded against most everything on this Earth and beyond." Castiel replied dismissively, obviously not realizing how awesome Dean found that to be.

As Cas struggled to open it, Dean decided to take the opportunity to ask his questions. "Hey, Cas... what's going on with my brother?"

"I already told you."

"No, you told me what those demonic bastards and your crazy family want to do with him."

Castiel sighed, not looking up from the chest. "I'm afraid they got to him before we did. The demon Ruby took him somewhere we cannot find him. I do not know where he his, but I can guess what he's doing."

"What is he doing, then?"

"Training. For the apocalypse. He was always meant to be the demons leader. And once the End is over, the demons will likely take it as an opportunity to inherit the Earth, with Sam as their faithful leader.

They've had him for a long time, Dean. Training him. Brainwashing him. Even if we somehow found him, it wouldn't be Sam anymore."

Dean clenched his jaw, trying not to panic. His brother wasn't gone. He couldn't be. Dean went to Hell so this kid could live. "Doesn't matter. We still have to find him."

"My brothers and sisters, and through them, the demons, know we are working against them. They know we are a threat." The latch of the chest finally gave away, and Castiel opened it. "We can look for him if you wish, but he'll more than likely find us, first."

Castiel handed Dean an Angel Blade and a bottle of Holy Oil. "Take this. I'll explain more about them when we get to the others."

Dean accepted them. "Cas... do you think we can actually win this? Even with Megan at full power?"

Castiel paused. Honestly, no. He didn't. But when humans asked questions like that, they rarely wanted the truth. "Yes. I think we are more than capable, together. But it will not be easy."

Cas grabbed his arm again, and this time gave him the opportunity to prepare himself before zapping them to the others.

"I can help you, Sam... I can help you stop it all." Ruby's smooth voice whispered into his ears.

"You and I... we can put everything back to normal." She promised. Her hands running along his sides. "No more zombies. No more running. Your friends, and a lot of good people out there, can finally get the rest they deserve. And they'll owe it all to you."

Sam tried to push Ruby's seductive voice out of his head for the moment. It had been months since she had promised him a way to finally win against the undead, and yet they had done nothing but train ever since. She still wouldn't tell him exactly how they were going to stop it, yet- he was going off blind faith, which he despised doing. But he had to trust her. With Dean dead, he had no one else.

"You can trust me, Sammy. I want this as badly as you do. This is what Dean would have wanted."

He sure hoped so.

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