Dead Already


"This can only go badly," Bobby muttered to himself, clutching his Angel Blade. Megan looked terrified at the idea of actually having to stab somebody, and Dean was still fresh from the grave. They weren't exactly what he would call a force to be reckoned with.

"It's going to be tricky to get into Heaven without being noticed." Castiel explained to the group. "I think I've found a back-way to keep us hidden, but we won't remain that way for long. Are you ready?"

Everyone glanced at each other as they nodded hesitantly. "Now or never, Cas."

Megan thought she could feel her heart stop beating, and her lungs stop pumping, and her whole body literally stop for the half-a-second before they landed. It was such a strange experience, she couldn't believe that she used to do this all the time. Although, her angelic experience probably helped her out, she figured, as she glanced at Dean and Bobby, who looked like Hell.

"I'll never fucking get used to that..." Dean breathed. "Are we here?"

They all looked around. It didn't look at all what they were expecting.

Heaven was supposed to be fluffy clouds and harps and flying babies with bows and arrows. Instead, they found themselves in an endless white hallway. The walls were blank except small grey signs marking each door.

Castiel's face was stone cold. "Follow me."

Moving through the hallway was disorienting, because you knew you were making progress, but you couldn't tell. Everything looked the same, but somehow Castiel knew exactly where they were going.

It didn't take long for someone to realize they were there. "Castiel."

A woman's cold voice came from behind them. The angel held her own Angel Blade, which she held in her hand, ready to strike.

Castiel looked at her sadly. "Amitiel, please. Do not fight me."

Amitiel shook her head. "I cannot let you pass, Castiel. I must obey Heaven's orders. It's what God wants."

"You really think our father wants this? This war? This death?"

"Have you ever actually read the bible, Castiel?" Amitiel leaped forward, lifting the blade. "This is his wish."

Castiel was quick to kill, shoving the blade through her chest as she went forward. Her body went limp in his arms, and he gently laid her down.

The rest of the group stood, silently. Finally, Castiel spoke. "We have to keep moving. They know we're here."

They were almost at the door when more angels appeared. One threw Dean across the room, and he landed with a thud against the wall. Castiel launched at the closest one, knocking the blade out of his hand. The angel, now unarmed, swung at Cas with his fist, off balancing him.

Megan clutched her blade as one of the angels approached her. He was huge, two or three times Megan's size. But he didn't appear threatening- he held his hands up to show peace. "I know you're one of us- you used to be."

Megan nodded. "I don't remember anything. That's why I'm trying to find my grace."

The angel looked back at the fight. "I will help you get your grace. You have been out of it for a long time, I cannot blame you for who you have chosen to align yourself with."

Megan felt hesitant. She didn't know if she could trust this guy, yet. "What do you mean?"

"Castiel. He is a traitor. He is going against the will of Heaven, and the will of our Father. He is to be killed on sight. Help me kill him, and I will get you your grace."

Dean felt the angels fist connect with his face again and again. His sight was blurry, and he couldn't see well. "Back from Hell so soon, huh, Winchester?" The angel sneered. "And you've teamed up with the angel Castiel? Figures you'd find someone like him. Although I must say, I'm a little surprised you want to stop our plan. Seeing as how you started it all."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Dean hissed, reaching for the Angel Blade he had dropped.

The angel kicked the blade away. "In Hell. All those poor souls you tortured? That was the first step- the first seal broken- towards this whole apocalypse. All us in Heaven should actually be thanking you right now."

Suddenly, Dean saw a blade go through the angels back and out his chest. The angels face suddenly changed, and bright blue light shone through. Bobby threw the body to the side, pulling out his blade. "You good?" Bobby asked, helping him up. Dean just nodded.

Bobby could tell something was wrong right away. Dean's face looked haunted. He couldn't hear what the angel had said to his boy, but whatever it was, it had seriously affected him. "Come on, boy. Let's go."

"I can't..." Megan sputtered. "Cas... he's helping us! He saved Dean!"

The angel shook his head. "He is not what you think he is. He's power-hungry. He started this war so he could take over Heaven himself."

Megan didn't know very much about Castiel, but she knew Dean trusted him, and she knew what he had done for them so far. "No. I won't kill him."

"Fine. Suit yourself. I'm sorry, Sister-" He reached up with the blade, going to strike. Megan threw her hand out, slicing his chest with the blade. The angel screamed out, lashing forward.

Megan managed to push the blade into his chest.

Castiel took care of the last two angels, leaving the hallway filled with only empty bodies. "This is the door." He panting.

The group approached the only door they had seen so far with no markings on it. Castiel opened the door, and they all went inside.

The room was huge, but unlike the hallway, it seemed to end. The only thing in the room were shelves, filled with small viles. Each vile contained what Dean could guess were Angel Graces.

Castiel wandered over to some of the graces. "I do not know which one is yours. Only you will know."

Megan went up to his side. She looked over the graces, but they all looked the same to her. "I... I don't know how to tell."

"You'll feel it, trust me. You'll know." Castiel took her arm, and led her down the isles.

Dean and Bobby stayed near the door, in case more angels showed up. Bobby glanced over at Dean, who was still pale. "Alright, boy, spill it. What did the angel say to ya?"

Dean didn't answer right away. "Nothin'." He lied.

"Don't you try pullin' my chain, boy. Something's seriously bothering you."

Dean looked up at Castiel and Megan. He wondered if Cas knew what the other angel told him. "I... I started this."

"Started what?"

"The angel's plan. The apocalypse. It was my fault the angels even had a chance at the whole thing."

"Wait! I... I think this is it."

Megan grasped onto one of the viles. As soon as she saw this one, she just knew. She knew it was hers.

It was time. Finally, she would know who she really was.

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