Dead Already


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Dean asked for the thousandth time. He was uneasy about Megan getting her grace back. Would she still be herself? Or would she be a self-centered douche bag like all the other angels seemed to be?

"I do. I want this." Megan assured him. She had spent far too long trying to figure out what she was. She wasn't about to give up in the last half-mile.

Castiel held the vile in his hands. He could feel the warmth and energy radiating off of it. She was a powerful angel, that much he could tell. But only when her grace was returned to her, would he truly know who she was. "Are you ready to receive your true form?"

Megan didn't hesitate to say yes. She was afraid if she did, she'd change her mind.

Castiel opened the vile, and the four of them watched the blue light leak out. It was beautiful- glowing and warm and welcoming. It flew up out of the vile, and floated towards Megan. Megan tensed as it neared her, but stood still as it approached.

Abruptly, the grace changed speeds, ramming into her and cramming the light down her throat. She let out a wail as it filled her body. She felt as if her skin was being ripped off, yet it was perfectly intact.

Finally, it stopped. She felt weak at first, falling to the floor. Bobby was the first to help her up. "Megan? You okay, kid? You with me?"

Megan nodded lethargically. Dean turned to Cas for answers. "What the hell, dude? I thought she would be... stronger?"

Cas didn't answer. He just stared at her.

After a few moments, Megan felt her body change again. She felt it now. Her grace. Her power. It was white hot inside her, but it didn't hurt. It just was. Suddenly, she felt powerful. She knew her own strength for the first time in a long time. And most importantly, she remembered.

She looked up at the three men. "I know who I am."

"So do I." Castiel stepped forward. "You're... you're an Angel of Freedom."

"What the hell is an Angel of Freedom?" Dean questioned. The two angels were staring at each other with a look of understanding. He didn't like it. He was an outsider now, and he needed insider knowledge. "Hello?"

"They are very powerful angels." Castiel explained. "Sometimes known as Malachim or the Tarshashim. Her purpose is to remove the obstacles to freedom. She, and other Angels of Freedom, were the first to truly accept the Human Race. That is why they chose falling over the apocalypse."

"It's not very clear..." Megan admitted. "But I remember some of my time as an angel."

Castiel's eyes widened. "This... this is good news. Megan, you are more powerful than I even thought. You are the key we've been waiting for."


"Do you know the story of Lilith?" Castiel asked.

Dean shrugged. "Kinda. She was the chick before Eve. But she got kicked out cause she wouldn't listen to Adam."

Castiel nodded. "She chose to go her own way. She chose freedom. But because of that, she was sent away, and doomed to an eternity in Hell and became the first demon. She lost the freedom she had gained. She became the Devil's minion. That's why Megan can destroy her. She is the Angel of Freedom. She is the exact opposite of what Lilith is. Megan won't just kill her. She will wipe her from existence."

"But Lilith-"

"Lilith is the final seal. Simply killing her will break the seal, freeing Lucifer from his cage. That is what my brothers are trying to do. But if Megan destroys her, no one will ever be able to kill her. There will be no way to open the cage, and this will all be over."

"But how? I have no control over my powers! I'm practically starting over!" Megan was scared. She felt a new wave of responsibilities that she couldn't fulfill.

"I can train you. I can help you," Castiel promised. "But you have to, Megan. You're our only hope."

"Now hold on, Princess Leia." Dean stepped forward. "Let me talk to Obi-wan over here alone for a minute, okay?" Castiel sighed before nodding and disappearing. Dean turned back to Megan. "You okay?"

"How could I be okay, Dean?" Megan covered her face, turning away. "Cas basically just told me I'm the only one who can stop the angels and demons from ending the world!"

Megan slumped forward into his arms. "It's okay, Megan. You don't have to do this if you don't want to." He promised. "We'll figure something else out."

Megan shook her head. "No. No, I have to. I can't... I can't just sit back and let this happen."

Dean had to admire her for that. He called Castiel back and Megan accepted her fate. She would help them stop the Apocalypse.

Castiel wanted to tell her the truth, he really did. But he knew she would never accept if she knew. He knew that this was all for the greater good.

Megan would die with Lilith, it was the only way- but she would save so many more. In the end, it was worth it... wasn't it?

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