Dead Already


"Sam, I have news." Ruby had been training Sam for months now. She would have rather spent more time with him, but they had bigger problems now. Some of the other demons told her what she never thought was possible.

Dean Winchester was up and kicking.

"Are you finally going to tell me what we're doing here?" Sam groaned. He was stronger- way stronger. He could feel Ruby's blood pulsing through his veins. He knew that whatever they had to do, he would be up for it.

Ruby rolled her eyes. "No. We have a problem. And you're not going to take it well."

"Come on, Ruby, spit it out. I don't have the patience right now."

"It's your brother. He's out of Hell."

Sam froze. "What?"

Ruby chose her words carefully. Sam was fragile, and he stood the chance of falling apart at just the mention of his lost brother. He wasn't going to like what she said, but she had to say it. It was the only way to convince him to continue their plan. "Don't get too excited. He's not your brother anymore, Sam. Yes, it's him... but he's different. Trust me when I say this, Hell changes people."

"I don't care! We have to go to him!" Sam argued, grabbing onto Ruby's wrists. Ruby noted his strength. He was getting stronger everyday. "Take me to him!"

"I can't, Sam. It's not that simple. Remember those angels we are working with to stop all this?" Sam nodded, his jaw clenching in impatience. "Well, not all angels were on board. Some of them rebelled, claiming God didn't want humans to survive. They got to Dean first. The angel Castiel has him under his wing, so to speak. They're going to try and stop us."

"No- Dean would never do that!" Sam pushed himself away. "Hell or not, Dean wouldn't want to end the world like that!"

"I told you, Sam. Dean's not your brother anymore. He's Hell's bitch, and he's working with those sons-of-bitches whether you believe it or not." Ruby knew this would be tricky. Sam would never go against his brother willingly, but if he gave into his brother, the demons would never respect him as their leader. She had to turn the tides, and quickly. "We have to stop him. Before he stops us."

Castiel took Megan somewhere to train. It had been two days since he saw either of them, and Dean was not liking it. "They could at least let us know what's going on!" Dean growled, pacing around the shack he and Bobby were staying in until their return.

"You're worrying too much, Dean." Bobby replied, not really paying attention. He was knee deep in lore books about Angels, trying to learn as much as he could about them.

"Worrying too much?" Dean repeated. "I'm sorry, Bobby. I'll just forget about my two angel friends who aren't picking up their God damn phone, and my brother whose being used as some demons bitch right now!"

"Don't raise your voice at me, son." Bobby closed his current book, finding the words blurring together after hours and hours of reading. "I just think you need to relax a bit. You've only been topside for a few days, ya know."

Dean sighed. "Sorry, Bobby. You're right. I just need to-"

"Dean!" Before he could finish speaking, Megan appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye.

"Holy shit! Jeez, Megan. You're going to give me a heart attack..."

"Sorry. I'm just excited." She wrapped her arms around him, making him forget for a moment that she was an ancient being, more powerful than anyone or anything else he had ever met. "I can totally teleport anywhere, now. It's awesome."

"And that isn't all she can do." Castiel appeared beside Bobby. "We've been training non-stop. She's relearning how to control her powers. She's... very powerful."

"We just wanted to check on you guys. Make sure everything's okay." Megan smiled.

Dean frowned. Bobby answered, "As good as we could be, I guess. Hey, Cas. I had some questions about angels. I've been reading lore..." Bobby led Cas over to his stack of books.

Megan tapped on Deans arm, bringing his attention back to her. "Hey, come on. I wanna show you something. Hold on..." She grabbed his hand, and they disappeared.

When they landed, Dean expected to feel as out-of-it as he did with Cas, but for whatever reason, he felt fine. "Wow, that actually went smoothly..."

Megan grinned. "I'm more powerful than Cas. I have more control over my 'passengers' when I fly."

Dean glanced around. They were in a house. It was a mess, as were most houses these days, but he didn't recognize it. "Where did you take us?"

"This is where I lived. As a human, anyway." Megan walked over to her shelf, where a broken picture frame was fallen over. She picked it up, and handed it to Dean.

Dean took the photo. It was a picture of a little girl in shorts and a tank top. Her arms were around a golden retriever that was bigger than her. "This is you?"

"Yeah, when I was six. This isn't my apartment, it's my parents house." Megan explained. "I, uh... I came her earlier to see if they were here... its was stupid, really. Of course they weren't here."

"I'm sorry, Megan." Dean put the photo back down. It seemed oddly invasive of her privacy right now. "I didn't know that you..."

"I didn't... expect them to be alive or anything, if that's what you mean. I just had to know for sure." She sat down on the bed that used to be hers, and Dean sat beside her. "You may think that angels don't have feelings- that emotion is a purely human concept. But you're wrong. Our feelings are just muted. We are able to ignore them- usually. But some of us, like me and Cas, we can't do that anymore. Once you have a taste of emotion, whether it be good or bad, you can't stop."

"Cas feels emotions?" Dean scoffed. "I doubt it. Dude's like a machine."

"You'd be surprised, Dean. He's still new at it. It takes time to adjust. But he cares about mankind. He cares about you. I can see it." Megan's mind was bursting with information. She had been human for so long, she got used to it. But now she remembered everything, and at times it was a bit much. But she was still and angel, and she could see herself in Castiel.

"If you say so..." Dean surely appreciated what Cas was doing for them, but he wasn't really doing it for him. Just like he didn't rescue Dean from Hell for him. He was on a mission, and he needed Dean's help. After all, he did start the whole mess. "Why'd you bring me out here, Megan?"

Megan sighed. "I just wanted you to know I'm still me. I'm not human, but I'm still myself. And I'm going to be here, with you, until this is all over."

Dean smiled, a real smile. "Thanks, Megan."

"Now, come on." Megan stood, pulling Dean up with her. "We have a war to start."

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