Dead Already

We Meet Again (Sorta)

"We have to find Lilith." Castiel looked around the group- his group. These were the people he had chosen to help him save the world from his wayward brothers and sisters.

An Angel of Freedom who had seemed to forget what it meant to be an Angel. An old hunter, lost in the world of the undead. And a boy, a brother, who went to Hell and back for the very person he would have to fight, now.

"Megan is ready. I believe she could fight Lilith, and win."

"And how do we do that?" Dean asked. "How do we find her?"

Castiel frowned. He was really starting to like this group. He only hoped that as many as possible would survive this fight. "Lilith is well hidden. It will be hard to find her ourselves. The best thing to do is find someone with insider knowledge."

"Like who?"

Sam shoved an Angel Blade into the zombie, dragging it upwards and tearing the monster practically in half.

Ruby took care of the last zombie, and ran back up with Sam. "That's it," She breathed, still slightly out of breath from the fight. "That's where they are."

Sam didn't reply. He just stared at the house where his brother- no, not his brother, just another demon- was staying. He remembered what Ruby said.

"I know they were once your friends, Sam. But they aren't anymore. They are lost, much like you once were. What's most important now is taking down this major threat. That's all they are- a threat."

Ruby eyed him. "You sure you're ready for this? Do you need more...?" Ruby smiled, holding out her pale white arm.

Sam felt himself being pulled to her blood- he could hear it pumping, feel it running over his teeth. But he shook his head. He needed to get this over with.

Ruby nodded. "Okay. Let's do this, Sammy."

Castiel stopped, and stared at seemingly nothing. "Cas, what's up?" Dean knew that look. Something bad was happening.

"I can sense... a demon. Right outside." He warned.

Dean's fists clenched. It had to be Ruby... he could feel it.

Before anyone could answer, the door flew open, and a dark-haired woman ran in. She held an Angel Blade, and was going straight for Dean.

Castiel ran forward, ramming into the girl and knocking them both over. He wrestled the blade away. He held it in the air, prepared to stab it into her chest, when, "CASTIEL! STOP!"

Sam was standing in the doorway, pointing a gun at the Angel.

"Sammy..." Dean breathed. Sam didn't even look at him.

Castiel didn't budge. "A gun won't help you, boy. It won't hurt me."

Sam smirked, making Dean feel numb. "It's not the gun that kills. It's the bullets." He squeezed the trigger, sending a silver-colored bullet through Castiel's shoulder.

Castiel called out in agony, falling backwards. He held his bleeding shoulder.

Megan ran over to him, looking at the bullet wound. "What did you shoot him with?"

"Melted Angel Blades," Sam answered, lowering the gun. "Megan. You look different."

Megan didn't answer, she just held Castiel.

Bobby was the first to step forward. "Sam- what are you doing, boy? You just disappeared one night. And now, you come back with some demon?"

"I'm not just some demon, Bobby." The dark-haired woman stood, brushing herself off. "I'm Ruby. Just in a different body."

"I'm trying to do the right thing here, Bobby-" Sam started to explain. He wanted them to be on his side. They had to see that they were being manipulated. And Dean... he hadn't had the courage yet to look at him.

"You don't need to explain, Sam." Ruby cut him off. "We're not here for chit-chat. We're here to stop them."

"Sammy, wait! " Dean tried again to get his brother's attention. It had been so many years since he had last saw Sam... to him, anyways. But this wasn't his brother. It couldn't be. "Sam. Please, just listen to me. I can explain what's going on!"

Sam closed his eyes. That's not him, Sam. That's just what's left after Hell...

Ruby could see his inner turmoil, and knew he was close to giving in. Not on my watch...

"Sam, come o-" Dean's sentence was cut short as Ruby shoved her blade into his abdomen.


It was chaos. There was a lot of fighting as Ruby tried to run, and Sam tried to help her. Sam had seen what had happened, but had no time to react because now Bobby and Megan were after Ruby, and he needed her. She was going to help him save the world. She was most important right now.

Sam and Ruby ran out of the house, and disappeared.

"God damn it, Ruby! " Sam yelled once they were safe. "That didn't accomplish anything!"

"Calm down, Sam!" Ruby stood still, crossing her arms as Sam paced back and forth. "We accomplished enough. Two of them are down. It's going to be awhile before they're ready to fight again. Enough time for us to kill Lilith."

"Lilith?" Sam repeated.

Ruby nodded. "Lilith is the first demon. She's very powerful. And she's the one behind the apocalypses. We kill her, her minions will scatter like ants. It will all be over."

Ruby watched Sam intently, relishing in her own skills as Sam bought into every word of her lie. She had been working towards this for such a long time... and it was finally about to come together.

She wanted to celebrate, to grin and laugh at her own success... but as for now, Sam would be left in the dark. Only until he he killed Lilith, therefore both raising Lucifer and completing his own transition into his demonic state, would he finally become the leader he was born to be. Her leader.

"Dean..." Castiel crawled to the human's side while still grasping in pain at his injured shoulder.

Megan and Bobby had run out after Sam and Ruby.

"Dean... stay with me..." Castiel clutched onto Dean's arm, attempting to be some form of emotional support for him. Dean's eyes were open, but he wasn't saying anything. His face was red, but not as red as the blood pooling from his stomach. "Dean, please... I can't... I can't heal you. I'm too weak. I'd... I'd die. You have to make it until Megan gets back..." He pleaded with Dean, praying that the promise of hope would keep him awake until Megan could heal him.

Secretly, he hoped that she could. She was still new to her powers, but with her training she should be ready to.

"Cas..." Castiel could do nothing but watch as Dean shook, closing his eyes and slumping forwards, slightly.

No... Castiel could feel Dean's life slipping away. He couldn't let Dean die. He was important to this mission. Cas had spent too much to get him out of Hell, just for him to die, now. And most importantly... Dean was his friend.

Castiel reached out once again, this time pressing his palm onto Dean's wound. He tried to focus through his own pain, and heal him.

He could feel his own energy draining away, but he didn't stop.

He had to save Dean Winchester.

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