Dead Already



Cas opened his eyes, slowly. His vision was blurry, but eventually it adjusted enough for him to see Dean in front of him.

He had been dreaming, which doesn't sound too odd, except for the fact that angel's don't dream. They don't even sleep.

Yet he dreamt of a long, gravel road. He dreamt of the somehow calming sound of an engine rumbling, and... someone's voice. A smooth, warm voice. He couldn't remember who, or what about.

He didn't remember much, but it was a good dream.

"Cas? You with me?" Dean's voice brought him out of his haze.

"Yes, I'm awake. What happened?" He sat up, feeling surprisingly well, but tired. So, so tired. Another human feeling... He was lying on the couch, and Dean had pulled a chair over next to him.

"You and I really got our shit kicked in, that's what happened, " Dean laughed, and for not the first time, Cas wondered why humans laughed at times like these. "I was... I mean I was done for. But you, you kept me alive long enough for Megan to come back and help." Castiel nodded. He remembered now. He didn't expect to wake up again after that. He was so close to dying.

"She couldn't heal us both. Only so much energy, ya know?" Dean pulled up his shirt, exposing the deep and slightly healed wound. "But you had done enough to keep me alive. So she healed you."

Castiel reached for his shoulder, and discovered that the bullet hole was completely gone. Megan had been able to cure him completely. He would be fine, which is more than he could say for Dean. "Are you in pain?"

Dean shrugged, which Cas took as a yes. Something else he had learned about humans: they lie. Sure, Angels lied, too, but with a purpose. Sometimes humans lied even though it only brought them more suffering.

"Nothing I can't handle. As long as my guts aren't spilling out, I'll be fine." Dean laughed again, and this time Castiel smiled to be polite. "Thanks, by the way. You saved my life. And by almost ending yours."

"You're welcome." Cas didn't know what else to say. He didn't know how to explain that he just couldn't let Dean die. He just couldn't. He cleared his throat, changing the subject from the awkward silence that had followed. "Where is Megan, now? And Bobby?"

Dean sighed. "They think they can track down Sam. And they think he'll lead them straight to Lilith."

"So they are looking for him, now?" Dean grunted his agreement. His face had changed, and Castiel guessed he was thinking about Sam. "If it helps, Dean, I do believe your brother is still in there. He's just... misguided."

Dean scoffed. "Yeah, I know. By Ruby..." Castiel noticed his hand involuntary pressing against his abdomen where the wound still was. He was in pain. Castiel wished he could heal him without hurting himself, again. "I swear to God. I'm going to kill her for what she did to Sam."

Castiel tried to assure him, "You will get your revenge, Dean. Soon. When we stop the demons and angels plan."

Dean nodded, absently. "I don't even really want revenge, Cas..." He admitted, his voice softer and quieter than Castiel had ever heard it before. "I just want my brother back."

Castiel hesitated before replying, "You'll get him, too, Dean. I'll make sure of it."

"WE FOUND HIM!" Megan's voice rang out, disrupting their heartfelt conversation. She appeared in the middle of the room, with a somewhat- discombobulated Bobby. "Castiel, you're awake!" Megan added after seeing him up. "How are you feeling? "

"I'm fine- you found Sam?"

"We sure did. Or rather, Megan did." Bobby explained. "But they're leaving, soon. They're going after Lilith, to kill her."

"Which starts the apocalypse?"

"Which frees Lucifer from his cage, and then he starts The End."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Dean asked standing. "Let's go!"

Megan frowned. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why the Hell, not?"

"Because you're not ready, yet, boy!" Bobby answered. "You're not healed yet, and neither of these knuckleheads are strong enough to fix you right now. They gotta focus on Sam and Ruby and Lilith."

"I'm fine!" Dean argued. "It doesn't even hurt!" Dean glanced over at Castiel, who knew Dean was lying. Castiel did not say anything, though. He just watched the others argue. "You guys are not leaving me out of the boss fight. And you are certainly not going against my brother without me there!"

A tense silence fell over the room as everyone thought over their options. "You're right, Dean. You should go." Megan said, finally, although she didn't quite sound like she believed it. "But you have to take it easy, okay?"

Dean grinned. "You know me. Easy is my middle name."

Ruby cut a thin slice through her arm, letting blood flow out. She laid on the bed, motioning for Sam to come.

Sam crawled on top of her, taking her arm. She put his lips on the cut, sucking up the powerful blood.

This was it. This was the end. Sam only needed this little bit more power before he would be able to kill Lilith- without even touching her. It was her fault so many innocent people had died, and it would be her fault if they all died at the hands of Lucifer. And it was her fault that Dean suffered in Hell for so long, that he became just like her. She had to be stopped.

And he would be the one to stop her.

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