Dead Already


Lilith didn't want to die, but she knew it was inevitable. When she began her epic search for Lucifer, she had no idea that her death was the final key to freeing him.

She would go through with it, anyway. She was the first demon- the first human soul Lucifer twisted for his own pleasure and revenge. She was special to him, and he was everything to her. If this was what it took to free him from his imprisonment, then so-be-it.

When Sam Winchester entered the abandoned church she was staying at, she wasn't the least bit surprised. She knew he was coming.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Sammy Winchester, Boy King." She sat on the steps to the alter, watching him walk in. Ruby trailed behind him. Ruby and Lilith met eyes, and Ruby nodded behind Sam's back. Lilith knew what that meant. Everything was ready. It was time to die.

"You must be Lilith." Sam spat, clutching a blood-caked blade.

"Indeed I am." Lilith snapped her fingers, and several demons appeared beside her. "You must be here to kill me." She continued, tilting her head. "You won't do a very good job of it with that thing. I can smoke out of here at any time, you know."

Sam smirked. "I won't be needing this for you," He let go of the blade, and it fell to the ground with a thunk. He lifted his hand, concentrating.

Lilith felt it- the power running through him. It shot into her, shaking her from the inside. It felt like her body was melting, but not just her human vessel. Her soul, or what was left of it, was being pulled apart inside her. She was paralyzed.

"Sam! No!" Sam felt someone run into him, breaking his concentration, and his grasp on Lilith. Lilith was let go, alive, but she fell to the floor in agony.

As soon as the ritual was interrupted, the demons attacked. They ran at the four new-comers, knives out and ready.

Bobby held Sam down, and was terrified to see that Sam's eyes were briefly back. "Bobby?"

"Sam, you can't do this. You can't kill Lilith." Bobby begged for him to listen, to understand. "It won't work, trust me."

"Sam!" Ruby went to grab Bobby, but Castiel got to her, first. He pulled her away, dragging her to the center of the room where Dean was standing.

"Hiya, Ruby. Nice to see you, again." Dean grinned.

Ruby screamed. "I left you for dead, you bastard!"

"Yeah, about that..." Dean pulled out a blade, shoving it into her. "That's for my brother, you bitch."

Ruby gasped as Dean turned the blade inside her. "You're too late... Dean..." She paused, trying desperately to breathe. "I still beat you. Your b-brother is... is l-long... g-gone..." She slumped forward, and Castiel let her fall to the ground.

"You don't know what you're saying Bobby. I have to kill Lilith. The angels are tricking you!"

"No, son, you listen to me. Ruby is manipulating you. If you kill Lilith, the final seal will break."

Sam's eyes widened as he took in this new information. "What?"

Dean and Castiel were fighting Lilith's minions, side-by-side. "Where's Megan?" Castiel yelled.

Dean shoved a blade into one of the demons, and threw the body at another running at him. "She's after Lilith. As soon as she kills her, these guys will scatter."

Castiel took a hard hit to the face, but Dean managed to ram into the demon and kill it. "We gotta get out of here, Dean. We can't be be here when Megan kills her. There may be... casualties."

Dean nodded. "Not without Bobby and Sam."

Lilith sat up, breathing heavily. Sam Winchester was trapped by what she could only assume was a hunter. Ruby was... dead. Killed by Dean Winchester. Figures he'd show up. She was about to stand, when she felt a blade tip against her back. "Don't move."

Lilith grinned. "Is that an Angel of Freedom behind me?"

Megan pulled Lilith up by her arm to face her. "You're damn right. You can call me Megan."

"Well, Megan. I assume you're going to kill me, bypassing the seal and keeping Lucifer locked away." Megan didn't respond. "And ialso assume that your angel-friend over there didn't tell you what would happen to you when you kill me?"

Megan paused. "What do you mean?"

Lilith grinned. She knew it. That Castiel never told her the truth. "When you destroy me, you destroy both of us. Neither of us will make it out of this alive."

"You're crazy!" Sam shouted, throwing Bobby off of him. "Ruby wouldn't..."

Bobby grabbed onto Sam's arm, but no longer aggressively. "Sam, please. You can trust me. And you can trust your brother. He's no demon, Sam. It's really him."

Sam's head was spinning. He had always known Ruby was shady. But she couldn't have lied to him... not all this time... He looked around but he couldn't find her. All he saw was a dead body on the floor. No...

"Sam, listen to me. Come with me. We can help you." Bobby pleaded, one last time.

Sam hesitated a long while before nodding. "What about Lilith?"

"Megan will take care of her. She's the only one who can."

Bobby and Sam ran to Castiel and Dean. Castiel immediately zapped them away, to safety.

Meanwhile, Megan had a decision to make.

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