Dead Already


"Heaven would never be Heaven without you." ―Richard Matheson


Castiel listened to the rumble of the engine, and somehow this all felt so familiar.

The Impala's tires rolled down the gravel road, which led to nowhere in particular. The sun was down, leaving the air a crispy dusk, which was Dean's favorite time to drive.

Dean sat beside him, in the driver's seat. He looked better than he had in a long time. He looked healthy and happy, and (ironically) full of life. The amulet Sam had given him all those years ago bounced up and down against his plaid-clad chest as they drove down the bumpy road.

Dean reached forward and turned down the radio, which was currently blasting at full volume. "So, Cas. Where do you wanna go?"

Castiel smiled, glancing over only briefly at his friend. "It's your Heaven, Dean. I have little control over where we go."

After the apocalypse never came to be, the Angels in charge of the rebellion fled. The others pledged their loyalty to God once again, and promised to be faithful.

They Angel's that had followed him against the apocalypse wanted Castiel to lead them, now that Heaven was united again. Yet Castiel declined. He had other plans.


Dean shrugged. "Yeah, I know. I just figured you might be bored of fishing trips and strip clubs." Castiel didn't reply, and they were left in a comfortable silence that was only broken by the question Dean always asked. "How's Sammy?"

Castiel focused in on Sam Winchester. He had been keeping tabs on him and Bobby ever since he had to tell them about Dean. They were both devastated, of course, and angry. But Sam especially. He was angry at Dean for going, and at Cas for taking him. But mostly, he just wanted Dean back.

Castiel assured him that there was nothing he could do- that Megan's blast was permanent. Of course, Angel's could bring people back to life under special circumstances, but Castiel didn't mention that. There was enough going wrong without them bending the rules.

Besides, Dean didn't seem to mind. He was content in his own personal Heaven, with Cas, traveling through his best memories.

Over time, as the world was starting to put itself back together, Sam slowly let it go. He was still angry, Cas could tell, but he knew it was never up to him. Dean had made his own choices, and there was nothing he could do about that.

Castiel had been paying special attention to Sam's energy. He knew from Bobby that Sam's eyes had gone black in the church. Luckily, it didn't seem to effect him now. Still, Cas just wanted to make sure Sam kept himself out of trouble, and he knew Dean would appreciate that.

"Sam's fine. Things are almost... normal down on Earth."

Dean nodded. "Good... is he still hunting?"

"Occasionally. He's going back to school, soon."

Dean smiled. Sam was moving on. Finally. "Could you, like, take a message to him for me?"

Castiel frowned. "I'm not sure that would be appropriate. "

"Of course..." Dean sighed. "What about Megan? Have you got any leads on her?"

Dean and Castiel had been searching for Megan ever since she, too, died. It was unclear what happened to angels when they died. It was possible that they disappeared forever, and that there was no one beneath God himself who could bring them back. That answer, though, was not good enough for Dean.

Castiel shook his head. "No, unfortunately. I told you it was unlikely we'd find her, Dean. She may be lost. Forever. "

"Never say never, Cas." Dean hit him playfully on the shoulder. "We'll find her."

Dean was happy. Sam was safe and sound on Earth, and now he could live the life he was always meant to have. He and Cas were hanging out in Heaven, and could go wherever they wanted. And he knew, deep down, that they'd find Megan. They had to.

"Now, as I was saying.. where do you wanna go?"

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