Dead Already

Gone Exploring

It was a full day of hanging around the musty, deserted house that Sam asked Megan the question she knew was coming. "What about the group you were with? You said they were coming back."

Megan was sitting by the window, staring out into the street. She didn't know why. There was no one out there, not even any zombies. Maybe, she though, she was waiting for the group that never would come. Sam came up behind her, settling down in an old creaky chair and pulling it toward her. From the couple days she had been with the boys, Megan still hadn't quite figured out what was so off about them. At first she figured it didn't matter, but if they were sticking together, she needed to know more about them.

"Right... my group," She stalled trying to think of some excuse when Dean limped into the room. He held a beer from the six-pack that he had found earlier in the house. It seemed that whoever ransacked the place didn't care for aclohol.

"Look...I'm gonna be honest. There is no group." They both looked at het with confused looks, tilting their heads in unison. "I made them up. I've been alone since the outbreak."

"Why would you lie about that?" Sam asked.

Megan shrugged, blushing. "I didn't know you guys. For all I knew, you guys were psychopaths that were going to kill me and take my stuff if you found out it was just me."

Dean snorted. "And what, you know us now?" He grinned childishly.

Megan rolled her eyes. "Well I'm pretty sure you won't kill me, so that's a start."

Sam clapped his hands together, standing up next to his big brother. "So, it's just us three, then. What are we gonna do?"

She and Dean didn't say anything at first. None of them really knew what to do in this situation. But Dean, at least, had one suggestion. "We gotta find us some grub, dude. I'm starving."

Sam chuckled. "Alright, that's a start."


They decided to make this house base camp and set out to find resources. The three split up to investigate the now empty neighborhood. It was eerie, Megan thought, walking along the streets that children used to play on, joggers used to run on, and cars used to drive on. Now there was no one around but her.

Most of the houses were left unlocked in a hurry, others were broken into already, but still a few posed a bit of a problem. It's not like she had ever picked a lock before, so she had to smash a window instead. Unfortunately, that created a lot of noise that nowadays could get you killed.

A few blocks down, there was a cream colored house on the corner that looked untouched. The lawn was overgrown and the trees were untrimmed. The inside was dark, but she didn't see any movement.

Megan picked up a rock off the ground and walked up to the window. Checking around for any sign of zombies, she smashed the rock into the window as hard as she could. The window shattered, and she cleared out the rest of the glass still attached. She crawled through clumsily, landing awkwardly on one knee and one hand.

Shakily, she stood up, trying not to let the eerie silence put her off too much. There was nothing special about the interior of the plain house. She had ended up in the living room, which consisted of a worn couch and arm chair angled at a small TV. Megan could imagine a small family sitting down here to eat dinner and watch TV. Briefly, she wondered where they were now, but quickly put the thought aside.

"Hello?" She called out. He knew this place was empty, but she wanted to make sure. "Is anybody in here?" No response, as she thought.

First she went into the kitchen, which was adjacent to the living room. It was small as well; there was just enough space for one, maybe two, people to comfortably work. She went through the fridge first, but anything that could've been salvageable was well-expired. The cabinets gave her a bit more luck. She found some beaten up boxes of cereal and canned foods. She found a trash bag under the sink and stuffed everything into it, (including the rest of the trash bags). When she was satisfied, Megan decided to take a look at the rest of the house in case there was anything else worth taking.

The bathroom was well stocked with toiletries so she grabbed them all. The master bedroom was completely cleared out except for a stripped mattress and empty chest of drawers.

Finally, she made it to the smaller bedroom- the kid's room. It was certainly small, but cozy. The walls were light purple and the floor was covered with rugs shaped like bees and flowers. The bed was also stripped of its sheets and blankets. The closet had no clothing; instead there was a single teddy bear, long forgotten, lying in the corner. Hesitantly, she picked it up and stared at its old and worn face. She threw it into the bag.

That's when she heard a noise the front of the house. She froze, praying to God that it wasn't a zombie. She could hear someone- or something- shuffling around, knocking into stuff. She gulped, and decided to just crawl out the window rather than deal with the possible threat from outside. She tied the plastic bag and placed it by her feet as she struggled to open the window. There was some sort of child-proof safety lock on it, and she couldn't get it to budge. The noises had seemed to stop, which only made her more nervous.

Finally she managed to flick the switch and the window opened. As she sighed in relief, the door to the child's room slammed open.

Megan couldn't hold back the yelp of surprise and terror as she spun around to face her attacker- Dean.

"Dean?" Dean stood in the doorway, holding a filled pillow sheet in one hand, and his gun in the other. "Jesus Christ Dean! You scared me!"

Dean grinned, putting the gun back in his jeans. "Sorry 'bout that. We seem to have overlapped." He glanced around, and then his eyes travelled back to Megan standing by the open window. "What were you doing? Running from me?"

She pursed her lips. "I thought you were a zombie- or some unfriendly guy with a gun. Which, I guess, you kinda are."

Dean pulled his brow together. "What, I'm not friendly?" He rolled his eyes. "I'm the friendliest guy you'll meet nowadays."

"You're the only guy I'll meet nowadays besides Sam." She picked the trash bag back up. "Find anything useful?" She asked, gesturing to his pillow case.

"Got a bunch of water bottles and some toilet paper. How 'bout you?"

She shrugged. "Not much more. Should we go to a few more houses before heading back to Sam?"

Dean nodded. "Yeah, the brat probably got loads of stuff. We gotta get more than him or I'll never hear the end of it. Come on, we'll go together."

He turned to leave and Megan followed. "Wouldn't we get more stuff if we split up?"

"Yeah, probably. But I don't want your sorry ass getting scared off and through the back window again." He looked back to see her reaction, which was an eye roll. Then he continued, mockingly, "Don't worry, I'll be here to protect you."

"Pssh. Yeah, okay,"

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