Dead Already

Walking Out

Dean crumbled to the ground in pain, wishing that Sam would hurry up and get back already. Not-Megan stood over him, grinning at his discomfort. "Come on, Dean. Get up- this is getting boring." She landed another kick at his bare side.

Dean knew she would certainly kill him if he didn't do something about it, and quickly. He grabbed her leg and jerked it, sending Megan onto her ass. He climbed on top of her, holding her arms down. "Fun enough yet?" He sneered.

Suddenly, Sam burst into the room to an eerily familiar sight. "I heard banging- what going on?" Sam looked down, confused, at Dean, who had a new cut on his forehead and on his side, half-naked and on top of Megan, whose eyes were murky and yellow, just like in his vision. Shit...

"Sam...Sam!" Sam woke up with a start, sweating and breathing rapidly. Dean was kneeling beside him, looking more worried than usual when he looked at him. "Sam, you alright? You were having a nightmare or something..."

"Yeah… yeah I'm okay." Sam accepted the water bottle his brother offered, and chugged it down. Satisfied, Dean stood up and walked to the arm chair across from the bed Sam was sleeping in. It was odd, sleeping in someone else's house, in someone else's bed, but they had spent the night in worse places.

Dean settled into the chair and stared at Sam. "Was it a vision again?" He asked quietly.

Sam nodded without looking at him. He had had visions before- like of the woman who lived in their old house. They usually had to do with his family. Or the yellow-eyed demon. This one had the possibility of being both.

Dean wanted to scream. He wanted to cry or yell or something because he just didn't know what to do. Something was wrong with Sam. Something inhuman. The thought of Sam, his little brother, who he had practically raised, turning dark side was just too much. If Sam did turn for the worst, Dean knew it would be on him. That was the only reason for what he was about to tell Sam. "Sam...I need to tell you something."

Now Sam glanced over at Dean. He could tell in his voice and posture that something was wrong- very wrong. He straightened up and moved to the edge of his bed. "What is it, Dean?"

Dean shifted in the chair, trying to figure out how to word it. "Before...before Dad..." he took a deep breath, feeling Sam's puppy-dog eyes burrowing through his skin as he took longer and longer to explain. "Before Dad died, he told me something. Something about you."

Sam felt his heart skip a beat. Just the fact that Dean was talking about their father was bad enough. But the fact that his dad's last words were about Sam…

Dean's eyes met Sam's. "Sam...He told me...that I had to save you. I had to save you...or kill you." He choked out the words like they were poison.

Sam certainly thought that they were. Save him? Kill him? "What the hell does that mean? Dean? Save me from what?"

"I don't know..." Dean's voice threatened to crack, and he was internally kicking himself for being so emotional about it. You gotta be there for him, gotta be there for Sam...

"That's not good enough Dean!" Sam yelled. He was more than just mad or scared, he was indignant. Not at Dean, but at their father. But there father wasn't here, and Dean was, so he'd have to do. "What did he know about me? Is it the demon? Did he..."

"I DON'T KNOW!" Dean burst out. He closed his eyes and lowered his voice, trying to hide all the fear and shame in his eyes and voice that he knew was there. "Sammy, please. That's all he told me." He practically begged. Opening his eyes to look at Sam, who was red now, he continued. "But Sam, I swear, I am going to save you. No matter what it takes."

Dean swore to God and to his father and to anyone who may be listening. Maybe his promise was good enough for them, but not for Sam. Sam shot out of bed and grabbed a pair of jeans and his gun. "Sammy, what are you-"

"It's Sam." Sam cut Dean off. "I'm going for a walk. I need to think." He shoved on his shoes and was out the door, slamming it behind him, before Dean could argue.

Dean wanted to chase Sam down and try to get him to understand, but he didn't have any words to. So he let him go, knowing that he could take care of himself, and hoping that he stayed safe. He'll be back... he told himself, although he wasn't so sure. Anytime Sam has left him in anger, Dean had to be the one to go find him. He never came back on his own.

The door creaked open slowly, and for a split second Dean thought Sam was already back. But when he turned, it was only Megan standing in the doorway. "Dean? Is everything okay?"

Dean sighed. He couldn't explain why things were most certainly not okay to Megan. She wouldn't understand. "Yeah. Sam and I got into a fight and he stormed off. But he'll be back."

Megan walked into the room, shyly. She closed the door as she came in and sat down in the bed. She didn't say anything for a while, just sat and stared at Dean.

Dean stared back. 'Seriously, Megan. It's fine. Sorry if we woke you up..."

"You didn't wake me up, I was already awake." Megan tilted her head and licked her lips. "I was about to go and see you before you left to help Sam."

Something was definitely off, Dean could tell. "Why were you gonna see me? Couldn't it wait till morning?"

Megan shook her head. "No. It can't." She stood up decidedly and almost strutted over to where Dean sat. Dean scooted down in his seat instinctively as she got unusually close.


Megan lowered herself down into his lap, draping her legs over his, and wrapping her arms around the back of his neck, seductively. She leaned forward and put her lips against his- sweetly and tenderly, and then more aggressive. One hand ran through his short, messy hair and the other ran along his chest.

Dean certainly wasn't expecting that, but in his shock he let it happen, pressing her body close to his as she kissed him. Megan paused for a moment and let her lips hover over his. She gazed into his eyes as he searched hers for some understanding. "Megan...uh, I-"

Before he knew it, she was leading him to the bed and pulling off the jacket he had fallen asleep in, her hands exploring along the way. Dean's lips found her neck and he pulled off her t-shirt, exposing a faded blue bra and her bare shoulders. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and Dean couldn't keep his eyes off her; the way her dark straight hair fell over her shoulders, and every time she kissed him, he could feel it around his neck. She wasn't particularly thin, but her skin was smooth and flawless. For a moment he couldn't imagine anyone as beautiful as her.

Megan's fingers yanked at the buttons of his plaid shirt as she pulled it off of his body, her hands running up and down along his pale chest. She pushed him down gently and he sank into the mattress.

"You sure… about this?" Dean asked through panted breaths.

"Absolutely..." Megan whispered back.

She leaned in once more, but Dean abruptly stopped, grabbing her wrists and spinning her around, locking her in place. "You're not Megan, are you?"

Megan struggled to get free. "What are you talking about? Dean, stop it you're hurting me!"

Dean didn't budge. "No. There is no way Megan would do this." Still holding on to her with one arm, he reached underneath the pillow where he knew Sam kept an extra bottle of holy water, just in case. "Do you want me to check, or do you want to admit it now?"

Megan sighed, sagging in his grasp. "You Winchesters are too stupid for your own good." Without warning, she threw her elbow back, right into Dean's rib cage. Dean dropped the holy water as his hands flew to his side. Megan spun around, landing a punch on his jaw. He fell backwards and she took the opportunity to climb on top of him, holding his arms down. "You think holy water is gonna stop me? What am I, a demon?"

Dean tried to pull his arms out of her grasp, but she was strong. "Then educate me, bitch. What are you?"

Megan grinned evilly, and her green eyes shifted into a pale yellow. "I can be anything you want to be, Dean."

"A shape shifter? Are you kidding me?" Dean's mind raced to remember how to kill them. A silver bullet or decapitation... "Where's the real Megan, then?"

Not-Megan shrugged. "She followed Sam out when he left. You didn't actually think she'd rather talk to your sorry ass? Let alone getintimate."

"Alright, enough talking." Dean rolled over, throwing the shape shifter off the bed. He rushed towards Sam's bag, where he knew at least some weapons would be. Before he could find anything silver, Not-Megan caught back up to him, and pounced onto his back.

He spun around, slamming his back, and the shape shifter, into the wall as hard as he could. Not-Megan clawed at his eyes, and then jumped down. She kicked at the back of his knee and as he fell to his knees, the back of his head.

Dean crumbled to the ground in pain, wishing that Sam would hurry up and get back already. Not-Megan stood over him, grinning at his discomfort. "Come on, Dean. Get up- this is getting boring." She landed another kick at his bare side.

Dean knew she would certainly kill him if he didn't do something about it, and quickly. He grabbed her leg and jerked it, sending Megan onto her ass. He climbed on top of her, holding her arms down. "Fun enough yet?" He sneered.

Suddenly, Sam burst into the room to an eerily familiar sight. "I heard banging- what going on?" Sam looked down, confused, at Dean, who had a new cut on his forehead and on his side, half-naked and on top of Megan, whose eyes were murky and yellow, just like in his vision. Shit...

When he had stormed out of the house, Megan had followed him. "Sam? Are you okay, what happened?" Sam didn't know how to explain something like this to someone who just earlier that day had found out that demons were real.

But he remained honest, anyway. "Just family stuff, Megan...I'm going to take a walk to blow off some steam, that's all."

He walked out to the curb, but Megan continued to follow him. "I'll come with." She said, simply.

Sam wanted to complain, but quite frankly he was a little glad that she came. Dean never followed him after fights. He just let him walk away, so that's what Sam got used to doing- walking away. "You don't have to. You can go back to sleep."

Megan shook her head. "I've been sleeping all alone for a long time. Now that I have people with me, I don't want to be alone anymore. And neither should you."

Sam couldn't help but smile. It sounded like something he would say. Maybe she was right; he didn't need to be alone. That was his problem- he felt alone. Everything that was happening to him was just happening to him. He and Dean shared everything growing up, but now Sam had to deal with these visions by himself. Dean might want to help, but he couldn't understand it like Sam did.

The feeling that he got when they were happening- how real it felt when someone was being ripped apart or beaten. When he saw Dean in pain in his vision, he felt what Dean felt.

He didn't want this power. He wanted someone to take away this responsibility from his shoulders. Standing there with Megan, he realized that he wanted Dean to do what he always did- fix it. But Dean couldn't fix this. Hell, even their father couldn't. Sam was all grown-up now, and he had to do this by himself, no matter how small and alone it made him feel.

Sam gave Megan a small smile. "Thanks." Instead of walking away, like he always did, he sat down on the curb. He was going to stay this time, even if he was keeping his distance.

Megan sat down beside him, and didn't question why he stopped walking, and Sam was grateful for that.

It wasn't until he heard something coming from inside the house that he got worried. "You hear that?"

Megan glanced behind them. "Is that Dean...?" She figured he was just as upset as Sam, if not more. Maybe now that he was alone he was throwing things in anger.

"Yeah...I'm gonna check on him." Sam got up to go, and so did Megan. She followed behind as they dashed into the house. "He's still in my room." When he walked in, followed shortly by Megan, he saw the fight going exactly how it did in his dream.

"Oh my god!" Megan exclaimed as she saw herself under Dean.

She didn't know what was happening, but Sam instantly understood. Shape shifter meant silver. Or cutting its head off.

Dean took his eyes off if Not-Megan at the sound of Sam and Actual-Megan barging in. Not-Megan took the opportunity to her advantage, throwing him off of her and lurching forward toward the bag of weapons.

Sam lunged toward her and grabs her by the waist, pulling her toward him. He kicked the bag to Dean, who rustled through it. The shape shifter threw her head back into Sam's face, catching him off guard, but not enough for him to let go. Dean found the box of silver bullets and pulled it out along with their corresponding weapon. He struggled to load it with shaking hands as Sam tackled Not-Megan onto the ground.

"Don't do this!" She screamed as she realized her fate. "I know things! I can help you!"

"Shut up!" Sam yelled back.

She wouldn't let up. "Please! You gotta believe me! I can read the minds of those a take the form of. This girl is different, she-"

A loud BANG! Shut her up, as the silver bullet went straight into her heart. She went limp in Sam's arms, and he let her go. Dean collapsed in a combination of exhaustion and pain, groaning. "It's about...time you got here." He bantered between breaths.

Sam rolled his eyes and got up, holding out his hand. Dean grabbed onto him, pulling himself painfully off the floor. He glanced over at Megan. "You okay?"

Megan nodded, albeit faltering. "I should be asking you that...may I ask what the hell that was?"

"Shape shifter. As the name implies, it can change its shape into the form of someone's person's physical appearance. It can also access the thoughts of that person. We've dealt with them before…" Sam explained as he looked Dean over. Other than some bruises and cuts, he'd be alright.

"Nasty sons-of-bitches, and really good shots too," he added, massaging his jaw.

"Here, dude, put a shirt on," Sam handed him the shirt that Not-Megan had thrown on the floor. "Why aren't you wearing it, anyway?"

Dean re-buttoned the shirt. "I don't know, man. It was a confusing fight. She was all over me. "

"Yeah, sure, Dean..." Sam eyed him.

Megan blushed as she put two and two together. "Oh my god...?

Sam looked down at the shape shifters body. "I'm going to…take care of this…" Megan nodded and walked into the room, looking away as Sam dragged the body out the door.

"Oh, this is too much…" Megan's voice was higher than usual as she tried not to show how much this was affecting her. She turned to leave, but didn't' actually go anywhere. As if the zombies outside weren't enough, Megan was slowly finding out more and more about a world she didn't want to be a part of, and it was terrifying her. She didn't want to be alone.

Dean understood immediately. He both remembered several different occasions where they had to tell ordinary people about monsters and demons. It was something they tried to avoid- they deserved not to know. But Megan knew, and it would be hard for her to get used to it.

Dean spoke up. "Wait, wait. I'm really sorry about this, Megan, but would you mind helping me patch up this cut on my head? It's hard to see for me to see… "

Megan didn't even hesitate. "Yeah, that's no problem. I don't mind."

When Sam came back after burning the bod outside, he smiled as he watched Megan and Dean settled comfortably on the bed as Megan patched him up. It was usually something he would do, but he didn't mind. Seeing Dean smiling made him forget for the moment how mad he was, and his dads warning.

After Dean was fixed up, the three of them stayed up the rest of the night talking. Megan told them about her old life, (as boring as she thought it was) and the boys told her about monsters and, more importantly, how to kill them.

Sam and Megan fell eventually dozed off on the bed, so Dean took the chair.

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