Dead Already

Trouble in Paradise

They all awoke to the sound of growling.

Dean jumped up immediately and picked up a shotgun. Sam was close behind him, with two blades. He handed one to Dean. "Try to be as quiet as possible, Dean. We don't want to attract anymore unwanted attention." Dean nodded and accepted the blade.

Before they got a chance to leave, Megan ran up behind him. "Do you have another one? I can help."

Dean and Sam shared a look before Sam turned to Megan, sympathetically. "I think it's best if you stay back."


"Stay back, Megan. It'll only take a second." Dean spoke this time, and it wasn't a suggestion. It was an order. Then he motioned for Sam to follow him as they made their way to the source of the noise- the front door.

Unwilling to just sit back, Megan rummaged through Sam's bag and pulled out a handgun. She clicked the safety like she had seen Dean and Sam do before, not sure how to even check if it's loaded. Guess I'll find out...

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam were at the door, preparing to open it and face the zombie outside. They shared a look and Dean silently counted to three before swinging open the cheap wooden door.

They had expected to see a zombie or two clawing at the door, but what they saw instead was much more terrifying. The street outside was absolutely littered with the bastards. Just overnight they had accumulated to at least a few dozen (that they could see) and they all turned to the sound of the door opening.


Dean swung his blade into the skull at the one zombie who actually had been at the door. He pulled it back out and slammed the door shut as it fell to the ground in a lump of dead meat.

"We gotta go, dude," Dean breathed. Sam agreed without hesitation. They turned to see Megan, holding Sam's handgun awkwardly in her hand like she was afraid of it, which, to be fair, she was.

"What's wrong? Why are we leaving?"

Sam clenched his jaw. "There are a lot of them. It's not safe here anymore." He snatched his gun from her and replaced it with the knife he was holding. There was no point in being quiet anymore; somehow they bad managed to draw all the zombies in the area to them. It doesn't matter...we just have to get out of here...

The three of them quickly packed, grabbing what they could easily find and leaving the rest. Sam and Megan stayed silent as they followed Dean through the back door.

The fences had kept the zombies out of the backyard, but they knew what to except as soon as they made it out onto the street. Instead, they decided to go from yard to yard, climbing over fences and avoiding the street entirely. The tactic seemed to help- they saw very few zombies, and the ones they saw they could easily outrun to the next fence.

Megan was having difficulty keeping up with the hunters, who were much more athletic than she was. She hadn't run this far and this fast since high school, and there weren't fences on the track to jump over.

After a half a dozen houses or so, they reached the end of the street. Jumping over the last fence would mean jumping into the street, right into the ever growing horde.

Zombies were loud, so where there were several zombies, there were about to be a lot more.

"What do we do?" Sam asked, mostly to Dean. Dean racked his mind for ideas. He looked over at the Sam and Megan, who were both staring at him expectantly. What the hell are you doing, Dean? Dean scolded himself. They're counting on you. Do your damn job! Dean's inner thoughts, he realized, sounded a lot like his father's voice.

"Um, okay. So we need to get past that horde without them noticing us," he spoke his thoughts out loud to buy some time. "So... so we just have to disguise ourselves!"

"As what, trees?" Sam questioned.

Dean frowned. "Well, as zombies. We gotta blend in."

Sam and Megan both stared at him, confused. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Megan's head and she understood what Dean was suggesting. "Oh no... No I'm not doing that, Dean. You're crazy..."

"Do what?" Sam still didn't get it.

Dean bit his bottom lip. "We go back to one of the yards with a stray zombie and kill it. And then... use it to disguise our smell."

"What? Are you kidding? That's all you got?"

"Well, do you have a better suggestion, Samantha?" Dean shot back. "Come on, we don't got all day!"

"This is so disgusting," Megan covered her mouth and nose as Dean cut into the zombie they had found. Its guts spilled out in gross pinkish clumps.

Dean tilted his head and swallowed hard. "Alright...let's get this over with."

Megan puked.

The three of them reached into the dead body, picking up blood and other things they didn't want to think about, and smeared it across their face, clothes, and exposed skin.

"I'd rather get eaten, I think," Megan complained when they were done.

"Let's just go," Dean said. They made it back to the last fence and climbed over. As they had expected, there were more zombies than they had wished to count, spread out as far as they could see. They all froze as the nearest zombie turned towards them.

Megan thought her heart was going to explode right then and there as it got closer. She wanted to run, she started to, but Dean grabbed her arm tightly and held her in place. Their eyes met and it was clear what he meant- Stay still, damn it.

Against her better judgment, she did as she was told. The zombie was right next to her now. This is it... she thought, but she didn't do anything. She breathed out a sigh of relief when it continued past her, then past Dean, and finally past Sam. Dean was right! It worked!

When Dean let go of her arm, Megan realized that she had also been holding on to his. She let go, and saw that her nails had made crescent shaped marks on his wrist, and she had actually scratched off some skin. She wanted to apologize, but they had to stay quiet- zombies didn't talk.

Sam took the lead this time, walking with a slow and ragged pace. He tried to imagine he was someplace else, and that terrible smell wasn't from him. I'll never feel clean again.

Dean didn't like being in the middle. Sam was vulnerable in front, and Megan was vulnerable in the back. But if he made the sudden movements necessary to change that, it would alert the zombies around them.

It seemed like it took an hour to get down the street, and maybe it did. But when they got there, they realized they had a lot longer to go. The next street had just as many dead on it. How did they all get here? What drew them over here? Dean knew the answer- demons. They had obviously found them earlier, and this is their new tactic to draw them out from hiding. And don't forget the shape shifter... It seemed that something was drawing evil right to them- but what would do that?

Two blocks down, the horde had finally thinned out. They turned the corner and were relieved to see empty streets again. They had left the neighborhood, and ended up right next to a strip mall. There were about twelve stores in all, and the parking lot was deserted with the exception of four empty cars.

As good a place as any to stay.

"Fine, but we need to wash this off first," Megan started to wipe off the blood and guts.

"I doubt we find any running water..." Sam glanced around until he spotted something. "Wait, I think there's a lake or something behind that building."

They walked through the parking lot to the supposed lake. Low and behold, there was a small man made pond behind it, surrounded by trees. "Oh, thank god. Our luck has finally turned around." Megan practically sprinted to the water and ran in, knee deep.

The boys followed, taking off their shirts and throwing them aside into a gross, bloody lump. Megan looked down at her own clothes. "One of these stores has to have some clean clothes, right?"

Half an hour later, Megan came back to the lake where Dean and Sam had stayed at, cleaning up. She was dry and mostly clean, although her hair was a mess, and wearing a new green tank-top and jean shorts, along with black sneakers. "I hope these are your size," She handed them a stack of clothes each: jeans, a t-shirt, socks and shoes in each.

"Thanks," They both changed quickly. "I've never appreciated a washer and dryer this much before," Sam laughed.

Everyone was silent until Dean spoke. "We can't stay here. The horde could easily move this way." He didn't mention it, but he wanted to get far away from this area- he still didn't know what was drawing all these monsters toward them.

"But this place is great!" Megan argued. "There are lots of different buildings and they all have a lot of useful stuff."

Sam sighed. "I know, but Dean's right. It's not safe here."

Megan nodded, defeated. "I guess you're right. But we should at least look around and get some supplies. We left a lot of stuff back at the house."

"Fine," Dean agreed. "You got an hour to find whatever and pack it. Then we're leaving."


"Guys, I got great news!" Dean was beaming when Sam and Megan retuned. He held up a big red plastic jug. "In the auto repair shop across the street, I found like 6 of these babies, all full of gas."

Sam grinned. "So no more walking?'

"Nope. All I gotta do is hotwire one of those cars out there and we'll be set."

Other than Deans find, Megan brought a backpack full of clothes and water bottles. Sam found some cans of food and at least 7 or 8 jars of peanut butter. "What? It has a lot of protein..." he muttered at Dean's skeptical look.

They threw their stuff in the trunk of a beat up Ford and Dean hotwired it. Sam and Megan clapped and cheered when the car started. Dean got out of the car and pat the top of it. "It's not my baby, but it'll do..."

"Where to now?" Megan asked, climbing into the back seat.

Sam plopped down into the passenger seat as Dean slid back in behind the wheel. He brushed his fingers across the leather. "I don't know. As far as these 6 buckets will take us."

Once again, the Winchester brothers were back on the road.

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