Uncharted Waters

Bobby's Place

~ Lily

I walked around the junk yard. It was early afternoon, the temperature slowly heating up as the day wore on. I still didn't know what to think of the Bobby guy. He seemed nice enough, if a little rough around the edges. I had seen him drinking a little already and decided to keep my distance. I don't know if I'll ever step in a bar after my father, or if I'll ever trust a drunk again. I had heard, possibly read, somewhere that physical exercise was a good stress reliever and decided to give it a shot.

I walked back up to the house and ran up the stairs two at a time. I was just bending over to tie my tennis-shoes when Bobby glanced in my room.

"Going somewhere?" he asked.

I glanced up and stood, "I was thinking of taking a run around the block, if that's okay?"

He hesitated and I wondered briefly if John had told him to keep me on lock down, "Okay," he sighed, "But take your phone ya idjit."

"Thanks," I said, grabbing the phone rushing outside.

After falling into a steady rhythm I decided to just follow the sidewalk and planned on backtracking it to get back. I was able to make considerable time and quite a fair distance before my throat started hurting and my legs burned with exertion. My phone buzzed in my hand and I slowed to a walk before stopping entirely.

Dean: Hey, it's sam! :)

I grinned, before typing back, 'aren't u in school?'

I started walking, still moving away from the house.

My phone buzzed again, still with Dean's number.

Dean/ Sam: I just got out

Me: how was school?

I wiped my brow and stopped, shaking out my legs and stretching my arms as I waited for him to reply.

Dean/ Sam: okey...

Me: it's 'okay'

Dean/ Sam: :)

Dean/ Sam: ok

I rolled my eyes and turned to walk back.

Dean/ Sam: do you like bobby?

Me: idk, he's ok...?

Dean/ Sam: what did you do today?

Me: went 4 a run

Dean/ Sam: where to?

I glanced around and squinted at the street sign. I couldn't make it out.

Me: idk, some street

Dean/ Sam: can i call you later?

I couldn't help but smile at the sweet request.

Me: sure...anytime

I made it back to Bobby's house and took shower before going back downstairs. I kept my phone beside me at all times, waiting for the call.

"Want to learn how to play poker?" Bobby asked after a dinner of homemade chili.

"Uh, sure?" I walked over to the table, still keeping my phone beside me.

"You waiting for somethin'?" Bobby asked, nodding towards my phone.

"Sam said he would call," I explained.

"Ah," he grabbed the cards and poker chips, "Well if he said he would, he will don't worry."

"I'm not worried," I replied almost instantly.

He raised his eyebrows but didn't comment. He shuffled the cards and started explaining how many chips I started out with when my phone started buzzing. I grabbed it and glanced at Bobby.

"Go ahead," he said, smiling.

I pressed the phone to my ear as I made my way upstairs, "Hello?"


"Hey Sam," I replied, grinning stupidly at the kid's eagerness.

"Guess what?"

"What?" I sat down on my bed.

"Mom says that we might be able to drive up there this weekend."


"Yeah, wouldn't that be fun?"


I chitchatted with Sam for a while and eventually Sam passed the phone to Dean. After Dean and I had gone through yet another argument about rock music Dean's phone was about to die, so we hung up with the promise of talking again tomorrow.

I walked back downstairs, feeling like a weight had been lifted off of my chest. I frowned when I entered the kitchen, Bobby wasn't there. The cards were laid out on the table like he had left them. I decided not to look too far into it, he'd probably just run to the bathroom or stepped outside for a moment. I sat back down in the chair I had been sitting in earlier and decided to wait. After about five minutes I started getting anxious.

"Bobby?" I called out, standing up. I jogged up the stairs and knocked on the bathroom door, "Bobby?" I tried the handle, it was unlocked. When I opened the door the bathroom was empty. I headed back downstairs and out the front door. Bobby was still no where to be seen. "Bobby?!" I called, cupping my hands to make my voice louder. I picked up my pace as I scoured the yard. "Bobby?!"

"What are ya screaming for?" a voice demanded.

I shrieked and spun, to face Bobby. "I..."I could feel heat rising in my cheeks and was grateful it was dark out, "I couldn't find you in the house...I got worried..."

"Well, it's nice to know I have a place in your heart," he replied dryly.

I chuckled and shook my head, "Sorry."

He shrugged.

"What were you doing anyway?" I asked.

"Come on, I'll show ya."

I followed Bobby to a shed. Inside was a shell of a rusty car. Car parts littered the workbench.

"So, you're into fixing cars too huh?" I thought, looking around.

He shrugged, "It's a hobby."

"Sounds like an expensive hobby. So, do folks just drop their old cars off here and you try to fix 'em or..."

He nodded, "Pretty much."

"Huh," was all I could think to reply.

We walked back to the house. The crescent moon glowed overhead and an owl hooted in the distance. Somewhere a twig snapped. I stopped and turned, looking for the source of the noise.

"What was that?" I asked.

Bobby looked back at me and squinted into the dark, "Probably just some racoon or something, now come on."

I followed reluctantly, but my sense of unease was growing, and in the back of my mind I knew that that was no racoon.

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