Uncharted Waters

Not Sammy!

~ Lily

"Lily?" My eyelids fluttered open drowsily as my father tapped my cheek.

I blinked, trying to get my bearings and looked at him confused.

"I brought a friend," his said, flashing a smile.

That's when it all came back. Everything, like one hard punch in the gut. For a second I dared to hope he was taunting me as I frantically looked over his shoulder, but no. I knew the little boy who was now tied as I was. With his arms bound behind him around a support beam. I knew that messy hair.

"Sam," his name escaped my lips in a whisper. Even in the growing darkness I could see a bruise forming on his forehead. "What did you do to him?" I demanded.

My father didn't hesitate to slap me across the face, "You shut your mouth. Be grateful I kept him alive."

I bit my tongue to keep from replying to that, knowing full well that he wasn't above hurting Sam just to get at me.

"There," my father mocked. He started up the staircase, walking past the knife still stuck in the wall, "See you later," he promised.

I started pushing myself with my legs and could feel the rope bite into my skin as I tried to get as close to Sammy as possible.

"Sam?" I asked, he remained unresponsive, "Please Sam," I begged, "I have to know you're okay. Sammy?"

I could see him slowly waking up. His big brown eyes opened slowly, and for a second I could forget where we were.

His eyes fell on me and confusion flashed across his face, "Lily?"

My heart jumped into my throat,"Hey, you okay?"

"Wh-where are we?" I watched him test the rope around his wrists as his eyes frantically searched the basement.

"We're at my old home," I replied, surprised at how calm my voice sounded.

"Why?" he looked back at me, "Are you okay?"

I sighed, a warmth I never thought I'd feel again blossoming in my chest, "I'm fine Sam, are you okay?"

"My head hurts," he admitted, "But I'll be okay."

"I'm sorry Sam," I apologized.

He looked at me, "For what?"

"I honestly didn't know he'd go after you," I replied, not sure how to continue, or express the heavy guilt that now laid on my shoulders.

"It's not your fault," he told me without any hesitation.

I gave a shaky laugh, "That's debatable."

"What happened?"


"In South Dakota," Sam clarified, "You just, disappeared, we were terrified."

"Ah, well, you met my father. He,well, he snuck up on me."

~ Dean

It was a shitty day from the beginning. Ever since Lily's disappearance I hadn't really bothered with homework, much to the pleasure of my teachers. By the end of the day my patience had all but vanished. Castiel left me on my own, knowing that I needed my space right then. That's when I saw her. My vision turned red for a second. I don't remember walking over there, just slamming my fist into the locker right next to her face.

She shrieked and her frightened blue eyes fell on me.

"Dean," she breathed, "Nice to see you."

"I would say the same thing, but then I'd be lying," I replied.


"Why did you tell him?" I demanded, not caring that my voice rose to a shout.

Rose cringed, "Tell who what?"

"You know damn well who," I seethed.

Her face paled, "Dean-"

"The only people who knew about her location was my family. No one would've said anything, but then there's you," I pointed to her chest, "The only person Lily befriended here. Now, you may not have noticed but my patience is all but non-existent right now, so you better start talking."

Rose opened her mouth then shut it, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "I swear I didn't know-"

"Tell me!" I demanded, slamming the locker again.

"He told me he was her father!" she said, I could see tears glistening in her eyes, "He told me she had been taken from him and that he used to live in South Dakota. He showed me a picture Dean. He-he sounded so desperate..." her chin wobbled and I about slapped her.

"Oh really? Did he also tell you that the reason Lily was taken from him was because he tried to kill her?!" My voice started rising again, "Or that he beat her senseless every night?! Huh? Did he tell you that?!"

A tear escaped Rose's eye, "I didn't know, I swear."

"You better pray that Lily get's out of this okay," I threatened, "If not, I'm coming after you."

I stalked out of the school, ignoring the few glances thrown my way. I sat down in front of the impala and tried to catch my breath. I glanced at my hands, noting for the first time that they were shaking.

"Damn it," I muttered, leaning my elbows on the steering wheel.

I drove to Sammy's school and parked in the usual spot. I sat and waited, knowing I was a little early. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my text inbox, choosing the last conversation I had had with Lily. I smiled at our exchange, a strange aching filling my chest. I looked up and saw kids streaming out of the school.

"Come on Sammy," I muttered, searching through the crowd, trying to spot him. I sat back, wondering if he had stayed after to talk with his teacher it wouldn't have been the first time, God the kid was a nerd.

After about ten minutes went by I checked my phone, just to make sure I had the time right. I got out and walked into the school building.

I knocked on the door to Sam's classroom and walked in, the teacher glanced up at me in surprise.

"Have you seen Sam? He didn't come out," I explained awkwardly.

"Uh, no," the teacher looked just as confused as I felt, "I was under the impression that Sam went home sick after lunch."

"Oh, okay, thank you," I replied, stepping out. I quickly dialed home, now thinking that my mother had just forgotten to call me.

"Hey," she said on the second ring.

"Hey mom, did Sammy come home sick today?" I asked, glancing up and down the hallways.

"No, why?"

"He didn't?"

"Dean what's going on?"

I barely heard her question, 'not Sam', I thought, 'he wouldn't take Sam.'

"He not here mom," I told her.

"Not where?"

"At school," but then I was starting to panic, "I came by to pick him up but he never showed up, so I walked in and his teacher said Sammy didn't come back to class after lunch."

"Dean, I need you to calm down, okay? Stay right at the school I'm on my way now. Call your father."

"Okay mom," I replied numbly.



"I mean it, you stay at the school."

"I know mom," I replied.

I called my father and went over the story again, he promised to arrive at the school as soon as he was able.

I resigned myself to waiting on my parents. Sitting on one of the uncomfortable benches that was in the hallway. My leg bounced up and down, after what felt like an eternity my mother rushed down the hallway towards me.

"Dad's on his way," I told her as she got closer.

She nodded and sat next to me.

"Have you talked to anyone besides his teacher?"

I shook my head, "No, all of his buddies left before I figured out that something was wrong."

She nodded slowly.

"You don't think...?"I couldn't finish the thought.

She squeezed my hand, "We'll find him Dean, and we won't stop looking for him, or Lily, until we find them, okay?"

I nodded numbly. Sammy was so innocent. Just the thought of someone wanting to hurt him made me sick. First Lily, now him...the numbness gave way to anger.

~ Lily

"Did he leave?" Sam asked hopefully.

No matter how hopeful he sounded I couldn't bring myself to lie to the kid, "He probably just went to the bar."


"Yeah, but that means we have a couple hours to ourselves."

"You don't think he'll take Dean do you?"

"No, he would have to be insane to try to take Dean."

"He's already insane," Sam pointed out.

I snorted, "Very true, why don't you get some rest?"

"I'm too scared to," he whispered.

My heart clenched, "I'll wake you up when he comes back," I promised. He didn't seem very enthusiastic about it, but for some reason he seemed to trust me. All I could see when I looked at his curled up form was the images of my siblings in my arms, the night I lost them. I leaned my head back against the pole and tried to convince my mind to think of something else, anything else. The first thing that popped into my mind was Dean. 'Please,' I begged, 'Please come find me soon, for Sammy's sake.'

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