Uncharted Waters

The Rescue

~ Lily

I screamed bloody mary as he kicked down on my shin, there was a sickening crack sound. My leg was now broken, I knew that much. Where the break was, or how bad I didn't know, or care for that matter. Honestly, by the time help came, I was already almost gone. It had been a good three or four, or had it been five, days without any food or water. I had lost quite a bit of blood, probably had a concussion of sorts.

The sirens blared above us, right after I had just taken the beating. My whole body hurt, my vision was swimming, and the only thing I was for sure of was the pain.

"Damn it," my father cursed.

"Open up!" a voice shouted sternly.

Sam's head immediately shot up.

There was the sound of crashing as they kicked open the door, it was only a matter of time before they found the basement. My father must've realized it too because the next thing I knew he was cutting my bonds.

"Dad!" Sam yelled, his voice scratchy.

"Shut up!" my father growled, pulling me to my feet in front of him as a shield. I felt something sharp poke my side.

"Dad!" Sam shouted, even louder, "Dad he has a knife! The basement! We're in the basement!"

My dad kicked Sam in the ribs, "I said shut up!" he seethed.

But Sam's shouts had been heard. The door to the basement burst open and the first police officer to enter was Mr. Winchester. He had a pistol out in front of him and he kept it trained on my father as he slowly made his way down the stairs.

"Put the girl down," Mr. Winchester ordered, his voice cold.

He dad chuckled and pushed the knife harder into my back.

I let out a small whimper.

"One more step," my father threatened.

"I said," Mr. Winchester replied slowly, "Put Lily down!"

Black dots were swimming before my eyes. What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. One of the other officers shot. My dad stumbled back, surprise written across his face. I turned in shock. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into his out stretched arm. I gasped as the blade plunged into my midsection.

"Lily!" Sam's voice seemed strange, distant.

I would have fallen onto my face, driving the knife further into my body if John hadn't caught me.

"Hey, hey, hey, come on," he said. He scooped my into his arms, causing me to cry out in pain, "Stay with me Lily." He pleaded.

Each step he took was agony and the last thing I wanted was to stay. John was talking, his voice calm and soothing. He told me about Mary and how he had always loved her. About his boys and how proud he was of both of them. I tried to hold onto his words. I really did. But the pain was too much and eventually won out. I descended into the darkness, into the waves of nothingness that took away all of the pain I felt.

~ Dean

My mother ran into my room.

"Dean!" she hissed, shaking my shoulder.

It's not like I was actually sleeping, no I could never sleep if I thought Sam might be in danger.

"What?" I pushed myself up, propping myself on my elbows.

"Come on we need to go to the hospital," my mother said as she frantically pulled some clothes out of my dresser and tossed them to me.

"Are you okay?" I asked, confused.

"They found them."

That was all she need to say. Without another word I threw my clothes and dashed to my mother's car. The ride over was a tense silence.

"Did dad say...?"I started.

"They're both alive," she answered quietly.

I glanced at her knuckles and was surprised to find them white. She stared straight ahead at the road. She didn't offer any other information and I was too scared to ask, the tense silence filled the car once more.

I jumped out of the car the moment my mother pulled into a parking space. She followed as I rushed into the building. We found my father hunched over in the waiting area. He stood the moment his saw us enter.

"John," my mother breathed, he drew her into a hug.

"Is Sammy...?" I asked, my throat tightening at the thought of him waking up in this place. Hospitals always terrified him and I needed to be there for him, like I should've been when he was taken.

"He's fine, knocked out right now, they just wanted to keep him under observation for about twenty-four hours, just in case."

"And Lily?" my mother asked.

"Her injuries where much more serious," my father replied softly, "They took her into surgery the minute we got here."

My heart thudded in my chest. I had never heard my father talk in that tone of voice. He sounded so beaten, crushed. It terrified me.

"Can we see him at least?" my mother asked.

"Yeah, I was just waiting, for you guys," my father informed us.

We got Sammy's room number from the nurse at the desk and quickly made our way up to the second floor. I rushed to his side without any hesitation. My big-brother instinct going on overdrive. He looked so small and innocent in the bed. I brushed his bangs from his face, knowing he always found comfort from it.

His eyes fluttered open slowly at my touch. He gave me a tired grin.

"D'n," he mumbled, struggling to keep his eyes open.

"Hiya tiger," I whispered back, "You get some rest now, I'll be here when you wake up, okay?"

"'kay," he said, snuggling closer to my hand and sighing in content.

I smiled fondly, because God I loved this kid. I continued to comb my fingers through his hair, noting every little movement he made.

"Has he said anything about it?" I asked softly, not wanting to wake up Sam again. Although I doubted if he would, considering all the meds that must be pumping through his system.

"He mentioned a few things on the ride over," my father answered, his voice just as quite as mine.

"Like what?" I had to know, I had to know every punch that sick bastard gave to my Sam. I could see bruises on Sam's face and they made me want to hurl something at the wall. I shoved my growing rage down and focused on running my fingers through Sam's locks.

I heard my father sigh, "Dean, I think that's his story to tell. I only got bits and pieces, and frankly we were pretty distracted with keeping Lily alive."

That caught my attention, "What?" For some reason I had just assumed she needed surgery because she needed stitches or something, now I realized that hope was naive.

My father ran a hand over the stubble that was forming on his chin, looking tired and worn.

"Dean, she was in pretty bad shape."

"How bad?" my mother asked.

"It was touch and go for a while there-"

My dad was interrupted by a quiet knock on the door, a kind looking young doctor stepped in, "Are you the family of," she glanced at the folder in her hands, "Liliana Sanchez?"

"Yes," my mom said, no hesitation.

"May I speak with you?"

"Of course," my mother replied.

"Okay, well," the doctor glanced at Sam and then at us, she must have figured that we wouldn't want to leave the room so she closed the door behind her and took a seat. "I'm Dr. Riaze, I was the one overseeing Lily's surgery."

"Is she okay?" I blurted out.

Dr. Riaze gave me a sympathetic smile, "She's stable now, resting. Unfortunately, unlike Sam, she's going to be needing further treatment."

"More surgery?" my father guessed.

Dr. Riaze nodded, "We, well I, thought it best if we only dealt with the injuries that needed immediate attention right now. My fear was that her body wouldn't be able to take being on the table that long to fix everything, at least not right now. We almost lost her twice as it was."

"But she's stable?" my mother intervened.

"Yes, in ICU. I've scheduled another surgery for tomorrow afternoon, which I need your signatures for." She handed my parents a clipboard.

"Tomorrow afternoon? Is there nothing sooner?" my father asked, hesitating to sign on the dotted line.

Dr. Riaze pursed her lips, "Her body has been under a lot of strain for the past however many days. She is severely dehydrated, and if I were to guess, she hasn't eaten in days, leaving her body weak. We're giving her a blood transfusion as we speak. I want to give her some time to rest before the surgery, just so that she can start healing a little on her own."

"Do you think she'll be able to make a full recovery?" my father asked.

Dr. Riaze pursed her lips as she stood, "In time, yes. How long it would take? I can't say for sure. She'll definitely need therapy to help build up some of her lost muscle and her leg."

"And the stab wound?" my father questioned.

"Stab wound?" my mother and I asked in unison.

Dr. Riaze looked between the three of us, "Stitched up, luckily it missed most of her organs it nicked her liver, but we were able to close it up."

"So what will you do in the surgery tomorrow?"

"Lily suffered some great trauma to her brain, we need to remove some of the pressure in her skull. And we need to set her fibula back in place"

"But that's not an immediate threat?"

"No, we'll have her on some pretty strong sedatives to keep her comfortable." Dr. Riaze stood and took the clipboard back from my parents after they had signed the consent form, "I have to go check on my other patients," she apologized as she left the room.

"What stab wound?" I asked my father the second the door closed.

"Her father stabbed her, right about here," My father pointed to his stomach, and I realized just how lucky Lily had been, if that knife had struck just a few centimeters in the other direction, I pushed the thought aside.

"Is her father, is he he alive?"

My father's look grew distant, "No."

I nodded, comforted by the fact and then sick at the fact that I found pleasure in another man's death.

"At least Lily will be safe now," my mother said quietly.

I nodded and saw my father do the same.

"What time is it?" I asked, glancing at the darkness outside.

"About," my father checked his watch, "One in the morning."

"Do I have to go to school?" I asked, already putting up a good counter-argument in my mind in case they said 'yes'.

My parents exchanged glances, "No," my mother said as my father shook his head

"I think Lily's going to need both of you when she wakes up," my father said quietly.

His blunt statement took me by surprise. My mother nodded in agreement.

"Why?" I was perfectly okay with helping Lily out, in fact it felt natural by now, but I was confused as to why she would want Sam and I there, unless it was to distract her from something maybe?

"Think about it Dean," my mother reasoned, "You don't live through junk like that and just bounce back without any problems."

I carded my fingers through Sammy's hair once more suddenly repulsed at the idea of Lily being in the ICU alone . "Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked.

They nodded and I exited the room, my eyes already searching for the signs that would lead me to the ICU. I slipped past the nurses and froze when I saw her.

She looked so pale and innocent, so small, on the white sheets. She was attached to an incubator and some other machine that was pumping blood into her system. There seemed to be some type of wire covering every inch of her. Her brown hair was loose and surrounded her head like a dark halo. Bruises of all colors were forming on her face, her shoulders, and tiny finger sized ones were appearing around her neck.

I pulled up a chair and grabbed her hand, amazed at how cool her skin was to the touch. I squeezed it gently.

"Hey," I said softly, "It's Dean, I'm right here. You look like shit, you know that?" I joked lamely.

I rubbed my thumb over her cool skin and the most amazing thing happened. Her hand closed around mine. I looked up and saw two bright amber eyes staring back at me.

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