Uncharted Waters

Lesson on Cars

~ Lily

I sat on the front step of the Winchester's house. Enjoying the sunny Saturday afternoon. It was refreshing and I could almost convince myself that I wasn't the kid that everyone whispered about at school now. Of course, there was about a thousand theories about what had happened. They ranged anywhere from I had faked it to I had been kidnapped as a toddler. I had laughed when I had heard that one. Dean did his best to calm the rumors but there was only so much that he could do. Eventually we just decided to ride it out, hoping that people would soon either forget about it, or become bored by the topic.

In my hands I held an ice cold glass of lemonade. I could feel the cool condensation drip from the glass and slide against my fingers. I watched Dean and his father bend over the engine of the impala. I could only assume John had been informed of my panic attack, plus the little visit to the graves, but if he had he hadn't mentioned it.

"Have you ever worked with cars Lily?"

It took me a moment to realize that John was speaking to me. I shook my head.

"Well come over here, I'll show you the basics," he waved me over.

Not knowing what else to do, and giving in to curiosity, I set the glass down and stood up, wiping my wet fingers off on my jeans. I walked over to them and Dean shifted so I could have a better look at the engine.

"Okay, know what that is?" John pointed to a little black box.

"Battery?" I guessed, only knowing it because of seeing car batteries in stores.

He nodded, giving me a small smile, "Good, now the battery is attached to the engine by this little wire, see?" He stuck his hand in and gripped a wire.

I nodded.

"See this screw here?" he pointed and I had to bend in more to see it.

"Yes," I told him.

He straightened up and turned around, looking for something, then turned back towards the impala and handed me a wrench, "I assume you know how to use this?"

When I nodded he handed it to me, "Just tighten up that screw there."

I turned to Dean and wagged the wrench in front of him, "Sure you want to let me touch the love of your life?"

He patted his baby and pretended to sob, "It's okay...I-I'll suffer through it."

I laughed and glanced at John, he just rolled his eyes at his son and smiled.

"Now what screw do I tighten?" I asked.

John leaned in and pointed and I went to work. Under John and Dean's guidance I figured out what made cars tick. After we had finished with the impala John had lifted the hood of his truck to show me the differences in the engine and the similarities. I listened, soaking in as much information as I could. He certainly knew a lot. By the time John had left to go back inside I felt like my mind was on overdrive trying to memorize everything he had told me.

"He certainly knows a lot about cars," I commented.

"Yeah," Dean said proudly, "My dad learned from his dad, you know?"

"And now you're learning from him," I stated.

He nodded as he started cleaning the wrenches and various tools we had used, "Pretty much."

"Ever thought about being a mechanic?"

He shrugged, "Maybe, I haven't really thought that far I guess, have you?"

I shrugged, "Not really. By then who knows where I'll be at, you know? Not many foster parents pay for college, so that means I'll have to work my way through."

He looked at me thoughtfully.

"What?" I demanded.

"Okay, imagine if you stayed here another four years-"

I snorted, "Not likely."

"Okay, but humor me, if you stayed here another four years, what would you want to be."

"That's a pretty big 'if'."

"Come on, I want to be a mechanic, now it's your turn."

I sighed, "I don't know."

Dean raised his eyebrows and I held up my hands.

"Honestly Dean," I told him, "It's not like I can look back on happy memories and say I want to be just like my parents."

"So you don't have any memories of anyone you've ever looked up to and thought, 'I want to be just like them'?" He asked, obviously not believing it.

"I never said that," I countered.

"Anything in the world, what would you be?"

"I. Don't. Know."


I snorted, "No."


"Are you kidding?"


"Dean, the minute I figure out what I'm going to be I'll tell you, okay? Sheesh, you can be one annoying person when you want to be, did you know that?"

Dean shrugged, "Do you want to be a teacher?"

"That's it!" I threw up my arms, trying to act enraged, he just laughed as I marched back to the step, picked up my lemonade, and went inside.

~ Sam

"Got any fives?"

"Uh huh, go fish," Lily replied, "Got any twos?"

I shook my head, "Go fish. Have any eights?"

She made a dramatic sigh and pulled a card out of her hand.

"Haha!" I said triumphantly, as I placed the pair down, "Any threes?"

She shook her head, "Go fish."

"What are you guys doing?" Dean asked, as he walked past us to the kitchen.

"It's called Go Fish," I told him, rolling my eyes.

"I can see that," he replied, glancing at the pile of cards, "Don't you know how to play anything fun?"

"I like Go Fish," Lily said defensively.

"Yeah," I agreed.

Dean held up his hands in mock surrender, "Okay, okay, shoot me!"

"There's an idea," Lily told me, raising her eyebrows.

I laughed, "Okay, your turn."

"Let's see any-"

Dean glanced over my shoulder at my cards, "He has a seven." he told her.

"Dean!" I complained.

He just laughed and walked off.

"Do you have any sevens?" Lily asked, a teasing smile on her face.

I pulled the card out and slid it to her.

After our game Lily and I helped my mother set the table for dinner. My mom made homemade pizza that night, it was one of my favorite meals.

"Lily has quite the knack for fixing cars," my father told my mom after we had all grabbed a piece and started digging in.

"Oh really? Have you worked on them before?"

Lily shook her head, and for once she didn't seem to shy away from the attention, "No, today was a first."

"I could never learn how to fix the silly things," my mom said lightly, "I don't know how many times I tried to learn."

Lily laughed and I grinned.

"It's not easy," Lily agreed.

"Are you going to learn how to drive soon?" I asked, taking a big bite of pepperoni pizza.

She looked like she hadn't even considered the idea of driving and took a sip of milk to give herself a few extra seconds to think about the possibility.

"That's right, I hadn't thought of that," my mother said.

"I didn't either," Lily admitted.

"You still have a year," my dad told her, "We'll figure out when we can get you on the road sometime."

"But you are not driving my baby until you have a license," Dean said.

"If I drive anything like you, I'd be surprised if I kept a license for very long," Lily teased.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" he argued.

Lily laughed, "Music blaring, running through stop signs, hitting dear old grandmamas..."

"I have never!" Dean said.

"Is that why the nursing homes are sending out so many missing persons?" My father joined in on the teasing.

"Oh I see, ganging up on your own son, huh?" Dean asked, but he didn't look very angry.

We all laughed and continued eating pizza, just enjoying one another's company and feeling like a family, no one could've realized how that family bond was going to be put to the test in the weeks to come.

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