Uncharted Waters

Prison Escape

~ Lily

The intercom buzzed to life, making us turn our attention from the lesson and look at it expectantly, "Mrs. Lyson?" the words were garbled with static.

"Yes?" Mrs. Lyson was a young energetic teacher, one of the few I had come to like. She was very passionate about history, even if you're like me, and hate the subject, she somehow made it interesting. She managed to pint back things happening today to things that happened in the past, and recreated the past into a way that made it easy to understand.

"Do you have Lily Sanchez?"

I could feel heat rising in my cheeks as people started to stare.

"Yes," Mrs. Lyson replied.

"Could you send her down to the office please? She's leaving early today."

Early? I furrowed my brow, it was only fifth hour, why on earth...?

"We'll just finish taking notes for the section, so you'll have to find someone's to copy when you get back, okay Lily?"

I looked up at her and glanced back at Rose who pointed to her spiral and gave a thumbs up, "Yeah, okay," I replied, getting out of my chair and grabbing my things.

"See you tomorrow," Mrs. Lyson told me as I walked out of the door.

"Yeah, see ya," I mumbled.

I got to my locker and stuffed certain things into my backpack. Only half-paying attention to what I was grabbing. Early? Why on earth was I leaving early? Did Dean get sick? I huffed, and closed the locker before making my way downstairs, ideas still crashing around my head like a raging sea. If Dean got sick Mary would just pick me up at the end of the day, right? Did I get an OOS without realizing it? Nah, that was stupid, they wouldn't have waited this long to call me out if it was something like that.

I stopped as I entered the office and my throat clenched. John was there in his policeman get-up along with his partner.

John smiled and nodded when I entered. I immediately felt the hairs on my neck rise. Something in John's eyes, was that pity? Could it possibly be fear?

"Lily I'll be taking you home early today," John told me.

Instinctively I took a step back, suddenly wary of the man, "What about Dean?"

"He'll drive himself home," John sounded calm, as if nothing were wrong with this situation and, if anything, that put me on edge even more.

"Why do I have to leave early?"

"Safety reasons," his partner said, hooking his thumbs in his belt.

John closed his eyes and let out a breath, "We'll explain when we get home Lily, please just come with us."

But now I had to know, none of this was making any sense and the way John was looking at me, almost pleading with his eyes, I'll admit, it was starting to scare me, "My safety or the safety of those around me?"

"Little bi' of both," again his partner answered.

"Bill," John said quietly under his breath.

"What?" Bill asked, "John we have to get going."

"I know, come on Lily, I promise I'll explain later."

Only later didn't come when he dropped me off at the house. So when Dean came home with Sam and Sam asked me why I had been released early I had nothing to tell the kid. No, later came after supper when I couldn't stand waiting any longer.

Mary was just starting to clear away the plates when I scrounged up enough courage to ask John about it, "So why did I leave early today?"

John sighed, as if he had been expecting this and had been trying to put it off. He ran a hand over his face, "A man escaped from prison today."

I glanced at Sam then Dean, both looked about as confused as I felt which emboldened me to dig deeper, "Why-what does that have to do with my safety? Or the safety of others?"

Looking back now, I should have guessed his answer. I should have realized it from the look in his eyes. Perhaps I had figured it out and was still holding on to the shred of hope that I was wrong. But none of that really prepared me for what he was about to tell me.

"Lily..." He started.

I felt my heart slowing picking up it's pace, 'no,' I thought, pushing the thought aside, 'it couldn't be...could it?' I rubbed my sweaty palms on my jeans and forced myself to look John in the eye as I asked him my next question, although I couldn't keep the tremor out of my voice, "Who was it?"

"Yeah Dad, who escaped?" Sam asked, his eyebrows squished together as he tried to figure it out.

John looked me in the eye as he confirmed my worst fears, "Lily, the man that escaped...he was your father."

"What?!" Dean demanded.

He voice sounded strangely distant. My heartbeat echoed in my ears and I didn't register anything. One minute I was sitting at the dinner table the next I was running. Running blindly outside, not sure how exactly I had gotten there, just following the animal instinct of running. It was as if I had convinced myself that the further away from the problem I was the smaller the problem got. I didn't care where I was headed as long as it took me someplace else. My legs burned with exertion and I slowed down to a stop. Only then did I notice how out of breath I was. Only then did I realize how lost I had become. My legs shook under my weight and I sat down on the curb. I had nothing else to do so I sat there. My head in my hands as I thought through everything.

It couldn't be him. Why him? Him of all people, out of the how many dozens of prisoners and he escapes? I rocked myself back and forth, noting how cold and uncomfortable the sidewalk was beneath me. I could hear the crickets singing their hearts out. One glance up and the stars and moon where out. A strange sense of loneliness crept up on me.

Part of me wanted to go back. To hug Mary and explain everything to John. To answers Sammy's endless supply of questions and to joke and tease with Dean as if nothing was wrong. But I didn't kid myself. None of those actions would solve anything. If anything I needed to be outside. The confines of that house was suffocating and I needed air. I had to think this through. To form a some plan to help me live through the hell that I had been forced by fate to call my life.

A circle of light was swept over me and I was just thinking of ignoring it until I heard a familiar voice shout.

"I found her! She's alright!"

My head snapped up, Dean was rushing towards me and he slowed as he got nearer, "Holy shit, you scared the crap out of me," he told me.

I managed a small grin, "Yeah, good to see you too."

~ Sam

"Lily... the man that escaped...he was your father."

"What?!" My big brother demanded.

Perfectly displaying the inner shock I felt inside.

I glanced towards Lily. Her face had paled to the point of making her look like a ghost. She stood up abruptly and her calm deliberate walk turned into a panicked run as she bolted out the front door.

"Lily!" My mother called after her.

"Okay, everyone grab a flashlight," My dad said, as always, he seemed to know exactly what to do.

When everyone had found one my father ushered us outside.

"Now, if you find her give a shout. If someone finds her everyone comes back here, if not, meet back here in fifteen minutes, got it?"

We all nodded.

"John...you don't think he...?" My mother's voice faltered and it terrified me to see her so openly scared.

"No," my father pulled her into a quick embrace, "No, for now she should be fine. We just have to find her and convince her that. Sam, why don't you start going around and asking the neighbors? It's late but maybe someone happened to glance out a window or something. Dean, keep south, I'll head north, and-"

"I'll head east with Sam after checking with neighbors," my mother stated with a firm nod.

We all ran to do our jobs. The few neighbors who answered their doors hadn't seen anything and I couldn't help but feel frustrated at their lack of knowledge. Didn't they realize how important this was?

By the time I met back up with my mother I had about fifty different scenarios of what could've happened to Lily playing through my mind.

"How come Lily's in danger if her dad broke out of prison?" I asked.

"Well," my mom hesitated, as if wondering whether or not to say the whole truth, "You see, Lily and her father didn't get along very well."

"Is he coming after her?"

"I-I don't know Sam," she admitted, "I hope not, but in all likely hood probably."

"Is that why she left school early?" I guessed.

My mother nodded.

"But how does he know that she's here?"

"He doesn't...hopefully, we can't-"My mother's response was cut short when Dean's distant voice was heard.

"He must have found her," my mother mumbled, sighing with relief, "Oh God, I hope she's okay."

~ Dean

I sat down on the curb beside her, "You ever done track before?" I asked.

"No, but I do language pretty good," She teased, "It's have you ever done track before."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," I replied I played with the flashlight for a few seconds, watching the light jump around on the ground before I asked, "You ready to go back? This isn't exactly the most comfortable place in the world." I stood up and held my free hand out to her, the other one holding my flashlight.

"You aren't angry?" she asked, glancing up at me.

"I'm the hulk, I'm always angry, now hurry up."

She gave an amused grunt and let me pull her to her feet.

"Honestly, mad or not mad?" she asked as we started walking back.

"Not mad."


I stopped and looked at her, "Why would I be mad. If I had a crazy, dick wad of a dad who just escaped prison I'd probably run off too." I answered.

She shook her head and let out a bitter laugh, "You described him spot on."

I didn't know how to reply to that, so I decided to change the subject, "Where were you headed anyway?"

She shrugged and hugged herself, "Anywhere, I just needed to think, you know?"

"With this psycho on the lose out for you? Great plan."

"We don't know for sure where he is, besides how would he know that I'm here? For all he might know I might still be in Nebraska."

"Nebraska?" I asked.

"My first foster home," she explained. I could see my house lights on and the figures in the windows.

"Did you have many foster homes?" I wondered.

"A few."

"That's not vague."

"It's not any of your business." She threw me a sideways grin but didn't elaborate so I didn't push it.

"Did you ever, uh, run away from a foster home?" I asked.

She nodded, "Yeah, fat load of good it did me."

"Why? What happened?" We were walking up my driveway now and I could see my mom opening the door.

"Police found me and took me back," she replied stiffly.

"Sounds like you've had to deal with a lot of police then."

"Yeah," her response sounded distant, almost as if a sour memory was attached to the thought of policemen.

After the initial hugs and sighs of relief when we entered the house everyone gathered in the living room.

"Lily," My father said, speaking in a gentle tone, "In order to find your father we have to know who we're dealing with."

If possible Lily seemed to shrink against the cushions, she nodded slowly, "What type of stuff do you need to know?"


"Everything as in...?" she face paled, making the freckles even more pronounced on her skin.

"Everything as in everything," my father sounded like he regretted it, I glanced at Lily.

She was taking slow deliberate breathes and had closed her eyes. For a second you could hear the clock in the hallway ticking, then her jaw set as she came to a decision, "Okay. I'll tell you my story."

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