After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 10

Chapter 10: Mark Of Faith

“Where could he have gone!?” Sam asked Crowley after informing Cas about what he had missed.

“Probably on his way to kill Metatron,” Crowley sighed pouring himself another drink.

“He can’t do that!” Cas said panicked.

“Why it’s just Metatron?” Sam said trying to keep Cas calm. “Look worse comes to worse and Metatron dies nothing else changes. I mean he was going to spend the rest of eternity in the holy jail anyways right?”

“Damn it Sam! No more angels are supposed to die in this war. If Dean does kill Metatron all hell will break out in heaven. No angel will trust anyone and it will be a blood bath up there!” Cas explained leaning close to Sam.

“Who says that’s all?” Crowley asked sipping his drink.

Cas and Sam looked at Crowley quizzically. “What are you talking about?” Sam asked.

“I said he’s on his way to kill Metatron. That means he’s on a path. And guess what else is on paths? Obstacles! Guess what those obstacles are… every bloody angel that has happened to rub Dean the wrong way. Because guess what! You angels don’t know when to quit! So those dumbasses are going to try and stop him! I’ve been with the kid for three weeks and not once have I seen anything strong enough to stop him! So all those little angels are going to get slaughtered! It’s already a bloody bath Cas dear I promise you!” Crowley yelled out frustrated.

“Oh my god,” Sam said. “You’re right I mean Dean will kill everything in his way, we have to stop him.”

Crowley burst out laughing. His cackles bounced off the walls. He tried to catch his breath and wiped away a fake tear from his eye. “You actually want to go after the fool?”

“Crowley we have to do something!” Sam said looking at Crowley in disbelief.

“Oh no you’re absolutely one hundred percent correct moose! I mean let’s go after your demon brother who you know has nothing to defend himself with except for maybe, the mark of Cain, the first blade, and his newly found mind demon powers. No I’m pretty sure chasing after him is the best idea…” Crowley sighed dramatically. “Look I’m sorry to break it to ya but there is no use going after him. You saw him nothing will get in his way. Moose he threw you against a cement brick wall. Tell me would dear ol’ brother Dean do that if he didn’t have self restraint?”

“Crowley, Sam is right we can’t let Dean do this,” Cas sighed. “Look it may be dangerous but we have to stop him.”

“The only way you’re stopping him is if you’re…” Crowley’s eyes widened. He smiled at Cas in a regrettable way. “Is if you’re you. Cas you’re the only one who would have even the slightest shot at stopping him.”

“How?” Cas asked. “Why me?”

“Because he loves you dumb ass!” Crowley threw up his arms. “And since he loves you… you may distract him long enough to…. Stop him.”

“He loved me before, and I still got stabbed in the arm. And he didn’t even have the first blade on hand,” Cas explained looking scared.

“Wait what do you mean by stop him?” Sam asked stepping in front of Cas.

“Look I hate saying this I… I do but everyone will die if we don’t…” Crowley stopped talking and sighed depressed. His voice cracked when he started to talk again. “If we don’t kill him…”

“Kill him!?” Sam asked alarmed.

“I’m not killing Dean!” Cas yelled getting close to Crowley’s face.

“Look I am Dean’s best friend I’ve done nothing but be with him for the past three weeks training him and connecting with him. I don’t want him dead. But this is bad. I’m the king of hell and I see this as bad! Only an angel could maybe possibly have a chance at killing him and you’re the only one who may be able to get close enough to do it!” Crowley explained tears running down his face. “I don’t want Dean dead! All the work I’ve put in to gain his trust… his friendship! But I’m looking at a bigger picture here!”

“There’s got to be another way!” Sam exclaimed running his hand threw his hair.

“There isn’t one Moose!” Crowley yelled.

“I’m not killing Dean… I can’t,” Cas whispered pained.

“No but you’re the one who started it so you are going to finish it. You are the only one who can stop him. We’ll get you there but we can’t help with getting that blade out of his hand,” Crowley put his glass down on a table, wiped the tears from his face, and walked over to Cas. “Yeah no…” he mumbled eyeing Cas up and down.

“Excuse me?” Cas asked feeling uncomfortable by Crowley’s stares. “What are you doing?”

“Well I’m just sweetening the pot,” Crowley smiled snapping his fingers. A nice button up shirt and trench coat appeared in his hands. The trench coat wasn’t like Cas’ new one, it was like old one he used to wear. “He likes this one better you know…” Crowley said shoving the clothes in Cas’ hands. “Put these on.” Cas sighed but dressed quickly. “Ahhh nice!” Crowley said walking over and placing a tie loosely around Cas’ neck. “One last touch…” he messed Cas’ hair up a tiny bit and turned Cas to look at Sam.

“Trust me there is another way…” Sam sighed. “But we can’t wait any longer. Let’s go!”

“Now that our secret weapon is secure, sure…. Let’s head off to our deaths,” Crowley snapped his fingers and there they were at the entrance of heaven. Where they had chatted with Hannah, well more like full on fought with Hannah.

The hall was dark and silent. The portal door hung limply on a single door hinge. Clearly ripped open, a forced way of entry. Dead angel bodies lined the path like bread crumbs. Cas sighed upset when he saw Hannah’s body torn to shreds, like she was put through a wood chipper. He couldn’t bear to look at the other bodies.

“No no…” Cas cried walking slowly past the bodies. “We’re too late! We have to find him.”

“You still want to go after him Cas?” Crowley asked grabbing his shoulder.

“Yes! Once he kills Metatron he’s not going to stop! He can’t feed into it!” Cas explained. “I can’t let him become more of want he doesn’t want.” Cas started to hyperventilate.

“Cas calm down!” Sam said pulling Cas up by the shoulders. “Look I’ll head in first and see if I can see anything. Follow a little later. Take time to chill out. You need to be calm Cas.”

Cas looked at Sam worried in the eyes for a second then nodded hesitantly. “Take Crowley with you, I’ll follow soon.”

Crowley and Sam headed into heaven. As Sam entered the door way he pulled out Ruby’s demon knife he had in his inside jacket pocket. “That’s not going to do a damn thing!” Crowley whisper yelled.

“Well he’s a demon isn’t he? Even though it can’t kill him it’ll slow him down!” Sam whispered back as they made their way through the office room. The room seemed to be in order. Just empty. “I guess everybody abandoned ship when Dean showed up.”

“I know I would have,” Crowley mumbled.

Sam gave Crowley an annoyed look. “Why are you so scared off him? It’s Dean we can stop him.”

“Did you not see him? He lost his mind!” Crowley called. “Even Winchesters aren’t smart enough to know you don’t go after a Winchester.” They entered into the main office and saw a dead body in front of the door to the jail cells.

Sam sighed uncomfortably kicking the body out of the door way with his foot. He and Crowley exchanged a look of terror. “Shouldn’t there be like sound… or something?” Sam said reaching for the door knob.

Crowley gulped as the door slowly swung open. “Here we go moose…” He stepped through and slowly walked past the empty cells. The one on the end that held Metatron looked as if the bars where torn off. The broken pieces laid strewn about the floor. A loud scream ripped through the air and made both Crowley and Sam jump.

They rushed to the last cell to see a mess. Blood spattered everywhere. It painted the walls and floor. Bits of skin and bone where lying around along with random body parts. And there Dean was in the center of it all, coated in Metatron’s blood. He was on his knee’s his chest heaving in and out heavy. His back was turned to Sam and Crowley.

Dean cried out loud. “You son of a bitch!” He held a blob of mushy red goo in his free hand. He threw it hard against the floor, and it splattered.

“Dean?” Sam asked softly, regretting saying anything the instant Dean’s head snapped up.

Dean’s eyes were pitched black, so black Sam was surprised it was a color. Dean’s face was covered in blood and anger sat on his lips. “Oh hey Sammy!” He said with a deep guff voice and a smile that frightened Sam. “Hey Crowley…” he snapped his head quickly. “You did this to me…” Dean laughed out loud and slowly rose to his feet.

“Dean look everythin…” Crowley made a choking sound as Dean threw him back against the wall with his mind.

“Dean sto…” Sam made a similar choking sound as Dean smashed him against the wall too.

“Look I don’t want to hear a single word from you asshats…” Dean growled. “Crowley let’s talk about you first… I don’t know why you have such a crazy obsession with me and my baby brother here. I mean all we want is too kill you. And well…” Dean laughed as if a joke was told. “Sammy I’m gonna kill him!” Crowley’s face crumpled terrified. “Oh don’t be scared… You knew this was going to happen the second you turned me. I just had to let everything go and let it all just take over! Now I’m going to take your spot as king of hell and rule. Should have listened to Metabitch huh? No one deserves to live… I can see it now… I’ll kill every angel… every human… and let my minions run over earth and heaven. Nothing but my monsters! And all I have to do is kill you to gain leadership.”

“Dean you can’t do this!” Sam yelled from his spot pinned against the wall.

“Why?!” Dean asked stepping closer to Sam. “Because it’s what we do? Saving people? Hunting things? The family business? Huh? Killing monsters? Well guess what, I am one Sam! Look at me! I’ve followed Dad’s orders all my life! Let my ass get kicked around by demons and angels and god knows else what! And at the same time I had to take care of my little baby brother Sammy. I’m tired of taking orders Sam! I’m sick of it! I’m tired of you not trusting me every two seconds and siding with the evil things and not me! You never once think of anyone but yourself! Me? All I do is think of other people. I can’t be worrying about you while I’m ruling things. And I know you’re going to try and stop me! So sorry but it’s best to get you out of the way before I get started.”

“Dean stop!” A low voice called from the end of the hall.

Dean looked up and froze. “Cas?” He asked all gruffness gone from his voice. “How are you alive? I thought you died! Cas what happened?”

“The um… process needed to restart my vessel and everything shut down momentarily. But Dean I’m alive I’m okay! So put Sam and Crowley down and let’s go… I thought of a way to help you,” Cas said calmly.

“Cas, baby… don’t you see?” Dean laughed. “Don’t you see?! We can rule over everything together! The king of heaven and the king of hell together. It’s perfect we’ll be unstoppable! We’ll be together forever.”

“Dean this isn’t you who wants all this power. It’s the mark! I’m not the king of heaven I’m just an angel! And I don’t have to kill you,” Cas started.

“Kill me?!” Dean bellowed and everything went quiet. “Why would you kill me Cas?”

“Crowley said it was the only way to stop you…” Cas said quietly taking a deep breath.

“Oh you bitch!” Dean growled through his teeth turning to Crowley. “All the more reason to kill you!” Crowley started to scream in pain and his fists slammed hard against the wall.

“Dean stop!” Cas yelled and Crowley stopped yelling.

“Cas you can’t feel for him! You can’t feel for Sammy either. Let me get them out of the way so we can rule,” Dean said with passion in his voice.

“Dean I can’t and I won’t,” Cas growled. “Now,” Cas said giving Dean a hard stare. He gave a low nod. “It’s just you and me…”

Dean looked around and saw Sam and Crowley had disappeared. “Bring them back Cas! We need to stop them before they stop us!”

“They don’t need stopping Dean, you do!”

“Cas come on…”

“No Dean please we’ll get you help I know how! I figured out away,” He stepped closer to Dean.

Dean just stared at him. “I don’t need help Cas! I need you!”

“Dean I…” Cas stared but Dean stopped him with a hard kiss.

Dean pulled away grabbing the back of Cas’ neck holding their foreheads together. “Cas I love you please…” He kissed him again. “Please come with me. We’ll be together forever. I love you…” he kissed him again. “Come with me… rule with me…” He kept giving him small kisses until he gave up and pulled him into a deep meaning full kiss.

Cas tried not to get lost in the kiss and pulled back shaking his head. “Dean I can’t do that…” A tear ran down Cas’ cheek. “And neither can you! This is not you! You don’t want this!”

“Oh, I do… and I want you!” Dean pulled Cas in at the hips holding him close.

“No Dean,” Cas started crying full on letting it all just pour out. “And if you try I will kill you!”

Dean just stared at Cas in disbelief. They were silent for what seemed like forever. Dean’s face softened. “Okay Cas…” he stoked Cas’ cheek. “I’m sorry,” Cas flew back against the wall. “But not even you can stop me…” Dean gripped the first blade tight and held it to Cas’ neck.

“Dean no… you’re so much better than this,” Cas cried.

“Cas I do love you so much, but I need this and if you can’t join me then I’m sorry,” Dean sighed. “I’m so sorry…”

“Dean please don’t,” Cas screamed as Dean cut lightly into Cas’ neck letting a little blood drip. Dean stopped and his eyes watched as the blood slowly ran down Cas’ light skin standing out.

“Cas?” Dean asked confused his eyes quick flickering green. “No!” He screamed stepping back. He looked at the blade in his hand and let go of his grip. The blade stayed glued to his palm though. Dean shook his hand frantically trying to shake it off.

Suddenly, the blade lit up gold and shot a strong pulse into Dean’s arm making the mark Glow white and burn hot. Dean’s eyes flicked back to black and a small smile grew on his face. “Dean? Are you okay? What is happening?”

“I’m killing you that’s what is happening baby,” Dean lunged towards Cas but stopped half way falling to his knees. He looked up at Cas face full of fear eyes back to green. “No,” he whispered letting Cas drop. Cas ran to Dean and Dean grabbed his arm. “Cas, help me please,” the words came from Dean’s mouth strained.

“How?” Cas asked frantic.

“Fix me,” Dean cried but then he screamed from another pulse from the blade, eyes black. Cas flew back again and Dean heaved a heavy breath. “There is nothing wrong with me! I’m finally getting what I deserve!” Dean let out a loud breath, one eye green and one black. “No! Cas quickly! The dungeon! The demon chains! Chain me up!”

Cas dropped from the wall and ran to Dean pressing two fingers to his forehead. Suddenly, they were in the bunker’s dungeon just outside of the devils trap that held in Crowley all those months. The rusty table and chair he sat at and the cursed chains that hung from the wall. All Cas had to do was find a way to get him the devils trap and chain him up.

One more pulse sent Dean into full demon mode with eyes black and Mark glowing. “You’re not stopping me Cas!” Dean pulled Cas in and punched him letting him drop.

Cas sat up on one elbow lip bleeding. “Dean plea…”

Dean pulled him back up by his collar and held his face close. “One last chance Cas join me!”

“Never,” Cas said blood from his lip spraying on Dean’s face.

Dean rolled his eyes, rolling his head back too and laughed. “Fine. Your choice baby!” Dean held the first blade back to Cas’ neck.

Cas quickly gained his footing though and pushed Dean away kicking him back into the devils trap. Dean stood at the edge of the trap staring at Cas. “Dean you know deep down this isn’t right! That’s why you kept changing your mind back there. Dean let me help you!”

“Cas?!” Sam yelled sliding into the room with Crowley coming in behind him. “What happened?”

“Help me get him tied up!” Cas yelled grabbing Dean’s arm. Sam ran over grabbing Dean’s other arm pulling him down into the old chair.

“Let go!” Dean yelled struggling.

“Stop moving!” Sam yelled managing a cuff around Dean’s wrist, trying to avoid a blow from the first blade. Sam grabbed the neck cuff and locked that tight around Dean’s neck. He looked over at Cas who managed to get the other cuff on and they sighed walking outside of the devils trap with Crowley.

“What do we do now?” Sam asked looking at Cas.

“We cure him…” Cas said with a sigh. He rubbed his hand over his lip and neck healing his wounds. “Dean cured me… now I will cure him…”

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