After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 11

Chapter 11: Blood Transfusion

“Just how do you plan on doing that?” Crowley asked Cas when they were in the main library.

“Really?” Sam sighed shaking his head at Crowley. “I would think you of all people should know.”

“Know what?” Crowley said upset. Sam let out a long breath annoyed at Crowley’s inability to understand.

“We’re going to use human blood,” Cas answered unrolling a long sleeve of syringes.

“Oh okay yeah that’ll work… maybe,” Crowley sighed.

“What do you mean maybe?” Sam asked.

“Well, look he may be demon, but he’s a different… brand if you will. Look he didn’t become one the normal way. It was forced upon him quickly. He’s essentially just as powerful as Cain! Not even the demon knife will work on him,” Crowley explained.

“So you’re saying this won’t work?” Sam questioned looking upset.

“No, I’m just saying we shouldn’t put all of our eggs in one basket. We shouldn’t get our hopes up just in case it doesn’t work,” Crowley put his hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“Yeah well, it’s the best idea we have,” Sam said sighing.

“I think we should take precautions though,” Crowley suggested.

Cas looked up intrigued. “What do you mean precautions?”

“Well as long as he’s still got that nasty mark there’s always a chance he’s incurable. Maybe what we should do first is focus on getting rid of the mark,” Crowley said pulling out a chair and popping his feet up on the table.

“Wait. Can you do that? Is it actually possible to get rid of it?” Sam asked.

“Well, no one knows for sure because well, the only two people who have it are Dean and Cain but I don’t see why we can’t try,” Crowley said.

“I don’t know we can’t get that blade out of his hand and he’s gaining power at a much quicker rate because of it. If we just cure him now it should send him back to his ‘factory settings.’ So the mark would go too!” Cas explained handing Sam a syringe.

“Cas is right Crowley we don’t know how powerful Dean could get he might break free and destroy the world while we’re trying to figure out how to get rid of the mark. It’s not like figuring out how to get rid of it will be easy either. From Dean’s description on Cain, I don’t think Cain would be willing to help us. It’s easier if we just cure him first,” Sam said agreeing with Cas.

“No, don’t you see he won’t cure!” Crowley yelled flustered.

“You just said you weren’t completely sure about that,” Sam said giving Crowley a confused look.

Crowley was distracted for a second watching Sam draw blood from his forearm. It was so tempting just to jump over the table and shoot up. His eyes followed the syringe as Sam laid it out in the table and picked up another one. Crowley cleared his throat. “I’m not but… I mean… just give me time! I’ll figure it out! Give me one day, to figure out how to get rid of the mark,” Crowley pleaded standing up.

“You have two hours,” Cas said angrily at Crowley.

“Angel, that’s not enough time,” Crowley sighed upset giving Cas another pleading look.

“You found my grace in no time flat with help from your army of demons. Just use them to help you figure out how to rid Dean of the mark,” Cas explained.

“Just more time Cas… that’s all I need!” Crowley’s voice cracked from frustration.

“Look what if there isn’t a way to get rid of it without curing him, huh? You said it yourself he’s a different kind of demon. And this mark is making him more invincible! The longer we wait, the less we have a chance of curing him! So Crowley when I say I’m giving you two hours, I mean I’m giving you two hours! The time is ticking,” the second Cas had finished his last word Crowley was gone.

“What are we suppose to do while we wait for him?” Sam asked setting down a syringe full of blood.

Cas picked up one of Sam’s syringe’s and gave him stern look. “We start the process.” Cas headed off into the hall and Sam went after him.

“I thought you said you would give Crowley time to find a way to get rid of the mark!” Sam said confused.

“I am but Sam the longer we wait the more powerful Dean gets! So while Crowley is looking we’re going to start the process,” Cas explained.

Sam didn’t want to argue with Cas. All this crazy crap was going on and Cas was the only one he really trusted at the moment. He was worried though, why Crowley was so keen on getting rid of the mark first if changing him back to human would solve the problem. He followed Cas into the dungeon and opened the large doors disguised as cabinets.

“Cas, love! You look beautiful! I mean I’d hit that sweet, sweet ass right now if you let me go. What do ya say baby? Huh?” Dean called to Cas laughing.

“We’re going to start the process now Dean,” Cas said giving him a quizzical look ignoring his question.

“That’s not going to work ya know!” Dean smiled. “Tell him Sammy… You know deep down I’m too powerful for that.”

“Dean we just want to help!” Sam yelled already flustered at Dean. Just the sight of Dean like this made Sam mad. The fact that Dean was this abomination that he’d spent all this life despising was too much to handle. He now knew how Dean felt when he was trying to tell him to stop drinking demon blood. This made Sam realize though, how Dean felt when he tried to make him stop using the blade. Sam sighed and said, “Look Dean I get it. You were only trying to do good. You thought that no matter what happens, even if it killed you or turned you into your own worst nightmare, that you were doing what was right. Well we need to stop taking crazy chances like this! No matter how many times we think we’re doing right, it turns on us and bites us in the ass Dean! We need to stop risking our lives like this! Haven’t we given enough! We’ve become things that we hate and did things that we aren’t proud of! Dean I’m not proud of us! Because we don’t know when to give up! So we’re going to cure you Dean… then we’re going to stop doing these things. Let somebody else take the wheel,” tears started to roll down Sam’s cheeks.

“That’s just it Sammy! I’m tired too! I want it to be over! But I don’t want to quit! I want to take charge and run the show! We’ve done so much more than anybody! We’ve saved this world countless times! Don’t you think we deserve it!? Don’t you think that I should be its king!? Don’t you think I’ve earned the right to have anything at the snap of my fingers Sammy!? I am what this world needs!” Dean yelled.

“No Dean. The world needed you and you played your part. You don’t deserve it. No one does. We only saved it so many times because we’re the ones who caused it half the time! And the other half was us cleaning up other peoples messes! Dean this world isn’t anyone’s to own. Maybe if we stop interfering things will get better… not for us but for everyone else. Not every story has a happy ending. Sometimes people are put in a story to make it interesting! That’s what we were from the very start. So let’s just stop… okay?” Sam sighed wiping away a tear.

Sam looked over at Cas who was looking ashamed down at the ground. Cas raised the syringe looking at it and walked over to Dean, just out of reach. “Stopping sounds like the right thing to do,” Cas sighed looking at Sam.

“You two are so wrong! We deserve so much more! Look I won’t kill you both if you just come with me. Sam you can be second in command! Cas you can be my Queen!” Dean explained. “We can get what we deserve.”

“Earlier you didn’t want me with you in this at all,” Sam swallowed unnerved.

“Because I didn’t think you saw things my way. Now that I know you feel the same…”

“I do not feel the same way Dean! We have similar inputs but different outcomes. I can see your way is wrong! Why can’t you?” Sam asked voice harsh and upset. “Cas have you got this I can’t stand to even be in the same room as him?” Cas gave Sam a knowing nod and Sam left.

“Because it’s not wrong Sammy!” Dean called after Sam. “Cas you know it baby. Please, baby please you know I love you. I wanna hit that sweet ass Cas!” Lust poured from Dean’s eyes like a waterfall.

“I… I um…” Cas sighed uncomfortably and leaned down close to Dean’s face. “I love you, too. That is why I’m doing this.”

Dean’s eyes scanned over every inch of Cas’ beautiful face. He just wanted one taste. His blacked eyes landed on Cas’ lips. “Oh, baby please!” Dean growled with a gruff voice. He managed to grab hold of Cas’ tie that was dangling above his chained hands and pulled Cas close. He pulled so hard though that Cas fell forward on his knees and was face to face with the bulge in Dean’s pants.

Cas’ swallowed hard, hands pressed into Dean’s knee with the syringe sitting uncomfortably between Dean’s knee and Cas’ fingers. “Dean please,” He said eyes focused on what was in front of him, unsure why it was so distracting.

“You like what you see huh?” Dean laughed. “Well it likes what it sees too.” Dean bucked his hips towards Cas a bit playfully and laughed harder.

“Dean please just let me help you!” Cas said hesitantly moving his eye to Dean’s.

“Okay help me,” Dean smiled pulling Cas up off his knee’s and on to Dean’s lap straddling him. Cas noticed the blade drop from Dean’s hands onto the floor and kicked it ways with his foot. “Help me baby, help me.” Dean grabbed the knotted part of Cas’ tie and pulled his face right in front of his. Dean smiled taking in Cas’ scent and chuckling a bit. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” He smashed Cas’ lips on to his and moaned.

Cas was surprised but tried not to focus on the soft skin against his. Or the way one of Dean’s hands was under his trench coat pulling out his nice tucked in button up shirt from his pants. Cas opened his mouth to say something, but Dean took it as opportunity and licked into Cas’ mouth. Drawing a moan from Cas.

“That’s it baby you got it!” Dean laughed pulling back for a second, unable to laugh as hard as he was and kiss at the same time. Cas just stared back in shock.

Cas shouldn’t be enjoying this right now. He swallowed thickly and tried to find complete control of his mind, trying not to focus on how tight his pants were feeling. “Dean no! I don’t want this! Not now! Not this way!”

“Oh but baby you’re oh so sweet!” Dean pulled Cas back in for another kiss. Cas tried to focus and tightened his grip around the syringe. But Dean’s hands surprised him under his shirt running his fingers up and down Cas’ torso. Cas tried to ignore the nice feeling he got from it and pulled the syringe up. He shoved the needle in Dean’s neck and pushed the plunger forcing the blood into Dean’s system.

Dean yelped and loosened his grip on Cas, one hand reaching for the syringe. Cas took that has his time to escape and quickly hopped off of Dean. Dean angrily pulled the syringe out of his neck and growled. “Damn it Cas don’t be like this! I thought we were having a good time!”

Cas was breathing heavy trying to catch his breath. “Dean I had too. I’m sorry.” Cas swallowed hard and turned to walk out.

“Oh, come on baby. You can’t leave me here wanting more! Now that you’ve gotten your stupid blood transfusion out of the way we have some time to kill! Please let me hit that sweet ass Cas! I need it!” Dean called after him as Cas shut the doors.

Cas took a moment to breath out in the hallway and calm down. He just leaned his back against the wall to gather his thoughts. Cas wondered if it would be that difficult every time he tried to get the blood into Dean. Cas then slowly walked out to the library to find Sam.

Cas gave Sam an uncomfortable look as he entered the room and sat down. “Sam… Why would I want him to ‘hit’ my butt?” Cas asked in a whisper looking worried.

Sam’s eyes widened and he cleared his throat trying to be delicate. “He’s um… well, Cas he’s talking about… ya know…” Sam answered unsettled by the fact he had to explain. He had forgotten how innocent Cas was sometimes. That even though Cas had grown to understand so much, that some things still completely eluded him, made Sam smile and give Cas a kind look.

“No I don’t know… I think it was a flirtation. I mean from the way he said it, and by the things he was doing…” Cas sighed looking off into the distance.

“Thing’s he was doing?” Sam asked alarmed. He noticed Cas’ tie was too crooked and his shirt was un-tucked. “What happened?”

“Well he got me trapped but I managed to give him the dose of blood anyways,” Cas said focusing on Sam.

“Why didn’t you call for my help!? Did he hurt you are you okay?” Sam asked worried.

“I’m fine,” Cas reassured. “I think I know what it means now.”

“Oh yeah Cas?” Sam questioned laughing a bit.

“Well yes. He wanted to have sex… right?” Cas said raising his eyebrows at Sam.

Sam just stared at Cas unsure of what to say. He gave an uncomfortable clear of his throat and said, “Uh, yeah Cas that’s… that’s what he wanted.”

Cas smiled a bit and leaned back in his seat. It was quiet for a second as Cas thought. “I imagine having sex with Dean would be different from having sex with April. Just because of the different ways male and females are made. But I think I’d enjoy Dean much better because we share a more profound bo…”

“Cas please!” Sam yelled startling Cas. “Remember how we don’t talk about porn?”

“Um… yes… I remember that quite clearly!” Cas smiled nodding his head. “One of the many great lessons I’ve learned from you Winchesters.”

“That’s great Cas,” Sam said with a smile. “But uh, there is a rule similar to that one and it’s uh, you don’t talk about your sexual fantasies’ about someone… with their brother. Okay Cas?”

“Oh…” Cas said suddenly feeling embarrassed. “Sorry…”

“Yeah, no let’s just forget it okay?” Sam sighed feeling awkward.

“Of course Sam…” Cas nodded.

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