After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 12

Chapter 12: Don't Do This To Him

“Well how did it go?” Sam asked as Cas entered in the library.

“It was no easier than the first three times…” Cas sighed breathing heavy.

“Cas maybe next time I should do it okay?” Sam said watching Cas tiredly pull out a chair and sit down.

“No, no Sam I’ve got this. I don’t mind,” Cas smiled remembering Dean’s lips on his, and Dean’s fingers tracing all over his body.

“Well, it just seems like it’s kind of a struggle for you. You always walk back out of there a mess, like you’ve been fighting with him,” Sam mentioned raising both eyebrows. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Sam,” Cas smiled up at Sam through his eyelashes. Cas didn’t tell Sam that he was enjoying how every time he walked in to give Dean his hourly dose, how Dean would tease and tempt Cas in strange ways. Cas was unsure why he liked it so much but he certainly didn’t want it to stop. He had just given Dean his fourth dose and was itching for the timer to ding so he could give Dean his next shot.

Sam was holding the first blade in his hand examining it, like he had been doing for the past two and a half hours. When Cas mentioned Dean had dropped it Sam went in and got it, ignoring every word Dean said to him. He wondered what about this dull jaw bone on a stick gave such an effect on Dean. What about it made Dean want to slice into everything he saw.

Cas watched Sam flip the blade over and over in his hands with a worried look. Knowing Sam was going crazy. He needed sleep. “Hey Sam?”

Sam lifted his eyes from the blade and looked at Cas. “Maybe you should go get some sleep… you haven’t gotten any since Dean showed up.”

“I’ve gone longer without sleep Cas. Look I just can’t it’s too hard right now. With everything that’s going on you know?” Sam gave him a small smile barely moving his lips.

“Yeah but…”

“Hey where is Crowley?” Sam said changing the subject before Cas made Sam go to lay down.

Cas’ eyebrows furrowed together and he sighed. “I don’t know. But I honestly don’t care; he’s too late anyways…”

“Cas but what if he actually finds away to get rid of the mark,” Sam asked leaning forward placing the blade on the table.

“I highly doubt he will… He’s not exactly Sherlock Holmes when it comes to figuring things out,” Cas smiled at himself proud of his analogy.

“You know about Sherlock Holmes?” Sam questioned with an approving smile.

“Yes, him and his partner in solving crime, John Watson. I like those stories,” Cas nodded looking at the blade resting on the table.

“Huh?” Sam leaned back relaxing in his chair. He shut his eyes and took and deep breath settling into his chair.

“Sam if you’re going to sleep you should probably go to your room and sleep in your bed,” Cas suggested with a deep thoughtful voice.

Sam opened his eyes and looked at Cas who was now examining the first blade for himself. “No I’m not going to sleep Cas.”

“You don’t look so well.”

“Cas I’m fine…” Sam said annoyed they were back on the subject. “What about you?”

Cas looked up and gave Sam a curious look tilting his head to the side. “What about me?”

“Well how are you doing since you got your grace back?” Sam yawned.

Cas pressed his lips together and gave Sam a look of concern. “I’m fine. I feel better and stronger. I mean I’m still technically a fallen angel… we all are. But since there in no one in heaven to block the fallen from its divine power, I’m almost as I used to be.”

“Good I’m glad,” Sam’s words were long a drawn out.

“You’re tired please Sam sleep,” Cas said again, making it sound like more of a order then a suggestion.

“Look I’ll just go make some coffee,” Sam pulled himself up tiredly from the table.

“No,” Cas’ voice was deep and a bit frightening now. Cas got up and placed the blade in his trench coat pocket. He then pressed two of his fingers to Sam’s forehead and suddenly they were in his room.

Sam rolled his eyes with a low grumpy moan and headed for the door. “I said I’m not tired!” Cas grabbed Sam’s arm pulling him back and laid Sam on the bed.

“Good night,” Cas said pressing fingers to Sam’s forehead again and Sam was asleep. Cas pulled the cover’s over him and walked out.

As Cas walked past the dungeon he could hear Dean singing “Highway to Hell” really loudly. He opened up the door to the room that led to the dungeon and the entrance. Listening to Dean made him happy. He wanted Dean himself again. Suddenly the singing stopped.

Dean called from in the room, “Cas is that you out there? I can see the shadow of your feet!”

Cas swallowed hard and looked down at his feet. He sighed and pulled open the doors. “Hello Dean.”

“Is it feeding time already?” Dean asked with a sly smile and a wink.

Cas took a step into the dim lighted room. “No I just,” Cas paused to think. “I’m just checking on you that’s all.”

“Do you miss me baby? Come here I’ll change that,” Dean chuckled a bit and looked Cas right in the eyes.

“No, now that I know you’re okay, I’m going to go,” Cas stated but didn’t move.

Dean smiled and let his eyes change to green. “Oh but you look so gorgeous standing there baby! You’d be even more gorgeous on my lap. Why don’t you come here?”

Cas swallowed thickly trapped in Dean’s stare. The bright green eyes Cas had known to love pulled him in making him not able to leave. Cas couldn’t deny he wanted Dean. He took a step closer and let his eyes run over the beauty that was Dean. Cas wanted to rip off Dean’s shirt and let his finger’s make a mental map of his chest. He wanted to kiss every inch of Dean he could. He wanted to run his fingers threw Dean’s wonderfully messy light brown hair. He wanted Dean and was so confused as to why his affect was so indulging. Cas never felt such… human feelings while being an angel. Cas’ mouth was dry and mind a bit fuzzy.

“Cas, baby,” Dean said in a low voice that sent chills down Cas’ spine. “Come here,” Dean patted his thigh invitingly.

Cas nodded mindlessly and went over and straddled himself on top of Dean. He ran his fingers up Dean’s chest, up his neck, and to his face. He let his fingers rub over the stubble on Dean’s face loving the feel. He let his hands eventually find Dean’s soft hair not braking eye contact with him once.

Dean had his hands at Cas’ hips again working on pulling out his shirt. He grabbed Cas’ neck with one hand pulling their lips together. Dean managed to tear Cas’ shirt open revealing his defined chiseled chest and let his hands begin to roam. Dean started to kiss down Cas’ neck and ran his hands up Cas’ back sending an ungodly sound from Cas’ mouth.

Cas was lost now. No one had ever made him feel like his while being an angel. He needed the wet warm kisses Dean was placing sloppily over his neck. He needed Dean’s warm skin rubbing against his. He needed Dean’s heated breath like heaven over his skin. Cas’ hands made their way down to Deans hip and pulled himself closer. “Dean,” he moaned.

“Oh Cas,” Dean sighed in response. He pulled Cas’ trench coat down Cas shoulders and smiled against Cas’ skin. “Oh Cas!” He laughed excitedly pulling back to look Cas in the eyes. “Thanks for returning this baby,” he smirked holding up the first blade.

Cas started dizzily at Dean’s hand for a second and gasped when he realized what he was holding. He quick grabbed for the blade pulling it out of Dean’s hands trying to keep it from him. Cas tried to get up off of Dean but Dean held him in place by his hips. Cas leaned back as far as he could trying to separate Dean’s hands from his waist with his free hand. “Let go!” he yelled flustered.

“Baby come on! Give it back!” Dean shouted back tightening his grip on Cas’ hips.

“I’ve got it,” A voice called yanking it out of Cas’ hands. Both Cas and Dean turned to see Crowley just outside the Devils trap waving with the blade. “Sorry to interrupt what looks like a good time boys,” Crowley chuckled.

“What time is it?” Cas asked sitting up more straight.

Crowley looked at him questioningly for a second and looked at his watch, “It’s quarter past four, why?”

Cas pulled out a syringe from another of his trench coat pockets and shot Dean full of Sam’s blood. “Come on really?” Dean yelled annoyed.

“Whoa Angel what the hell?!” Crowley shouted alarmed. “You started the process?!”

“Yes,” Cas answered dropping the empty syringe on the floor and kicking it towards the wall. Cas pulled Dean’s hands off of him and got up.

Dean growled flustered. “Son of a bitch!” he called after Cas and Crowley as they left.

Back in the library Crowley was furious. “What the hell Cas I thought you’d give me time!?”

“Well I knew you wouldn’t find anything and if we started any later we’d miss our chance!” Cas explained.

“Well I’m glad you have it all figured out! Just because you’re so against me you won’t trust a word I say! Well guess what? I figured it out Cassie boy! There is a way to get rid of the mark!” Crowley crossed his arms in a smug way.

“That can’t be! It’s not possible!”

“Well it is! All we have to do is…” Crowley started.

“No I don’t care Crowley! You had your time and it’s up now! We do this my way!” Cas yelled.

“We can’t do this your way Cas! Please don’t do this to him!” Crowley cried.

Cas just glared at Crowley suddenly realizing why he wanted to get rid of the mark first. “He can’t be a demon forever Crowley! I won’t allow him to be this just because you can’t let go!”

“You don’t understand Cas!”

“No, I do! Just because you’re lonely doesn’t mean you can keep Dean as your monster!” Cas shouted pushing Crowley up against the wall.

“It’s not about Dean you incompetent ass!” Crowley grabbed at Cas’ arm trying to push him away.

“What are you talking about?” Cas asked confused.

“It’s about Sam!” Crowley dropped to his feet as Cas let go of him.

“What about Sam?”

“He-“ Crowley looked around confused. “Where is my moose?”

“He’s taking a nap. He wasn’t looking to good,” Cas answered.

“Well of course not! If you use him to cure Dean, Sam will have technically completed the trials, die, and close the gates of hell forever!” Crowley explained.

Cas’ eyes widened. “What?” Cas asked blankly looking down at the floor.

“How many shots have you given Dean already?” Crowley asked grabbing Cas’ shoulder making Cas look him in the eye.

“Five,” Cas whispered with a hard swallow.

“Damn it, Cas!” Crowley yelled snapping his fingers. They were suddenly in Sam’s room.

Sam had kicked the covers off and was sleeping in a pool of sweat. Sam’s skin had become pasty and pale. He was breathing heavy as if it was a struggle, and hand his hands clamped loosely to the bed sheets.

“Sam!?” Cas called running over to his side. “Wake up!” He pressed two fingers to Sam’s hot clammy forehead and Sam’s eye flung open.

“Oh my god!” Sam said leaning over the side of his bed vomiting. He laid back down when he finished breathing heavy. “What’s happening to me?”

“The trails dear moose. If you cure squirrel in there you’re done for,” Crowley explained.

“Okay then cure Dean,” Sam said after a second with a breathy tone and relaxed a little.

“Excuse me?” Crowley asked confused by Sam’s reaction.

“Look if this get’s Dean back to his normal self then who the hell cares?” Sam coughed with a painful groan after words.

“You’re not serious are you?” Crowley questioned looking at Cas encouraging him to say something.

“Sam he’s right if we get rid of the mark now he becomes more manageable and we can get someone else to cure him…” Cas explained.

“Yeah?” Sam breathed barely able to suck in any air.

Crowley sighed, “Yes moose! We can’t risk you dying okay?”

“As long as we can find someone to cure him afterwards,” Sam whispered barely audible.

“Yes… yes of course we can!” Crowley said.

“Then let’s go get rid of the mark,” Cas started for the door. “How do we do it?” He asked as Crowley followed him out.

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