After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 13

Chapter 13: Tattoo Removal

“We have to cut it off,” Crowley said trying to keep up with Cas’ quick pace.

“His arm?” Cas asked surprised and a tad concerned.

“Heaven’s no! The mark smart one!” Crowley looked at Cas as if he was crazy.

“Okay well then let’s go grab my angel blade and slice it off,” Cas made a sharp turn down the hall towards Dean’s room where he had left his angel blade.

“Yeah no,” Crowley rolled his eyes grabbing the angel by his arm and pulling him back in the direction of the dungeon.

“Then how are we going to get this thing off of him?”

“The only thing that can remove the mark of Cain, is the first blade,” Crowley explained stopping in front of the dungeon pulling the blade out of his pocket. He smiled at Cas and started to open the door.

“Are you serious?” Cas asked pulling the door back shut before Crowley could go through.


“I think letting Dean anywhere near the blade is a bad idea! Let’s just go find someone else to heal him,” Cas suggested.

Crowley rolled his eyes and made an annoyed face, “Look Cas I’m done with waiting! We have two options at the moment. One: We let Sam finish healing his older yet remarkably smaller brother, and let him die. Then when Dean is healed he throws a hissy fit about his baby brother dying and goes on some fantastic journey that wastes everyone’s time to bring him back. Or two: We slice the mark off in a flash and have him healed by someone else and we’re home in time for supper.”

Cas sighed. “I just-“

“Look no question what we’re gonna do is number two! Now I can’t get in the devils trap so you need to slice and dice up Deano’s arm there,” Crowley flipped the blade in his hand so the handle was facing Cas and he placed it in Cas’ hand.

Cas blinked absently and grasped his fingers around the handle. “I-I can’t hurt him in any way, Crowley. It’s too hard.”

“ Look angel I know things are tough but you have to man up! Now take this blade and go cut off the mark. Hand me the skin with the mark on it and heal his meat suit,” Crowley said giving Cas a suck it up type of look.

“Wait why should I give you the skin with the mark on it?” Cas questioned a bit weirded out by the request.

“Um… Cassie I have to burn it or it’ll just ya know? Still be part of Dean,” Crowley squinted his eyes at Cas pressing his lips together. He opened the door to the dungeon and pushed Cas in.

“Cas baby! What is up? Ditch the king of hell over there and we can go all the way!” Dean laughed, black eyes winking at Cas.

“Dean,” Cas said quietly not making eye contact, “Sam is um… he’s dying.”

Dean’s face straitened, “Why should I care? The kid deserves it.”

“You don’t really believe that…” Crowley sighed shaking his head at Dean.

“I do,” Dean said with a forced smile.

“Don’t tell me that human blood hasn’t started to make you feel anything, please by the fifth I was ready to start a charity for starving kids in Africa,” Crowley smiled standing just outside of the trap.

“I’m so much stronger then you,” Dean smirked tilting his head to the side.

“Well Sam is dying Dean,” Cas said firmly drawing Dean’s immediate attention.

Dean’s eyes flickered green. “So why are you telling me?”

“This means we have to stop your treatment,” Crowley explained. “We’re instead going to get rid of the mark.”

“I hope you realize I’d rather die than get rid of-“

“No. The mark would rather you die then get rid of it,” Crowley pressed his lips together.

“I’m not making these decisions because of the mark,” Dean laughed at the idea.

“Yeah well whether you like it or not we’re getting rid of this thing,” Cas said taking a step towards Dean. He gripped the first blade tightly in his hands.

“What? So this is your plan? Cut off the mark and hope it works?” Dean asked nervously as Cas moved in closer eyeing the blade.

“Oh it’ll work!” Crowley answered with a sly smile.

“How do you know?” Dean questioned.

“I just do! Cas cut it off now!” Crowley yelled tired of the foreplay.

Cas grabbed Dean’s arm and held up the first blade. Dean grabbed Cas’ arm with his free hand and held it in place. “Dean let go!” Cas yelled trying to wiggle out of the grip.

“No Cas listen don’t do this!” Dean yelled back eyes black mark starting to sting.

Cas fought as best as he could but Dean was too strong. Cas couldn’t possibly do this all by himself. “Crowley help me!”

“I can’t! You’re inside of a devils trap!” Crowley protested.

“I’ll let you out!” Cas struggled trying to pulling free from Dean’s grip.

“I can’t you won-“ Crowley started.

“Yes! Yes I will now help me!” Cas yelled angered by Crowley’s accusations.

“Fine!” Crowley stepped hesitantly over the line and went over trying to pry Dean’s hand off of Cas’.

“Let go!” Dean yelled frustrated that there was now two people pulling at him.

Crowley managed to get Dean’s tight grip on Cas free and held Dean’s arm down against the arm of the chair. “Cas now would be great!”

Cas nodded and took a deep breath before slicing the mark off Dean. Dean cried out in agony as the patch of skin was removed. “Holy crap! Son of a bitch!” He called out, the words bouncing off the dungeon walls.

“Quickly now let me out I’ve got to burn it!” Crowley yelled dropping to the floor to gather up the bloody patch of skin. Cas held his hand down at the floor and it cracked the lines that had created the devils trap. Crowley smiled and disappeared and Cas made the ground solid again.

Cas looked over at Dean who had a tight grip on his arm and blood all over the place. His face was scrunched up in pain and eyes back green pleading for help from Cas. “It hurts so bad!” Dean managed through his teeth.

Cas quickly ran over to Dean and pulled Dean’s hand way to look at the wound. Cas had cut way deeper than he had thought and gasped when he was able to see the bone in Dean’s arm. Cas placed his hand over Dean’s wound and healed him. Dean let out a sigh of relief and laid his head back against the chair. He was breathing heavy and had his eyes squeezed shut.

“Dean?” Cas asked quietly wiping his bloody hand on his trench coat.

Dean opened a green eye and looked at Cas. “Heya Cas,” he smiled.

“Oh good it worked,” Cas laughed and through his arms around Dean’s neck sitting on his lap.

“Uh… yeah Cas,” Dean had started but Cas’ lips were on his, which had caught him off guard.

Dean laughed nervously under Cas’ lips and hesitantly stopped Cas. “Whoa, whoa buddy… um what are ya doin’?” He asked as Cas pulled back.

“I’m kissing you,” Cas smiled confused by Dean’s question. Dean didn’t say anything he just crunched his eyebrows together and swallowed hard. “Oh I know,” Cas laughed thinking he now understood. Cas got up and rearranged the way he was sitting so he was now straddling Dean. Cas shrugged off his trench coat and pulled his shirt out of his pants and loosened his tie. He gave Dean a playful smile and started kissing him again. “I’m so happy you’re better,” Cas mumbled against Dean’s jaw.

Dean was too in shock to do anything but enjoy what was happening. He knew he shouldn’t be letting this happen though. Dean grabbed Cas’ waist and tried to catch his breath, “Hey Cas,” Dean laughed pulling Cas away.

“What?” Cas asked worried. “Dean what’s wrong?”

“What are you doing Cas?” Dean asked a tad alarmed.

“Don’t you like it? Am I doing it wrong?” Cas asked upset making a pouty face.

“Um… no…” Dean laughed nervously again. “Trust me nothing you were doing was wrong, it was um nice it’s just why are you doing it?” The words were long and drawn out as if hesitant.

“Because I love you Dean,” Cas answered scared about why Dean was acting like this.

Dean’s eyes widened and the whole room became silent. Dean blinked blankly at Cas and couldn’t talk. After a second of uncomfortable silence there was movement in the hall.

“Cas?” It was Sam. Sam entered the room smiling. “It worked!”

“Yes you look a lot better Sam,” Cas said happily and demounted Dean.

“Hey look if I’m interrupting something I can come back later,” Sam suggested nervously with a smile.

“What? No,” Dean said with an awkward laugh. “Hey Sammy. You kinda look like crap bro.”

“I looked worse than this earlier,” Sam smiled coming closer to the two.

Cas walked over to Sam and pulled him down so he could whisper in his ear. “Sam I don’t think Dean remembers…” He said quietly.

“Remembers what?” Dean asked.

Sam and Cas both turned their heads in surprise. “You could hear that? I could barely hear that,” Sam said giving Dean an odd look.

“I-I don’t know,” Dean shrugged. “Hey Cas, can we ta-“

“Sam I have to go check on… something,” Cas said immediately turning to Sam. “I’ll be back.” And suddenly Cas was gone.

“Well that was odd…” Dean said.

“Yeah a bit,” Sam responded giving Dean a quizzical look.

Dean looked around the dungeon and noticed he was tied up in chains. He stilled and looked back at Sam. “Sammy what the hell happened?”

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