After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Baby of Oz

“Oh great how are we supposed to get outta here?” Dean asked flustered rolling his eyes.

“Well I suppose we wait,” Cas answered from his circle barrier.

“We can’t wait Cas we have to go and help Sammy,” Dean said rolling his neck impatiently.

“Perhaps we can call someone,” Cas suggested pulling out his cell phone.

“Yeah who are we going to call Cas?”

“Charlie?” Cas smiled with a shrug.

“Yeah no she’s in never never land with Dorothy. We have no way of reaching her,” Dean explained with a sad sigh.

“Have you tried?” Cas asked raising an eyebrow.

“Have I tried calling Charlie?” Dean repeated Cas. “No why would I try. She’s in a different world!”

“Well if I remember what you told me, she went through the garage right?”

“Well, yes…” Dean answered curious.

“Well if the portal to Oz hasn’t been opened from any other location since then you should be able to call her,” Cas explained pressing dial.

“How do you know tha-“

“Charlie? Hello it’s Castiel,” Cas said answering the phone. Dean raised his eyebrows impressed. “Dean and I are in a situation. We’re stuck and we need you to come and help us.” He paused as Charlie answered. “We’re at the bunker.” Pause. “Yes, I know. Just please we need help.” Pause. “Yes okay see you soon.” Cas said ending the call. “She’ll be here…”

“What up bitches!?” they heard from the other room.

“Wow that was fast,” Dean looked at Cas with a smile. “Charlie! We’re in here!”

Charlie rounded the corner, red hair wavy bouncing around her shoulders. She had on tight tan pants, a white button up shirt, and a navy blue jacket, with long knee length black boots. She smiled, “What’s with the ring of fire?” She questioned.

“It’s holy oil… I can’t get through a ring of burning holy oil,” Cas explained looking embarrassed.

“Huh, cool,” Charlie laughed turning to Dean. “Oh man I’ve missed you,” She hugged him.

“Yeah I’ve missed you too kid,” Dean smiled hugging her back tightly.

“Dean I don’t know why you need my help getting him out though,” Charlie said pulling away. “I’m sure some water will put out that fire.”

“I’m stuck too,” Dean answered with a sigh pointing up.

Charlie looked up and the smile on her face faded. “Is that a devil’s trap?” She asked with a gulp.

“Yea,” Dean said with hesitation.

Charlie slowly stepped back away from Dean bringing her eyes down to meet his. “That only holds demons ya know?”

“I know,” Dean hesitated giving her an apologetic look.

Her eyes trailed over to Cas. Cas looked at her full of concern. “Charlie I’m sorry but we don’t have time for this.” Cas explained.

“Where is Sam?” Charlie asked ignoring what Cas had just said.

“Crowley has him and he’s in trouble,” Dean said grabbing Charlie’s attention.

“Crowley? The King of Hell Crowley? Dean what happened?” Charlie asked confused.

“Long story short I’m a demon, and Sam might become one soon if we don’t do something quick,” Dean explained giving Charlie a pleading look.

“You expect me to trust you? You’re a demon,” Charlie said with a nerves laugh.

“Yes Charlie but I’m good now… trust me I’m fine. Please help us,” Dean begged.

Charlie looked over at Cas. Cas gave her a nod and Charlie sighed. “Um, yeah I guess.” She wondered off into the other room.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean sighed shaking his head upset.

“Dean,” Cas tried to comfort.

“Did you see the way she looked at me Cas?” Dean shook his head.

“She’ll see that you’re good,” Cas explained.

Dean just sighed and hung his head. Charlie walked back in with a bucket of water. “Let’s get you out Cas,” Charlie said pouring the water on the fire.

As soon as the fire was out Cas cracked the ceiling releasing Dean. Dean took a step towards Charlie and she backed up. “Charlie please.”

“Look if you could just give me some time,” Charlie said with nerves look.

Dean stepped back nodding. “Yeah sure.”

“We need to find Sam,” Cas announced braking the awkwardness.

“That’s a good plan let’s get started on that,” Charlie said with a smile at Cas.

“Whoa you’re not helping,” Dean held up his hand blocking her from the exit.

“Yes I am. Sam is in trouble and I came to help so that is what I’m doing,” Charlie explained.

“There is nothing I can do to convince you otherwise huh?” Dean asked with a playful smile.

“No,” Charlie answered a little smile grew on her lips. She turned her nose up and walked out of Sam’s room to the library.

Dean began to follow but Cas pulled him back grabbing his shoulder. “Do you really think we should let her come?” Cas asked concerned.

“Yes,” Dean said with a smile a turned back to the door.

Cas grabbed his hand this time which made Dean’s breath jagged. He looked Dean in the eyes. “Really Dean?”

“No okay,” Dean breathed looking into Cas’ big blue eyes. “But we don’t have choice so let’s just deal with it.”

Cas searched over Dean’s face for a second and nodded. “Okay I guess,” he said as Dean made his way out the door. Cas let his hand slip from Dean’s.

Dean stopped abruptly and turned back to Cas. “Yeah no I liked that,” Dean said with a wink picking up Cas’ hand and intertwining his fingers with Cas’.

“Me too,” Cas smiled as Dean pulled him down to the library.

“So how are we going to save Sam?” Charlie asked once they were all gathered in the library, she turned to face Cas and Dean and smirked looking at their hands.

“The GPS should be on, on his phone,” Dean said trying to ignore Charlie’s knowing stare.

“Even if it wasn’t that wouldn’t be a problem,” Charlie laughed pulling her laptop out of her bag, and began to set up at a table. “I hooked up Wifi in Oz. Netflix when ever baby!” She gave Dean a wink.

Dean laughed and tad and squeezed Cas’ hand and he sat down in a chair. Cas reached as far as he could refusing to let go of Dean’s hand grabbing a chair and pulling it up so he could sit next to Dean. “How ya been Charlie?”

“Good,” she answered typing away at her computer.

“You liking Oz?” Dean asked.

Charlie looked up from the screen with a smile. “It’s everything and more.”

Dean loved the way her eyes lit up. “Where is Dorothy?”

“At home resting,” Charlie answered quickly looking back at the screen.

“Resting? From what?” Cas asked curious and innocent.

“Well,” Charlie paused with a dramatic breath looking at the two. “Okay so the thing is she’s well, um she’s pregnant.” She shrugged her shoulders with a smile and went back to work.

Dean nodded his head. “Who’s the daddy?”

“Well, me. I am,” Charlie said not lifting her gaze from the screen.

Dean’s mouth hung open a tad. He blinked shocked and confused. He hadn’t realized how long the silence was until he felt Cas squeeze his hand. Dean cleared his throat and raised his eyebrows, “So how, I mean, you’re going to be a… But how does tha…. I mean,” Dean stuttered never finishing a sentence.

“It’s Oz Dean, we got a spell from the good witch and that was that,” Charlie explained finally looking up. “Dorothy and I are having a baby because we would like a family okay?”

“Yeah,” Dean mumbled kind of stunned.

“Dean are you okay?” Cas asked surprised by Dean’s reaction.

Dean nodded. “Yeah Cas I am. I’m just really happy for Charlie.” He looked at Cas and smiled kissing Cas’ hand.

“Okay,” Cas smiled turning back to Charlie. “Congratulations!”

“Thanks Cas,” Charlie laughed.

“Yeah I mean that’s awesome Charlie,” Dean smiled.

“You’re gonna be an uncle,” Charlie laughed and looked up unnerved by Dean’s face. “You okay?”

“Yeah! Of course!” Dean answered voice a bit higher the usual. “I love the sound of Uncle Dean.”

Charlie giggled a bit and tried to change the subject. “So how are things with you two?”

“Great I love Dean,” Cas answered immediately.

Charlie laughed at Cas’ excitement and smiled. “Oh I’m so happy for you two.”

“Yeah we finally came out and told each other,” Dean explained.

“Huh? Well if you guys are ever looking for a way for you guys to have a baby then I could talk to the good witch an-“ Charlie started.

“What no!” Dean yelled uncomfortable startling Charlie and Cas. He slipped his hand out of Cas’ forcefully. “We’re not having kids okay? Hell we just figured out how we feel. And in this world? And I can’t take care of a baby!”

“Well you took care of Ben quite well,” Cas mentioned.

Dean’s eyes widened. “No babies!”

Charlie gave a Cas a nerves look and pressed her lips together. “Okay,” she said, it was long and drawn out. “Anyways says here that Sam is in Newark, Delaware.”

“Why does that place sound familiar?” Dean asked sitting back looking confused.

“I don’t know,” Cas lied knowing that was the place Crowley had kept Dean those three weeks he was gone.

“Well let’s go,” Charlie said closing her laptop.

“Great baby’s itching for a ride,” Dean smiled slyly.

“We don’t have time. We don’t know what Crowley is doing with Sam we have to get there now,” Cas explained.

“But we always take baby,” Dean mumbled upset.

“Well when we get Sam back you can go out driving as long as you want,” Cas reasoned.

“Yeah okay,” Dean sighed.

“How are we going to get…” Charlie started but Cas touched her forehead and they were there, standing in the room of a cheap motel. “Never mind,” Charlie laughed throwing her hands up. “That was awesome Cas!”

“Thank you,” Cas replied with a proud smile. “Oh you’re going to need this,” Cas said handing her an angel blade.

“Kill’s demon’s and angels,” Dean explained raising his eye brows.

“Awesome!” Charlie murmured holding it up to look at it.

“I’ll go pay for the room and go find the exact spot where Crowley is keeping Sam. I’ll come back and we can go,” Cas said disappearing before Dean could answer.

Dean looked around annoyed Cas had left so quickly and plopped himself on the one small bed in the room. “Oh this feels so nice,” Dean said suddenly feeling tired.

“Do demons sleep?” Charlie asked sitting down on the bed next to Dean. Dean scotched over giving her some space.

“They could if they really wanted to I guess. I mean we are souls,” Dean shrugged closing his eyes.

“Dean?” Charlie asked.

“Hum?” Dean murmured.

“How long have you been like this?” Charlie questioned.

Dean opened his eyes and looked at her. “Honestly I don’t know. But Charlie trust me I’m the same old Dean you’ve always known.”

“Yeah I’m starting to see that,” she smiled lying back on the bed. “I guess under all that I still love you.”

“I guess under all this I still know,” Dean laughed and Charlie laughed too.

“Wow I’m really tired,” She said with a yawn. “It’s funny you never realize you’re tired until you’re about to fall asleep. I’ve been up constantly lately.”

“Yeah?” Dean questioned yawning too.

“Yeah having a pregnant girlfriend is a lot of work. Sometimes she hungry for everything, and sometimes she’s really horny,” Charlie explained.

“That actually doesn’t sound too bad,” Dean laughed.

“It’s not,” Charlie smiled. “So you and Cas huh?”

“Yeah,” Dean smiled at the thought of Cas and realized he missed Cas already. “I miss him,” He whined.

“He’ll be back,” Charlie giggled. “Sorry I brought up the whole baby thing.”

“Yeah no it’s okay man. It just kind of caught me off guard,” Dean said. “I’m just not ready for kids.”

“I understand,” Charlie nodded with a smile.

“Ya nervous?” Dean asked. “About the baby?”

“I was at first but now I feel like Dorothy and I can handle it,” Charlie explained. “I was nervous to tell you honestly.”


“I don’t know,” Charlie admitted. “But the second I found out I wanted to tell you.”

“Well I’m happy,” Dean smiled. “Uncle Dean will always be there for the kid.”

“Cool so… does that mean you’d be okay with being the god parent?” Charlie asked knowing Dean would be awkward about it.

“Um…” Dean managed shock toned his voice. “Yeah sure.”

Charlie was surprised by Dean’s willingness. “Really?”

“Yeah, I’m here for you always Charlie,” Dean answered with a smile.

“Thanks,” Charlie sighed sleep filling her voice.

They were quiet for a while. Dean was so tired and had no clue why. As far has he knew, demon’s didn’t sleep. It wasn’t even that late only ten thirty pm. He knew that when he was in hell he slept, he even dreamt. But now he was so tired. He knew he had to save Sam. He also knew he couldn’t just barge into Crowley’s place of business too. They had better create a plan first. He was actually happy Charlie was there with them too. Despite her being nervous about Dean’s new way of life, he loved how accepting she was. He knew she knew it was him.

“Hello Dean,” A familiar voice said. Dean opened his eyes lazily. “Hello Charlie.”

“Well what’s up?” Dean asked.

“In the woods Crowley keeps a cabin. There is demon’s everywhere though. We have to make a plan,” Cas explained. “Dean are you okay?”

“Huh?” Dean asked his eyes lids feeling heavy.

“Yeah you look kinda weird,” Charlie said.

“I’m just tired,” Dean yawned rubbing his eyes.

“It’s probably affects of losing the mark,” Cas suggested.

“Maybe,” Dean sighed.

“You’re both tired maybe you should rest before we do this,” Cas recommended to Charlie.

“I like that idea,” Dean murmured never feeling so tired before.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t go after Sam?” Charlie asked worried.

“Yes I don’t think things will get too out of hand if you two sleep,” Cas explained. “Besides Crowley won’t make his next move until we make one first.”

“Hey Cas and I will go get another room so we’ll come and get you in the morning,” Dean said getting up tiredly.

“Okay,” Charlie said pulling the covers over herself. “Good-night.”

Dean and Cas made their way to the front office and approached the front desk. “Hi we would like a room,” Dean said with a smile.

“Yeah look buddy but we only have a room with a twin bed left…” The short balding man behind the counter said apologetically.

“That’s okay,” Dean smiled.

The man gave Dean a weird look but nodded giving him the key. “Have fun trying to squeeze.” The man said sarcastically. “Check out is at eleven.”

Dean snatched the key. “Thanks.”

Dean and Cas made their way to their room. As soon as the door was shut Dean did his little routine that he always did when he checked into a motel room. He cranked up the AC and went into the bathroom. He washed his face and shrugged out of his jacket and t-shirt. He kicked off his boots and debated whether or not to take off his jeans, but decided to take off his jeans. He figured since this was because of losing the mark this would be his last time sleeping. If this was going to be his last sleep he was going to do it so he was as comfortable as possible. He looked at himself in boxers in the mirror a nodded approvingly. He went into the room with the bed and pulled the covers down and got in.

He looked up to see Cas standing awkwardly at the end of the bed. “Uh, Cas,” Dean sighed unsettled by Cas just standing there. “Um do something buddy.”

“Like what? It’s hard to make a plan without you and Charlie should be here for the making of the plan too,” Cas explained. “I’ll watch over you.”

“Yeah no okay you just can’t stand there and watch me,” Dean complained wanting to sleep.

“Should I sit and watch over you?” Cas asked gesturing to the chair in the corner of the room.

“No,” Dean sighed.

“Should I go watch over Charlie?” Cas asked.

“No! God no! You’ll give her a heart attack,” Dean rolled his eyes. “If you wanna watch over me that’s fine I guess but don’t do it from there. It’s creepy.”

“Where should I watch you from then?”

Dean sighed and pressed his lips together. “From here next to me,” Dean lifted the covers and moved over for Cas.

“Oh okay,” Cas said uncomfortably but walked over to the bed and sat down next to Dean.

Dean sighed, “No Cas… lay down next to me.”

“Oh,” Cas smiled, “Okay.” He inched down and laid next to Dean.

“Cas maybe if you weren’t wearing the trench coat,” Dean suggested. Cas shrugged out of the coat and let it drop to the floor. He laid back down. Dean though it looked uncomfortable for Cas. “Cas, baby,” Dean tried out the word. He liked it. “Just strip down to your boxers like me.” Dean smiled.

Cas’ eyes traced over Dean and nodded. “Okay,” Cas look off his tie, shirt, pants, and shoes.

“Good now lay down next to me,” Dean instructed.

Cas followed Dean’s demands and curled up on his side of the small bed and Dean covered them both up with the blanket. Dean wanted to hold Cas. I mean it shouldn’t be weird because they loved each other. They we’re a ‘thing’ now right? Were they in a relationship? Is that what this was? Did they have a word for what they were? Dean didn’t care anymore all he wanted was sleep. But Cas’ body heat was annoyingly close. Dean wondered of the blanket was enough to keep him warm in the room he kept so cold. He made a daring move and slipped his arm around Cas.

“Um, Dean?” Cas asked not moving.

“Shhhhh… Cas,” Dean quieted him. Cas relaxed and backed up into Dean. Dean loved the warmth Cas had. He wrapped his other arm under Cas’ neck and intertwined his fingers in Cas’. Dean slowly slipped a leg between Cas’ and nuzzled up next to his neck. “Good-night Cas. I love you,” Dean murmured kissing Cas’ neck.

“Good-night Dean. I love you too,” Cas whispered leaning into the warm lips on his neck. Cas heard Dean slip into slumber almost instantly. Cas liked this. He was in Dean’s arms. He felt Dean’s warm silky skin against his. He could lay like this forever.

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