After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 17

Chapter 17: Charlie's Morning Routine

Dean’s eyes lazily opened. Never had he ever had such a peaceful sleep. Not even when he was human. He licked his dry lips to taste warm, wet, salty skin and realized he was drooling all over Cas’ chest. He lifted his head and let go of the handful of Cas’ hair he had gripped on to and wiped his face. He grabbed the blanket and wiped of Cas’ chest. He looked up to look at Cas’ face and was startled to see his big blue eyes were already looking at Dean. Cas smiled at Dean and Dean gave a smile back.

“Good morning Dean,” Cas said voice rough and gravely. Dean liked Cas’ morning voice.

“Good morning Cas,” Dean smiled with a similar rough but soothing tone. Dean looked at the position they were in a laughed. He was laying over top of Cas and with one hand stuffed down the back of Cas’ boxers holding a butt cheek. One leg was wrapped around both of Cas’ while his other was high up wrapped around Cas’ waist. His face had been laying on Cas’ chest mouth wide open. Dean pressed his forehead to Cas’ chest embarrassed.

“Did you sleep well?” Cas asked in a kind voice.

Dean hoped he didn’t snore. “Yeah,” Dean laughed not picking up his head.

“Dean… your hair is very soft and is tickling my skin…” Cas said.

“Oh is it,” Dean giggled rubbing his hair lightly on Cas. He picked up his head and smiled, seeing Cas’ messy hair. “Oh god… Were you awake the whole night?”

“Yes Dean I’m an angel again… I don’t have the luxury of sleep…” Cas explained giving Dean a look like he should already know this.

“What happened last night?” Dean asked.

“What do you mean?” Cas asked blue eyes curious.

“I mean how did we get from me holding you, to me lying on top of you?” Dean asked with an embarrassed smile still not moving off of Cas.

“Oh,” Cas said like he finally understood. “You moved around last night a lot… The sounds you were making implied the dream was pleasant,” Cas explained as Dean turned red. “You said my name a lot… Sometimes I thought you were awake… You started to rub up against me and eventually you we’re on top of me… You sucked on my neck and it felt good…”

“Oh god Cas why didn’t you wake me?” Dean asked face planting embarrassed on to Cas’ inviting chest.

“Well at first I thought you were awake… and when you started to rub us together I thought the sounds I was making would surely wake you up… and when we climaxed…”

“Whoa… whoa Cas please stop!” Dean mumbled against Cas soft skin.

“Why? You asked what happened last night?” Cas asked confused.

“I’m so sorry I did that…” Dean apologized embarrassed.

“Dean I liked it… it was amazing,” Cas sighed.

Dean felt his chest go up and down. “I missed it,” Dean moaned.

“Huh? What did you miss?” Cas tilted his head confused.

“Our first time…” Dean mumbled upset.

“First time doing what?” Cas was still confused.

“Our first time having sex Cas! I slept right through it!” Dean yelled but it was muffled.

Cas laughed. “Dean that wasn’t sex… that was… that was so much more,” Cas explained. “It was so much better then what I did with April.”

“Oh great our first time and it was amazing… and I missed it,” Dean complained.

“It was more than amazing Dean…” Cas murmured stroking Dean’s back fondly.

“Oh god and I was asleep so you don’t even know what I’m like when I’m awake and know what I’m doing!” Dean laughed flustered. He took a deep breath lifting himself off Cas he felt the dried cum in his boxers, and made a face at the uncomfortable feeling. “I’m gonna wash up if you want to, first you can.” Dean sighed.

“Actually I took care of it already. I quick flashed back to the bunker cleaned up and got us new boxers… yours are over there,” Cas gestured with his head.

“You left?” Dean asked surprised.

“Really quickly… I was back before you woke and the second I climbed back in bed you laid on top of me like this,” Cas explained.

“Huh,” Dean mumbled getting off the bed grabbing the fresh boxers, and heading for the bathroom. He shut the door and pulled off the uncomfortable clothing. He turned on the shower and got in not caring the water wasn’t completely warm yet. It didn’t feel as good as he remembered. The second he got in he wanted to get out. He soaped up really quick with the cheap motel complimentary body wash and rinsed off just as quick. He turned off the shower and stepped out in front of the mirror.

Dean couldn’t believe what he had done that night. He’d never done something like that sleeping before and the fact that he did that to Cas made him feel terrible. He couldn’t even remember the dream he was having. He missed it all. The feeling of Cas against him… The unholy sounds he’s always wanted to hear escape from Cas’ lips… The look of pure pleasure on Cas’ face… They way they would grind together so perfectly as if made for each other… To experience the hot and heavy build up until Cas came apart under him… And the worst past was that Cas thought that last night was the best thing he’d ever experienced. Not that he’d experienced much, but it made Dean giggle to know that Cas had no clue what he was in for.

Dean decided to skip putting on his boxers and opened the door to the bathroom. He saw Cas still sitting on the bed flipping though TV channels. Dean glanced at the clock. To his surprise it was six thirty am. Dean couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually slept more than five hours. He wondered if Charlie was awake and decided that she was probably still asleep. He would now show Cas what he was really made of.

“Hey Cas,” Dean greeted walking out of the bathroom.

Cas turned to Dean hesitantly from the TV and his blue eyes grew wide. “Hello Dean,” Cas scanned over Dean nervously. “You’re not wearing anything…”

“Thanks I hadn’t noticed Cas,” Dean said sarcastically strolling over to his side of the bed and plopped himself next to Cas. “What are we watching?”

“Um… I… I don’t know. I haven’t decided on anything yet…” Cas stuttered forcing himself to look back at the TV.

“Well maybe we don’t have to watch TV Cas…” Dean said lowering his voice. He slipped his hand over Cas’ and heard Cas’ breath catch in the back of his throat. Cas had stilled like a deer caught in head lights Dean swore his cheeks were red. It reminded him of the time he tried to get Cas laid the night they tried to find Raphael. He was at first confused as to why Cas was so nervous and then it hit him, Cas would always be nervous about this sort of thing it’s what Cas does.

“I-I like TV Dean,” Cas said taking a chance to peek at Dean’s eyes but Dean managed to reel him in.

“You said you also liked last night, which do you like better?” Dean asked now stroking his fingers up and down Cas’ arm.

“Last night,” Cas murmured as he leaned forward to kiss Dean. Dean allowed a light brush of their lips before pulling back.

“Tell me Cas do you know why last night was better for you, then your first time with April, and why right now will be amazing for you?” Dean questioned.

Cas licked his chapped lips and shook his head.

“Cas it’s because you didn’t love April… Having sex with someone you love is so much better when you love the person you’re doing it with,” Dean explained swinging a leg over top of Cas so he was straddling him. He leaned down and brushed his lips against Cas’ lightly. Cas tried to reach up as Dean pulled away to keep the kiss going. “You love me Cas right?”

“More than anything in the entire universe,” Cas sighed looking like he was completely under Dean’s spell.

“And you know I love you too right?” Dean asked and Cas nodded enchanted. “Good,” Dean smiled leaning down to allow Cas his kiss.

Coffee. That was the one thing on Charlie’s mind when she woke up. Her eyes scanned the room and she noticed the time. Six am. She sat up and her eyes met a bag resting on the small rusty table by the window of the room. It had a note on it saying:

Clothes, hair brush, and tooth brush. I got these for you at the bunker last night. We are in room 105 if you need us.


Charlie smiled at the beautiful handwriting. Of course Cas had perfect handwriting. She opened the bag and pulled out the tooth brush and hair brush on top of everything. She made her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Knowing she probably didn’t have time to enjoy it she quickly did the routine: shampoo, rinse, conditioner, soap up, and rinse again. She got out of the shower and wrapped up her hair in a towel. She brushed her teeth and sighed. She missed all of this. Not that she didn’t keep good hygiene in Oz… But the simplicity of hurrying to start her day.

Back out in the main room she had traveled back over to the bag. She pulled out a pair of fresh white socks, an old star wars baggy t-shirt, a pair of her old jeans, a blue lacy bra, and a pair of her green lace panties. She smiled at the fact that Dean kept her things when she left in such a hurry. The thought of Cas picking out panties and a bra for her was disturbing a bit. And the fact that they were lace let her know that Cas was into that type of thing. She noted that as a tip she might want to tell Dean later. She sighed though because these were the ones she like to where when she knew she was going to ‘Get some.’ She slid them on though and the other pieces of clothing too. They felt soft and smelled nice, a little too soft and a little so nice. She guessed that Dean must have washed them. He once admitted to her that he liked to use four times the amount of fabric softener then recommended, and that he used to use a lot more but Sam got mad. Charlie smiled fond of the memory.

She walked over to the small bag she had carried with her when Cas had zapped them here and found her iPod. She put it on shuffle and brought it along with her to the bathroom. “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes began to play, and she smiled. It wasn’t the type of music she usually listened to, but she had become fond of it because it was Dorothy’s kind of music. So she listened to it bouncing excitedly with the beat humming the “Bown der na na na na naaaaaa… na,” under her breath as she took the towel off her head. She dried off her hair as best as she could not wanting to blow dry it with the sketchy hair dryer tacked to the wall of the motel bathroom.

She ran the brush through her hair trying out different ways to let her long red hair fall. She pulled all over hair to one side, then the other. She held her hair together with her hands seeing what pig tales would look like, and then she tried a singular one. For each style she did a little dance with the music. She decided on just a simple style hair down, and bangs push out of her eyes.

“I don’t know what Dean doesn’t like about montages,” she laughed to herself turning off the music. She checked the clock seeing it had only been a half an hour. “Coffee,” She sighed with a fond smile. She slid on her boots and grabbed her bag and the key to the room, Dean had left on the nightstand and headed out the door. She looked around and didn’t really see anything but a Friendly’s next to the motel. She looked further down the road and saw a Dunkin Donuts and decided to go for it. Inside she figured Dean would drink the same thing she did and Cas would drink… She didn’t know. What did angels drink? Did they even drink? She figured she would just get him the same thing as her and Dean and hope for the best. And hell if Cas didn’t drink it she would.

She got in line and glanced up at the menu. “Inflations a bitch,” She murmured with a small smirk. She hadn’t bought anything in a while and was glad she could put the money in her wallet to use.

“Next please,” the older man at the counter said.

Charlie walked up and smiled, “Hi can I get three large French vanilla coffees with sugar, and a dozen powdered donuts, please.”

“Okay that’ll be fifteen forty…” The man said typing in the order.

“Okay,” Charlie said pulling a twenty out of her wallet and giving it to the man.

“Thank you… Your change today is four dollars and sixty cents…” the dullness of his voice was another bit of simplicity she missed. She took the change and thanked the man and went over to the counter to wait for her things.

When she got her items she headed back to the motel humming the White Strips song from earlier. She headed over to room 105, the room Cas had said he and Dean were staying in and kicked the door unable to knock hands full.

“Coming,” She heard Dean call from behind the door. She heard a loud bang like someone falling and a, “Son of a bitch!” following it.

“Dean are you okay?” She heard Cas’ muffled concern.

“Yeah Cas I’m good! Put your boxers on man!” Dean loud whispered.

Charlie pressed her lips together trying to contain her smile. “Want me to come back later?” She asked with an amused tone.

“No, no I’m coming,” Dean called swinging the door open. “Hey Charlie,” He greeted her.

Charlie eyed Dean up and down. She smiled wide at the man in just boxers and said, “Have fun last night?”

“Oh ha, ha,” Dean smirked a bit embarrassed.

Charlie walked in the room and gave Cas a friendly smile. “Good morning Cas,” she said setting the food and drinks on the small table just like the one in her room.

“Good morning Charlie,” Cas smiled seated on the edge of the bed happy to see Charlie had gotten the things he left for her.

“Thank you so much for the grab n’ go bag,” She said handing him a coffee, and felt relieved when he took it. “I didn’t know if you drank coffee or not… or if you even drank anything at all to begin with,” She admitted.

“I have no need to but I quite enjoy the taste of certain liquids… Coffee being one of them,” Cas explained with a sip. “I like this. It’s different from the coffee Sam makes. Thank you.”

“That’s because he makes it black,” Dean smiled taking his cup from Charlie and a powered donut. He took a bite and made a pleased sound. “Oh my god I love you for getting this!”

“I know,” Charlie said with a smile. “Now time to make up a plan to get Sam.”

“Well we just can’t waltz in there are demons everywhere,” Dean sighed taking a messy bite of his donut.

“I couldn’t see their souls but there seemed to be a lot of them,” Cas added.

“Well how do we do this?” Charlie asked.

“We could capture one of those demons on watch and make it tell us Crowley’s plans,” Dean suggested.

“Capturing one should be easy,” Cas stated giving Dean and Charlie a sly smile. “Get a trap ready. I’d be back soon.” Cas materialized a can of spray paint and handed it to Charlie then started to get dressed.

“Whoa, hey Cas come on let me get it,” Dean sighed. “I want some action too!”

“Dean they’ll be looking for you,” Cas said.

“They’ll be looking for you too,” Dean pulled on his pair of jeans.

“No Dean,” and Cas was gone again before Dean could convince him otherwise.

“Damn it! I hate it when he does that,” Dean shook his head and grabbed the old wooden chair that was paired with the small table, and placed it in the middle of the room.

“Aw you two are so cute,” Charlie sighed beginning to spray paint the devils trap.

“What?” Dean questioned grabbing the ties that held the curtains together.

“It’s just you two are so right for each other,” Charlie said.

“Yeah I guess. I mean I feel right when I’m with Cas ya know?” Dean shrugged folding his arms across his chest.

“That’s how I feel about Dorothy,” Charlie smiled.

“Do you know the gender of the baby yet?” Dean asked wanting to hear more about Charlie’s life.

“It’s a girl… I want to name her Hermione Leah, but Dorothy’s not so sure yet,” Charlie’s voice was fond and kind.

“I like it,” Dean said with small smirk.

“I knew you would,” Charlie giggled.

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