After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 18

Chapter 18: Then Who is That

“Now, what is Crowley up to?” Dean asked a slight smirk on his face. It’s been a while since he’d done this but it felt vaguely familiar, and good.

“I don’t know! Honestly! No one has even seen him! We only get whispers!” The pained voice cried.

“What do you mean no one has seen him?” Dean growled slicing the angle blade into the demons skin.

The blood covered victim screamed throwing his head back, arms trying to break free of the tight hold. “We were told by phone call! We were told to guard the place! That’s all I swear!”

Dean looked into the black eyes, his own black eyes threatening the others. “I’m glad we had this talk…” Dean smiled and shoved the blade through the demon’s neck. The jolt of yellow light x-rayed the demon and it was dead.

“Damn it he didn’t know anything…” Cas said with a disappointed sigh.

“No he may not of… but now we know…” Dean said wiping the angel blade with an old rag.

“What do you mean?” Cas asked tilting his head.

“This guy went down easily. Crowley didn’t even think this dick was worth talking to directly. He called him. Bet he called the others to. He’s expecting us. He wouldn’t have given us his worst soldiers if he wasn’t,” Dean explained. He looked over at Charlie who was eyeing the dead body. “You okay?”

“What?” Charlie turned her attention to Dean with a curious face. “Yeah…”

“I know watching torcher can be kinda…” Dean started.

“What? No that didn’t bother me, Dean. I was just thinking of Dorothy… I hope she’s okay,” Charlie replied.

“You think about your girlfriend when you look at a corps? That’s sweet,” Dean said sarcastically.

“No I just happened to be looking that way… Can we just…. What’s the plan?” Charlie asked annoyed by Dean’s question.

“Well if he’s expecting us then let’s just go,” Cas suggested.

“We can’t just walk in…” Dean said.

“Why not?” Charlie questioned.

“He’s not that hard to handle Dean. Let’s just walk in… kill Crowley and take Sam. We’ll slice the mark off and then we’ll be done,” Cas explained. “He has his worst demons on watch you said. We could probably just pop in.”

“Yeah?” Dean nodded not hating the idea.

“Come on,” Cas said scrubbing a line to break the devils trap.

Dean handed Charlie his angel blade. “Here use this.”

Charlie gave him a nod and gripped the blade tight. “Let’s get this bitch!”

Cas touched Dean and Charlie’s head and suddenly they were inside of a kitchen. It looked familiar to Dean, like he’d been here before. He turned to see Sam and Crowley seated at a table. Sam was tied to a chair blade in his hand. His head was thrown back and his arm was shaking.

“Sammy?!” Dean asked alarmed.

“Oh Dean good. You’re here,” Crowley said with a relived tone. “I’ve had this itch on my back and I can’t quite itch it… Can you get it? I would have asked Sam but he’s busy…”

“What? No! Let Sammy go you son of a bitch!” Dean yelled.

“Um… Whoa I’m not doing anything until my back is itched…” Crowley explained turning his back to Dean allowing Dean full access. “Be a dear?”

Dean smirked grabbing the Demon blade from his pants. “You know what sure I’ll itch your back for ya…” Dean smashed the demon blade into Crowley’s back.

“Gahhh!” Crowley winced and bucked over on to the floor. “You got me! I’m dead…. I’m dead!” Crowley started laughing uncontrollably.

Cas looked at Dean concerned. “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know…” Dean answered alarmed. He glanced at Sam and rushed over pulling the blade out of Sam’s hand. Sam gave heavy breaths rolling his head forward.

“Oh come on I don’t come into your home and stab you in the back now do I?” Crowley said from where he was on the floor. “That’s just rude!” He got up on his feet and stretched in an uncomfortable way and pulled the demon blade out.

“Why aren’t you dead?” Dean asked anger was the only thing in his tone. His eyes were black.

“Oh I don’t know… Honestly maybe you’ve just lost your touch…” Crowley smirked throwing Dean, Cas, and Charlie against the wall with his mind. “Look Sammy I told you brother dear would come didn’t I?”

Sammy lifted his head tiredly. “Leave them alone,” Sam’s voice was course and raspy.

“Ohhhh! I like the red head,” Crowley announced ignoring Sam. “You must be Charlie, huh?”

“Ummm…” Charlie stammered nervous.

“Dean’s told me a lot about you, really…” Crowley said not in a threatening tone at all. It was as if he was trying to strike up small talk.

“I didn’t tell you jack!” Dean yelled pulling Crowley’s attention toward him.

“No I remember you telling me all about her… Here, when we spent those lovely three weeks together,” Crowley explained. “You talk too much really. That’s okay though… You won’t be hell’s problem soon. I’m going to make sure you end up spending all of eternity in heaven’s jail.”

“I’m sorry but why would you want to do that? If you really want to lock me away, why not just throw me in a box like Lucifer’s?” Dean asked. “Why not keep me in hell?”

“Because Dean Winchester. One must be in heaven… As other resides in hell…” Crowley stated.

“Well I’m already a demon. Don’t put Sam though this… let him be the one in heaven, I’ll take the horror of hell any day then let him become like me,” Dean explained.

“No at first it was supposed to be you I’ll admit it, but then the book made me change my mind…” Crowley sighed.

“Oh this is about Metatron’s book?” Dean said squinting his eyes questioningly.

“Yes, now you’re getting it,” Crowley smiled playfully nudging Dean’s jaw.

“Why are you so keen on that thing anyways?” Dean asked eyeing Sam who was looking nauseas at the table.

“Because it’s brilliant! It’s exactly how the world should be,” Crowley explained looking pleased. “Everything should be as it is in this book.”

“Why?” Cas asked this time.

“Because as I just said, it’s amazing… You guys aren’t good listeners…” Crowley rolled his eyes.

“What’s so great about it?” Charlie asked but her voice was quiet.

Crowley smiled intrigued by her. “My dear girl it’s just the best book ever made.”

“Look I haven’t read it and I can tell you Harry Potter is like, a thousand times better,” Charlie replied feeling more confident.

“When you’ve read as much as me you’ll realize the world of writing is beautiful and complex, and this book is a perfect example of its beauty and complexity,” Crowley explained pulling the rolled up papers out of his coat.

“Since when do you read?” Dean asked curious.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Dean,” Crowley replied. “Anyways I have a while before Sam is ready to make the full transformation.”

“Sam will make the full transformation over my dead body!” Dean yelled trying to squirm out of Crowley’s mind’s hold.

“I’m sorry to say but you three will be very distracting… you’ll have to wait in my dungeon,” Crowley sighed.

“You have a dungeon?” Cas asked confused.

“It’s not as impressive as the boys I’ll admit but it does the job,” Crowley smiled snapping his fingers.

Suddenly Dean, Cas, Charlie and Crowley were standing in a dark cool room. “Son of a bitch!” Dean yelled flustered by the fact that he was back in a demon trap.

“Welcome to your new home’s for a couple of weeks,” Crowley said smirking.

“This is you’re dungeon?” Cas asked sighing at the ring of holy fire.

“Yeah… Oh and Charlie as far as I know you’re human so that box should keep you right?” Crowley laughed.

“This is idiotic!” Dean yelled throwing his arms in the air.

“Well if you could just be a little more optimistic… that’d be grea….” Crowley started.

“Ahhhh!” Cas started screaming in pain.

“Cas? Crowley what are you doing? Stop it! Don’t hurt him!” Dean cried worried.

“I’m not doing anything!” Crowley panicked unsure of what was going on.

“No… no I’m fine…” Cas heaved a heavy breath rubbing his eyes, blinking them as if something was in them. “I just… I think I’m finally getting my sight of soul back…” Cas blinked and looked over at Crowley and his eyes widened in shock.

“Cas? What is it? What’s wrong!?” Dean asked worried.

Cas swallowed. “That’s not possible…” He murmured.

“Oh I was wondering how long I could keep this up…” Crowley sighed.

“Keep what up?” Dean asked confused.

“Dean… That’s not Crowley…” Cas answered unable to move.

“Well of course it’s not,” A voice called from a darker corner of the room where half a devils trap was visible and the other half was faded dark. A figure stepped forward into the lighter half of the devils trap and sighed. “Well great now that you idiots have mess up majorly, who’s going to save Moose and I now?” Crowley sighed sounding upset.

“Crowley?” Dean asked. This soul looked so different from the one he first saw and thought was Crowley. It wasn’t as ugly. “Wait if you’re Crowley then who is that?”

“Metatron,” Cas said.

“A shape shifting spell I found. It was going so well,” Metatron sighed shaking his head letting his vessel change from Crowley’s form to his old one.

“That’s not possible Dean killed you!” Cas growled through his teeth.

“Yeah… I guess not,” Metatron smiled raising his eyebrows with a smirk. “I should be getting back to Sam now… I’ll catch up with you guys later…” and Metatron was gone.

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