After the Eyes Turned Black

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Devils trap

Dean made his way down the familiar stairs that led to the library of the bunker. He took a deep breath, breathing in the air. It smelled like old books and Sam. At the bottom of the stairs Dean paused and took it in. In the far room he could see stacks of books on the table some flipped open to pages and some completely closed. It was Sammy researching something he could tell because of the OCD way things were organized. Not neat but it was what Sam saw as order.

Dean tried to take a step forward but found an invisible wall keeping him in place. He looked up to see a devil’s trap he had put up with Sam when they first moved in. He smirked at his own stupidity. He almost laughed, he knew every square inch of this place and somehow it had escaped him to remember that there were devils traps everywhere. Well they are gonna have to go.

“What have you done?” he heard a whisper.

Dean growled and rolled his eyes. “Damn it Crowley I can do this by myself!” he whisper yelled.

“Fat lot of good that did ya?” Crowley scoffed rolling his eyes in response to Dean. “You got yourself trapped in your own devil’s trap! How ill minded are you?”

“Hey shut up I was excited about seeing Sammy I…” Dean sighed out of frustration. “Son of a bitch!” he ran his hand through his hair.

“What?” Crowley’s eyes scrunched up.

“Sam had this idea to super anti-demon the exit,” Dean explained pointing up at the ceiling.

Crowley followed his finger up to see a second devil’s trap next to the first and a few more surrounding them. “Oh, well that’s just friggin’ lovely isn’t it genius!” He threw up his hands.

“Dean?” a voice called from the open door way that led to the corridor.

Dean slowly tore his eye contact with Crowley had had them land on Sam’s. “Hey kiddo!” Dean chuckled opening his arms.

“You bastard!” Sam yelled turning to Crowley. “Dean was dead! You just can’t have demons possessing his body! Look I know you’re evil but I thought you cared! This is sick! I had a chance of bringing him back and you take his body!?”

“Can it Moose!” Crowley yelled finally taking his eyes off of Dean. “Well this is a fine howdy do isn’t it?”

“Sammy it’s me, its Dean your brother. Don’t you recognize me?” Dean pleaded confused. “Why doesn’t he recognize me?” he asked Crowley but not taking his eyes off of Sam.

“He does recognize you just not you, you. He thinks some other demon is possessing your body,” Crowley sighed turning back to Dean. “And it’s probably cuz’ you’ve still got your black eyes on!” Crowley scolded.

Dean quick let this black drain from his eyes. Realizing how much clearer everything was. “Sammy it’s me it really is. And you know what I’m different. I’m alive.”

“Alive?” Sammy scoffed tilting his nose in the air. “Look even if you were Dean he’d sooner die then become what you are!”

“Funny story… he did!” Crowley added. “Look you wanted your brother back, here he is! Best part is, it’s free of charge!”

“I summoned you,” Sam growled. “Why didn’t you come and fix him the right way?”

“I did come. But whether Dean came back a human or not he’d still be this in the end. I was just speeding up the process.” Crowley explained sighing at Sam. “He’s your brother. He’s done nothing but talk about you non-stop for the past three weeks and all he wants is a hug. So dear moose please just hug your brother!”

Sam turned his direction to Dean who still had his arms out. His mouth was hanging open like he had something he wanted to say but didn’t know how. Like somehow he lost the ability to move his jaw. Dean’s face looked crushed like his whole word had crumbled. It was silly to think it’d be easy to get Sammy to believe he was actually himself. “How can I be sure you’re not lying to me…” Sam said taking a step closer.

“You don’t,” Dean managed finding the directions on how to talk again. “That’s why I’m so proud of us Sammy…”

Sammy took a deep breath surprised by Dean’s choice of words. “How do you?”

Dean cut him off. “Sammy we’ve done so much. Achieved goals that for some people are unachievable. Look I did my job, which was to take care of you. And you not giving into me being me shows me you can take care of yourself. That’s what I was preparing you for. What dad was preparing you for. Don’t you see Sammy I’m proud of you. Now I’m not here to take care of you anymore. I’m just here to be a big brother. Because honestly all you’ve ever done is take care of me.”

Sam smiled stepping into the devils trap hugging Dean tight. Dean wasn’t warm anymore. And he didn’t smell like the impala. But Sam didn’t care. It was Dean he could tell. “God why are you such a jerk?” he mumbled into Deans hair.

“Why are you such a bitch?” Dean laughed into Sam’s over sized shoulder. Sam laughed too, and Dean felt his whole body shake against him. He pulled back to look at Sam’s face. He had bags under his eyes deeper than usual. His hair was definitely longer and it was messy as it framed his face. “I missed you,” Dean half smiled pulling him back into a hug.

“I missed you too,” Sam recuperated squeezing harder this time. “Where have you been?”

“Newark, Delaware…” Crowley answered for Dean. Sam backed up and looked at Crowley. “I have a little place out there, it’s quite nice actually.”

“Shut up,” Dean said laughing holding Sam at his sides. “Sammy doesn’t want to know about your various estates he wants to hear about me. And I want to hear about him.”

“Alright fine but these devil’s traps make me uneasy; Moose could you let us out?” Crowley sighed pointing up at the spray painted marks on the ceiling.

“Don’t,” a deep voice called form the kitchen.

“Oh dear really Moose it’s been fun but if you could brake those traps we’ll will pop off quick as you like,” Crowley smiled staring worriedly at Dean.

Dean stood there frozen unable to move. After a second he whispered, “You said we had time like an hour!”

“Yes, yes well the king of hell not Jesus!” Crowley growled quietly back at Dean.

“If you have Crowley he might know who took off with Dean’s body,” the deep voice called coming up the hall. He must not have heard Dean talking. Cas rounded the corner of the door way and stop in his tracks. Dean stopped breathing for a second and lurched forward forgetting about the trap. He was stopped and tapped his fingers annoyed at the inconvenience against the invisible wall.

Dean didn’t care that Cas saw him like this. All he cared about was that he saw Cas. Alive. He wanted Cas to see him now alive. Cas stood still in his spot eyes never leaving Dean. God Cas was even more beautiful then Dean remembered his blue eyes somehow brighter than before, his lips pinker, and his hair messier. He was still wearing that silly trench coat Dean loved. “Cas,” Dean breathed.

“Dean?” Cas sighed happily running over to him wrapping his arms around him. They didn’t say anything for a while. They just stood there holding each other. Like nothing else was there. Like if they let go they’d disappear from each other forever. “Dean… Metatron said you were…” Cas trailed off mumbling into Dean’s neck.

Dean stroked the back of Cas’ neck hushing him. “I know… I’m alive though. I’m here with you.” Dean heard the tears in Cas’ voice. This startled him because he’d never heard Cas cry before.

Crowley cleared his throat and Dean suddenly noticed they weren’t alone. He started to loosen his grip on Cas but then hugged tighter. He didn’t care anymore that Sammy could see them. He didn’t even care that Crowley was there to see them. He just wanted to hold Cas there.

He heard Cas start so talk against his neck again. “You’re here,” was all he could manage.

Dean pulled his face back grabbing Cas’ with his hand. “Cas look at me, I’m a demon. I’m here but I’m not…”

Cas silenced him, wrapping his arms around his neck pulling Dean back into their hug. “I’d rather have you, cursed or not.” He chuckled. “You’remy Dean, I raised you from perdition, I fell from heaven for you, I gave it all up for you, my entire army Dean. It’s all been for you so yeah, I’ll take you whichever way they’re serving you.”

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