After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 20

Chapter 20: Crowley the Actor

“It’s been two days angel! When the hell is this going to be finished!?” Crowley pouted walking into the living room to see Sam, Charlie, and Cas watching TV.

“Crowley he said it takes a while chill…” Sam said annoyed because this wasn’t the first time Crowley had complained that this was taking too long.

“It needs to boil with the ingredients for exactly five days, and then we cool it for two days. Then it will be ready,” Cas explained again also giving Crowley an annoyed look.

“Be patient,” Sam tried to sooth Crowley.

“Sam you’re gonna miss it!” Charlie said excitedly swatting his shoulder to bring his attention back to the TV.

“What so you three are just going to sit around watching crap telly all day?” Crowley asked plopping himself in the one-person-chair sighing.

“This is not ‘crap telly’, this is Doctor Who and if you ever talk bad about it again I will cut a bitch!” Charlie glared at Crowley.

“Oh! Doctor Who!” Crowley perked up his head to look at the television excitedly. “This show is actually not half bad… you know I was in two episodes…”

“Oh shut up!” Sam shushed him not believing his blabber. Charlie paused the show. “Charlie turn it back on!”

“No wait! I knew you looked familiar! You played Canton Everet Delaware the third in ‘Day of the Moon’ and ‘The Impossible Astronaut’!” Charlie said cheerfully.

“Yeah with those weird skinny things that when you look away from them you forget they were there, and the girl with the poofy hair!” Crowley nodded.

“River Song!” Charlie exclaimed excitedly. “I love her!”

“River? You mean her?” Sam asked pointing to the paused screen.

“Yeah this is the first episode with her in it!” Charlie informed Sam.

“Wow you sure know a lot about Doctor Who…” Sam murmured taking a hand full of popcorn and shoving it in his mouth.

“I know a lot of things about a lot of things Sam,” Charlie gave him a smile sitting back and pressing play on the remote.

“Okay I got beer!” Dean walked in passing a beer out to everyone. He sat down next Cas on the couch and popped his feet up on the coffee table. Charlie and Sam were on the other love seat next to theirs so Cas and him and the whole couch to themselves. Dean knew Cas hadn’t really gotten the hang of cuddling down yet. The only time they had to practice was in the motel. And now that they had some time to just sit and relax while the angel grace was stewing. They had started to watch Doctor who a day and a half ago, and by ‘they’ he means Charlie is forcing Sam to watch all of her favorite episodes.

Dean and Cas hadn’t really had anytime to actually spend together. Sure he helped Cas out in the lab and they traded a few kisses but Cas was so distracted making the oil that Dean felt like Cas had forgotten all about him. Dean reached out and placed his hand on top of Cas’. Cas’ head quickly turned bright blue eyes nearly startling Dean. Dean gestured for Cas to move closer and Cas did so that their thigh’s were barely touching. Dean sighed grabbing the blanket off the back off the couch and covering the two of them. He snaked his arm around Cas’ waist and pulled him close.

“Ew wait what?! So those things eat people but you can’t see them and they hide in the shadows?” Sam asked looking confused.

“Well they technically are the shadows…” Charlie explained. “They also eat any flesh.”

“God that’s gross glad they aren’t real!” Sam said making a face.

“Yeah Vashta Nerada are some scary son’s of bitch’s,” Charlie agreed taking a swig over beer.

“These monsters are so unrealistic!” Dean laughed. “I mean that one we were watching earlier? It had a freaking plunger and a whisk! I mean seriously what is so scary about that?”

“That’s a bloody Dalek Dean! They’re worse than me, and I’m the king of hell!” Crowley explained scolding Dean for bad mouthing Daleks.

“Come on,” Dean rolled his eyes.

“Dean, they are seriously scary like honestly I’d pee myself if I saw one!” Charlie nodded agreeing with Crowley.

“You guys are adorkable,” Dean laughed.

“What is that?” Cas asked giving Dean a curious look.

“It’s a combination of two words. You know like ‘adorable’ and ‘dork’ equals ‘adorkable’,” Dean explained.

“That doesn’t make any sense Dean… Why not just say both words?” Cas asked squinting his eyes.

Dean gave him look and smiled. “I don’t know Cas…” Dean ran his hand up Cas’ arm to his shoulder and pulled him down so he was resting on Dean’s chest. Worried that Cas would pull away he made an unpleasant face. When Cas just snuggled in closer Dean relaxed.

“Uggggg… we’re out of popcorn!” Sam groaned looking upset into the bowl of unpopped popcorn cornels.

“I can go make more if you want,” Crowley suggested reaching out for the bowl.

“No, there’s a certain way I do it,” Sam said getting up and sighing.

“What?” Crowley asked giving him a look of concern.

“Sam likes healthy food. He makes it healthy, no butter, no salt, and he pops it in one of those popper things… it’s really simple he just doesn’t trust anyone with his healthy foods,” Dean explained understanding Crowley’s pain.

“Well I’ll come with you and you teach me how to do it,” Crowley said giving Sam a smile.

“Do what you want,” Sam shrugged leaving for the kitchen with Crowley at his heels.

“Aw aren’t you two cute,” Charlie smiled at the two snuggled together on the couch.

“Thank you,” Cas replied Dean couldn’t see his face but knew Cas was returning the smile Dean loved so much.

“Man, you know what I’m just gonna go call Dorothy and check up on her,” Charlie said getting up and heading into the other room.

“Dean?” Cas asked picking himself off of Dean’s body to look at him.

“Yeah?” Dean replied looking into Cas’ bright distractingly blue eyes.

“I like this,” Cas murmured placing his forehead on Dean’s neck. “I wish we all had more time to spend like this… not having to worry about anything.”

“Well, there are things to worry about Cas,” Dean sighed pressing a soft kiss into Cas’ hair.

Cas didn’t respond he just relaxed a little and kept his eyes on the show. After a second Dean started to feel Cas stir under him leaving kisses on his neck. They started out nice and light at first but soon became bruising. Cas had moved his hand up to hold Dean’s neck back and snaked his other hand down to Dean’s waist.

“God Cas,” Dean moaned trying to keep his head above water. He felt himself getting hard. “We can’t do this right now…” Dean swallowed.

“Why?” Cas mumbled against Dean’s skin letting out a large puff of hot air making Dean harder.

“Because- oh” Dean moaned when Cas started to cup him through him comfy pants. Dean closed his eyes and started panting needing the friction. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more of this. He bucked his hips up wanting Cas to go faster. Needing Cas to go faster. Unexpectedly Cas stuck his hand down Dean’s pants to get better results and Dean moaned bucking into Cas’ hand.

Dean threw his head back and it hit a pillow. He opened his eyes briefly and noticed they were suddenly in Dean’s room. Cas was on top of him still going at Dean’s neck and still stroking him. “Dean,” Cas paused and Dean nearly started crying. “I’m not sure I’m doing this right…”

“You’re doing it just fine now please move!” Dean yelled thrusting into Cas’ motionless hand. “Now Cas! Please!”

Cas nodded and began moving his hand again and Dean grabbed Cas’ face and pulled him down into a kiss. Their tongues tangled together causing Cas to now moan into Dean’s mouth. The sound Cas made sent Dean over the edge and he was coming into Cas’ hand. He panted into Cas’ mouth and screamed Cas’ name that could probably be heard in the next room.

Dean opened his eyes to see Cas sitting back on his knees smiling down at Dean. “Your turn,” Dean smiled tackling Cas on his back quickly finding his way to Cas’ erection.

“Cas!” Sam called from the other room sounding alarmed.

Dean growled, “We’re kinda busy in here!”

“Dean it sounds impo- ahh” Cas groaned forgetting all about Sam calling him. Cas was already so close. Dean started stroking him faster trying to hurry before someone came looking for them.

“Come on Cas baby,” Dean murmured into Cas ear sending Cas into an orgasm. Cas shouted Dean’s name and a few words that Dean ruled out to be enochian.

“Cas!” Sam yelled his voice venturing closer to Dean’s room. Dean quick threw the blanket over them just as the door flew open. “Oh god!” Sam looked away making a face. “Cas the uh… grace is bubbling out of the pot and onto the floor, don’t know if that’s supposed to happen…”

“No it’s not,” Cas said. “I’ll be right there.” Cas was gone in a flash leaving Dean straddling air.

Dean made awkward eye contact with Sam and gave a nervous smile. “What can I say? Kids pretty good for a beginner.”

“Oh my god!” Sam yelled grossed out and walked away.

Dean found his way to the lab room where everyone was cleaning up. “What happened?”

“Well, we just needed a bigger pot,” Charlie sighed shoving paper towels into a plastic bag.

“Moose, Red Head, and I were talking and thought it’d be a good idea to start you’re curing,” Crowley said.

“Really?” Dean asked. “I mean is that really necessary? I mean without the mark I’m harmless.”

“Dean you’re not staying like that okay? End of story!” Sam said flustered giving Dean a stern look. “Now Charlie already agreed to be the one to give blood.”

Dean turned to Charlie who was now holding out a syringe of blood. Dean glanced at it and sighed grabbing the syringe. He pushed the needle into his arm and forced the blood into his system. “Ya happy?”

“When you’re human I will be,” Sam sighed giving Dean a hopeful smile.

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