After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 21

Chapter 21: A Familiar Friend

“This should make you feel much better Sammy,” Dean smiled placing a bowl of warm soup in front of his little brother.

“Thanks,” Sam sniffled picking up the oversized soup spoon and taking a sip. “I feel like crap!”

“I know Sammy. I know…” Dean smiled rubbing Sam’s arm.

“Dean time for your next dose,” Charlie exclaimed walking in with a syringe.

Dean sighed and took the syringe shooting up with her blood. “Five dose’s down.”

“Oh god!” Sam groaned grabbing his forehead.

“Sammy you okay?” Dean asked attending to his brother.

“Yeah, yeah just my head is spinning…” Sam said lazily pushing the soup away and laying down.

Charlie walked over and placed the back of her hand on Sam’s forehead. “Whoa! Sam you’re burning up!”

“I’ve had worse,” Sam murmured taking a deep breath. Sweat beads had already started to form on his forehead and his face turned pale.

“Damn Sam!” Dean said feeling Sam’s wet head. “Cas!”

“Hello Dean,” Cas appeared.

“Go fill a bath tub with ice cubes! We need to bring down Sammy’s temperature…” Dean instructed. Cas was gone in an instant. “Damn Sam what has gotten into you!?”

Sam didn’t respond he just started taking quicker breaths and closed his eyes. He was breathing loud and was trying to push the blanket off of him. Charlie pulled the blanket of and Sam was laying in a pool of sweat.

“Cas you done with that bath yet!?” Dean called.

“Yes,” Cas replied appearing tapping Sam lightly on this head and putting him in the bath tub.

The second Sam hit the water his eyes flashed open and he yelped. “Oh my god!” He stood up trying to get out.

“We have to lower you’re temperature Sam,” Cas said trying to keep Sam in the tub.

“It’s lowered Cas now let me out!” Sam yelled annoyed pushing past Cas.

Dean rushed in with a towel wrapping up Sam. “Thanks for leaving some cover up Cas,” Dean smiled noticing Cas had stripped Sam to just his boxers.

Cas nodded and left again and Dean assumed it was to check on the angel grace. Crowley walked into the bathroom holding open a folder. “Hey Squirrel look at this…”

“What is it? I’m kinda busy,” Dean grumbled trying to help Sam stand up straight.

“Apparently you guys didn’t read all of the research done on curing a demon,” Crowley explained holding the folder out for Dean to see. “There was a second folder along with the first. It says here that if one person starts to heal a demon, Sam, and another, Charlie, takes the first person, Sam’s, place the first person must still be the one to finish the process.”

“What?” Dean asked half listening.

“There is no possible way to cure you without it affecting Moose,” Crowley sighed closing the folder.

“But we’re using Charlie’s blood…” Dean said confused.

“Yes but we started the process originally with Moosey,” Crowley bit his lip. “I’m sorry.”

“There has to be another way,” Sam breathed feeling dizzy from messing up his flow of oxygen.

“There isn’t a way to do this without you dying, I’m sorry boys,” Crowley explained walking out of the room feeling bad to deliver such terrible news.

Sam made his way to the toilet and sat down on the lid. “Sammy I’m sorry,” Dean tried to comfort him.

Sam let out a breathy laugh, “Of course this is how it is… This is how everything always is!”

“It’s okay,” Dean patted Sam on the shoulder.

“No it’s not Dean! Nothing ever goes the way it should! Everything always back fires in the end! And- and- oh god my arm is killing me!” Sam cried holding his arm out.

“Crowley!” Dean called.

“What is it?!” Crowley yelled back.

“Get in here!” Dean demanded.

Crowley walked through the door and gasped to see Sam in pain arm bright red. “Oh my god! It’s the mark!”

“What do you mean it’s the mark?” Dean asked frantically.

“Well the mark responds to anger and he got really angry and since we haven’t burned it yet the mark is using that anger to force it way back to him,” Crowley explained. “Moose you need to calm down.”

“I can’t!” Sam yelled standing up looking furious.

“Calm down Sam!” Dean screamed at him while trying to force him to sit back down.

“Get off me Dean!” Sam pushed Dean hard against the wall knocking the wind out of him.

Dean quickly got himself together and threw a punch in Sam direction knocking him out. “Sorry Sammy but you gotta chill.”

“Jesus! I guess that’s one way of doing it,” Crowley sighed scratching the back of his head. “I’ll quick flash him back to his room and put ice packs under the covers with him so he doesn’t over heat.”

Dean nodded and suddenly he was alone standing in the bathroom. Is the mark going to try and make its way back to Sam every time Sam gets worked up? Dean sighed and sat down on the toilet head in his hands. He couldn’t let that happen to Sam. Sam could get worked up so easily and not getting angry for the rest of the week could be a struggle. Dean closed his eyes and took a deep breath and when he opened his eyes he was surprised to see the bag with the mark in it and the first blade in his hands. He must have accidentally made it appear. He had been doing that a lot lately.

Dean got up and shut the bathroom door locking it. He wasn’t sure why but he sat down on the floor leaning against the door studying the blade. It was so simple and didn’t look threatening at all. It wasn’t even that sharp. Something about it however made Dean feel safe. He felt right holding it. Sammy shouldn’t be the one to have this burden dropped on him. It’s not fair. And what if the grace oil didn’t work? Sooner or later Sam would get too worked up. This isn’t Sam’s fault to begin with; Dean was the one who got the mark first. Dean was the one who convinced Cain he was even good enough for it. He wasn’t going to let his little brother whom he swore to protect go through what he went through.

Dean sighed and opened put the bloody baggy. He pulled out the section of skin and looked at it. He got up and rinsed it off in the sink until it was just the skin and the mark. Dean looked up in the mirror and noticed his eyes were black. But he didn’t see the haze that usually came with it. He noticed a faint smile planted on the corner of his lips and gulped realizing he himself wasn’t smiling. It was only his reflection. Dean’s eyes weren’t black it was his refection’s eyes that were black. The Dean in the mirror wasn’t Dean. How could it be? Dean leaned closer for a better look and the other Dean lead closer too deepening his smile.

“Hey there Dean,” The man in the mirror spoke and that started him because Dean said nothing. “Yeah I’m you. Well, a better you anyways. A you who’s not afraid to take chances. A you who won’t let our dear Sammy boy go through what we did. Dean we can help him. He’s dying. All you have to do is take the mark back.”

Dean blinked in shock. “T-take the mark back?” Dean stuttered confused.

“Yeah everything will be fine, you already know how to handle it, and you can control it. What you don’t remember about your time before they cut it off was that you were in control the whole time. Dean come on you miss me,” The other Dean taunted.

“I don’t remember. I just know I hated it,” Dean sighed.

“You don’t hate it Dean,” The other Dean raised his hand to reveal he was holding the first blade.

Dean looked at his hand shocked that it was raised too and the first blade was in it. “I didn’t do that! I didn’t pick up the blade or raise my hand!” Dean shouted.

“No I did. I know you’re too weak to do this yourself. Too weak to do the right thing for you,” The other Dean smiled.

“No I don’t want the mark back!” Dean yelled trying to regain control of his body. “Stop it!”

“That’s right get mad! Since you’re holding the blade the mark will be able to use that anger, all that delicious rage to make its way back to you. Come on Dean get mad!”

Dean couldn’t stop getting mad. How could he calm down? His arm started to burn and a familiar rage pulsed through his body. A delightful rage. Dean closed his eyes trying to steady his breathing but it was too late. When he opened his eyes the familiar haze of his black eyes took its place. On his arm scorched back on its place sat the mark of Cain. The memories before the mark was removed flooded Dean’s head.

“Oh god I’ve missed this,” He groaned with a smile. He knew he couldn’t let anyone else know about him getting the mark back. That would ruin everything so he replaced the now empty piece of skin back in the bag and the put both the blade and the mark back where he had left it before. He rolled down the sleeve on his long blue button up shirt and smiled flicking his eyes back to green. He walked out of the bathroom to check on Cas.

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