After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 22

Chapter 22: A New King for Hell

“How is Sam?” Cas asked as Dean walked into the room without looking up from what he was doing. Dean took note; he’d have to fix that.

“Oh he should be getting better now we’ve decided to stop the blood transfusions…” Dean murmured, picking up an empty glass tube on the table examining it without reason.

Cas looked up and eyed Dean with a worried look mixed with confusion. “Why?”

“Oh the reason why Sam is sick is because technically even if we’re using Charlie’s blood it’s still him who cured me in the end. Can’t have him finishing that last trial can we?” Dean laughed placing the tube back on the table giving Cas his best seductive stare.

Cas blinked wide eyed and blushed with a swallow. “Dean not now I’m kind of busy… boiling grace is risky business.”

“Yeah baby I understand,” Dean said with a nod not breaking eye contact. “You have to watch the grace.”

“Yes Dean that is my primary focus right now,” Cas nodded.

“Is it? Because you haven’t taken your eyes off of me,” Dean murmured walking over to the same side of the lab table Cas was at.

Cas blinked and looked away in hesitation. “Dean I have work to do.”

“I’ll say,” Dean sighed slipping his arms around Cas hugging him from behind. “That moment we had was all to rushed. Let’s do it right, huh?” He pressed a light teasing kiss on Cas neck.

Cas closed his eyes trying to ignore the feeling. “Dean we can’t right now. Let me go get Crowley or Charlie to watch the grace…”

“No need for that,” Dean smiled pressing more teasing kisses on to Cas’ neck.

Cas sighed blindly leaning back on Dean. Now their whole bodies we’re pressed against each other. Dean slid his hands down Cas’ thighs slightly opening his mouth, loving the way Cas leaned into his hot wet breath. “De-an,” Cas’ voice cracked when Dean started kneading his dick through his pants.

“What Cas?” Dean laughed.

Cas moaned but nearly choked half way through pushing Dean off him with a large amount of force. Dean looked up to see Crowley staring at them smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, don’t stop on my account,” Crowley smiled walking in the room further.

“You heard him baby,” Dean laughed pulling Cas in for a deep bruising kiss.

Cas pushed Dean away embarrassed. “Dean stop!”

“Squirrel what the hell has gotten in to you?” Crowley asked eyeing him up and down.

“Nothing,” Dean shrugged.

“Doesn’t seem like it,” Crowley murmured giving Cas a look of concern.

“Could you give us a minute?” Cas asked giving Crowley and encouraging nod.

“Yeah…” Crowley nodded walking out of the room.

“Now that he’s gone,” Dean began taking a step towards Cas.

“No,” Cas said pinning Dean against the wall with his mind. He never thought he’d have to do that. “Something is different.”

“No nothing is,” Dean said trying not to think about the mark.

“Dean I am not stupid,” Cas gave Dean glaring look and sighed. “I love you Dean, you know that.”

“I know… I love you too Cas,” Dean sighed.

“Then why are you hiding something from me?” Cas sighed not wanting to look Dean in the eye.

“Cas what makes you think I’m hiding something from you?” Dean asked with a sly smile.

“Because Dean I know…” Cas said anger hinting in his tone. “You’re not acting like yourself.”

“I am Cas… I just…” Dean started.

“Cas I need your help!” Charlie called coming into the room to see Dean held back against the wall and gasped.

“Oh no worries Charlie… It’s a kinky thing,” Dean smiled as Cas let him drop to the floor.

“What can I help you with?” Cas asked ignoring Dean.

“Um, Sam he’s better but unconscious and I think he has a concussion…” Charlie explained.

“You don’t say…” Dean shrugged crossing his arms with a proud look.

“Why do you look so happy?” Charlie questioned giving Dean a look of confusion.

“Oh I probably gave him the concussion… When I knocked him out, it’s impressive a guy that size,” Dean smiled.

“He’s your brother,” Charlie said in disbelief at Dean’s uncaring attitude.

“Right yes he is, Cas let’s go check on him,” Dean said straitening his face.

“No Dean I need you to stay here and watch the grace, I’ll be right back,” Cas explained leaving the room with Charlie.

Dean rolled his eyes and leaned back against the counter. They don’t even need that grace oil any more. The mark of Cain had been taken care of. Dean had it safely on his arm. It was part of him again and he missed it. He needed away to get his plan back on track. He needed a way to take over hell with Cas by his side. He could probably just take over. I mean no one would stop him. He could try it.

He needed to kill first off though. He needed it. He craved it. And thinking about it made him want it more. The thrills of watching the life leave their eyes. The smell of the blood dripping from their wounds. The intoxicating sounds his victims made when they cried out in pain. He needed to kill. Now. Suddenly the first blade was in his hands and the haze of his black eyes took over his sight.

He was now standing in a blood stained hall way, lined with jail cells of screaming souls. The smell of vomit and urine seeped through the air and the heat had his meat suit sweating nearly instantly. He knew where he was. He was right where he belonged. He was in hell. His soon to be kingdom.

“Mr. Winchester, sir,” a small frightened male voice called out from behind him. It was one of Crowley’s demons that kept inventory of the tortured souls. Dean never bothered to actually remember his name because he had only met him twice.

“What is it?” Dean asked annoyed.

“Nothing it’s just, what are you doing here? In the jail cells? Don’t you and the King usually reside in the throne room?” The demon was shy and avoided eye contact the entire time.

“Oh yes you’ll do perfectly,” Dean smiled ignoring every question the weaker demon had asked. “Come with me the King has a job for you.”

“Me? I’m not anyone, why would the King want to see me?” The demon asked shy but flattered.

“Maybe he’s just recognized you’re not being used full potential and that’s it’s time we change that,” Dean suggested with a shrug.

“Okay,” The demon smiled and straightened out his shirt and slicked his hair back.

“Welcome to the throne room,” Dean snapped his fingers and there they were. In a room with a huge golden diamond encrusted throne Crowley had made once he became King. There was a bar along the wall of the room and a line of demons ready to do as they were told lined along the other. There was a huge flat screen TV against the far back wall, a pool table, and a hot tub in the corner.

“Wow!” the demon said wide eyed taking in the entire room. “Where is the king?”

“Well he’s right here,” Dean smiled snapping his fingers and five of the demons line along the wall came over and tied the weaker one down. Dean stabbed the blade into the demon’s head and pulled out savoring every second of the killing. Dean was satisfied, for now. “When is the last time Crowley was actually here?” Dean asked a demon who was much higher up in the command chain. He knew this one’s name. It was Grant.

“It’s been about five weeks Mr. Winchester, sir,” Grant said fear in his voice.

“Well that’s because Crowley is out and I am in,” Dean explained walking over to the throne.

“I’m sorry sir, but what do you mean?” Grant asked avoiding eye contact like the other one had.

“I’m taking over, Crowley is soft and disposable,” Dean sat on the throne rubbing his fingers over the intricate design carved into the arm of the chair.

“You just can’t take over if Crowley is still alive,” Grant explained.

“Oh I can’t? Are you going to be the one who stands in my way Grant?” Dean asked glaring down at him.

“No, sir,” Grant sighed and head hanging.

“Good, spread the word. I’ll be back,” Dean smiled getting up and patting Grant on the shoulder, “I have something to take care of.”

Dean was suddenly back in the bunker in the lab room with the grace. That was way easier the Dean thought it’d be.

“Where have did you get off too?” Crowley’s voice asked.

“No where I just needed to get some fresh air,” Dean replied shrugging turning to face Crowley.

“You can’t lie to me Squirrel!” Crowley yelled. Crowley grabbed Dean’s arm reveling the Mark. “Damn it Dean! You just can’t take the mark back like this!”

“Yes I can Crowley! You’re not in charge anymore!” Dean exclaimed.

“What are you talking about?” Crowley asked worry hung in his voice.

“I’m king now,” Dean laughed and Crowley found himself being tied up in the dungeon. Dean gagged him and smiled. “No one will even remember you, I’m going to be a better ruler than, you. Than Lucifer! And you’re going to sit here in the quiet and listen to it all happen.”

Crowley tried to say something but the rag tied around his head prevented it.

“I’m going to tell them you left and they won’t even care,” Dean laughed stepping outside of the unfinished devils trap grabbing the spray paint out of the cabinet and finishing it. He closed the doors to the dungeon and was back in the lab just as Cas was walking in.

“Dean I don’t know what has gotten into you but,” Cas started.

“Cas you’re right, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done what I did and I feel just terrible. I don’t know what I was thinking. How is Sam?” Dean asked cutting Cas off.

“He’s doing okay. Actually he wants to see you and Crowley,” Cas explained. “Have you seen Crowley anywhere?”

“Actually I was just talking to him,” Dean sighed playing upset. “He left. He was board and said he couldn’t take being confined to just this place.”

“Oh okay I guess,” Cas’ face crumpled up confused. “Any ways let’s go see Sam.”

“After you,” Dean smiled holding the door open for Cas.

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