After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 24

Chapter 24: Down with the King

“Damn it!” Crowley yelled throwing the metal bowl in the sink splattering blood everywhere. “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

“Crowley?” Sam whispered trying hard not to make him more upset.

“He’s done it Moose…” Crowley said anger hitching his voice. “He’s taken over my kingdom!”

“Look we can get it back, we can stop him. Chop off the mark and burn it,” Sam explained trying to calm him down.

“You don’t get it Moose do ya?” Crowley growled. “It’s on him for good. Every time we chop it off it’ll just come back. It’s too late anyways. Once it’s back on the original person it can’t be burned. The mark isn’t made to be tossed around! He’s stuck with it now! If we chopped we off we’d have two minutes of normal Dean then the mark would take over again. And even if we could get chop it off again, how the hell do you suggest we do that while he’s got an army of demons protecting him!? And you just think he’d hand over the first blade?! No way!”

“Crowley you need to calm down,” Cas said.

“I am calm… Go ahead ask Moose… Tell him Moose I’m calm… and even if I wasn’t calm it should be perfectly understandable right now considering my kingdom has been over thrown by a whiney five year old who with the mark of Cain and a out of control temper!” Crowley ran out of breath sucking in a lot of air when he was done yelling.

“There has to be another way to fix this… Another way to remove the mark,” Cas sighed rubbing his hands together, “Okay who has ideas.”

“You want that mark off squirrel? You gotta kill him!” Crowley cried. “And I’m not doin it with all that time I put in… no way!”

“No one is killing Dean… That’s not an option,” Cas said squinting at Crowley angry at him for even suggesting it.

“I’ve gotta go,” Charlie sighed coming into the room putting her phone in her pocket.

“What no Charlie we need all the help we can get and if you leave we’re doomed,” Sam explained upset.

“I’m sorry but that was Dorothy… apparently things aren’t going so well in Oz either. She needs my help… she’s pregnant she can’t do it on her own,” Charlie said looking up set. “I’ll be back as soon as I can, I promise.”

“Okay,” Sam sighed giving her a big hug. “Be safe okay?”

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled. “You too don’t do anything stupid…”

“Okay,” Sam nodded.

“Bye Cas,” Charlie said wrapping her arms around him.

Cas awkwardly hugged her back. “Goodbye Charlie.”

“Bye Crowley,” Charlie waved at him.

“Darling don’t be so formal,” Crowley said pulling her into a hug. “Best of love to soon to be mommy.”

“Okay,” Charlie smiled. She headed for a door with a lock and she put in her magic key to go back to Oz. Before she left she turned around and said, “Help Dean. I want to see you all in one piece when I get back.” And then she was gone.

“We need a plan,” Cas said turning back to Sam and Crowley.

“Crowley do you have anyone on your side?” Sam asked.

“No it’s not like when Abadon tried. Not everybody feared her,” Crowley sighed. “But Squirrel is Dean bloody Winchester… Everyone is scared of him, even when he was human demons hated crossing his path. And now that he wants to be the King of Hell no one is going to oppose him. And anyone who would be crazy enough to do it is already dead by now. I promise you.”

“Then what do we do?” Cas sighed sitting down at the table putting his head in his hands.

“Well you heard him Cas,” Crowley murmured after a second. “He wants you to rule with him.”

“Never,” Cas growled from behind his hands.

“No don’t actually do it. Just ya know pretend. Use that to get him alone we’ll jump out and tie him up and keep in the dungeon,” Sam suggested.

“It’s a plan,” Crowley shrugged.

“I don’t know if could do something like that,” Cas grimaced at the thought.

“You have a better idea?” Crowley raised his eyebrows.

“No,” Cas sighed hesitantly.

“Good then get your coat dear you’re leaving…” Crowley said pointing to Cas’ trench coat that was hanging off a chair.

Cas sighed and pulled the coat on rolling his eyes. “I don’t know if this is even a good idea,” Cas admitted looking down.

“Poppycock! Now down in hell there is a throne room where I can guarantee you he is doing all his biding and drinking all my booze. Remember the hallway with the line?” Crowley asked.

“I believe so,” Cas nodded.

“When we turned down the empty hall way there was all those doors. Go to the door all the way at the end of the hall. That’s the throne room. Once you see him convince him you’re with him one hundred percent. There is a bar in my throne room. It may have been hard to get Dean drunk as a human but getting him drunk as a demon will be near impossible. That’s why I suggest you get him to drink two whole bottles of my absences. Then bring him to the Green Motel room 12 down the street from here. That’s where Baby boy Winchester and I will be waiting with demon chains,” Crowley explained.

“How do I convince him I’m with him?” Cas asked not sure of himself.

“Tell him some mushy gushy love stuff,” Crowley shrugged.

“What about the grace oil it should be done in about an hour,” Cas mentioned looking at the timer they had set up a while ago on the table.

“What good is grace oil now?!” Crowley questioned.

“You never know when we could need it,” Sam said. “Plus you said it’s rare we just can’t throw it away.”

“Sam is right,” Cas added.

“Then I’ll take care of it! What do I need to do?” Crowley yelled annoyed.

“Take it off the heat when the timer goes off. Stir it with the leopard’s tail and put it in the freezer,” Cas explained.

“Okay,” Crowley growled frustrated. “Now off you pop!”

Cas rolled his eyes. “Be careful.”

“You too,” Sam nodded.

Cas was gone. He was in the hall of damned souls. The line was slow and everyone looked like they were robots moving together as the line moved forward. No demon’s in sight. Cas made his way suspiciously to the empty hall he’d been down once before only to see three demon guards standing there. Cas thought about how easy it would be to just take them out. But no maybe he wanted to get caught. Show Dean that he was truly with him by not killing his soldiers.

Cas took a deep breath and let it slowly out rounding the corner giving a surprised look to the guards. They were immediately coming at Cas and Cas just let them take him. Two held him in place as the third one stood in front of him.

“What are you doing here?” The third Demon asked.

“I’m here to see the King,” Cas answered.

“No one sees the king…” The demon smirked.

“Oh trust me he wants to see me,” Cas murmured.

“Oh? What makes you so special?” The demon’s face scrunched up in disgust.

“I’m his angel. Castiel. Maybe you’ve heard of me?” Cas gave him the same face.

“You’re Castiel?” The demon scoffed.

“Yes now let me see Dean, I mean the king,” Cas glared.

After a long second of eye staring the demon finally caved. “Bring him in.”

The two other demons nodded and pulled Cas to the door. When the door opened Cas could see everything. There were demons in a line, a long bar, a hot tub, a pool table, and there sat Dean sprawled over the throne. He was shirtless and relaxing eyes closed while an over worked demon fanned him. A crown sat on top of his head but was too big so it sat lopsided. He was wearing lose fitting jeans and his bare feet were draped over the chair arms.

They dragged Cas up to in front of the throne and the demon fanning him cleared his throat. Dean made an annoyed sound and opened his eyes angrily staring at the demon. “What is it Grant!?”

“Th- There’s um, your highness, there are people here,” Grant pointed hiding behind the fan a bit.

Dean turned his head face softening a bit when he saw Cas. “Baby!” He called happily standing up and nearly running at him. He paused him front of him. “Take your disgusting hands off my angel before I cut them off,” Dean growled at the two demons that still hand a hold on Cas.

“S-Sorry your highness…” They both apologized letting go of Cas immediately.

“He was found outside the door, your highness,” One of them said.

“Yeah… Coming to see me! Now go away!” Dean demanded. The two demons nearly tripped running back to the hall.

Dean’s eyes settled on Cas. “Hello Dean,” Cas greeted him forcing a smile.

“Hello Cas,” Dean chuckled slipping his hands around Cas’ waist. “You come here to tell me you’ve changed your mind and that you want to rule with me?”

“Yes actually,” Cas gave and encouraging look.

Dean smiled running a hand up Cas’ back to his neck pulling him in for a deep kiss. Cas kissed back eagerly licking into Dean’s mouth. Dean laughed enjoying the excitement and pulled back biting Cas’ bottom lip on his way back. Dean made a sound of approval and started nipping up Cas’ jaw line licking and pressing a kiss and each light mark soothing it. Stopping at Cas’ ear Dean hummed from the back of his throat causing Cas’ breathing to hitch. Dean chuckled darkly. “It’s a shame I don’t believe you.”Cas pulled his face back looking surprised into Dean’s eyes. “I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night Cas.”

“Dean I really am here to be with you. I figure if this is what you want I should be with you through it. I love you Dean. That means we’re together through everything,” Cas hated himself for saying every word.

“Really? You go from never to yes just like that? I’m not buying it…” Dean shrugged.

“You know what they say… If you can’t beat them, join them,” Cas smiled.

“Oh so you’re not even going to try and find a way to beat me?” Dean asked not wanting to give in so easily.

“The only person who would know the answer to that is Crowley and the second I let him out of that devils trap he was gone,” Cas lied. “I’m done Dean. I’m tired and the only thing I want to do is be with you. If that means taking over hell with you then so be it.” Cas clamped his fingers together behind Dean’s neck.

Dean sighed and smiled pulling Cas in closer. “I’m glad you feel that way,” Dean leaned down brushing his lips lightly against Cas’.

“Wanna celebrate?” Cas suggested gesturing towards the bar.

Dean smirked. “I think that is just about the best idea ever right now,” Dean laughed pulling out if Cas’ grip just holding his hand as they walked up to the bar.

The bar tender looked nervous but tough. He had nice features and smooth light brown skin that complimented his eyes nicely. “What can I get for ya?” He asked trying to stay calm.

“Well Mike, I think…” Dean started.

“We’ll have Absence…” Cas interjected with a smile.

Mike looked at Cas wide eyed never really thinking anyone was allowed to cut Dean off. Mike’s eyes moved to Dean’s waiting for approval. “You heard my baby!” Dean said. Mike jumped at Dean’s response and went to get the drinks. “This stuff is really strong Cas,” Dean said to Cas tone much nicer.

“I think I can handle it Dean,” Cas smirked.

“Here you are your highness,” Mike set down the two glasses and walked away.

“To us,” Dean winked picking up his glass and clinking it against Cas’.

Cas smiled nodding and drank the whole glass in one gulp. “That is,” Cas coughed, “Very strong.”

“Yeah you should take it easy with this stuff,” Dean laughed only sipping his.

“No come one why don’t you try drinking the whole thing at once like me,” Cas suggested squeezing Dean’s hand encouragingly.

Dean looked at Cas in disbelief for a second and smiled. “Yeah okay…” Dean gulped the liquid down. He made it look so easy. Dean slammed the empty glass on the counter. “Two more!”

Mike was quickly setting two glasses down in front of them and leaving just as fast. Before Dean even picked up his drink Cas had already gulped his. “Your turn,” Cas said throat burning. He was starting to feel something.

“Whoa Cas these aren’t shots my friend, they will destroy you,” Dean laughed.

“Let’s get ‘destroyed’ then,” Cas murmured with a wink.

“God you’re hot when you’re tipsy,” Dean breathed swallowing his drink back eyes never leaving Cas.

“Imagine me drunk,” Cas added giving Dean his most seductive look.

“Bring the bottle!” Dean demanded. Not taking his eyes off of Cas he grabbed the bottle from Mike a poured them both another drink. “Let’s do this,” Dean smiled sucking back his glass.

They sat there for about two hours laughing a drinking. Cas had missed this. Demon Dean wasn’t all that bad when it was just Cas and him. Cas knew that he had to stay focused though. Dean had shot back two times as many cups as Cas had but Cas was still very drunk. Almost as drunk as Dean.

Finishing off their third bottle Cas whispered, “Do you wanna get out of here?”

“Out of my throne room?” Dean asked slurring a bit.

“Yeah,” Cas nodded eyes a bit heavy.

“I can just tell everyone to leave,” Dean said with a smile.

Cas leaned close to Dean’s ear, “Yeah but I kind of have motel kink.” Cas was proud of himself for remembering that word from the website.

“Oh do ya now?” Dean chucked lightly when Cas kissed right under his ear. “Okay then…”

“I know just the place,” Cas smiled against Dean and suddenly they were in the motel room Crowley had said to meet him and Sam at. Dean pushed Cas up against the wall and started kissing him hard.

“Oh god Cas,” Dean groaned into him. “You’re so hot. I’m going to treat you real nice tonight…” Dean’s hands started to fiddle with Cas’ tie as he grinded against Cas’ hips pulling a moan from him. “Every sound from your mouth is like crack. I can’t get enough.” He gently cupped Cas and Cas nearly yelped in pleasure. “I love it!” Cas threw his head back against the wall closing his eyes.

Cas hadn’t noticed that he had been grinding against Dean too until suddenly Dean’s touch was gone. Cas wanted to cry. He lifted his head opening his eyes to see Dean was locked in the demon chains with Crowley and Sam holding him down. Cas sighed.

“Cas what the hell?!” Dean called. They were suddenly in the dungeon Sam tying Dean to a chair.

“I’m sorry Dean it had to be this way,” Cas answered leaving the room with Crowley and Sam shutting the door behind him.

“Nice work Cassie boy!” Crowley laughed patting Cas on the back hard causing Cas to nearly fall face forward but Sam caught him.

“Whoa Cas, are you alright?” Sam asked holding him up.

“I may be just a… just a little intoxicated,” Cas pressed his lips together his face scrunching up, hanging on to Sam.

“Cas that face is never goo... Oh damn it Cas!” Sam yelled as Cas threw up all over the front of him.

“That is the best thing I have ever seen!” Crowley laughed so hard no sound was coming out.

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