After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 25

Chapter 25: Safest Option

“Okay so get this,” Sam said walking into the library examining a book in his hand.

“Sam I’m sorry but right now your voice is very aggravating,” Cas murmured taking a sip of his coffee and relaxing back in his chair.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have drunken so much with Dean last night…” Sam rolled his eyes, essence of an amused smile on his lips.

“This is not funny Sam,” Cas growled upset.

“It’s a little funny,” Sam shrugged smiling.

“My head hurts,” Cas sighed rubbing his forehead.

“Can’t you just make yourself better?” Sam asked.

“No, I’m way to hung over to even focus on trying to make myself feel better,” Cas explained.

“Suck it up angel!” Crowley called walking through the front door.

“Where have you been?” Sam asked annoyed.

“I went out for some fresh air,” Crowley replied plopping down in a chair next to Cas.

“Oh, your voice is even worse,” Cas groaned pressing his hands to his ears.

“I’m not going to say that didn’t hurt Cas…” Crowley said sarcastically pulling Cas’ chair so it was facing him. Crowley inched forward to the edge of his seat and examined Cas’ face.

“What are you doing?” Cas questioned uncomfortable leaning away from Crowley.

“A trick to get rid of a hangover,” Crowley rolled his eyes grabbing Cas’ head and pulling him close. “We don’t have time for you to be a grump.” Crowley opened his mouth slightly and red smoke came out and went into Cas’ mouth.

“Cas?!” Sam called rushing to his side as both Cas’ and Crowley’s bodies went limp.

Before Sam knew it the red smoke was back on its way into Crowley’s body. Crowley sat up straight. “Now come on look at me,” Crowley instructed.

Cas looked up wide eyed and a bit offended. “Did you just possess me?!” Cas asked alarmed.

“Don’t be so dramatic…” Crowley said. “Now how do you feel?”

“Better, actually,” Cas answered after a second of hesitation.

“You’re welcome,” Crowley mutter pushing Cas away again.

“What did you just do?” Sam asked eyeing Cas, but speaking to Crowley.

“I told you hangover remedy,” Crowley smirked.

“But how did you do it,” Sam turned to Crowley intrigued.

“Easy Cas was hung over, I was not. There for I could heal the meat suit myself,” Crowley explained patting Sam on the back.

“This isn’t my vessel it’s my body Crowley,” Cas sighed.

“Hey a meat suit is a meat suit no matter who is wearing it,” Crowley shrugged pulling the book out of Sam’s hand. Sam had forgotten all about the book. “Doing research are we?”

“Yeah while you were out doing, god knows what!” Sam said upset.

“Whoa Moose calm down I was going something productive,” Crowley defended himself.

“Shooting yourself full of human blood is not productive,” Cas raised his eye brows at Crowley. “Look the last thing we need is you becoming an emotional wreck. You need the strength to take over your kingdom again.”

“Sorry what am I doing?” Crowley scoffed.

“Dean can’t rule he’s tied up and with heaven going crazy we don’t need hell doing the same thing,” Sam explained.

“How is heaven?” Crowley questioned Cas.

Cas’ face scrunched up thinking. “I… don’t know really…. It’s been quiet. I should go check,” Cas stood up. “I’ll be back.”And Cas was gone.

“Should we go with him?” Sam asked.

“No he should be fine,” Crowley turned the page in his book not looking up. “Why are you reading up on demon behavior?”

“Not just any behavior… Knight of hell behavior,” Sam said.

Crowley looked at Sam for a second a sighed, “They’re dicks. Example A: Abadon. Example B: Squirrel hopped up on Cain juice.”

“Well maybe they have weaknesses,” Sam remarked, pulling the book away from Crowley.

“Everybody has weaknesses dear Moose. Everybody except for knights of hell,” Crowley explained annoyed at Sam for snatching the book away.

Sam sighed. “I know that’s what I was going to tell Cas. Not even am exorcism can keep them away for long. They can climb out of the pit easy even if they were exorcised. Takes a bit longer than usual but they can do it. I mean with all the things it says here I doubt those demon chains will hold Dean much longer.”

“Yeah the only way to keep a knight of hell at bay would be to…” Crowley stopped not wanting to finish his sentence.

“To lock them down there and throw away the key,” Sam said knowing that was where Crowley going.

Crowley looked up glaring, “There is no safe way to do that Moose.”

“Yeah well maybe it’s out safest option,” Sam said after a second.

“There is only one way you can lock him up and that is in a cage like Lucifer’s. Too bad only people who can make cages like that are archangels and god! We have one dead archangel, two locked in a cage, one that may or may not be dead, and a god that is MIA! And we are not, I repeat, are not opening Lucifer’s cage so he and Michael can get out just so we can throw Dean in,” Crowley explained upset.

“Well that means we need to find Gabriele. Cas said there is a chance he’s not dead,” Sam said shrugging.

“How do you suppose we find him? There is a more than a fifty percent chance he’s dead,” Crowley’s voice was full of stress. “I need another hit.”

“You need to stop sucking that stuff down and focus on being a maniacal cold hearted demon,” Sam glared at Crowley.

“You want me to be like that?” Crowley asked surprised.

“No but that’s the only way you’re going to take back hell,” Sam sighed.

“I already told you Moose. There is no way that is happening. Not as long as Dean is in charge. Chained up or not if anyone sees me I’m dead,” Crowley explained.

“Um…” Cas appeared.

“Cas?! What’s going on?” Crowley asked turning away from Sam.

“Heaven. It was in complete chaos, but the second I got up there everyone stopped and bowed.” Cas replied face looking confused. “They said they were tired of not having orders, that the chaos was too much. They said I’m in charge.”

“You’re the king of heaven?” Sam asked with a smirk.

“I suppose… But this is the thing I’ve been trying to avoid,” Cas sighed sitting down upset.

“I’m sorry Cas… I am but this is something you have to do,” Sam explained.

Cas looked up and him with puppy dog eyes. “I suppose I don’t have choice.”

“No you don’t,” Crowley said harshly. “Now Cas you said Gabriele might be alive.”

Cas looked at him face saddened. “No, he was. Metatron brought him back when he was god. But once Metatron stopped being god… every angel he brought back… died once the tablet smashed. Gabriele is dead for good.”

Sam looked down in shock. “He is really dead?”

“Yeah,” Cas nodded sadly.

“Damn it,” Crowley said slamming his fist on the table.

“Why are you asking about him anyways?” Cas asked.

“We were thinking that shoving Dean in a cage like Lucifer’s might be an option,” Crowley explained.

“Oh,” Cas sighed. “We can’t shove Dean away,” he shook his head. “I’d never see him again.”

“Well that’s better than him destroying everybody,” Crowley reasoned.

“Well there’s no way to do it anyways,” Cas said.

“Actually,” Sam butt in clearing his throat, “There may be one way.”

Cas and Crowley both shot angry stares in Sam’s direction. “That is not an option,” Crowley growled.

“Why not?” Sam asked.

“Why not? I’ll tell you why not! It wouldn’t stop Dean from being the king of hell! It would lock me down there with every demon on my ass! It would kill you Sam! Probably dragging your ass down there with me!” Crowley shouted.

“I’m not leaving Dean again. If he gets locked down there, I’m locking myself down there with him. With me down there, nobody would be there to watch over heaven,” Cas added.

“You won’t get dragged down there if you’re the demon I do it on,” Sam sighed. “I don’t care if it kills me, and Cas you have heaven to run, you can abandon them.”

“I can’t run heaven Sam! I will just mess it up like I have time and time before! And I’m sorry but living without Dean is not an option!” Cas’ voice cracked.

“Cas if I could take the burden off your shoulders I would,” Sam admitted.

Cas was silent for a second. “There might be a way…”

“What do you mean?” Crowley asked suspiciously.

“I could give Sam my grace,” Cas said. “He would become an angel.”

“You can do that?” Sam questioned.

“Yes and since you weren’t an angel to begin with the grace would become yours and it won’t burn you out,” Cas explained.

“That gives me an idea,” Sam raised his eye brows.

“This is crazy talk we’re not closing the gates of hell!” Crowley yelled.

“No! Don’t you see Crowley! This is your chance to be human again! And I bet if we do the grace swap quickly after I cure you I won’t die! I could take over heaven for Cas! Cas could stay in hell with Dean!” Sam explained.

“You’re off your rocker you are!” Crowley exclaimed.

“Crowley this might be the only way!” Cas agreed with Sam.

“I guess it’s worth a shot…” Crowley sighed after a moment.

Sam smiled. “Okay! Let’s go check on Dean,” Sam suggested.

They all went down the hall to the dungeon. They walked in and Dean started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Crowley demanded.

“I could hear everything you guys were talking about. It’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard!” Dean laughed harder.

“It’s our best option,” Cas said.

“Cas baby you’re better than this!” Dean pleaded. “Besides there is no way you can get me down there in time for the gates to shut with me on the inside!”

Sam looked at Crowley worried. Crowley nodded at Sam and turned to Dean. “I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you…” Crowley smiled.

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