After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 26

Chapter 26: Be Good

“How much time after the spell is done do we have until the gates are closed for good,” Sam asked extracting blood his fourth syringe of blood from his arm.

“About five minutes,” Crowley said flipping through one of Kevin’s notebooks. “That’s how long it will take to suck up all the demons on the earth.”

“The only demon it won’t suck up is Dean,” Cas added from his chair in the foyer.

“Right because knights of hell are the only ones strong enough to not get sucked up,” Crowley nodded. “Says so right here.”

“That’s a stupid rule,” Sam murmured with a sigh.

“Well if there were any arch angels left they would have been the only ones strong enough to no get cast out of heaven,” Cas stated.

“So we just have to get him to stay down there,” Sam said disappointed. “How the hell are we supposed to do that?”

“The mark,” Crowley answered. “We can take if off for a short amount of time before it comes back.”

“I thought you said we can’t cut it off again…” Sam said confused.

“No, if you actually listened dear moose I said there is no point in cutting it off because it’ll just come back,” Crowley explained annoyed.

“Well how long before the mark would come back?” Sam asked.

“Probably ten minutes, but that is just a guess. It could come back instantly,” Crowley shrugged.

“We can try it, explain to him what is happening,” Cas suggested.

“Cas you need to be down there when the gates shut too,” Crowley said.

“If you give your angel grace to me how will you get down there?” Sam asked confused.

Cas opened his mouth to say something but paused for a moment. “Well I can’t fly down there…”

“I can get him there,” Crowley explained. “I’ll just extract the grace from him down there. When I come back up we can finish the cure and give you the grace.”

“That might actually work,” Sam nodded approvingly.

“The way you would give Sam the grace is how I did it,” Cas said. “It should be easy.”

“Okay then that is what we’ll do!” Sam breathed heavy, feeling light headed.

“Maybe take a break with drawing blood,” Cas suggested.

“Yeah,” Sam leaned back in his chair. “Here Crowley the sooner we start the better,” Sam handed Crowley a syringe.

Crowley eyed it and took it from Sam after a second. “The good stuff,” Crowley smiled injecting the blood.

“So Sam,” Cas changed the subject. “This is the last time I will most likely see you.”

Sam looked up suddenly realizing that what Cas was saying was true. “Oh my god. You’re right,” Sam murmured in shock.

“I just want to say thank you for all you’ve done for me. And that I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve done to you,” Cas said smiling apologetically.

“Hey Crowley can Cas and I have moment please,” Sam turned to Crowley.

“Yeah, I’ll go see if we have anymore IV bags,” and Crowley was gone.

“Cas everything you have done for me makes up for everything you did,” Sam said after a second sitting down next to Cas.

“No lying to you and Dean, braking your wall, keeping the angel tablet from you two, the things I did. I’m sorry,” Cas looked down.

Sam put his hand on Cas’ shoulder. “You were doing what you thought was right. Cas buddy you’re like a brother to me. You were trying to save heaven so you lied, that’s completely understandable. You broke my wall, which was frankly going to crack anyways, and then took my burden. You saved my ass. And when you ran with the tablet, it wasn’t your fault you had been brain washed and you didn’t know who to trust,” Sam explained. “Cas I have never been so proud to call someone my brother. Even Dean. You have nothing to apologize for. I should be thanking you. I’m gonna miss you Castiel.”

Cas kept his head down, “I don’t deserve those nice words.”

“Yes you do. Cas you’re the one angel in the world that turned out not to be a dick. You’re the one angel on this earth that actually cared when no one else did. What you don’t deserve is the way you feel about yourself,” Sam added.

Cas looked up and smiled. “You’re like a brother to me too. And I’m glad that you’re my family. You are the one brother out of my many I could always count on. I’m going to miss you too Sammy,” Cas opened his arms for a hug.

Sam laughed and pulled Cas to his feet wrapping his arms around him. “You take good care of yourself and Dean, okay?” Sam mumbled into Cas’ shoulder.

“You take care of yourself and the angels, okay?” Cas laughed in response.

Sam sniffled looking up trying to keep his tears back. “I will buddy.”

Cas pulled back to look Sam in the eye. “I think now we’re finally doing what is right.”

“Me too Cas,” Sam smiled placing a hand on Cas’ shoulder.

“Enough with the water works,” Crowley said walking into the room. “Lookie what I found!” He held up an empty IV bag and glass bottle. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

“There is one more thing I should do first,” Cas announced popping out of sight. Suddenly he was in the dungeon.

“Hey Cas,” Dean smiled black eyes somehow lit up at the sight of his angel.

“Now I’m going to see you down there Dean,” Cas said walking over to him.

“Oh god! Are you guys really stuck on this?” Dean laughed nervously.

“I love you!” Cas placed a light kiss on Dean’s lips and slipped his hand in Dean’s jacket.

“Cas come on,” Dean sighed.

“We’re going to be happy Dean,” Cas said.

“You don’t know that,” Dean mumbled black eyes flicking back to green.

“I do,” Cas smiled kissing Dean once more before he was back in the foyer with Sam and Crowley again.

“You got the blade,” Crowley smiled taking it from Cas.

Cas took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”

“You sure?” Crowley asked looking up.

“Yes,” Cas turned to Sam and gave him once last hug. “Thank you for everything…”

“Stop,” Sam interrupted him. “Thank you Cas!” Sam wrapped his arms around Cas.

Cas pulled back and smiled and turned to Crowley. “Let’s do this.”

Crowley nodded and suddenly they were in a room. “This place is secluded. To get to the throne room go out the doors and hang a left.”

“Thank you Crowley,” Cas said looking him in the eye.

“For what?” Crowley asked confused.

“I know we never got along well but it turns out in the end all you want to do it help,” Cas smiled. “You took care of Dean and Sam. Now I expect you to still take care of Sam when I’m gone.”

“No doubt about it,” Crowley smiled. “Ready?” He asked after a second holding up his angel blade.

“As I’ll ever be,” Cas sighed holding out his neck.

Crowley took a deep breath a cut Cas’ throat letting the blue grace drain into the little glass bottle. Crowley place his hand over Cas’ neck and the cut was healed. “Since I’m not gonna be a demon anymore there is no punishment for doing that,” Crowley laughed helping Cas up right. “How do you feel?”

“Human,” Cas laughed voice rough and dry.

“Be good Cas,” Crowley said. “Take care of my squirrel.”

“Sure thing,” Cas wrapped his arms around Crowley which startled Crowley.

Crowley gave in after a second and hugged him back. “Bye angel,” Crowley winked and was gone, back in the bunker with Sam.

Sam was in his chair in the library head in his hands. “You do it?” His voice was dull and sad.

“Yeah,” Crowley walked over to Sam. “You okay?”

“I’m gonna miss him,” Sam looked up eyes watering.

“You know… I think I will too,” Crowley smirked fondly patting Sam on the back.

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