After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 27

Chapter 27: Audi Nos

“You ready?” Sam asked Crowley holding up a full syringe.

“Yeah…” Crowley looked weakly over at Dean. “You ready?”

“Shove it up your ass! This isn’t going to work…” Dean grumbled sitting back in his chair. “You’re both to weak to even get me down there…”

“Maybe, but you’re not…” Sam breathed heavily grabbing Dean’s arm.

With a loud screech from Dean, Sam sliced the mark off. “What the hell Sammy!?” Dean yelled snapping out of his Cain faze.

“Oh thank god! You gotta listen quick Dean,” Sam took a sharp intake of breath.

“Sammy what’s wrong?!” Dean asked panicked seeing his younger brother sick, quickly forgetting his own pain.

“You need to go down to hell and let the gates shut with you behind them,” Sam said.

“Wait what?! Why?” Dean questioned looking fearfully into his brother’s eyes.

“Dean the mark will take over again at anytime,” Sam heaved a heavy breath. “Cas is down there waiting for you.”

“Sammy don’t be silly I’m not letting the gates of hell close with me behind them…” Dean laughed nervously caressing Sam’s face. “I’d never see you again.”

“You’ll have Cas,” Sam explained loudly. “Dean I’ll be fine…”

“What are you talking about? I can’t leave without my little bro,” Dean said.

“You’re going to have to! The Mark is turning you into something terrible!”

“Sammy! I got rid of the mark! Remember?” Dean yelled confused.

“No it came back and it will again! You need to go now!” Sam screamed back unlocking Dean’s cuffs.

“Go squirrel!” Crowley shouted weak from the corner of the dungeon.

“Crowley?” Dean asked confused. “I don’t understand what is happening.”

Sam sighed annoyed. “Dean you are my big brother! You have always been there for me even when you didn’t want to be! I have looked up to you! Even in tough times we were always able to work things out! You sold your soul for me and I nearly did the same for you! We have saved each other over and over! Maybe it’s time we stopped doing that! This couldn’t go on forever anyways! Look Dean it’s time to let go! We’ve done so much wrong! This is our chance to do something right! If we pull this off I’ll be proud of us too!”

“Sammy stop!” Dean interrupted Sam confused. Dean’s eyes turned black, he gripped tight on Sam’s face and he threw Sam against the wall. “Maybe if you didn’t try and add in the love fest you would have actually locked me down there in time for the gates to shut.”

Sam looked up at Dean dizzily. “Damn it!” He growled.

“Try and cut it off again Moose!” Crowley suggested.

“It’ll come back faster and faster!” Dean laughed. “There is no way for you to do this.”

“He’s right maybe this was a stupid idea,” Crowley sighed.

“No there is a way,” Sam mumbled pulling Crowley to is feet. “I have an idea! Come with me!”

Crowley followed Sam out into the library. “What’s your big idea?”

“Let’s cure you… You said that we have about five minutes before the hell’s gates shut, if we cure you then send him down there, there is no way he can get out in time,” Sam explained.

“I guess in theory that could work…” Crowley shrugged. “But wait if you cure me, you die if we don’t get that angel grace in you as soon as possible,” Crowley added. “It may take time to get that angel grace in you, so we wouldn’t have time to exorcize Dean.”

“What if we just put the angel grace in me first,” Sam suggested.

“Don’t you need to do that hand hulla ballo thing?” Crowley asked.

“Not necessarily true… we just need my blood, and maybe that’s all we need to really do this. We have plenty of syringes full of my blood,” Sam said.

“Okay I guess,” Crowley shrugged. He pulled the little bottle of Cas’ angel grace. “Let’s do this.”

Sam grabbed the IV bag off the table and handed it to Crowley. Crowley gave him a nervous look and injected the grace into the bag. Sam took a deep breath, and sat back in a chair. “Okay go ahead.”

Crowley nodded slowly putting the needle into Sam’s arm. Sam cringed as the blue grace drained into his arm. It felt like drinking twenty cups of coffee at once. It felt like he was so energized. It stung but felt like pleasure at the same time. “Moose?” Sam heard. It sounded blurry though. Sam really couldn’t focus on it. He just focused on the immense power that was now emanating through his body. Suddenly everything was black.

Sam opened his eyes to see Crowley over top of him with a worried look. This was odd. He could see Crowley’s true form. It didn’t scare him. It’s like he knew what Crowley was going to look like and that he had nothing to be scared of. The odd taste of alcohol sat on his tongue. He could tell it was alcohol but it tasted so pure… he could taste everything. He pushed Crowley off of him. “Why do I taste liquor?”

“I’ve been snowwhiting you for the past fifteen minutes…” Crowley admitted shamefully watching Sam intently.

“Blech,” Sam wiped his mouth standing up. It’s weird for the first time in his life Sam finally felt what it was like not to be tired. Not to be jittery. To be just fine. He liked it.

“How do you feel?” Crowley questioned after a second.

“Good… How do I look? My soul I mean?” Sam asked.

“Well it hasn’t bent into your angel for yet. You still look like you,” Crowley shrugged.

“Oh,” Sam took a deep breath. He could smell every particle. He didn’t mind it because everything together really wasn’t a bad smell as people would think.

“You ready to cure me?” Crowley asked holding out his syringe.

“Yeah…” Sam said taking the syringe. “You ready?”

“Yeah, remember as soon as you heal me run in there an exorcize Dean…” Crowley reminded Sam. Sam nodded and injected the one more syringe into Crowley’s blood, as he did he murmured the exorcism.

Crowley’s head fell back as bright red light shot from his eyes and turned into bright white light. Sam had no time to see if Crowley was okay he would do that later but now he needed to see about Dean. Sam rushed down the hall to the dungeon.

“Aw my little Sammy,” Dean laughed. “You know I used to think Cas was the angel mom said was watching over me… but now I guess it’s you. It’s always been you huh?”

“You… Your face!” Sam breathed.

“What not to pleased with what ya see huh?” Dean asked smiling.

“I just never expected to see you like this,” Sam sighed.

“Sammy come on you don’t have to do this,” Dean said.

“No I do and the best part is Dean. I don’t even care,” Sam smiled.

“What do you mean you don’t care?” Dean asked worry lingering on his face.

“It’s funny, right? I mean I guess that now since I’m an angel I don’t need to care. I don’t have the ability,” Sam shrugged. “I’m an angel set back to its factory settings and for the first time I feel great!”

Dean’s face looked upset. “Look Sammy I’m the king of hell and I still care about you. Just in a different way.”

“That is just the thing Dean. I don’t care about you at all anymore. I truly don’t. There is a fine line between angel and demon.” Sam said.

“Sammy please, don’t let me go without you even pretending to care. I took care of you my whole life. Don’t I even deserve that. Can you just pretend for me?” Dean asked. His face looked hurt. And underneath it all, the only reason Dean had tried to kill Sam and leave him to rot was because he loved him. He still does. He didn’t want Sam to see what he’d become. Perhaps being an angel was what they should have been scared of becoming. Because Sam was truly a nightmare.

“Why should you deserve anything?” Sam questioned.

“Because I’m your brother!” Dean shouted.

“You’re a filthy abomination that deserves to rot in hell!” Sam yelled back.

“Sammy…” Dean started.

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.” Sam started a smile pulling at his lips.

Dean screamed. “Sammy please!” Dean looked up actual tears formed in his eyes. Sam was not expecting that.

Sam continued anyways. “Ergo, draco maledicte. Ecclesiam tuam securi tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus!”

“Sammy don’t do this!” Dean shouted.

“Audi nos.” Sam muttered as dark black smoke roughly poured from Dean’s moth and seeped into the ground.

It was over. He would never see his brother again. Sam didn’t care though. How could he? He doesn’t have the ability anymore. Maybe that’s not the worst thing in the world. Because Sam would rather sit here and stare at his brother’s dead lifeless empty corpse and feel nothing what’s so ever, then sit here and feel like killing himself. This was for the best.

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