After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 29

Chapter 29: one year later

Dean bit his bottom lip thinking. Just thinking. Legs dangling over the side of his throne. Dean thought about a lot of things the past year. How Sam turned into an angel and had no problem locking him in hell. How Crowley was a backstabbing jackass who promised never to leave his side but did. That’s the reason Dean took over the throne. He thought to himself many of times. It was because Crowley was unfit. He knew this wasn’t the real reason because after time his head cleared and this whole being a demon thing became easier. He was more sensible and feeling more like his old self. He realized how crazy he had acted reflecting on it. Why burn the whole place down? Make it bigger, make it better. A bad better. Where everyone lived, but to serve him. He wouldn’t kill everyone. That would take away from his empire. This would be the plan now if he wasn’t locked in hell. There’s no getting out though… so why does it matter? Instead Dean finds ways to distract himself.

“My lord…” A demon Dean knew quite well by the name of Carla now pulled him from his thoughts.

“What?” Dean answered annoyed leaning back not looking at her.

“We have another sir…” She said quietly.

“Carla sweetheart, you mumble, and that gets annoying,” Dean said sighing.

Carla cleared her throat, struggling to speak. “We have another sir.” She said clearly.

“Another what?” Dean asked.

“Prisoner. Number nine sir,” Carla read from a clip board in her hands.

“Nine?” Dean’s head shot up and he turned his body towards her placing his elbows on his knees. “He must be very old,” Dean laughed with a shrug. “Bring him in!”

The large doors at the end of the hall opened in a in walked a large pale man. He was strong but also looked weak. His long gray hair covered his face and he had cuts and bruises all over him. Two demons dragged the tortured soul down the path way to Dean and told him to stand up straight. Hesitantly the man straightened his back and head. His hairs fell to the side revealing his face. Dean marveled at it.

“You can’t older than thirty!” Dean exclaimed excitedly jumping from his seat and practically running over to the prisoner. Examining his bright green youthful eyes and unwrinkled face.

“Looks deceive, your highness,” the man looked up at Dean. “I’m actually very old. I’ve forgotten how old actually. It’s hard to keep track when every two seconds there is a knife stabbing into you.”

“Well, you’re definitely old enough, huh?” Dean smiled. “Lucifer put you in that demon jail cell himself I bet.”

“Where is he?” The demon asked.

“You don’t have the right to ask that question…” Dean stated.

“Why? All I want is to know… what can I do? It will cause no harm,” The demon reasoned.

“What is his name?” Dean asked turning to Carla.

“Sorry sir, all it says here is nine,” Carla offered the clip board.

Dean ignored the offer. “Is that your name? Nine?”

“Minus well be. That’s all I’m ever called,” The demon complained, “But um… No,” The demon looked ashamed.

“To be honest you’re the oldest prisoner I’ve met. Did they not take your name when they threw you in?” Dean asked.

“They didn’t even ask what it was,” The demon admitted.

“What is it?” Dean asked.

“Abram,” He answered kind of gasping. “I haven’t heard that spoken in… forever…” The man’s eyes watered. “Sorry your highness. It’s nice to hear it.”

“Abram,” Dean said looking at him. “From the bible?”

“The what?” Abram asked tears dripping from his face.

“You tried to kill your son because God told you too. But at the last minute, God took back what he said, and you didn’t and killed a ram instead?” Dean asked.

“God never took back what he said. He made me kill my sweet son…” A crack came from his voice.

“In the bible it says he does,” Dean sighed.

“He meant to,” a dark voice came from behind Dean.

“Continue?” Dean asked knowing it was Cas and glancing at him over his shoulder.

“He meant to… but the angel sent in Gods place didn’t make it in time,” Cas explained. “The boy was brought to heaven.”

“What? And he was dragged to hell for killing his son?” Dean asked surprised.

“No he came here because Lucifer snatched him up and brought him down here to start filling some cells and to get things rolling. Murder wasn’t even a technically a sin then,” Cas added.

“I have not committed a crime my lord!” Abram sobbed. “Please let me leave! I belong in heaven!”

“Heaven is a joke!” Dean laughed. “A once human angel now runs it! And half of the angels are dead! Plus God’s not even there.”

“Shut up!” Abram suddenly yelled his eyes flashing red. “He would never leave! He is a good and kind God. He wouldn’t leave!”

“My father would…” Cas sighed.

“Father?” Abram growled through his teeth.

“I used to be an angel,” Cas explained.

“Stop lying!” Abram snarled.

“Don’t call my baby a liar!” Dean called grabbing Abrams throat.

“I’m sorry…” Abram apologized after a minute. “It’s just… I never thought God would be one to…”

“Well he is!” Cas cut him off.

Dean let silence fall for a moment. “I see you customized…” Dean said after a minute letting go of Abram.

“What?” Abram asked confused.

“Your demon eyes… they’re red. I prefer standard issue,” Dean blinked to black for a second then back to green. “Tell me Abram do they offer you?”

“Offer me?” Abram asked.

“Have they ever asked you to hop off the hook? Ya know, you torture instead of being tortured,” Dean explained. “They should ask you at the end of each day.”

“I have never been asked such a thing,” Abram explained.

“Huh, so old they don’t even offer you…” Dean shrugged. “Lucifer is in a cage in hell. He cannot be removed and Michael and my brother Adam, is locked down there with him.”

“Sir why did you tell him that?! He has no right to ask!” Carla asked shocked.

“You Carla, have no right to ask…. But this man had not even been offered…” Dean explained. “He deserved to know and he didn’t even commit a crime.”

“Sorry sir,” Carla nodded stepping back, hating herself for speaking out.

“No longer with they torture you Abram! I have plans for you,” Dean announced. “Give him a nice room and a haircut. I don’t like long hair.”

“That’s the third one sir,” Carla said. “Why are you choosing specific ones to be treated nicely.”

“Because Carla,” Dean leaned in close. “You don’t have the right to ask that,” Dean smiled darkly. “Now everyone leave!”

Abram fell to his knees. “Thank you sir! Thank you!”

“Yes, yes just leave with the rest. See to his needs!” Dean yelled.

Everyone filed out. Dean turned to see Cas sitting on his throne. Dean walked over to him and smiled. He leaned down and kissed him. Cas kissed him back and Dean took that as an opportunity to sit on Cas’ lap.

“Why are you giving innocent souls special treatment Dean?” Cas asked pulling away.

Dean chuckled and rested his forehead on Cas’. “Because they will obey. And I need innocents to help keep order.”

“Why?” Cas asked.

“Because I want to spend more time with you Cas! This whole year was me controlling the mark and getting hell in order. I can’t run it on my own anymore. I want the really important things to come to me and the rest of my time be with you.” Dean explained.

“I wish Sam could see you now. If only he knew that if we waited longer you’d cool off,” Cas pressed his lips together.

Dean rolled his eyes at the mention of Sam’s name. He sat up right. “He wouldn’t care now any ways… he’s an angel. Emotions ripped out of him.”

“Dean we can’t change the past. You know we’ve tried,” Cas said slipping his fingers between Dean’s.

“Is there really no way out Cas?” Dean asked.

“We’ve tried everything… you know that Dean.” Cas sighed.

“There is one thing we haven’t tried yet,” Dean shrugged looking at Cas hopefully.

“No, you will not let my brothers out,” Cas said. More like stated as a fact.

“They could bust through the gates,” Dean explained.

“Yeah, then kill us!” Cas yelled.

“I could take them,” Dean shrugged.

“They are archangels. There is no ‘taking’ archangels! I’m done having this conversation!” Cas said angrily scrunching his face up.

“Okay babe, okay,” Dean gave up putting his hands up. “I just want to give you the world.”

“You have,” Cas shushed him grabbing his face and slowly pulling him into a kiss. Dean was back on top of him feeling Cas’ body with is finger tips under his shirt. Eventually Dean had Cas shrug off his coat and take off his shirt. Dean loved the warm soft skin. He loved the way Cas’ fingers twisted through his hair. He might not have the world but he had this. And this felt better.

“I love you,” Dean moaned into Cas’ ear.

Cas pulled away to look at him in the eyes. “I love you too.”

A smile pulled up Dean’s lips. He started to kiss Cas again.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Dean yelled standing up. “Who the hell is it!?”

The door slowly creaked open and there stood Carla nearly shaking. “I’m so sorry sir.”

“Why are you bothering me after hours? I’m with my angel!” Dean growled madly terrifying.

“There is something we believe you may want to see,” Carla’s voice shook.

“Bring it here!” Dean demanded annoyed want to get back to shirtless semi-boner Cas.

Carla nodded and nearly ran in down the long floor to the throne, almost tripping on her way. She handed Dean a package and said, “This was found under a rock next to a lava pit. It’s says to give to the king of hell on the top. That’s you now. We don’t know how long it’s been there though.”

Dean looked at the package. There was dirt caked on it and it was gross looking. “It was probably for Crowley,” Dean shrugged. “You may go,” Dean shooed Carla. Without a word she ran from the room pulling the door shut behind her.

“Are you going to open it?” Cas asked.

“Why not? I’m the king of hell babe. I can open up anyone’s mail. Even Crowley’s,” Dean laughed and sat next to Cas sharing the throne seat.

Dean tore open the paper seeing that it was nothing more than a stack of paper. The note on top said to look at the last page. Dean flipped it over to the last page. A note was written:

Dear Dean Winchester,

You probably thought this was a package for Crowley. But no. I planted it there for you. I’m dead now. No worries it’s as I planned. That was the goal. To write the best god damn story out there. I think I succeeded. It’s so good. It’s about war, and hate. Love between angel and man. You and Cas. Yes there is full smut of you two just going at it in here. I wanted you to read it. It’s based on a true story. And yes everything went as I planned. I told you I would win.


Dean looked up at Cas blankly. “It’s from Metatron.”

“What’s that?” Cas pointed at the bottom.

PS even if you don’t read the story. Read the last page.

Dean shrugged and turned the last page with text on it. It was short:

A story of two brothers and a fallen angel. The angel left dazed and confused a human soul forever. The brothers left sad and bruised never to see each other. But in the end it really did turn out well. After all one rules heaven, and the other rules hell.

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