After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 4

Chapter 4: Attachment

Cas settled comfortably in the front passenger seat of the impala. He relaxed still trying to regain his energy. Sam and Crowley on the other hand we’re at each other’s necks in the back seat. They were kicking and pushing each other trying to get comfortable.

“Move your over grown horse leg off my side!” Crowley complained pushing Sam’s legs away with both feet.

“I’m really tall and need a lot of leg space!” Sam growled pushing Crowley’s feet off his legs and attempting to wipe off the dirt left behind by his nice dress shoes. “Oh god Crowley where the hell have you been walking to get all this nasty crap all over the bottom of your shoes?” Sam asked angrily scraping at the stuck on dirt with his finger nails now.

“Hell!” Crowley cried with one last shove of Sam’s knee crossing his arms and leaning back in his seat. “Where the hell else would I have been walking?” he mumbled under his breath. Sam sighed and just lean back in his seat not wanting to continue their argument.

“Oh baby,” Sam heard Dean say from outside the car. Sam leaned forward and looked out the front windshield to see Dean laying belly down on the hood of the car rubbing the hood. “Baby I’ve missed you,” Dean comforted his car.

“Get a room!” Crowley called from his seat rolling his eyes.

“Dean lets go!” Sam yelled hitting the roof.

Dean snapped his head up and glared at Sam. His face softened though. He wasn’t going to be angry at Sam. Not after not having him for three weeks. Dean pushed himself up off the hood and walked around to the driver’s side. He opened the door and sat down in his seat taking in the scent of the old car. It smelled like Sammy, dirt, coffee, greasy cheap fast food, and a hint of smoke. No one ever smoked in the impala Dean knew that, so he wasn’t sure where the smell had come from. It had always been there though Dean liked it, it brought the car together. He turned and looked at Sam. He smiled and then tried to make his face serious.

“Sammy look I love ya but if you physically abuse my baby one again, Imma physically abuse you,” He gave Sam an ‘I’m just kidding… but not really kidding’ smile and turned back around. He stroked the dash board with his fingers. He liked the feeling of the old torn leather beneath his fingers, it was smooth yet rough at the same time. He let his fingers trail to the glove compartment. He spotted Cas and watched him for a second. It looked like he was trying to control his breathing.

“Come on,” Crowley urged leaning forward. “So where are we headed anyways?” he asked reaching over the front passenger seat to pet Cas’ head. Dean’s eyes darted strait to Crowley’s hand then to Crowley’s face. “Dean we’ve talked about this,” he sighed pulling his hand away from Cas’ head.

“Talked about what?” Sam asked leaning forward.

“Nothing Sammy,” Dean replied turning back to the wheel.

“Oh well now since Dean is a Dem…” Crowley started.

“Shut it!” Dean cut him off. “Where the hell are my keys?”

“Here,” Sammy said rummaging through his pockets pulling out the key. He placed it in Dean’s hand and Dean nearly snatched it shoving it into the ignition.

The car roared to life and Dean laughed. “Hey baby that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” He patted the wheel turning back to Cas. “Where are we headed?” Dean asked.

“I had the portal to heaven moved to a more remote location in an abandoned factory. It’s an hour away from here right outside the town. Head east,” Cas instructed as Dean pulled out backwards and exited the garage.

“Okie dokie,” Dean replied following Cas’ instructions. Dean turned on the old cassette player and let Eye of the Tiger play through the car. Dean mumbled along with the words down the road.

Sam pulled out his phone and pulled up notes. He typed out:

What have you and Dean ‘talked’ about exactly?

Sam handed the phone to Crowley. Crowley grumbled at the phone and turned away with a childish attitude. Sam rolled his eyes annoyed at Crowley’s unspoken tone and shoved the phone in his face. Crowley sighed and gave up, looking at the phone. He glanced up at Sam and smirked. He took the phone and started to tap out words with his short fingers.

You see dear moose. Now that brother dear Deanie has become demon dear Deanie he has become… Well you’ve seen him. More possessive over Cassy there. Demons tend to make tight bond with certain people. That’s why sometimes when they choose a meat suit they stick with it for as long as they can and go through great lengths to keep it. That’s why some demons don’t do dirty work themselves.

Crowley handed the phone to Sam and nodded with his head telling Sammy to read it. Every time Sam’s eyes met the word “demon” his stomach nearly flipped. Sam still had a hard time believing Dean was actually a demon. He seemed like Dean. Well Dean who’s a bit moody and a bit more compassionate about Cas, and has occasionally black eyes. But Dean seemed like Dean to Sam. His big brother. His best friend. His protector. The one he has to protect. Saying Dean was a demon was just impossible for Sam to wrap his head around. Sam knew that there had to be a way to change Dean back to human. That’s probably why he doesn’t see him as a demon now. He believes there’s some way to fix it. But ‘fixing it’ would have to wait until Cas got his grace back.

Sam thought for a second then started to type again:

Wait but Cas is an angel. He can’t posses him even if he wanted to. Plus I don’t really think dean wants to posses Cas. He just seems to want to keep him close. Crowley he’s not keeping Cas close because he wants to posses him right?

Sam handed the phone worriedly to Crowley. Sam watched Crowley’s eyes scan over the screen and then glance up at Sam. Crowley let out a loud long sigh, and rubbed his temple annoyed.

“Hey I don’t care if you don’t like my music Crowley! It’s time you become a cultured king of hell and learn to like it!” Dean laughed thinking Crowley was annoyed by his music and turned it up louder.

Crowley rolled his eyes. True, he preferred something different and gave Dean a hard time over the past three weeks about his music, but honestly it was starting to grow on him. Crowley looked back down at the phone and began typing again:

No you impossibly uncivilized gargantuan buffoon. Of course he doesn’t want to posses Cas. I just gave you an example! Demons can become attached to someone. Remember Meg? She became attached to Castiel too. I’m not saying this is the same exact thing, but it’s sorta similar not gonna lie. Dean will do anything for Cas and protect him even further past the best of his ability.

Sammy read his over the text on the screen when Crowley handed him the phone, and replied:

Yeah okay but why is he attached to Cas? I mean, is Cas just eye candy to you guys? Why not Joe-Shmo-From-Idaho?

This made Crowley chuckled a tad. Crowley liked explaining these types of things to people because he had the knowledge but not very many people were interested. That’s one reason he really liked Sammy, he was like a sponge always looking for more answers. Crowley explained:

Why is he attached to Cas? Well demons can become attached to someone who reminds that demon of someone who was special to them when they were human. Who reminds Dean of Cas better than Cas? Cas! So that’s what we talked about. Him trying to control his ‘attachment’ to Cas. Plus dear moosey, Cas is eye candy to everyone. ;)

The wink at the end made Sammy a bit uncomfortable, but then again a lot of things Crowley said made him uncomfortable. Sam knew the answer even before he read what Crowley had to say. He knew it was because, as Cas put it so long ago, they “do share a more profound bond.” Sam chuckled and leaned back in his seat closing his eyes. Not trying to drift off just to think. Just to collect his thoughts that were scattered about on the floor of his brain, as if it were the floor of a young boy’s bed room and he was rummaging through some old baseball cards. Sam’s thoughts were his baseball cards and it was time to clean up.

Not so clean. Sam woke up with Dean shaking him awake.

“Yo wake up!” Dean called kicking his leg into the air and planting it firmly on the ground outside of the car. He stood up and smiled. “Man my baby needed a nice long ride,” he chuckled.

Cas stepped out of the car and looked over the roof to look at Dean. “Yeah this is the place. There should be some of my followers inside protecting the door from de…” Cas stopped talking and just looked down at the ground.

“Say it,” Crowley said slamming the impala door leaning close to Cas daring him to say the words. “It’s not offensive unless you say ‘you people’,” Crowley mocked pushing Cas roughly with his shoulder as he walked past him.

Dean was in front of Crowley in an instant. Dean becoming a demon had come in handy for popping about places. “Be nice,” Dean warned giving Crowley a stern face.

Crowley sighed and rolled his eyes. “See I told you it would get worse if you saw him didn’t I?” Crowley complained glaring at Dean.

“Well we didn’t really plan on me seeing him did we?” Dean whispered harshly at Crowley.

“What would get worse?” Cas asked lifting up his head to look at Dean. “Dean are you alright? Look if you’re not up for this it’s okay I’m pretty sure Sam and I can handle getting information from Metatron.”

“Cas,” Dean walked over to Cas nudging his arm. “I’m fine trust me! I’m not the one who needs grace here. You do. So let’s go get you some go-go juice and party.” Dean smiled at Cas then turned and started following Crowley who was already storming off towards the abandoned building. “What? The king of hell can’t handle a scolding?” Dean called after him.

“Not in the mood squirrel! Not in the mood,” Crowley called back.

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