After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 5

Chapter 5: Heavens Gates

“It’s through here,” Cas called turning down one hallway to see Hannah guarding the door. Cas felt it calling to him. The door beckoned for him. He hadn’t been to heaven in so long. He had only gone three times since Dean had disappeared.

“Castiel,” Hannah said alarmed and surprised by his presence. She stood up immediately from where she was sitting and nearly ran to him. “Where have you bee…” She stopped talking once she saw Dean enter through the door followed by Crowley and Sam. “Castiel what is going on?” She asked worriedly taking step closer to him grasping his forearm.

“Hannah Dean is alive,” Cas said smiling at her.

“Sir, I’m sorry but ‘alive’ isn’t a word I’d use,” she made a disgusted face at Dean over Cas’ shoulder.

“Yeah hey I’m right here and can hear every word you’re saying,” Dean started walking slowly over to them. “And um… I’d really appreciate it if you weren’t such a dick. Because if I’m gonna be nice and put on a smile for you asshats for Cas’ sake, then you best believe you’d better do the god damn same.” Dean grabbed Hannah’s hand and tore her grip off of Cas’ arm. “Oh yeah and don’t touch him!”

“Dean please…” Cas started.

“No because if these ball sacks can’t be at least a litt…”

“Dean!” Sam yelled grabbing Dean’s arm and pulling him away.

Dean hadn’t realized until now he was getting closer and closer to Hannah. His eyes were black and the mark honestly was starting to tingle. Dean took a deep breath and glance over at Crowley. He was making breath in and breath out motions. Dean looked back at Sam calming down and turned back to Hannah. He just glared at her, but cooled when he felt Cas’ hand pat his arm comfortingly.

Hannah looked offended at Dean and turned smiling sweetly to Cas. “Sir are you okay? You look drained! You need your grace!”

“No shit Sherlock,” Dean growled annoyed.

Cas grabbed Dean’s hand this time holding on to him this time. “Look we need to go and see Metatron,” Cas explained.

Hannah looked down and stared at Dean and Cas’ hands for a second losing focus. “I’m sorry did you say ‘we’?” Hannah asked letting her eyes linger on their hands a moment longer then looking back to Cas.

“Yes Hannah look we are in hurry,” Cas explained to her walking towards the door.

“Sir,” she laughed nervously stepping in front of him putting her hands up. “Um… sir you do realize that no demon has ever laid foot in heaven, right?”

“What are you trying to say?” Dean questioned leaning in daring Hannah to answer.

“I just don’t think it’s in heaven best interest to let a demon with the mark of Cain, and the current ‘king of hell’,” she explained putting her hands down.

“Hey you watch where you use your quotation marks missy!” Crowley stepped forwards squinting his eye at her. “Because you know what no matter where you put your quotation marks I still am the king of hell and I do have the ability to make you suffer beyond your wildest dreams. Then just when you think your dreams can’t get any wilder I’ll already have planned out your next seven torches, and I promise you each one will be more pain evoked then the last! Because bitch, have ya seen me? Hello I’m Crowley, king a’ bloody hell!” he yelled at her letting Dean pull him back with his free hand.

“Great now you got him all worked up,” Dean sighed pushing Crowley behind him. “Sammy would you watch him? He gets flustered of he hasn’t had his juice,” he joked smiling at Hannah in a fake way.

“Anyways… I think it would be better if they stayed out here Castiel,” Hannah pressed her lips together glancing down at Dean and Cas’ hands again then back up at Cas. Cas was silent.

“I’m sorry but so you honestly think he’s going to listen to you instead of me? Of course he’s going to bring me with him! Plus I’m Dean Winchester I can do whatever the hell I please because you know what I’ve saved everyone’s god damned ass more than once including yours! So tell me again why you think I shouldn’t be allowed in heaven,” Dean said angrily trying to keep his mind on Castiel’s hand. Cas will keep him calm and he knew that.

“Because you’re supposed to be dead!” Hannah nearly yelled taking a step towards Dean. “Castiel was lost when you died. He was lost when he raised you from hell! Hell is where you’re supposed to be! Hell was created for souls like yours. Tattered and torn believing all you did was in good favor, well let me tell you something… When a truly good soul does something in truly good favor, they don’t end up in your position,” she explained looking Dean right in the eye.

“Enough,” Castiel bellowed at Hannah, voice deep and full of anger. “Why does everyone say I became lost when I met Dean? It was up until I met Dean that I realized I was lost. Dean put me on the right path. I’m far from lost it is everyone else that is lost,” Cas explained glaring at her.

She swallowed thickly. “Castiel I don’t think it’s a good idea to le…” She started.

“Dean’s coming with me Hannah, and I’m going into heaven. Are you going to stand in my way?” Cas questioned waiting a second then pushing past her to the door pulling Dean along.

“Guy’s come on,” Dean called waving Crowley and Sam along as they went past the threshold into heaven.

Crowley was hesitant at first but eventually came through. He’d never been to heaven. Even Sam and Dean had been there once. Crowley took a deep breath and sighed of relief when he didn’t burst into flames. He looked up to see they were in a small office type room. Every angel in the room had frozen and were either staring at him or Dean.

“It’s okay,” Cas said, “They’re with me.” Suddenly every angel was rushing to Castiel’s assistance.

“Castiel, sir, we’re so happy you’re back! Do you need anything?” A young looking one with dirty blonde hair said. Dean looked at him as he glanced down at Cas still holding Dean’s hand.

“No, Nathaniel,” Cas answered pulling Nathaniel’s eyes away from their hands. “I’m just taking Dean, Sam, and Crowley here to see Metatron. We’re trying to find my grace.”

“Okay but Sir is it wise to let them in here,” he gestured at Dean and Crowley.

“I just said they were with me didn’t I?” Cas questioned tilting his head quizzically at the angel.

“Yes of course sir,” he nodded smiling but not meaning it at Dean.

“Sam!” Cas called for him. Sam came up next to Cas leaning down to hear what Cas was saying. “Look you seem to be the only one they’re actually okay with being here so while we’re seeing Metatron can you watch over them and make sure they don’t bother us?”

“Yeah I’ll see what I can do I guess,” Sam shrugged and went over to a wall and leaned against it.

“Okay come with me,” Cas said pulling Dean back to double doors in the back of the room. “I had the cells put next to the room in here. Dean and Crowley followed Cas through Metatron’s old office into a even further back room. It was a thin white hallway with jail cells on the one side. “He should be in here Cas,” said walking down the hall.

“Castiel is that you?” A voice called out from the last cell at the end of the hall. When they reached the last cell they saw Metatron short and scrawny leaning against the side wall looking through the bars. He turned his head and smiled at the three. “The third one is new…” He mumbled looking right at Crowley.

“Oh right how rude of me…” Crowley began but Dean held up his hand and Crowley nodded letting Dean explain.

“He’s here to make you talk,” Dean glared.

“Oh Dean Winchester, the villain’s side kick. How are you alive? I killed you!” Metatron got up from his spot on the floor and moved to the bars Dean was standing in front of. Dean opened his mouth to say something but Metatron began to talk before Dean could. “You got that little trusty dusty mark of Cain huh? That’s what brought you back but as a vile Demon. Poor Cas was torn up about you when you were gone you know? Yeah it was lovely to be the one to tell him you were dead. I honestly thought he was gonna try to kill himself. Matter of fact he did didn’t he? And if Cas play’s his cards right his grace will run out just like he wants it too.”

“Shut up!” Dean growled eyes black already, just the site of Metatron made Dean horribly angry.

“But why are you here Dean?” Metatron asked squinting. “He’s just gonna try and kill me,” he sighed. “There is not fun in that is there? Considering I’m the only one who knows where Cas’ grace is…”

“I’m here to make you talk if Crowley here cant,” Dean leaned in close to Metatron’s face.

Metatron glanced over at Crowley who had his hands in his black jacket waiting to know when he can start. Metatron scoffed, “What makes you think he can make me talk? Look at him he more pathetic then me,” he let his eyes go up and down Crowley’s body in an ignorant way.

“Excuse,” Crowley held up a finger. “I’m the king of hell baby this is what I do.”

Metatron’s face straightened and he looked at Dean. “Look I don’t know what makes you think I’m going to tell you where his grace is?” he turned and looked at Cas. “He had his chance when I asked him if he wanted to know where it was… he said no.” Metatron looked up at dean and smiled. “My love story was working! He rather die than live without you! Its good, it was a perfect ending Cas dies because he cant bare to be without Dean Winchester! Then comes the best part since they’re the only one’s who can stop me and they’re dead I take over heaven and everything turns out fine.”

“Wait did you say you offered Cassie boy here a chance to know where his grace is and he didn’t take it?” Crowley asked.

“Yeah about three days after he locked me in here he come back and we talked and I offered him his grace but yeah he didn’t want it.” Metatron smirked.

Dean looked over at Cas who was looking ashamed down at the floor. He squeezed Cas’ hand. “Well he wants it now.”

“Well that’s a damn shame because now he’s not going to get it,” Metatron laughed.

“We’ll see about that,” Crowley smiled at Metatron. “Cas dear I’m going to need a jack hammer to open this walnut. Can you get me some supplies?”

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