After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 7

Chapter 7: No Chick Flick Moments

“Son of a bitch!” Dean yelled scratching the back of his neck and threw the angel blade across the room.

“Yeeeeeeah,” Crowley said letting the word linger in the air. “You um… well just stabbed Cas in the arm.”

Dean looked up angry eyes piercing at Crowley. “Oh, thanks I hadn’t noticed… glad that the peanut gallery is here to inform me or else I’d have no clue what the hell just happened.” He said sarcastically. He sighed, “I need to go find him.”

“Oh no slow your roll there princess… You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell that mojo magic thing you were doing with Metaboy over there was,” Crowley stepped in front of Dean.

Dean swallowed hard and turned to Metatron who was staring at them. “What are you looking at,” he glared.

“I’ll let you know when I figure it out,” Metatron said with a puzzled look.

Dean snarled and turned to Crowley. “Let’s go somewhere more private,” He looked at the cart of instruments then headed for the hall outside of the cell.

Crowley sighed walking over picking up the angel blade and placing it back on the cart. He then wheeled the cart out after Dean. “So what the hell was that?!” Crowley asked in a loud whisper.

“To be honest…” Dean sighed. “I don’t know. I don’t even know how I did it. I was just really mad and it happened.”

“You weren’t even touching the first blade. You’re gaining power without it,” Crowley continued.

“Is that necessarily a bad thing?” Dean asked shrugging.

“Yes Dean that is a very bad thing! We have just spent the past three weeks trying to train you to control your demon juice and now, just two seconds later, you’re so out of control you can torture with your mind. Cas was trying to stop you! If he was even one inch to the right you would have…” the rest of the sentence was mumbles because Dean put his hand over Crowley’s mouth.

“Don’t say it… I know what would have happened,” Dean forced the words out of his mouth even though they felt like two tons.

It was quiet for moment and Crowley sighed, “You need to get your crap together.” He walked over and locked Metatron’s cell. “I’ll go get some of my men to comb the Atlantic around Maryland for a bottle. You go find Sam and Cas I’ll meet up with you later.”

“O,” Dean didn’t even finish his word before Crowley had gone. Dean turned and saw Metatron smirking.

“It’s all falling into place Dean,” Metatron laughed coldly.

“There’s no way this was part of your story,” Dean growled.

“Oh no… not originally, but really great stories aren’t always planned out. But with the way things are going it will end just how I want it,” Metatron smiled.

“Don’t be so sure,” Dean stormed off into the first room they arrived in.

Sammy was leaning against the wall looking down in thought. He looked up and glared at Dean. “Hey so Cas stopped by before he left.”

“He left?” Dean asked upset and a little surprised.

“Yeah he said he needed some time, and that he’d meet us at the bunker,” Sam explained with anger creeping up his throat.

“I take it he told you then…” Dean sighed.

“Let’s just go,” Sam pushed pass Dean to the door.

In the car it was quiet. Dean hadn’t turned on the music because he knew it would just upset Sammy. Dean tapped his fingers uncomfortably on the wheel trying not to think of Cas or the smug look Hannah had given him on his way out. Man she really pissed him off.

“Yeah he told me,” Sam final said with a long sigh.

Dean just swallowed the lump in his throat, “Look Sammy I know you’re mad at me but let’s not have an emotional mome…”

“Dean stop talking,” Sam just shook his head angrily. “You don’t want to have and emotional moment?” He laughed as if something were funny. “All you’ve done since I’ve seen you is have emotional moments! Not with me but with Cas! I’m mean Jesus Dean! You don’t want to have and emotional moment! You two have done all but say I love you too each other!” Sam’s voice cracked a bit from anger.

“Excuse me Sammy but who are you to…” Dean started.

“I’m your little brother Dean! We are in this together always! But somehow you keep forgetting that and look I’m all for you and Cas getting it all out there finally…” Sam explained.

“What do you mean finally? Sammy I,” Dean interrupted.

“Damn it Dean you cut me off again and I’ll shoot you!” Sammy warned in a joking way.

“When did you become all Mr. Bravado?” Dean questioned sarcastically.

“Since I’m done putting up with all this bullcrap Dean!” Sam yelled. “I’m so tired of it! Look I’m so happy you’re back because I was ruined when you were gone. But you’re still going crazy and it’s because of this damned mark! And on top of that you only seem to be getting worse! So as soon as we help Cas, we’re going to fix you!”

“Fix me?” Dean sounded appalled. “There’s nothing wrong with me Sammy!”

“Oh no? Cas not only told me about how you stabbed him, but how you used your mind to get what you need out of Metatron! Jesus Dean this is getting out of hand! I mean mind tricks really?” Sam sat up straight, body turned completely towards Dean.

“Sammy I’m fine,” Dean smashed his hand against the steering wheel.

“No Dean you are not fine. Imagine if you had the first blade instead of an angel blade!” Sammy started then stopped and sat back thinking. He was silent for a moment. “Dean if it hadn’t been an angel blade and it was the first blade, would you have even stopped?”

Dean was quiet. Would he have even stopped? Dean wasn’t sure. Sam was barely able to pull him out of it with Abadon and probably wouldn’t have been able to with Metatron. But keep going into Cas? Of course he would stop it was silly of him to think he wouldn’t be able to. He pushed his head back into the cushion on his seat. “Sammy of course I would have been able to stop.”

“Yeah well I find that hard to believe,” Sam said softly folding his arms.

Dean sighed and sat back. “I don’t want to fight Sammy.”

He heard Sam sigh too. “So are you going to tell him?”

“What?” Dean asked confused.

“You know Cas when you make up it would be the perfect time to say it,” Sammy smiled.

Dean just looked at Sam. “I really don’t know what you’re talking about, and frankly Sammy… You’re weirding me out.”

Sam looked at Dean not believing he wasn’t catching on to what he was saying. The look on Dean’s face however said he had no clue. “You really don’t know what I’m talking about do you?”

“Uh, nope…” Dean’s eye narrowed on the road.

“Oh my god… Tell Cas you love him!” Sam yelled and Dean slammed on the brakes.

“What?!” Dean yelled in a way that if he was drinking something he would have spit it out dramatically. The car behind them honked and Dean took off.

Sam laughed. “What? I’ve been waiting years for this.”

“I can’t just come right out and say that!” Dean panicked.

“Why not? You care about him right?” Sam asked.

“Yes I freaking care about him! I care about you too!” Dean freaked.

“Hopefully not in the same way!” Sam burst out laughing. Dean just looked at him eyes wide. Sam calmed and then said, “Dean you do love him. Everyone can see. All of heaven and all of hell! And probably everyone on earth who has seen you two together.”

“Not that many people think that!” Dean said defensively.

“Dude I’m telling you this because you don’t know how easier things are going to get once you two get this out in the open. I mean it’s one less thing to think about,” Sam explained.

“It’s one less thing to think about,” Dean mocked. “Dude if I want to tell him I will just drop it please.”

“Okay but I think it’s for the best,” Sam said.

“Hello boys,” a familiar voice called from the back seat making Sam jump.

“Jesus Crowley! Dean how did that not scare you?” Sam asked surprised.

“I knew he was coming,” Dean answered.

“What do you two have like a sixth sense or something?” Sam questioned.

“Oh we have way more than that moose!” Crowley patted his back and smiled. “So lookie what I found!” Crowley held up a small transparent bottle with a bright blue light swirling around inside. “Got me a little bit of grace.”

“Alright!” Dean said excitedly.

“How did you find that so quickly?” Sam asked taking the small bottle from Crowley and holding it up for a better look.

“Trust me when you have as many minions doing your bidding as I do, you’ll find things a hell of a lot quicker too!” Crowley said with a wink.

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