After the Eyes Turned Black

chapter 8

Chapter 8: Cas' Wound

“Oh Lucy I’m home!” Crowley called walking in through the door to the bunker.

“Crowley shut up for like two seconds please,” Dean said annoyed following him. “Cas! Cas!” he called.

“Um… he probably can’t hear you,” Sam said with a little smile.

“What? Why not? Where is he Sammy?” Dean asked frantically.

“He’s… he’s in your room most likely,” Sam answered watching Dean’s eyes widen for half a second and then he was gone.

Dean rushed down the hallway to the closed door of his bed room. He paused outside the room and took a deep breath, he had no clue what would happen. He opened the door slowly to see Cas laying on his bed, eyes closed, with dean’s head phones in. Dean stared in awe at Cas. He was in Dean’s bed listening to Dean’s music. Dean wondered how many times Cas had done this since he found out dean was… gone. Dean wanted to go lay down next to him and listen with him.

“He does this every day,” Sam whispered.

This made Dean jump, “Jesus Sammy!”

“What? I scare you but Crowley doesn’t?” Sam asked offended.

“No I was just deep in thought that’s all.”

“Oh ok… but you weren’t deep in thought when Crowley popped in?”

“No I wasn’t I wa…”

“Dean? Sam?” Cas lifted his head up and pressed pause on the mp3 player.

“Hey Cas how are you feeling?” Sam asked smiling.

“Better,” Cas answered sitting up.

“Cas your arm…” Sam sighed concerned.

“Um… yeah,” Cas said lifting it up looking at it. “Not enough juice to fix it.”

Dean got a nice look at the blood soaked arm. The cut looked deep and painful. “Uh… Sammy could you give us a minute?”

“Yeah sure,” Sammy smiled at Dean. “Just shout if you need me.”

“Will do,” Dean walked into the room and shut the door. He didn’t say anything, he just walked over to his dresser and opened the top drawer. He felt Cas’ eyes on him. He sifted through the socks and boxers and pulled out a small white box. He sat down next to Cas’ hurt arm and smiled.

“Dean it’s okay I know you didn’t mean to,” Cas started.

“No Cas. Stop,” Dean sighed. “Take off your coat and shirt, let me see your arm.”

Cas stopped talking and shrugged off his dirty trench coat and dress jacket underneath. Dean looked at his arms nearly bursting out of his shirt and tried to breathe straight. Cas untied his crooked tie and un buttoned his shirt. He grabbed an end of his sleeve and pulled his arm out. Dean stopped breathing all together when Cas’ chest was completely revealed. He let his eyes run over every nook and beautiful cranny. Then Cas carefully pulled his injured arm out wincing at the pain.

“Um… Dean?” Cas’ voice ripped Dean’s eyes away from his torso.


“Um… nothing you just… I don’t know,” Cas said looking away embarrassed.

“I’m going to wrap up your arm,” Dean explained scooting closer to Cas. Cas nodded and Dean reached up and grabbed his arm. It was soft and smooth. The blood was warm as it dripped on to Dean’s hands.

Dean opened the small white box and pulled out a rag and alcohol. He poured the alcohol over the rag and started to clean Cas’ wound. Cas’ moan at the pain.

“Oh it’s not that bad Cas,” Dean smiled. “You know when Sammy was younger and he’d get a little scrape I’d sit him on the bathroom toilet, and he’d be crying and saying how bad it hurt. Then I’d pull out the peroxide and he’d wipe away his tears and say it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. Id’ laugh of course because he only said that because he didn’t want me to put it on his cut. But I’d tell him it wouldn’t hurt, and that I’d never hurt him. And he’d hold out his arm, and I’d clean up his cut and put a band aid on it. And when he was really, really young I’d kiss it. I don’t think he remembers that though.” Dean said wiping up the blood.

“Why would you kiss it?” Cas asked.

“Oh, because when I was little… before my mom died, when I got hurt she’d kiss my ‘boo-boo’. For some reason I thought it helped with the pain. So I’d kiss Sammy’s arm to make the pain go away because I still thought it worked.” Dean laughed. He pulled out medical gauze and taped it to Cas’ arm. “That should be good for now. Crowley found your grace so once we get that in your system it you should be able to heal it, but until then does it feel better?”

Cas smiled, “I mean it’s still a painful wound but it’s much more manageable.”

“Would a kiss make it feel better?” Dean laughed getting up from the bed.

“If you honestly think it will help,” Cas said seriously getting up with Dean.

“You want me you kiss your wound?” Dean asked with a sharp nervous breath.

“Well you said it helped with pain, so why not?” Cas tilted his head to the side.

“Um… yeah ok … I can so that,” Dean smiled leaning down pressing his lips to Cas’ bandages. He looked up and smiled, “Feel better?”

“I don’t think it works,” Cas said frowning.

“Well of course it doesn’t! This isn’t a Disney princess movie! Come on!” Dean laughed putting his box away.

“I like beauty and the beast!” Cas said smiling.


“Well you said Disney movies and I prefer beauty and the beast. It’s very moving,” Cas explained.

“Look Cas I’m glad you’re Tumblr user: beautyandthebestnumber1fan, but we should go get you your grace,” Dean sighed dropping the bloody gauzes in the trash can.

“Dean what is a Tumblr?” Cas asked curious.

“It’s a social media thing Sam and I found when we did an internet search on our books. It’s a scary place Cas,” Dean turned to look at Cas horrified remembering the pictures people had posted of their drawings of him and Sam. He was glad people weren’t sure exactly what they looked like.

“Oh I see,” Cas replied.

“So you comin’?” Dean asked. Cas just stared at him. His deep blue eyes were very distracting.

“Dean…” Cas paused. He was quiet and then smiled nodding his head. “I love you.”

Dean’s whole body stilled. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He just stared at Cas. He opened his mouth but nothing came out.

Cas took a step closer to Dean and tilted his head. “Um… well this is embarrassing. I thought if you loved someone back they say it back, and your lack of words are… well,” Cas stopped talking and made and embarrassed smile pressing his lips together. “So I guess I’ll meet you out there.”

Cas turned for the door and started to walk out. Dean Grabbed Cas’ arm and turned him so they were face to face. “Cas I uh,” Dean started but stopped.

“Look I’m sorry of I put you in an uncomfortable position,” Cas swallowed nervously.

“No Cas I just… I love you too,” Dean finally said smiling. He couldn’t believe he actually said that.

They stood there awkwardly holding each other smiling. Not sure what to do next. Dean had never felt like this with someone before. He was just amazed at himself. Cas looked dazed a little. Suddenly, Dean knew what he had to do. He leaned in close and said it again in a whisper. “Castiel I love you.” Then he slowly kissed Cas. He liked the warmth of Cas’ lips under his. The taste of his salty smooth skin. The way their lips locked perfectly together.

Cas started to kiss back when knock at the door interrupted them. “Hey are you to coming or what?” Crowley called through the door. “Let’s get this show on the road people!”

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