Familial Betrayal

More Than Just Partners

Danny was the first to get to Steve. As he came face to face with his partner he barely recognized him; the amount of bruising and cuts on Steve's face, arms, and chest took Danny's breath away. Danny was visibly shaking and as he started lifting his fingers to check for a pulse, Chin stopped him.

"Danny...maybe I should..."

"No..." Danny looked at Chin with tears in his eyes and Chin understood. He knew what Chin was doing, he knew Chin wanted to spare him from not feeling a pulse, but he had to do this, he had to be the one. This was his partner, his best friend, his brother.

Everyone held their breath as Danny's trembling fingers reached around to check for a pulse. Just as Danny placed his fingers on Steve's neck...


Everyone in the room froze and Danny's heart started to beat again.

"Steve...hey babe..." Danny let go of a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

"N-not y-ou...d-reaming..."

Steve sounded so broken.

"No babe, you're not dreaming, I'm right here Steve," Danny was trying to get into Steve's line of vision.

"No...l-eft...yo-u l-eft...n-ot r-eal"

Danny's heart broke, what had Wo Fat done to him.

"Steve I'm right here, babe I'm right here, I'm real I promise you I'm real," Danny knew he had to get through to Steve, he felt like that was the only way he was going to keep Steve with him.

He took Steve's face in his hands, he knew Steve's face was bruised but he needed to touch him, he needed to show him that he was really there, that this wasn't a dream.

"Babe look at me, I know it hurts and I know you can barely see but I need you to try your best and look at me, I'm right here Steve, I'm real," Danny finally saw Steve's eyes meet his and he saw the anguish and the pain and it ripped him apart. Danny kept eye contact with Steve until Steve finally started to realize everything Danny was telling him; it was then that Danny saw a glimmer in Steve's eye.

"D-d-anny...y-ou...y-ou came back..."

Came back?

"He must be really out of it," Lou came up from behind Chin. "Mark is outside calling the paramedics, let's get Steve down."

Danny knew there was more to what Steve asked him, more to all of his pain, but that was a question for another time.

"Hang in there babe, we're getting you down okay," Danny coaxed Steve as Lou started to cut through the chains.

Everyone carefully took Steve down and lowered him to the ground, making sure to keep him on his side so that his torn up back didn't make contact with the dirty ground. Steve groaned as the movement sent waves of pain coursing through his body.

Danny cringed.

"I got you Steve, just breathe, we've got you babe, we've got you, you're safe."

Danny sat on the ground next to Steve's body, placing Steve's head on his lap for support, holding onto his hand. He wasn't really sure if he was holding his hand for Steve's sake or for his own...maybe both.

"Y-you came b-ack D-anny..."

There it was again, what in the world was Steve talking about. Danny would ask Steve about that later but for now he just needed to reassure Steve that he was here and he wasn't going anywhere.

"Of course I'm here babe, where else would I be, you're my best friend!"

"N-not ju-st par-partners?"

Danny was completely shocked, what did Wo Fat do to Steve, why was Steve saying these things?

"When have we ever been just partners? You're my other half Steven, so I need you to stay with me okay, I need you to stay awake and keep talking to me till the paramedics get here."

Steve was in bad shape, every inch of his body seemed to be covered in bruises, but he was hearing everything Danny was saying. The drugs were starting to wear off which made him remember that he was drugged in the first place. He was still confused, his head was killing, but he knew one thing to be true: Danny was here, Danny was with him, which could only mean one thing...Danny didn't hate him, Danny didn't betray him.

"T-i-red D-anno, sl-eep..."

"Babe I know you're tired, I know you're hurting but I really need you to stay with me okay, I've been going crazy looking for you, we all have been, I need you to stay awake so that I don't go insane," Danny needed to give Steve a reason to fight through the pain and stay conscious.

Steve managed a small smile, even though it was barely recognizable due to all the swelling. It was nice hearing Danny's voice, it was nice to hear how much Danny cared.

"Y-you're a-lways a little insane."

Danny laughed. Leave it to Steve to crack a joke during a time like this.

"Only since I met you babe, before you I was perfectly sane." This was good, Danny needed to keep him talking.

"N-not true, we'll ask G-r-acie."

"Sure thing babe, you need to get better so you can ask her yourself."

Steve smiled again and took a few breaths; he never knew talking could be so difficult.

Danny felt the tremors course through Steve's body and all the anger that Danny had put aside in order to find Steve came rushing back. He couldn't imagine, didn't want to imagine, what Wo Fat had done to Steve. Steve's battered body, his swollen and bruised face, the gashes on his back, and then there was the mental trauma, everything Steve had asked Danny when he first saw him had come from a dark place within the broken man.

Danny closed his eyes and tried to will away the thoughts of Steve alone in this cellar, being tortured mentally and physically for three days. Danny's hands began to shake as he took a good look at Steve. Was Steve even going to make it to the hospital?

Danny mentally cursed himself for even questioning that. Of course Steve was going to make it...he had to.

A few minutes later Danny breathed a tiny sigh of relief as he finally heard sirens.

Once the paramedics arrived they got to work quickly putting a line into Steve and loading him up on to the gurney. They placed Steve on his side, to protect his back, and started to carry him out of the house.

They had to stop when they were half way there to adjust Steve on the gurney. Steve had been unconscious for the last few minutes, and Danny was almost thankful; the As Danny let the paramedics do their thing, he looked back at the house that had kept his partner prisoner for 3 days, 3 long miserable torturous days. Danny wanted nothing more than to burn that house to the ground.

As he was about to turn around he caught a glimpse of a shadow walking towards the house. They couldn't see him but he could see them as clear as day.

Danny's froze for what felt like the tenth time today.

Wo Fat.

"Kono, go with Steve to the hospital," Danny pulled his gun out.

"Danny, what's going on?" Chin came up beside Danny. Danny pointed towards the house. Chin immediately saw who was entering the house, as did Lou and his team. From their vantage point the forest was covering them pretty well but Wo Fat was in plain sight.

Nothing needed to be said, everyone knew what their task at hand was... capturing Wo Fat.

Lou sent Mark with Kono, Steve, and the paramedics, just in case they ran into any trouble, and the rest of them descended on the house once again.

Danny's heart was racing, when they had found Steve with no sign of Wo Fat in the house he thought for sure that he'd escaped again, but there he was.

Danny, Chin, Lou and his team all approached the house, guns drawn. As they walked in they split up and covered each room. They searched each room as Danny and Lou headed to the cellar. Danny knew that that was the first place Wo Fat would go, as that's where he had kept Steve chained up.

Danny was determined as an eerie sense of calm swept over him. He wasn't about to let his emotions get in the way of capturing Wo Fat.

Lou went down to the cellar first with Danny in tow. The door to the room where Steve was being held was open but from where they were they couldn't see anyone inside. As they walked towards the door Lou noticed a second door to his right.

"Danny," Lou whispered trying to be as quiet as possible. He moved his eyes to the door to let Danny know that he was going to check out that room.

Danny nodded and headed into the room where they had found Steve. He walked in, his gun aimed in front, searching the room for any sign of Wo Fat. When he found another door within that room he thought about calling Lou for back up but he knew that Lou was busy in the other room, so he opened the door and walked in. He hadn't even walked ten steps when he felt a hard object connect with the back of his neck as he fell to the ground, his gun falling out of his hands and scattering away from him.

"You really shouldn't have come here Detective," Wo Fat had his gunned aimed at Danny as Danny slowly turned around onto his back.

Kono couldn't believe everything that had just happened. She was so relieved that they had found Steve and that she was currently in the ambulance with him headed to the hospital, but she was worried for Danny and Chin. They were in a house with a killer, and although they had back up, she still couldn't help but worry; she had never met anyone as ruthless as Wo Fat.

Kono was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Steve stirring.

"Hey Boss, you need to stay still okay, we're on our way to the hospital, just hold on." She placed a reassuring arm on Steve's shoulder, mindful of all of his wounds.

"W-here's Dan-ny?" Even in his state Steve knew that something was wrong since Danny wasn't in the ambulance with him. "He m-ad a-gain?"

Mad? When was Danny mad at Steve?

Kono thought that it must be the head trauma and tried to calm Steve down.

"No boss, he's not mad, him and Chin just had to take care of something really important, they're going to meet us at the hospital"

"-kay," was all Steve could muster up before he lost consciousness.

They arrived at the hospital 10 minutes later and rushed Steve through the emergency room.

Kono stood by as the paramedics read out the list of Steve's injuries, at least all the ones that they could see, and there were many.

Kono was asked to wait outside as they rushed Steve into surgery. With shaky hands, she went to the waiting room and sat down, waiting for word on Steve and praying that Chin and Danny were okay.

"What are you going to do? Shoot me? The house is crawling with cops, they'll hear the gunshots and you'll be a dead man," Danny started to back away from Wo Fat.

"Your guys are all upstairs, I saw you walk in here by yourself, I'll be long gone by the time they find you," Wo Fat grinned as he lifted his gun towards Danny's head.

Danny instinctively kicked Wo Fat's feet from under him and Wo Fat went sprawling to the ground. Danny saw Wo Fat reaching for his gun so he got to his feet and jumped on top of Wo Fat. Danny landed some heavy punches before Wo Fat returned some of his own, knocking Danny to the ground. Both men got back onto their feet and stood in front of each other with their fists up in a defensive stance. Danny charged at Wo Fat first, Wo Fat threw a few punches that Danny was able to counter as Danny threw a few of his own, landing on Wo Fat's jaw, sending him stumbling backwards.

Danny tried to grab his gun but Wo Fat ran and speared him to the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Danny landed hard on his back and lay there trying to catch his breath.

Wo Fat stood up, grabbed his gun and stood above Danny. From his peripheral view, Danny could see his gun a few inches from his hand, luckily it was behind a box so it was only visible to him.

"Like I said Detective, I'll be long gone by the time they find you...say hi to Commander McGarrett for me," he grinned manically as he lifted his gun and pointed it at Danny's head.

It was now or never...

With lightning speed Danny reached to his left and grabbed his gun.

Danny didn't hesitate; he fired two shots at Wo Fat before Wo Fat could fire at him. Danny watched as Wo Fat crumpled to the ground, two bullets placed perfectly in his head.

Lou came running into the room, hearing the gun shots, and let out a breath of relief when he saw that it was Danny who had fired his gun. Lou bent down and checked Wo Fat's neck for a pulse. He looked at Danny and shook his head.

Chin and the rest of Lou's team came running down the stairs and appeared behind Lou. Chin's gaze went from Wo Fat to Danny.

"Danny..." Chin could barely speak. "Is he..."

Danny was breathing heavily, the adrenaline from the last few minutes coursing through his body. All Danny could do was nod his head.

Danny couldn't move, he was sure he was in shock. For years Wo Fat had tortured Steve, mentally and physically. For years they knew that he was out there, just waiting to capture Steve when he least expected it.

Danny almost expected Wo Fat to stand up, as if he was bullet proof, but he didn't move. He just laid there, a pool of blood now forming around his head.

Danny finally snapped out it and got up. He stood over Wo Fat and felt a massive weight off his shoulder. He thought back to the last few days, the fear he felt that he might lose Steve, the pain he felt at knowing that he had to leave his best friend in the hands of a killer, and the anguish he felt at seeing what Wo Fat had done to Steve. Everything that he had put them through, everything that he had put Steve through, not just today but the past few years...it was never going to happen again.

Danny smiled as he looked at the body below him. He had never enjoyed discharging his gun, never got a thrill or a rise out of it, never thought he would actually enjoy taking a life...until today.

Wo Fat was finally dead and Danny had killed him.

Kono was sitting outside the waiting room and jumped up as she saw Chin, Danny, and Lou headed down the hallway towards her, relieved that they were all safe.

"How is he?" Danny needed to know.

"He's still in surgery, we won't know anything for awhile," Kono wished she had something better to tell them, but the fact that there had been no word out of the surgery room yet was almost a good sign, it meant that they hadn't lost Steve on the table. She shuddered at the thought. She then looked at Danny,

"Danny what happened to you...your face," Kono slightly touched one of the bruises now forming on Danny's chin. "Wo Fat?" There was so much anticipation in that question.

"Steve's never going to have to worry about him ever again...none of us will." Danny's voice held conviction.

The look in Danny's eyes, the hatred mixed with relief, took her breath away. Kono jumped at Danny as she hugged him tight.

"Oh my god Danny." As she pulled out of the hug she looked Danny in the eye. "Thank you for ending this for all of us, once and for all."

Lou left a little while after with the trio promising to keep him updated on Steve's condition.

Danny, Chin, and Kono sat outside the waiting room for another hour before the doctor came out to give them an update on Steve.

Danny was the first to see the doctor and started running towards him, with Chin and Kono right behind him.

"How is he?" Danny's voice was shaky.

"It was touch and go for a bit, he coded on the table twice-"

Danny's heart stopped...Steve had died on the table...

"We managed to bring him back but we have placed him in a medically induced coma. His body is really weak and the amount of physical abuse his body has endured was the reason why we induced the coma. It's his best chance at recovering."

Everyone took a few seconds to process what the doctor was saying.

"What did they do to him..." The question was out of Danny's mouth before he could even think twice. He needed to know what they were up against, what Steve was up against.

"Are you sure you want to know detective?"

By the look on the doctor's face, Danny knew it was going to be almost unbearable to hear, but he had to know.

"No...but I need to know," Chin and Kono nodded as they both agreed.

The doctor shook his head, understanding where Danny was coming from.

"Well for starters he has 4 broken ribs, a punctured lung – one of the broken ribs had gone and poked through, a ruptured spleen, an extensive amount of bruising and swelling, as well as internal bleeding in the abdomen and the brain. The massive contusions on his back were also infected, so he's on antibiotics to fight that off."

Danny's head was spinning, he actually felt like he was going to pass out. He grabbed the side of the chair and sat down placing his head in his hands. He knew that Steve was in bad shape, but hearing the doctor lay out all of his injuries was heartbreaking.

"There's also one more thing."

Danny didn't think he could take hearing anymore.

"Commander McGarrett's toxicology reports came back and there were medium levels of Mescaline found in his blood stream, from the looks of it he was injected with an extremely high dose, which had started to wear away by the time you found him."

Now it all made sense. Danny thought back to everything Steve had said to him when they had found him in the cellar. Steve must have been hallucinating while he was drugged, seeing Danny there when he really wasn't.

Not just partners?

Danny still didn't understand that question, even if he was hallucinating, what would make him say the things he said? Why would he ask the questions he asked? Danny's thoughts were interrupted when he heard Chin speak.

"He's going to be okay though?" Chin spoke up seeing that Danny and Kono were at a loss for words.

"The next 48 hours will be critical, after that I'll have a better idea of how to answer that question," the doctor gave a sympathetic smile.

"Can we see him?" Danny finally found his voice looking up at the doctor from the chair.

"Sure, but only one at a time and only for a few minutes, he really needs to rest."

With that the Doctor walked away.

"You go ahead Danny, Kono and I will go grab some coffee," Chin smiled at Danny. Kono and Chin knew that Danny should be the first one to see Steve; they knew that Steve and Danny both needed it.

As Chin and Kono disappeared down the hallway, Danny headed straight to Steve's room. Once he got there he took a deep breath and entered the room; Danny froze the minute he walked in. Even if he had tried, he couldn't have prepared himself for what he was seeing.

There in front of him lay his best friend, his partner, his brother, hooked on numerous machines and more wires than he could count. As Danny moved closer he got a better look at the damage done to Steve's body. Every inch of Steve's skin that was visible was blue and purple. The swelling on his face had gone down a little but his face was still barely recognizable.

Danny felt tears well up, threatening to pool over.

He pulled up a chair and took a seat, taking Steve's right hand in his.

"Hey babe..." Danny choked up as the list of injuries the doctor mentioned was running through his head.

"You uh...you really know how to scare a guy you know that..." Danny's hands were shaking.

"I need you to hang on okay, I need you to fight. Grace is so worried about her Uncle Steve again, Kono and Chin are a mess, and I..." Danny stopped as he looked at Steve's face. "I don't know what life looks like without you so don't you dare make me find out, you hear me?"

Danny thought back to everything Steve had said to him in the cellar when they had found him.

"I don't know what happened to make you hallucinate and think that I didn't care, that I left you somehow, but you need to know that that's not true, finding you was the only thing I cared about since he took you, the only thing!"

Danny wished that he could say all this stuff to a conscious Steve, the thought of Steve doubting how much Danny loved him made Danny miserable.

"I am so sorry that this happened to you Steve, I am so sorry that Wo Fat...that my brother..."

His brother...

"God, I'm so sorry, you didn't deserve this...any of it...but I want you to know that Wo Fat will never, ever, hurt you again, I made sure of it..."

Danny thought back to the house, thought back to the moment he saw Wo Fat's body go limp and collapse to the ground, the moment where the pool of blood started to surround his head.

Danny was so lost in thought that he didn't notice the doctor come in.

"Detective Williams, I'm going to have to ask you to step out for a few minutes, I need to run some tests"

Danny stood up.

"Of course, I'll be right outside,"

The doctor smiled.

"I figured you would be."

When Danny got to the waiting room he took a seat in the corner and took his phone out of his pocket.

He stared at his phone for a few seconds before dialling.


"We found Steve," Danny's voice was almost robotic.

"Oh my god, Danny that's amazing news," Danny clenched his jaw. Matt legitimately sounded happy.

"You should come to the hospital."

There was silence on the other end of the line, until...

"Really...you want me there?"

"Yeah, just come through the emergency and ask for Steve."

"Okay, I'm on my way!"

And with that Matt hung up the phone.

Danny sat in the waiting room chair, letting the past few hours finally sink in. Everything had been so chaotic that he was running on adrenaline, but now that he was at the hospital the adrenaline was dwindling down.

Seeing Steve in that cellar and seeing Steve in that hospital bed were two of the most gut-wrenching moments of Danny's life. His larger than life, indestructible partner looked so fragile and broken. Everything about that was so wrong.


Danny looked up to see Matt headed his way, and pushed himself up off the chair.

At the same time, Kono and Chin happened to be turning around the corner headed towards Danny and saw Matt headed in the same direction.

"Danny hey how's St – "

Matt didn't get to finish his question as Danny grabbed Matt's hand and twisted it around his back.

"Matthew Williams, you are under arrest for accessory to kidnapping."

"Danny..." Kono went to approach Danny but Chin held her back, Danny knew what he was doing.

"Danny, what are you doing man," Matt started to panic as he felt the cuffs being placed around his wrists.

Danny ignored Matt's pleas and continued.

"Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney – "

"Danny please!" Matt's voice cracked.

Danny didn't budge, the images of a battered and broken Steve playing through his mind like a photo reel.

"If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"


"Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?" Danny reiterated the question, not caring what anyone, especially Matt had to say.

"Yes..." Matt lowered his head down. He knew that there was a chance that he would be arrested at the end of all of this, he just never thought that it would be at the hands of his own brother.

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