Familial Betrayal

Steve the Turtle

Danny stood and watched in horror as Steve's body jerked violently as the shock waves from defibrillator pads coursed through his body. When the first time didn't work they did it again, and again, and again; the tightening in Danny's chest getting worse and worse with each shock.

He was frozen on spot, he couldn't move, he couldn't speak as an unfathomable reality started to come to light, he was going to lose the only person in his life, aside from Grace, that meant the world to him.

He wanted to yell, he wanted to tell Steve to stay, to fight, to not let Wo Fat win, but nothing came out. Danny felt defeated, he felt broken, he felt ashamed that he was related to the person who had started all of this in the first place.

After the fourth shock Danny's heart felt like it had dropped into his stomach and a wave of nausea hit. He was about to turn around and part ways with all content left in his stomach when he heard the four sweetest words he could've ever heard.

"We've got a rhythm!"

The nurses were smiling and the doctor looked spent, but Steve was alive, Steve was breathing again.

Danny turned around and slid down the wall raising his head to the ceiling, thanking whoever was up there that was watching over Steve.

A few minutes later Steve's doctor walked out and noticed Danny sitting on the ground with his hands in his face, he smiled sadly not envying the man for what he just had to witness.

In the time that he had been a doctor, he had seen a lot of police officers come through his doors with their partners in tow. He had seen the dedication, the love, the loyalty that these men and women had for each other and it never seized to amaze him how much partners meant to one another. But these two were different, these two almost seemed to be...one. He had seen it the first time he met Danny, the fear in his eyes, the deep seeded worry and anguish that was plastered all over his face was like nothing he had ever seen before, which is probably why he personally asked the nurses to allow Danny to stay with Steve 24/7. He knew that if anyone was going to give Steve a reason to live, it was going to Danny.

"Detective Williams..."

Danny looked up to see the doctor and immediately got to his feet.

"How is he?"

"He's stable again, he had stopped reacting to some of the medication he was on which is what caused his blood pressure to drop so drastically. We have him on some new medication to try and prevent this from happening again, but we'll have to monitor him closely for the next 48 hours again."

Danny let everything the doctor said sink in and just nodded as he couldn't seem to construct a single coherent thought at the moment.

"Keep doing what you're doing, keep talking to him, keeping showing him that you're there, it's honestly the best medicine for him right now," the doctor smiled as he patted Danny on the shoulder and walked away.

Danny turned around and looked into Steve's room; it looked as if nothing had even happened, as if Steve hadn't just flat-lined a few minutes ago. Danny sighed; it was going to be a long, nerve-wracking 48 hours.

Matt stared out of Chin's back seat window as the trees whizzed by. How had he messed everything up so badly?

He hated what he had done, setting a trap for Steve never felt like the right thing, never felt justified, but he had done it anyway. He was sick, he bet with money he never had and made deals he knew he would never be able to pay forward. He had been in a downward spiral for a few years now and as much as he needed and wanted help he never knew how to ask for it.

Although, in his attempts to not look like a complete and utter good-for-nothing loser, Matt always opted to solve his problems his own way, by cheating and stealing; never in a million years would he have thought that he would resort to risking someone's life. But here he was, handcuffed in the backseat of Chin's car, handcuffed by his own brother; for the first time it actually hit him how far-gone he really was.


For as long as he lived, Matt knew he would never forget the way that his big brother had looked at him when he realized that Matt had set Steve up, and all the subsequent times that followed.

If he was being completely honest with himself, he hadn't really given much thought to how Danny would react if he ever found out, because a) he was banking on Danny never finding out and b) he knew if he thought about the pain he would be putting Danny through he might back out of the deal with Wo Fat. But Danny's reaction was pretty much what he had expected, although he never really thought that Danny would be the one to arrest him.

Matt understood though. He knew why Danny hated him, hell, he hated himself, and he knew he deserved everything that was coming his way. Steve had been nothing but good to him since the moment they met. Danny had talked about Steve all the time and even when he had been complaining about something Steve had said or done, Matt could always tell how much Danny loved him and how much Danny respected him. Matt was grateful to Steve for making Hawaii feel like Danny's home, after everything that Danny had gone through with the divorce, it broke his heart to see his big brother in so much pain. And then to have to leave Jersey, his home, his friends, as a result of the divorce, Matt couldn't even begin to imagine what that felt like. But as grateful as he was for Steve being there for Danny, he had always been a little jealous of Danny and Steve's relationship. He knew it was silly and stupid but a small part of him felt like Steve had replaced him in Danny's life.


Seeing Steve in that hospital bed made Matt sick to his stomach, for the first time since the warehouse Matt had realized the full ramifications of his actions. No one deserved what Steve went through, especially not Steve. Seeing Steve laying there so still, covered in bruises and hooked to more machines than he could count, Matt knew the money hadn't been worth it. He knew that Steve would have laid down his life for him, not just because he was Danny's brother, but because that was who Steve was, he would risk his life for people without thinking twice. Matt hoped with every fiber of his being that Steve was going to make it; Danny had already lost one brother, he didn't want him to lose two.

It had been 52 hours since Steve had last flat-lined and no complications had come up since then. Danny had spent that entire time watching Steve's monitors, almost mentally willing them keep Steve's vitals consistent. Steve's doctor had come in a few hours ago with some of the nurses and had taken Steve upstairs to run some tests. They had brought Steve back down after they were finished and the doctor had promised Danny that he would be back in a few hours with the results. Danny was just waking up from a nap when the doctor walked in.

"Danny," the doctor smiled at a waking Danny. Somewhere during the last 52 hours, Danny had asked him to stop calling him Detective Williams and just to call him by his first name.

"Do you have his test results?" Danny stood up instantly.

"I do," he smiled. Danny didn't miss this, for the first time he started to feel a real sense of hope.

"The tests came back great Danny, the swelling in Commander McGarrett's brain has gone down substantially, and the bleeding has stopped. I'm going to start weaning him off the coma medication now so that he can start to wake up."

Danny couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was only 2 days ago that he thought he was going to witness his partner die right in front of him in his hospital bed, and now the doctor was saying that Steve was going to wake up.

"How long will it take before he wakes up?"

"It really depends on him," the doctor looked over at Steve. "His injuries were pretty substantial so it may take him a little longer than usual. If he's not awake by Friday, then we'll run some more tests, but from everything I'm seeing, he should be awake by then."

Danny nodded. As much as he wanted to be excited and thrilled at what he had just heard he knew that he wouldn't believe any of it until Steve actually woke up.

Friday. That was five days away.

Danny woke up to the sun beaming down on his face through the window in Steve's room. He hadn't even realized that he had fallen asleep on the chair with his head on Steve's bed. He remembered talking to Steve a lot last night; he must've just passed out without realizing it.

As Danny started walking over to the sink to brush his teeth he looked at the calendar and noticed that it was Wednesday. It had been 3 days since the doctor had started to take Steve off the coma meds and Steve still showed no signs of waking up. Although the doctor had said that it could take some time, every day that went by without Steve waking up felt like a punch in the gut to Danny. Danny sighed and made his way to the sink.

Kono, Chin, and Lou had all come by during the day to see Steve and Kono had dropped off food for Danny. Danny was so proud of the team that they had; with Steve in the hospital and Danny standing vigil by his side, Kono and Chin and stepped up and took charge of Five-0. They were working cases, and making arrests. Lou had also been helping out a lot, and Danny mentally reminded himself to thank Lou after all this was done. He loved his team; they really were like one big family.

Chin was the last one to drop by in the evening.

"Hey brah, how you holding up," Chin walked over and squeezed Danny's shoulder.

"I'm okay, just need him to wake up that's all," Danny smiled a sad smile as he looked towards his unconscious partner.

"He will soon, Danny, don't give up hope, Steve's one hell of a fighter."

There was no denying that.

"That he is."

There was a brief moment of silence before Chin spoke again.

"So Danny, I spoke to Max, we all know Steve's going to want to see Wo Fat's body before he can actually believe that he's dead."

Danny nodded, Steve not only needed it but he deserved it as well.

"What did he say?"

"Someone has requested the body to be released, there's going to a funeral for Wo Fat..." the look on Danny's face was the same reaction Chin had when Max had told him.

"What...who would want to hold a funeral for him?"

Sure Wo Fat had a lot of goons and lackies, but they never held funerals, funerals were held by those closest to the deceased...

Danny immediately turned ashen as if he had just seen a ghost.

"His dad..." Danny looked up at Chin with a horrified look on his face. He had remembered Steve telling him recently that he had found out that Wo Fat's father was still alive.

"I thought the same thing but we can't know for sure, Max had just spoken to someone over the phone, so he has no idea who it is or what the person looks like."

Danny's mind was going in a million directions. What if it was Wo Fat's dad, what if the apple didn't fall far from the tree, what if Wo Fat was a fraction of what his father was? Danny shook his head, now wasn't the time for this, he could worry about Wo Fat's dad after Steve was awake.

One problem at a time...

"How long can Max keep the body for?"

"Two weeks; since Wo Fat has been tied to a few unsolved murders, including Ian Wright's, it worked in our favor."

Danny nodded hoping two weeks would be enough.

Chin left a little while later and after walking him out, Danny came back and sat in the chair next to Steve. He looked up at Steve and prayed that the person requesting Wo Fat's body wasn't Wo Fat's father, Steve had been through enough, the last thing he needed to deal with was a father out for retribution for the death of his wife AND his son.

That thought alone sent a chill down Danny's spine. Danny was deep in thought when he felt his phone vibrating. He looked at the caller ID. Grace.

"Hi monkey," he smiled into the phone.

"Hi Danno! How's uncle Steve?"

"He's the same monkey, he hasn't woken up yet," Danny tried not to sound disappointed but he knew he had failed.

"It's okay Danno, don't be sad, he's going to wake up soon, I just know it!" Grace's optimism was contagious and Danny couldn't help the smile that crept onto his face.


"Yeah monkey?"

"Can I speak to Uncle Steve? I know he's not awake and he can't talk but maybe he can hear me? Something really cool happened at school today and I thought that maybe if I told Uncle Steve it would make him happy. Even if he can't show us that he's happy, maybe he can still feel happy?"

Danny was speechless. He had no idea where Grace came up with these things but he was happy she did. Grace wanted Steve to know that she was there, that she loved him and cared.

"I think that's a terrific idea baby," Danny smiled thinking of how proud he was that he played a part in making this perfect little angel.

"Really?!" Danny could hear the squeal in her tiny voice; clearly she hadn't been expecting Danny to say yes.

"Yeah really, just give me a second while I put the phone to Uncle Steve's ear," Danny stood up and held the phone next to Steve's ear.

For the next 5 minutes he could hear Grace going on and on about this turtle that their teacher had rescued over the weekend. The turtle was apparently so injured that no one thought he was going to make it but her teacher had brought the turtle in to show the class today. The turtle was walking again and was recovering really well. Then Grace went on to tell Steve that when the teacher had asked the class to help her in naming the turtle, one of the boys in her class had suggested naming it Steve, "after you Uncle Steve". Danny could hear the excitement in her voice. Apparently the little boy had been watching the news as well and loved Five-0 and wanted to be a police officer when he grew up.

Danny smiled. A turtle named after Steve, it was cute, he couldn't think of an animal least like his partner but still, it was cute.

Grace wrapped up her story and said goodnight to her Uncle Steve. Danny put the phone back to his ear and he and Grace said their goodnights as well.

After hanging up with Grace, Danny sat back down. He laughed and shook his head at Grace's story, if Steve could actually hear that story he knew he was laughing inside too. Danny smiled and looked up at Steve. It was then that he noticed that the swelling on Steve's face had gone down a lot and the bruises were now really dark which meant that they were in the process of healing. As he continued to examine Steve's face, his heart stopped.

Steve's eyelids moved.

Danny was sure he stopped breathing as he pushed his chair back and stood up, leaning over Steve.


Danny watched in shock as Steve's eyes slowly started to open. Danny's heart began to race as his breathing quickened.

"Steve, that's good babe, wake up, I'm right here Steve, wake up..." Danny was pleading.

A few seconds passed before Danny heard the one thing he had feared he would never hear again; his partner's voice.


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