Familial Betrayal

An Unexpected Return

Danny smiled as he looked at a sleeping Steve. The last few days had been good, really good. They had cleared the air and gone back to being "them" which included the constant marriage-like banter.

"Steven you're not eating a burger, eat the food that the hospital is giving you, they give it to you for a reason."

"But it's so gross."

Danny shook his head, even Grace wasn't this bad.

"Look, we'll get you a burger once you're released okay, for now just eat this," Danny pushed the tray closer to Steve.

Steve gave Danny an annoyed look and mumbled, "Fine, mom."

"That was Chin, he just called to give me an update on a case, they were at a suspect's house but couldn't get in so they had to wait 2 hours for a search warrant, safe to say he was a little annoyed."

"He should've just kicked the door in."

Danny looked at Steve.

"Of course you would say that you animal, but thankfully not all of us are as insane as you."

Steve smiled.

"I think you meant to say awesome,"

"No...no...I meant insane, I really really meant insane."

"You're just jealous," Steve smirked.

"Uh of what exactly?"

"My awesomeness."

Danny raised his eyebrow trying not to smile.

"Okay, you keep telling yourself that."

"I will"


"Good yourself."

"Grow up Danny."

"That's rich coming from you, you're like a 12 year old kid on adrenaline trapped in a man's body."

"At least I'm in a man's body..."

Danny gave him the death stare.

"What did you just say?"

Steve smiled.


"Yeah, that's what I thought!"

"What the hell's the matter with you," Danny was speaking with his hands again.


"The nurse just told me that you got up in the middle of the night to walk around without even telling anyone or asking anyone for help."

"I wanted to walk, I was bored,"

"Oh you were bored, the man was bored," Danny looked around the room as if he was talking to an imaginary audience. "You DO NOT try to walk on your own for the first time, are you insane? What if you had fallen?"

Steve looked at Danny like he was overreacting.

"I would've just gotten back up."

Danny looked at him incredulously.

"And what if you COULDN'T get back up?"

"I would've asked for help."

"What if no one was around to help you?"

"Why wouldn't anyone be around to help me, we're in a hospital, the nurses are right outside," Steve stated matter of factly.

Danny shook his head, Steve's brain was definitely wired differently from the majority of the population.

"You're impossible you know that?"

"That's why you love me," Steve smiled a huge smile.

"No Steven, that is why I'm starting to get grey hairs and heart palpitations."

"You should get that checked out, the heart palpitations, that's not normal."

The look on Danny's face made Steve laugh.

"You're lucky you're in that bed..." Danny threatened.

Steve just sat there grinning at Danny.

Danny smiled as he thought back to the last few days. He knew there were still a lot of scars to be healed, both mentally and physically, but he was confident now that they would get through this together.

He looked over at the clock, 7:00am, Steve would probably still be asleep for another hour or so, so he decided to freshen up and go grab some breakfast.

As Danny was leaving Steve's room he felt his phone vibrate, he looked at the caller ID; Chin.

"Hey Chin, what's going on?"

"Hey Danny, I got some bad news brah. Whoever was asking for Wo Fat's body managed to pull some strings and Max has to release the body tomorrow morning, the funeral's tomorrow at 4:00pm."

Danny froze.

"What!" Danny yelled but quickly lowered his voice as he realized he was still in Steve's room. He stepped out and closed the door behind him as he walked down the hallway to the waiting area.

"How the hell did they manage that?"

"No idea, I just know they did, so..."

So we need to get Steve in there somehow today.

"Yeah...uh, I'll figure something out, thanks for letting me know Chin."

"Of course Danny, how's Steve doing by the way, any change from yesterday?"

"He's doing amazing actually, he walked yesterday,"

"By himself?"

"It's Steve, what do you think?"

Chin laughed.

"Definitely by himself."

"Not only by himself, but in the middle of the night 'cause wait for it...he got bored," Danny shook his head.

Chin could practically see Danny's eyes rolling through the phone and couldn't help but smirk.

"I'm sure you gave him an earful for that."

"You bet your ass I did, the guy is certifiably insane!"

Chin laughed. "That's why he has you."

"Yeah yeah," Danny rolled his eyes.

And with that the two hung up.

By the time Danny made it back to Steve's room he was sitting up in bed with his feet hanging over the side.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Danny rushed over to Steve's bed.

"Why are you yelling at me?"

"Why am I yelling at you? Why am I yelling at you?! Maybe because the doctor specifically told you not to try walking again without someone here!"

Steve smiled at Danny's flailing hands.

"Why are you smiling? Is something funny?"

Steve's grin widened.

"You're overreacting again...it's cute."

Danny shook his head in disbelief. This wasn't a joke, Steve just didn't seem to get that.

"Overreacting? You think I'm overreacting? I watched you die Steve, right in front of me, I watched them shock your body to get your heart started again...so no I'm not overreacting when I don't want you to walk without someone by your side and risk hurting yourself or worse!"

The mood changed in the room quickly as the fear in Danny's voice wiped the smile off Steve's face. He knew the difference between "ranting Danny" and "worried Danny" and this was definitely the latter, and he couldn't blame him, after everything Danny had been through in the last week.

"I don't think I could take seeing you like that again man," Danny's sounded so small.

Steve felt horrible.

"I know...I'm sorry Danno, I wasn't thinking."

Danny could hear the sincerity in the apology.

"It's okay; just promise me you'll wait for someone next time."

"I promise," Steve smiled.

Danny stood by Steve as he got off the bed and the two headed outside into the hallway to go for a walk.

After 10 minutes of walking, Steve started to get tired and remembering Danny's concerned words from earlier, he decided that he should let Danny know.

"Hey, can we head back, I'm getting a little tired."

Danny looked at Steve appreciatively. He knew how stubborn Steve could be and he was really glad that Steve had taken everything he had said to heart.

"Of course, I wanted to talk to you about something anyway." Danny smiled as he placed a hand on Steve's shoulder.

The two made their way back to Steve's room as Danny helped Steve back into bed.

"What's going on Danny?"

Danny looked at the ground not knowing how to tell Steve but finally deciding just to come right out and say it.

"Someone requested the release of Wo Fat's body, and whoever it is is having a funeral for him..." Danny looked up at Steve.

Danny saw the shocked expression in Steve's eyes as he tried to take in what he had just heard.

"Who..." Steve's eyes went wide as he realized who it could possibly be. "His dad..."

Danny swallowed the lump in his throat.

"That's what Chin and I were thinking too, but we can't be sure. Whoever it was, his or her lawyer contacted Max."

Steve looked away from Danny and looked straight ahead.

"When's the funeral?"

Danny bit down on his lip.


Steve's eyes went big.


"Yeah, it wasn't supposed to be for another week or so but they somehow managed to get a court order to hand the body over sooner."

Steve looked at the ground.

"I want to see him," he looked back at Danny with piercing eyes and a determined tone.

"I know babe, your doctor's in in about an hour, I'll talk to him, you'll see him I promise you," Danny looked at Steve reassuringly.

No matter what he had to do he was going to get Steve in there to see Wo Fat, because not only did Steve need it, he deserved it.

Dr. Connor came in around noon and as the nurses were running some tests on Steve Danny went out to speak to him about letting Steve go see Wo Fat's body. At first the doctor had refused saying Steve was still much too weak to go but once Danny was done explaining everything to him, everything that Wo Fat had done to Steve, everything that he had taken from Steve, Dr. Connor seemed to understand that seeing Wo Fat was necessary for Steve's mental and emotional healing.

"Okay, he can go," Dr. Connor smiled. "I would tell you to make sure you stay by his side at all times, but seeing as you don't leave his side here, I'm pretty sure you'll be stuck to him like glue over there."

Danny laughed.

"Yeah, I'll make sure he's okay."

"I know you will."

And with that Dr. Connor left to make his rounds as Danny went back into Steve's room.

Steve's eyes shot up the minute he heard Danny enter.

"What did he say?"

Danny smiled as he walked over to Steve's bag of clothes, pulled out a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt and placed it on Steve's bed.

"Get dressed, let's go pay Max a visit."

Steve looked up at Danny as his heart started racing. He was finally going to get to see for himself that Wo Fat was truly dead.

Steve nodded as Danny left the room to give Steve some privacy to change.

Steve had been quiet the entire car ride over. As much as he had wanted to talk to Steve Danny knew that his partner was just trying to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to see; he couldn't even imagine all the things running through Steve's mind.

Once they pulled up to the parking lot, Danny turned off the engine as the two sat there for a few minutes.

Danny looked over at Steve.

"You okay?"

Steve looked up straight ahead, then looked over at Danny.

"Yeah...I just need a second."

Danny squeezed Steve's shoulder.

"Take as long as you need, I'll be right outside," Danny smiled as he got out of the car. He knew that Steve just needed to collect his thoughts. He walked to the trunk of the car and leaned against it as he waited for his partner.

A few minutes later Steve emerged from the car and the two walked inside.

They made their way through the hallway and into the room where Max had Wo Fat's body under a sheet.

Danny could feel Steve tense up as he entered the room.

"Commander McGarrett, it's very nice to see you, you really had us scared," Max looked up at Steve and Danny.

"Thanks Max, it's really nice to see you too," Steve smiled back at him.

"I'm sorry I couldn't procure the body for longer, my hands were tied in this matter."

"It's okay Max, we know you did everything you possibly could," Danny walked over as he squeezed Max's shoulder.

Max smiled and nodded.

"I will give you two your privacy."

With that Max left, leaving Danny and Steve standing in front of Wo Fat.

Danny looked over at Steve.

"Do you want me to leave? I can wait outside until you're done?"

Steve looked mesmerized at the sheet in front of him.

"No...uh...can you stay?"

Danny swallowed the lump in his throat.

"I'm not going anywhere babe." Danny came and stood right beside Steve, knowing that Steve needed him there.

Steve took a deep breath and with shaky hands lifted the sheet off of Wo Fat's face.

Steve froze, his entire body just seemed to shut down as his heart started beating rapidly.

There he was, clear as day – Wo Fat.

"He's actually dead," the shock in Steve's voice didn't surprise Danny in the least. After all the times Wo Fat had escaped prison and cheated death, they were all starting to think that Wo Fat was impossible to get rid of.

"Yeah, he is."

"Nice shots Danny," Steve let out a nervous laugh as he looked at the bullet holes in Wo Fat's head.

Danny smiled.

"I can't believe he's actually dead, after all these years, after everything he's done...this is what's left of him."

Danny looked up at Steve.

"He's never going to hurt you again, or your family."

Steve looked back at Danny.

"Or you..."

Danny nodded.

"Yeah, or me."

Steve stared back down at the body, back down at the man who had been responsible for so much pain, so much heartache for the McGarrett clan. He choked up as he thought about everything that Wo Fat had put him through, put his family through. He remembered the last phone call with his father before Hesse killed him. He knew that although Hesse seemed to be acting alone, Wo Fat was somehow behind the whole thing, he had led Hesse to his father's house that day.

And then he looked to his left, at the man who had risked everything to find him, to get rid of Wo Fat once and for all.

"Danny you killed the man who orchestrated my dad's death, responsible for me being tortured, I don't..." Steve shook his head as he suddenly felt overwhelmed.

"Thank you."

Danny's own emotions were threatening to take over as he could almost see the weight Steve had been carrying around for years finally start to dissipate.

"You don't need to thank me Steve, you're my brother man, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you."

Steve smiled. He knew how much he meant to Danny, he had always known but the last week in particular had shown him how important he really was to his partner and what an unbreakable bond the two of them shared.

Steve and Danny stood there for a few more minutes as they both let it all sink in. Wo Fat was dead, and he was never coming back; his nine lives were finally up.

Steve and Danny thanked Max and headed back to the hospital.

Both men were quiet for the first half of the ride, trying to absorb everything from the past few minutes.

Danny cringed as he thought back to the warehouse and everything that had happened since. The thought of how close he came to losing Steve this time made his heart sink to his stomach. He hated Wo Fat with every fiber of his being and seeing his body today hadn't made up for everything he had done, but it still felt really good. It was almost as if he was able to release some of the tension he had been carrying around since he had first heard about Wo Fat and his vendetta against Steve. However, something deep inside was telling him that his relief would be short-lived.

"It has to be his father, who else would want a funeral for him?"

Steve's voice brought Danny back to the present.

"I don't know."

"I want to go to the funeral," Steve looked over at Danny as Danny's eyes went wide.

"Are you kidding me? No Steven! You saw his body, you know he's dead. And I'm sorry but no, what if it is his dad huh? What if he wants revenge and comes after you? You're not strong enough to fight him off."

"You'll be there," Steve tried to reason.

"No. No way in hell! I'm not risking that. You can barely stand for 10 minutes straight!"

Steve knew Danny was right, but that didn't mean he had to like it. Danny saw Steve's defeated expression and felt bad.

"Look...how about this, Chin and I will go to the funeral, that way we can see who organized it. You'll have eyes on the funeral without having to be there."

Steve looked at Danny and then at the ground as he considered this option. Knowing that it was his only option made his answer easy,


"Okay," Danny nodded in agreement.

After a few minutes Danny looked back over at Steve.

"Are you okay?"

Steve looked straight ahead at the road and nodded his head.

"Yeah, I'm good Danny."

Danny knew Steve wasn't okay but he also knew when not to push. Steve was going to talk eventually; he just had to do it on his schedule.

The funeral was in an hour and a half and Danny started to get his things together at the hospital.

"I'll be back right after the funeral okay."

Steve nodded his head in acknowledgement. As Danny was gathering the last of his things he looked over at Steve.

"Steven, please, please promise me you will not try and sneak out of here and come to the funeral."

Steve swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Steve, I'm serious man, please promise me..."

Steve looked into Danny's eyes and gave in. As much as he had thought about doing exactly what Danny had just asked him not to do, the anguish he saw in his partner's eyes completely wiped that idea out of his head. He had put Danny through enough, he wouldn't put him through any more.

"I promise Danno, I'll be right here till you get back."

Danny heard the sincerity in Steve's voice and that was enough for him.

"Thank you...I'll see you soon okay."

"See you soon buddy."

And with that Danny left the room.

Danny and Chin arrived at the funeral just before it was about to start. The funeral was being held outside which made it easier for them to hide and stay out of sight of those who attended the funeral, which seemed to be a whole 5 people.

Danny and Chin were up on a hill situated behind a tree, binoculars in hand.

"What do you see?"

"There are 4 men and 1 woman, Danny let me see that pic of Wo Fat's father."

Danny reached into his pocket and pulled out the picture and handed it to Chin. Chin looked at the picture and raised the binoculars up again.

"That's him, third man on the right, standing right by the head of Wo Fat's coffin, that's his father," Chin lowered the binoculars as he looked at Danny.

"Shit..." Danny shook his head as a thousand thoughts ran through his head.

Is he like Wo Fat? Does he have a grudge against the McGarretts? Will he go after Steve like Wo Fat did? Will he want revenge for Wo Fat's death?

Chin could see the worry laced all over Danny's face.

"Don't worry brah, we'll protect Steve."

"We haven't been able to so far, what if his father is just as hell bent on getting rid of Steve as Wo Fat was?"

Chin swallowed the lump in his throat.

"I don't know Danny, we'll figure something out," Chin knew that Danny was concerned and so was he. Wo Fat had to have learned his behaviours from somebody, and he really prayed that that somebody wasn't his father.

The two spent the rest of the funeral watching from a far. Danny had to admit, besides seeing Wo Fat's dad there, he was glad he had come. He was glad to see Wo Fat's casket being lowered into the ground for himself, glad to know that that monster was never going to lay a hand on his partner again.

As Danny was watching the casket lower he caught site of something in the distance. He immediately trained his binoculars on that one specific spot ...it couldn't be... his heart started to race.

"Chin I'll be right back."

"Where you going, everything okay brah?"

"Yeah, I uh I just gotta check something out."

Before Chin could respond Danny was running down the side of the hill.

Danny ran like he had never ran before, he had to get to that spot and fast before it was too late.

As he rounded the last tree he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the figure standing in the same spot that he had last seem them.

As Danny got closer the figure turned around like a deer caught in headlights. Danny's stomach was in knots, he had been right, it really was who he thought it was, it wasn't his mind playing tricks on him.

He stared at the woman for what seemed like an eternity as the tears streaming down her face completely caught him off guard.


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