Familial Betrayal

Obstacle Courses All Around

Danny looked over at Steve and smiled. It had been two weeks since Steve had been released from the hospital and today was the first day that Steve was returning to 5-0, strictly on an administrative basis.

"You're unbelievable you know that?"

Steve grinned in response, not knowing what Danny was referring to but smiling at the tone Danny was taking with him.

"How so Daniel?"

"How so? Well let's see, it's your first day back and you're already back to driving MY car!"

Steve smiled knowing exactly what to say next.

"I'm just trying to go back to normal Danno, I always drove this car before, you know...all I want is to get back to normal."

Danny gave him the death glare. If it was anyone else Danny would have fallen for that, but he knew Steve, he knew when Steve was being serious and when Steve was yanking his chain.

"Cute Steven, that's real cute, you can play up that pity card with everyone else, but that's not going to fly with me."

"I have no idea what you're talking about Danny," Steve looked forward as he tried to hide the grin that was so clearly plastered on his face.

Danny shook his head and smiled; he had missed this. It was good to have Steve back beside him, control-freak and all.

Chin and Kono could hear Steve and Danny before they even came through the Headquarter doors.

"NO Steven, this is one thing you do not get the final say on!"

Danny pushed the door open as they made their way to Kono and Chin.

"Come on Danny! I won't chase anyone I promise."

Danny laughed as he looked at Chin and Kono.

"He won't chase anyone he says!" Danny turned back and looked at Steve. "That's hilarious Steven, that statement has as much credibility as you saying you'll let me drive my own car again."

Chin and Kono exchanged smiles; it was good to hear Steve and Danny bickering like an old married couple again.

"What are two arguing about now?" Chin laughed.

Kono walked over to Steve and gave him a big hug.

"Welcome back boss!"

Steve returned the hug.

"Thanks Kono, it's good to be back."

Chin went up next and gave Steve a hug.

"We are arguing about the fact that Steve here, who was given strict orders NOT to and I repeat NOT to, engage in any physical activity, including running, for at least 2 weeks once he returned back to work, wants to go out on routine calls with us."

Chin smiled as he could see how worked up Danny was.

"And...wait for it...the best part, the funniest part really, I'm sure you'll both find this insanely comedic..." Danny was talking with his hands again. "...is that Steve promised to stay in the car if a foot pursuit ensued."

Chin and Kono tried to hold in their laughter.

"I'm sorry Steve, but that is pretty funny."

Danny looked over at Steve and gave him a "told you so" look.

"Whose side are you on Chin!"

Danny looked over at Steve.

"I don't think you even know what it means to stand down, it's cute though that you think you can control your urge to turn into Superman during a case."

Steve squinted his eyes at Danny.

"I do not have an urge to turn into Superman."

"Keep telling yourself that Clark Kent!"

Steve rolled his eyes and saw that Kono and Chin had something up on the computer.

"What do you guys have here?"

Chin laughed and shook his head as he turned his attention to the screen.

"This is 35 year old Thomas "Kalika" Kapule, body was found out in the old dump yard off Kamoko Road yesterday around 5pm."

"Wait, isn't that Mike Kapule's son?" Mike Kapule was one of the leaders of the Yakuza. Steve had remembered speaking to Mike when they were investigating another murder.

"The one and only," Chin knew the implications of this murder. "That's why the Governor called us yesterday to wrap this case up soon before an all out gang war erupts in Hawaii."

That thought sent a shudder down all their backs.

"Well...you are definitely not coming along to question anyone during this case," Danny said as he looked over at Steve, then looking over at Chin, "Did you guys find any clues yesterday?

Kono looked up at Danny, "There was a receipt in Kalika's pocket for the Hawaiian Taverna. It was time stamped at 1 am yesterday and Max placed the time of death around 1:15 am."

"So the killer may have been at the Taverna as well, keeping an eye on him until he got him alone" Steve spoke up.

"Exactly, Kono and I were about to head out to speak to the owner."

"Okay, I'll head to Kalika's house, see if his wife may know anything."

"Good idea Danny, and Steve, we haven't had a chance to go through Kalika's phone yet..."

"On it, you guys be careful."

"Always boss," Kono smiled as her and Chin left.

"Hey," Danny grabbed a hold of Steve's arm. "Promise me you'll stay here and not go gallivanting off if you find something on Kalika's phone?"

Steve smirked.


Danny hardened his eyes.

"Steve, I'm serious."

Steve could see the worry in Danny's eyes and as much as he would love to be out in the field during this case, he knew that Danny was right, he wasn't physically ready to take on a normal everyday thief let alone the Yakuza if he had to.

"I promise Danno."

Satisfied with that answer Danny nodded his head.

"Okay...I'll be back in a bit."

"Sounds good buddy, be careful."

Danny smiled as he headed out the doors.

Two hours had gone by and Danny, Chin, and Kono still hadn't returned. Steve had gone through the phone but it was all filled with numbers from burner phones. He had also gone through the evidence again to see if he could find any other leads that Chin and Kono may have missed.

After going through all the evidence he was pleased, and also a little disappointed, that they hadn't missed anything. Steve was spinning in his chair bored out of his mind. There was literally nothing for him to do. He had been out of the office for so long that he didn't even know where to start when helping with other cases, although most of them were already closed.

Just then Steve had an idea. He wheeled his chair out of his office, as well as Danny's, Kono's, and Chin's. He grabbed a few boxes that were laying around the office and placed them around the chairs to make an obstacle course. He then grabbed a few other things that were laying around the office, namely a stepping stool, a miniature table, and a ladder, and set them around the obstacle course. He set his clock to time himself and was about to start when...



"Hey Danno," Steve knew he was about to hear an earful.

"Don't you "hey Danno" me. What the hell is this?" Danny was angrily pointing at the obstacle course that Steve had so technically set up.

"It's an obstacle course," Steve smiled.

Danny's eyebrows almost went through the roof.

"Excuse me...I must have misheard you, for a second I thought you said you created an obstacle course."

"You heard correctly," Danny wanted to wipe the grin off Steve's face.

"What part of NO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY do you not understand?" the hand gestures were out in full force. "When the doctor told you you could come back to work it was under one condition Steven...just one...that you DO NOT partake in ANY physical activity. This...right here...THIS COUNTS AS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!"

"Why are you yelling at me?"

"I am yelling at you because you are like a child who will not listen. When children don't listen sometimes they get yelled at, and seeing as you are acting like a child, I will treat you as such!"

"It's just an obstacle course Danny," Steve really didn't see the issue.

Danny covered his face with his right hand as he tried to let his anger subside. Steve was so far beyond insane that it hurt Danny's head.

"Listen to me before I punch you in the throat you Neanderthal. 'No physical activity' means you cannot do anything that gets your heart rate up. An obstacle course...THAT WILL GET YOUR HEART RATE UP! No obstacle courses, no ninja-ing around the office, no running...you sit, you sit and walk, and then go back to sitting. I swear to god Steven, you pull one more stunt like this and you're going back on house arrest, do you hear me?"

It was Steve's turn to raise his eyebrows.

"Jeez Danny, I feel sorry for Grace."

"No no, see, Grace actually listens when I tell her what's best for her. She doesn't think that she's invincible!"

Steve smiled.

"Give her a few more years."

Danny cringed at the thought.

"God I hope not, I have my hands full with you, don't need another one."

Steve laughed as he started to clean up his obstacle course.

"You find anything out at Kalika's house?"

Danny took a deep breath as he tried to calm his breathing from the tirade he just let loose on Steve.

"Yeah, his wife said he received this box a few days ago," Danny pulled out his phone to show the picture to Steve, "I dropped the box off at Max's to see if he could get any prints off of it. The only thing in the box was this note."

See you soon Kalika.

"Did his wife know who may have sent it?"

"No, and seeing as the Yakuza have a lot of enemies, the list is going to be huge."

"Yeah," just then Steve's head snapped to the doors as Kono and Chin walked in.

"Uh, what's all this?" Kono pointed at the remnants of Steve's obstacle course that he had yet to finish cleaning.

"Don't ask," Danny shook his head.

"Yeah I had a feeling that would be your answer," Chin smiled. "So we have a lead."


"The owner said that Kalika came in by himself and was alone the whole night, but that there was someone who came in around the same time as him and left right after him. He said if he didn't know any better he would've thought that Kalika was being followed."

"Did he get a good look at the guy?"

"No, black sweats and black hoodie covering his face, but he did give us the surveillance camera footage so maybe we can catch something on there."

Danny and Steve nodded in unison.

After Danny showed Chin and Kono the picture of the box and the note that Kalika had received a few days ago, the four of them reviewed the surveillance footage.

"He was definitely being followed," Danny rewound back to the man in the hoodie standing up as Kalika was headed for the exit.

"And the guy knows what he's doing, head down, face covered, so he wouldn't get caught by cameras," Steve bit down on his lip. "That backroad Kalika took after he left the taverna, isn't that the old railway path?"

"Yeah I think so, how come Steve?" Chin looked up.

"Kono pull up the street camera's from that area. But you're going to have to go under the archived cameras, the ones that are technically no longer in use, although they still work. If I remember correctly there should be one a few feet from where Kalika's body was found. If he was murdered in that area like Max said he was, then maybe we'll get a glimpse of the hooded killer's face."

After a few minutes...

"Bingo! We got him!" Kono excitedly slammed her hands on the table.

"Kono run his face through the face-recognition software and see if we get a match."

"On it boss!"

Steve noticed Danny smiling.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Oh, nothing, I just really like it when you use that head of yours for smart things like solving murders, as opposed to stupid things like building obstacle courses."

Steve rolled his eyes but couldn't help the grin that spread across his face.

It took a few minutes but they found a match.

"Morgan 'Moliko' Makula, his priors really consistent of just misdemeanours and the last one was over 6 years ago," Chin looked up at his team.

"How does a guy go from misdemeanours to murder?" Danny shook his head.

"That's what we gotta find out, time to dig up anything and everything we can about Moliko."

Everyone headed back to their office to start on their research.

After a few hours of solid research, including a trip to Moliko's house, which was a bust as no one was home at the time, they hadn't been able to find Moliko or a motive as to why he would kill Kalika.

It was 9 pm and they hadn't turned up anything new so they called it a day, they would check out a few more leads tomorrow including speaking to Moliko's wife.

Steve drove him and Danny home. Although the doctor had said that it was only necessary for Danny to stay with Steve for a week, Danny had decided otherwise and Steve hadn't argued. Amber would stop by from time to time as well and on days that Danny had Grace, she would come stay with him at Steve's, which she absolutely loved doing.

If Steve was being honest with himself, it was really nice having Danny around, with everything that had happened the last few weeks and hearing about Doris being at Wo Fat's funeral and not coming to see him, he needed the emotional support that Danny so generously gave.

"Hey Steve, hold up a sec," Danny grabbed onto Steve's arm as they entered the house.

"What," Steve began to turn around but Danny held his arm firmly so that Steve's back remained to him.

Danny looked at the smear of blood on Steve's grey shirt and lifted the back of his shirt up a little to take a look at the culprit. He cringed as he saw the scars on the part of Steve's back that wasn't covered by the shirt.

"One of the gashes back here opened up, it looks a little infected."

"Really? But I've been taking really good care of them, are you sure it's infected?"

"Yeah, looks like it, why don't you go wash up and I'll put that disinfecting medication Dr. Connor gave."

Steve looked at Danny appreciatively.

"Yeah, okay."

"And while you're showering I'll make us some dinner, I was thinking spaghetti?"

Steve smirked.

"I don't know why Rachel left you; it's great being married to you."

Danny laughed.

"Funny Steven, go shower before it gets even more infected!"

Steve laughed and made his way up the stairs.

Steve made his way into the kitchen. That shower had felt amazing, he hadn't realized how tired he was from working his first full day in weeks.

Danny was done with the spaghetti and was just letting the meat simmer on the stove when he heard Steve walk in. Danny grabbed the tube of medicine and made his way over to the living room with Steve.

Steve took off his shirt with his back facing Danny. Danny stood still, almost in shock as he looked at the myriad of gashes plastered across Steve's back. Besides at the hospital, Danny had never really gotten a good look at Steve's back. Dr. Connor had told Steve just to wash his back daily and let the wounds heal on their own so there had been no need for Danny to see Steve's back, until now.

Danny felt sick to his stomach and his hatred and anger for Wo Fat returned with a vengeance.

Steve instinctively, knowing why Danny hadn't made his way over with the medication, wanted to ease some of the worry he knew was coursing through his partner's brain.

"It's really not as bad as it looks Danno."

This seemed to snap Danny out of his trance.

"It doesn't hurt?" Danny sounded like a kid.

"No, not any more. The one that's open just feels like a scrape that's all, but the others don't hurt."

"Oh...okay...that's good," Danny was still standing in the same place.

"Soooo you gonna come put that stuff on or just stare at me all night, I just wanna know because if you're just gonna stare I'd like to sit down and get more comfortable," Steve joked.

"Uh...yeah sorry," Danny walked over and started applying the cream to the open gash.

After he was done Danny went and washed his hands. Steve had turned the TV on as Danny came back and sat on the couch to the right of Steve.

Steve noticed the change in his partner's demeanour.

"You okay Danny?"

Danny looked up from the spot on the ground he was staring at.

"Uh...yeah, I'm good."

Steve knew that Danny wasn't good and he knew why. He knew his partner better than anyone and he knew right now the only thing running through Danny's mind was what Steve had gone through in that cellar and he was certain that Danny was thinking of the worst scenarios possible.

Steve hadn't opened up about the torture, it wasn't something he really wanted to re-live but right now, looking at Danny's sunken face, he knew he had to talk about, not for himself but for Danny.

"I've been tortured worse."

Danny looked up at Steve with a look of shock.

Okay so you could've worded that better. Steve mentally kicked himself for how that came out.


"Uh I just mean, what Wo Fat did to me in that cellar, I've had worse."

Danny shook his head.

"If you're trying to make me feel better you're doing a really terrible job."

Steve grinned and then got serious.

"I'm not gonna lie it sucked being his prisoner again."

Danny shuddered at that word...prisoner. Steve McGarrett, the mighty SEAL, should never be anyone's prisoner...ever.

"But you know what hurt the most?"

The whippings? The cattle prod? Being beaten with a bat? Danny cringed as he thought of all the answers he could've given to that question.

"It was knowing that you were out there looking for me, worried out of your mind and feeling guilty for something that wasn't your fault. I would take being beaten and whipped and cattle prodded over having to go through what you went through while I was missing, and I'm serious Danny."

Danny could see the sincerity in Steve's eyes.

"What about the drugs?" Danny almost didn't ask but he had to know.

Steve's demeanour changed a little as he thought back to seeing Wo Fat, who at the time he thought was Danny, in the cellar.

"Yeah...aside from being worried about you that was the worst part of it all. The physical stuff I can generally take, I have a pretty high pain tolerance," Steve smiled.

Danny rolled his eyes.

"Yeah I know, it's insane."

"But the drugs, that caught me off guard. I just felt so out of it like my brain was only working at half its capacity. I felt slow, it was hard to breathe, I was confused and disoriented and I couldn't think straight, I mean hell I thought Wo Fat was you."

Danny looked at the ground.

"Yeah that was fun..."

"Yeah, tell me about it. Man I wanted it to be you so badly. I just remember how happy I felt when I thought it was you; and then Wo Fat started saying all those things."

Danny swallowed the lump in his throat.

Steve looked at Danny.

"I hope you know that I only thought it was you because I was drugged. If I hadn't been drugged I would've known something was wrong, that you would never say those things."

Danny looked up and nodded.

"Good, I'm glad you know that."

"That was probably the most painful part about this whole thing; thinking that you had betrayed me, thinking that you didn't care whether I lived or died."

Danny clenched his teeth and shook his head. He thought about how he would've felt if the roles were reversed and he had thought that Steve had betrayed him, that Steve didn't care; it crushed him.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that Steve, through all of it."

"It's okay Danno, I mean it was kind of a blessing of sorts..."

Danny looked at Steve with a shocked expression.

"Uh how so?"

"You finally told me how much you loved me, I mean you poured your heart out man," Steve smirked. "If I had known that's what it takes to have you open up about how important I am to you I would've planned this whole set up myself."

Danny gave Steve a death glare.

"You, my friend, need help, like professional "help me fix my psyche" help!"

Steve let out a laugh and Danny followed suit. They sat there quietly for about 30 seconds before...

"But seriously Danno, I don't think I ever thanked you properly for everything you did to find me, for actually being the person who found me, and most of all for killing Wo Fat. I'll never be able to repay you for that." Steve clasped down on Danny's shoulder.

"You don't ever need to thank me for that. You're my Ohana, I would have died looking for you, I would've never given up."

Steve smiled.

"Believe me I know."

"And besides, you would've done the same for me, that's what we do right, for the people that we love. We watch each other's backs."

Steve nodded.

"Yeah, that's exactly what we do."

"Yeah...what do you say we get some food and watch the remaining two ninja movies."

Steve put his hand to his heart. "Danno if I didn't know any better I'd think you were trying to get a permanent invite to live here, cooking me food, watching my favourite movies with me."

Danny scoffed.

"Don't flatter yourself Steve, I happen to like cooking and I feel bad that you're on desk duty at work, I'm really just doing my good deed of the day."

"Whatever you say partner," Steve smirked as he walked into the kitchen with Danny right behind him.

Danny smiled as he thought about everything they had just talked about. It had been something that Danny had wanted Steve to open up about, partly for Steve's sake and partly for his own, and now that he had, it was almost like a heavy weight had been lifted off his own shoulders; even Steve had a little more jump in his step. Staying longer at Steve's had definitely been the best idea.

The next day Danny dropped Steve off at headquarters and him, Chin and Kono headed to Moliko's house to speak to his wife.

Chin had asked Steve to go through a few files for this case to see if anything turned up but once he was done with those there really wasn't anything left for him to do.

Steve had been thinking a lot about his mother and her connection to Wo Fat last night so he decided to see what he could dig up himself on Wo Fat's father.

By the time Danny, Chin, and Kono returned Steve had a few CIA reports of Wo Fat's father up on the big screen.

All he had found out though was that Wo Fat's father's name was Yeun Wo Fat, he was 75 years old, and his last known location was Osaka.

He wasn't on any terrorist list or any wanted list, which explained why the hit that was taken out on him, which ended up killing his wife instead, was unsanctioned. The Pentagon had wanted him dead, but Steve had no idea why.

Steve saw Danny escort a woman to their waiting room.

Kono opened the front door.

"Hey boss, Danny told me to come get you."

Steve headed to the room to meet up with his partner.

Steve entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"Hey Steve, this is Moliko's wife, Lahani, she said she felt safer answering questions here at headquarters," Danny introduced the two.

"It's nice to meet you Lahani," Steve put his hand out to shake hers.

"You too Commander," she smiled a sad smile and shook his hand.

"So Lahani, why did you want to come here to talk?" Danny asked as he handed her a bottle of water.

"I wasn't sure if we were being watched or not. My husbands been acting strange the last week or so, I didn't want to come to the police because of his past but he's been missing since the day before yesterday and I'm really worried," she started to tear up.

Steve reached out and held her hand.

"It's okay, you did the right thing coming to us. Can you tell us why you think your husbands been acting strange? Has his behaviour changed lately?"

She took a deep breath.

"Everything's changed in the last two weeks. It was like one day he was my husband and the next...I don't know. He was keeping secrets, going out at odd hours of the night."

Steve and Danny exchanged glances.

"I thought at first he was cheating on me so I started following him when he would leave in the middle of the night."

"Where was he going?"

"He was meeting up with a man, an elderly man, and I followed him about three times and all three times he met up with the same man. The last night I followed him was two nights ago, he met up with that man again but this time I saw him handing Moliko a gun, I got scared so I left and I was going to confront Moliko when he got home, but he never came home...he always comes home," Lahani started to cry.

Danny handed her some tissue.

"Lahani I'm sorry I know this is very difficult for you but can you describe the man who you've been seeing Moliko with? If we can find him, maybe we can find your husband."

Lahani looked up at Danny.

"Um...he's probably in his late 70s I would say, Asian, looks Japanese almost, about 5'10, uh really sharp features, and he had a scar above his right eyebrow."

Steve's eyes went wide.

"Lahani can you come with me, I want to show you something."

Danny looked up at Steve, confused by Steve's suggestion but knowing that Steve obviously knew something he didn't.

Steve, Danny, and Lahani made their way to the big screen by their offices.

Lahani froze the minute she saw the picture that was plastered all over the screen.

"That's him..." Lahani was pointing at the picture of Wo Fat's dad.

Everyone turned their attention to her.

"That's the man who my husband was meeting up with."

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